South Africa
Part 76
Based on emails from September, 2002.

Craig slammed the phone down so hard that my ears rang. Cool, huh? Now I was gonna get a chance to fuck him up good. Yeah, fucking right. I didn't need this kinda stress in my fucking life. From experience, I knew how hard that fucker could hit. Instant stars. But, hey... it was gonna be cushioned by gloves next time, and I was gonna be wearing a steel jockstrap, and metal headgear. No worries.

"Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to death we go... I'm dead, I'm dead, it's off with my fucking head... "

So now Winger was going to have to come around every day and train me... at least train me to get fit enough to last three minutes while I ran around the ring avoiding Craig hahahahaha! I'd never been inside one of those things. Cody went a few rounds with guys at school, and he said that the things were huge when you first stepped inside. But when you were trying to avoid someone, the size of the ring shrunk totally.

"Hey, Gary, I'm reading your damn mail and it sounds like you want me to take Craig out as well. I'm so fucking chuffed that everyone has confidence in me while my balls shrink and my knees shake. MARK, COME BACK! ALL IS FORGIVEN! Now there's a thought. What if I invite Mark to be down here in Cape Town, and offer him Craig as a birthday gift?"

Actually, when I thought about my crazy idea a little more deeply, I remembered that Craig and Mark were all kinda swim team buds anyway. Fact was, I was gonna be doing situps until I couldn't breathe cos that's where he'd nailed me every fucking time... right in the gut. And I was gonna be wearing headgear so there was no chance of a knockout. :)

"Hey, Gary, go with the anti smoking campaign. What do you Aussie guys say? Goodonya!"

I wrote Gary again two days later, saying that I thought Wingnut was selling tickets to the match, and probably taking bets as well. And me? I was busy doing painful situps while my trainer was watching.

"Everyone wants to be there, Steve. All the junior swimmers want to see you beat up Craig. I told them that he's dead meat. Jason says that if you beat his big bro then he's gonna challenge me to a match. Hey! That will be sooo bitching cos the whole school will see who's the strongest between Jason and me!"

"Hey, knucklehead, why don't you just organize a fight with him and leave me out of it?"

"Cos Craig's fullashit and we want to see him down for a change."

"Fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four... I'm hurting like shit now, Winger."

"Just do a few more."

"Fifty five, one hundred."

"That's cheating. Hey, listen up, Steve, there's nothing wrong with you. I reckon you can fight him right now."

"Will you cool it about this fucking fight thing already?"

Despite my protests, the thing that was worrying me most was disappointing Wingnut. He was on this brain thing about me coming out tops, and I wasn't so sure. Craig was wired for this battle and I wasn't so certain that I was equally wired - or motivated. Enough of that. One thing was for certain; Wingnut was determined to get me fucking fit.

Meantime, the pain of the bruising was easing, so I had to admit that I'd been totally exaggerating about the damage, but at the time it didn't feeling as though I was exaggerating. I still had one massive bruise.

I'd been in chat on Friday night my time, and was getting advice from all over the place, as well as via email. So the big thing was obvious - everyone wanted me to take on Craig. Jeez, thanks for the vote of confidence, guys. HAVE YOU SEE THIS CRAIG FUCK? Shouting? Me? Never.

OK, the advice from the chat and email guys goes like this:

Number 1: Somehow get Mark to help me.

Number 2: Speak to Mr T and ask him to check Craig out, and give me some tips.

Number 3: Speak to my dad.

Number 4: Keep going with Wingnut's training regime cos he could at least get me fitter than I was.

But everyone's forgetting that nobody's gonna be allowed to watch the match. Wingnut tells me that when guys have a prob that needs to be sorted out one on one, then nobody is allowed to be at the match except for the two boxers and one second for each of their corners. So that put paid to the idea of my dad or Mark or Mr T being there. Wingnut was the only one allowed to be there cos he was gonna be my second.

"Cos I wanna see Craig go down. And you're gonna need someone to throw the towel for you, hehehehehe."

We were on school hols [spring break] as I wrote this, so I had some spare time to plan and work out a few things, and to find a flight of stairs in Philadelphia to run up and throw my arms in the air. Yeah, right. That was part of a convo I'd had with Dave in chat about Rocky, and the moment he realized that he could beat anybody. I didn't have Sly's bod. If I had, I could beat everything. :)

The total plus of what had been happening was that Wingnut was spending more time with me. He was undoubtedly in charge, making sure that I was training. Situps, pushups, chinups, throwups, and cockups. I'd also been doing quite a bit of swimming; just slow strokes, which made me feel better afterwards. I figured it was because I was stretching my obliques, and warming them up gradually.

By the time Saturday rolled around, I was feeling in the mood for something more than situps or punching the bag. I WAS HORNY! So what was I gonna do about it? Nothing. I was getting together with Steph and we'd planned another quiet evening together. AGAIN!

By the time I'd reached Steph's house, her folks were getting ready to go out somewhere, but they'd organized some snacks for the two of us to munch on while we watched vids. Even a few bottles of Smirnoff Ice! My baby was even smiling when I arrived at her front door. "Hey, shut the fuck up, Gary. I'm cute. I was wearing loose-fitting beige chinos, a loose white T, and a surf hoody. It was cold, OK? And she was wearing... a tracksuit. OK, so it WAS cold."

Steph's folks left shortly after I'd arrived, so Steph grabbed a couple of vids from the cabinet, but didn't bother inserting any of them into the VCR. Instead, she brought some snacks and drinks over to where I was standing, place them on the coffee table, and asked if she could check out my bruises.

After pulling off my top, she announced that my ribs were looking better. "Still a funny color, but you're not flinching when I run my fingers over it."

"Hey, babes, you're giving me a woody."

We kissed while I removed her top. Then we fell back on the couch, where we kissed each other's nipples, and I gave her a tongue wash. I could sense the wet spots on my boxers as my cock kept stiffening, softening, then stiffening again. Meanwhile, we were whispering all sorts of romantic things to each other before I found myself on the carpet where she pushed me onto my back, then straddled me.

As she bent down to kiss me, I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest. At the same time, she was reaching behind, blindly undoing the buckle of my belt. After she'd accomplished that, she pushed my chinos down my legs, leaving my cock standing to attention in my bright red Taz Devil boxers, screaming, "I'm gonna getya!"

Afterwards, when I thought about how fucking ridiculous that must've looked, I could only fucking giggle to myself.

Anyway, Steph got down to her g-string and I knew right there and then that it was gonna happen. She'd never gone this far with me since we'd been dating.

After chatting about this and that, she got off of me and pulled the elastic of my boxers away, and took my cock in her hand. Then I watched her go down on my boner, slowly. As soon as her tongue touched my sensitive pisshole, my back arched involuntarily. But I needed to reciprocate, so I used one hand to take off her G before she laid alongside me, giving me access to her privacy. For a long time, we explored each other's sensual parts. It was like I was in another world, leaving the "world gone mad" behind me. No Craig, and no other hassles. Just the two of us.

I was still exploring Steph when I felt her fingers rolling a condom down my length. By then our breathing had become frantic. There was no turning back now.

The only reason I could think of for using a condom was that Steph was suspicious about my previous antics. I had a rep around town. Steph had been on the pill for ages, and it had been some time since Cody had stopped using condoms. He told me about how it had felt. To be totally naked and free inside her. But I wasn't going to ruin this evening. Not for a fucking second!

Meantime, Steph was guiding me all the way. She moved away slightly, and pushed me over onto my back. Then she lifted herself and squatted over my groin. I watched her eyes close as she ever so slowly lowered herself on to me; taking her time so that we could both enjoy every precious moment.

When she was satisfied that she had me all the way inside her, she began to raise and lower herself. Then she took my hands in hers and placed them on her breasts. OK, so I normally used the expression 'tits' but that didn't seem appropriate right then. Her nipples were hard under my fingers as we made the most exquisite love.

To help her, I used my ass muscles and hammies to lift my hips, pushing up to meet her each time she lowered herself onto me.

After a while, she rolled off me and laid on the floor. Right away, I got the message and rolled on top. Although the night air was cool, the two of us were sweating buckets. OK, I should have said perspiring, but we were definitely sweating.

Steph was a very sensitive lover. Her hands stroked the skin between my pubes and navel as I entered her. My cock felt like it was gonna explode it was so damn hard! But I didn't wanna cum. I wanted the feeling to last all night... the two of us joined like that.

Finally, I thought I'd sensed that she was about to climax, but I wasn't sure. She tightened her muscles around my cock while arching her back as if to get as much as possible of me inside her. We kissed some more... squashed lips, busy tongues, flaring nostrils, and lots of animal noises.

But it wasn't over yet! She rolled onto her stomach, raised her hips so that she was on her knees, and waited for me. I arched my back, then slowly pushed my cock into her; massaging her back as I made love to her again. But it was when she whispered my name that I felt so fucking special. "Oh, Steve!"

I wasn't sure how long we'd been at it. I couldn't believe that I hadn't shot buckets within the first few seconds of my entering her. When it did finally happen, we were laying on our sides facing each other. She had one leg draped over me while I was buried inside her. I just couldn't hold off any longer. Instead, I was thrusting faster and faster.

Steph rolled onto her back and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me so hard toward her that I had to fight for the backstroke. Then, when I felt the rise, I buried myself as far inside her as I could and just surrendered happily as I released the valve. I felt my cock swell as I offloaded my sweet prize into my baby.

I lost count of the number of times I exploded, but my cock was in convulsions as wave after wave of pleasure cruised through my whole body.

When I was finally done, we laid like that for a long time, bathed in the warm afterglow of totally awesome sex. Eventually, though, I pulled out, and Steph pushed me onto my back before removing the condom, for what it was worth. My deflated cock was soaked in cum, which Steph was quite happy to lick after she'd scooped some onto her fingers. Then we kissed some more.

The feeling was like being in a slow motion movie. My brain wasn't registering anything except the two of us just being together.

"I've had a few chicks in my life, G, but last night with Steph was the most special time I have ever had with a girl... ever. She kissed my ears, then used one finger to dangle my boxers in mid air."

"These are cute. Honest!" she giggled.

And it all made sense. There we were, just the two of us, with thoughts for just us and being together. And being naked together. Embarrassed about nothing.

"Well, I don't have my boxers on, and you don't have any more condoms, and I need you so badly," I said as I rolled on top of her. My cock was behaving like a dog, and was totally ready for another entry into the unknown.

"I do have more condoms. And I want you more than anything else right now."

Snacks? They were completely forgotten as we became lost again in our lovemaking, which was even more intense the second time around. Any pain that I was supposed to be suffering from Craig's contribution was gone.

"I wanted to explode inside her so desperately without a condom, G, but that would happen with time. Our love for each other was sealed last night."

Yeah, we did eventually get around to the snacks and the drinks. But we remained naked as we ate and drank. We were so wrapped up in the magic of what was happening, and still happening. Steph sat on my lap and we enjoyed the warmth of our bodies against each other. But my cock seemed to be trying to set a record for recuperation as it sprang into yet another erection. This time, Steph took advantage of it by facing me and sitting down on it... AFTER sliding another condom onto it.

"Bet you did that so you don't slip off, huh?"

"No, I did it because this is how I want us to be. Not quite joined at the hip... cos this is better."

"I punctured the condoms with my teeth, by the way. You're gonna have three of my kids in nine months time."

Steph laughed that wonderfully infectious laugh of hers, and sent her puppy dog tits bouncing slightly. So, hey, that was an excuse to take them into my mouth one at a time. Yeah, only one at a time cos my mouth wasn't that fucking big!

Steph was gently lifting herself up and down all the while. Even when I offloaded, which was often, we just continued to carry on. Except for the vibe of our bodies during ejaculation, we just cruised through one climax after another.

"I think you should just sit there on my lap until your folks come home."

"OK. We can tell my mom that we're making babies for her to look after."

"Steve and Steph babies. Woohoo! They're gonna be the most gorgeous monkeys ever. Oops! Hey, check out the carpet! Incriminating evidence all over the damn place! I think we should clean it up. Like now!"

I couldn't help the mess I'd made. I'd had so much Steve juice inside of me that the condoms couldn't contain it all! Not to mention Steph's juice. :)

So we cleaned the mess, then Steph used her hairdryer to get rid of the damp spots, and finish it off. Afterwards, I was laying on my back. She rested her elbow on my chest, and cupped her chin in her hand.

"So what's going through that pretty head?" I asked as she gazed at me.

"Everything and nothing."

"Him?" I hadn't intended to bring up the subject of Cody all night but it somehow couldn't be avoided. I figured this night had been so special that I wanted to be sure that Steph was totally fucking cool about it as well.

"Yeah," she said at last. "It's not you, Steve. Or us. I just remember the last time the two of us - me and Cody - were together and this was like a replay. But I'm OK. I think we're OK." She paused a moment while her eyes misted over, then continued. "And I know that he's OK with it."

"I know he's OK with it," I agreed.

The sound of Steph's folks' car entering the driveway suddenly broke our trance. We quickly moved to the den where he dressed. By the time Steph's folks walked in, we were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Hope you enjoyed the vids and snacks," her dad smiled.

"Yeah! Best vids and snacks ever!"

"Hey, G, I keep playing last night over and over in my head. I remember each feeling of every moment. I can understand Cody's love for Steph. You just can't help it. I think her keeping us waiting has also been good for us. I also think that last night was planned. She's a devious lady, and I love her."

"So, is Steve str8? Yeah. About as str8 as Cody was. Str8 in the fact that you value every friendship you have. Something I've learned from reading the old Cody stuff, and from Wingnut and Steph. Also Mark in a way, but mostly from what Cody wrote. There are no boundaries in friendship. Love is something that has to be demonstrated."

"Speaking of love... my boxing coach. He's due to come around here soon to give me a hard time. And that reminds me. I've also got to give Mark a call. I've also made mental notes to speak to Mr T and my dad. They've not seen Craig so there's not a lot they're gonna be able to help me with."

"I'm meeting up with Wingnut l8er today. He might wanna go for a wave. Or he might want us to punch each other's lights out." :)


Peace, Love, Respect.
Your friend and the Codeman's,

Copyright 2002 All rights reserved. mrbstories


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