South Africa
Part 85
Based on emails from October, 2002.

The weekend was pretty cool. I managed to get down to the beach for a few hours on Saturday when the surf was excellent. Actually, the surf was good the whole weekend, so Winger and I rocked down to the beach again on Sunday. He was wearing only his boardies, which, as usual, were desperately trying to cling to his narrow hips.

"Where's your wettie?"

"At home. It's too damn hot for a wettie."

Yeah, right. Fifteen minutes later the grommet's ass was hightailing it home to get his wettie cos the water was fucking freezing.

"That's what happens when you try to impress the girls," I laughed as he returned to the back line dressed from neck to knee in black neoprene. "Your macho days are over, bud. You're getting too old to handle it! Hahahaha!"

"Fuck off!"

I'd also been racing against time to get the latest Cody News finished in time for November, and managed to post it Monday night. AND, I'd also been working on the Singapore story that Cody had started. There was still quite a bit of finishing off to do - checking spelling and shit like that - but it was almost there. AND, I was studying for finals as well!

I'd really cocked up the Cody News timing, though. I'd meant to post it the following week, so I was a week ahead of myself and totally screwed it.

My next job was to see if I could post the Cody TJ story by November 3. It was one of the last things Cody was working on, and I was pretty happy with the result of my efforts to finish it.

On the subject of stories, I received an email from Richie who said he liked the way my story was panning out, so I guessed Gary was doing a good job of it. One day, I promised myself, I'd sit back and read the whole Steve saga to see what the stupid fuck had done with his life. Meantime, I'd been reading Billy and Daniel and was really enjoying them. They were totally damn cool.

"So get a move on with Winger and Daniel, Gary! And by the way, that whale story you want me to do about me and Cody surfing at Cemetry, I'll try to get to it and write it for Gazzas. Won't be long. Just a kinda me and Cody and the surf thing."

"I've also set up a new guestbook on the latest Cody News page. I'm keeping it separate from Cody's Tributes."

In my last email to Gary I'd mentioned Winger's bud Jason, and how I'd been chatting to him. Yeah, I actually could talk to Jason, and I thought he was pretty cool. OK, so I'd given him a smack that time on the beach, but that was then. Things had improved a hulluva lot since those bad old days, including the fact that Craig and I had settled our differences. But although we had a mutual friend in Winger, and we chatted sometimes, Jason and I weren't like major buds or anything. What really puzzled me, though, was how he could be OK when his older bro was such a fuckwit. I'd seen Craig since the fight but he was like all of us seniors at the moment; busy studying for our finals.

And how were things between me and Steph progressing? Well, I asked my mom whether it would be cool for Steph to sleep over one evening.

"It shouldn't be a problem. We can make up the spare room for her. Have you asked your dad?"

"Not yet. Hey, mom? I want her to sleep with me... like y'know... in my bed."

Oops! It was immediately obvious that I'd dropped a major bombshell. Mom just stared at me without replying.

"Mom, I'm 19," I explained in earnest. "Steph is 18, and she's on the pill. Anyway, it's not cos I want to have sex with her. We just want to spend time together."

"18 and 19 and no sex?" Mom couldn't hide the gleam in her tearful eye. "Times have changed."

"Mom, Steph and I have slept together before. We are sexually active. She's on the pill. Hmmm. Hey, look, mom, if it's not OK just say so."

"I'll speak to your father. It's just so... hard to come to terms with your being an adult already, and I seem to have... missed everything leading up to it."

My response to mom's remarks was to give her a big, warm hug. Then I said, "Hey, if it's not cool, then just say so. I don't want to hurt you guys again. OK?"

"I'm sure it will be fine, Steve," she smiled. "Maybe you should speak to your father. It will be better coming from you. It's fine with me."

Cool! My dad was in the study, and I was amped to get this convo sorted as I entered the room and approached the front of his imposing, polished-timber desk.

"Dad? I want to have sex with Steph in my bed, and we want to make you a grand dad. Hahahahaha! NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID. Here's what actually did happen. :)"

"Dad? Got a mo?" I asked as I sat down in front of him.

"Yeah, sure."

"Could Steph stay over one night? Like, in my room?"

"In your bed?"

I couldn't help blushing like a fucking lighthouse at his question. "Yeah."

"What do her parents say?"

"I haven't spoken to her yet. I'm not sure what her parents will say. Dad, she's on the pill. And, anyway, it's not for sex. We just want to spend a night together... doing whatever."

"Try to convince her parents that it's not for sex."

"It may lead to that anyway. But it wouldn't be our first time."

"Spare me the details."

"As always."


"Nothing. Is it OK with you?" But I was running short of patience, and getting hot under the collar. "Put your fucking pen down for a second!"


"C'mon, dad! Every damn time I try to talk to you, you're so busy writing something that you're not even listening to me!"

"OK," he yielded as he placed his gold Sheaffer ballpoint on the desktop pad. "I'm listening."

"So is it OK if Steph stays over?" I repeated.

"In the spare room. But only if her parents say it's OK... and they need to get hold of your mother."

"What's the difference if she stays in my room, dad?"

"There's a huge difference. Take it or leave it."

"Were you such a prick when you were my age was well?"

Hahahaha! I didn't expect my dad to move so damn fast. But he grabbed the top of my T and just about pulled me across the top of his desk. A foot or two further and I would have been sitting in his lap.

"You can say to me just about anything you please, but if you swear [cuss] at me one more time... or at your mother... I'll give you a hiding that you'll never forget."

"Dad," I insisted with a hint of aggro. "Let me go. And don't think of hitting me cos I will definitely hit you back."

He was really fucked up angry, but he relented and released his grip on my T so that I could slide back into my chair.

"I don't want to start making you mad at me again," I continued, "and I don't want us to say things to each other that are going to screw up where we are right now. I just want you to understand how I feel about Steph."

"I've already told you your options, Steve."

"But we've slept together before. And it's not just about sex. Please, dad."

"Have you spoken to your mother?"

"Yes, and she said it was cool so long as you agreed. Please, dad. I know you like Steph, and I'd rather not do it behind your back. If she sleeps in the spare room then I'm just gonna sneak in and sleep there anyway. And then get up early so you don't know about it."

"What if I sit outside the door with a shotgun?"

"Yeah. You and Steph's dad can keep each other company while I sneak in through the window."

My dad tried not to laugh, but he couldn't stop the smile. :) Hey, he could look really cool when he smiled. "Ask your mother to check with Steph's folks... and to tell her father that he can take shotgun duty at the window."

"That's cool!" I beamed as I got up to leave the study.



"Your mother had better tell Steph's folks that she's sleeping in the spare room."

"You mean...?"

"Just get [outta here]... before I rethink this whole thing."

My dad must have heard my yelps of joy through the thick doors of the study as I ran down the passage to find my mom. "YES, YES, YES!"

I couldn't wait to get hold of Steph on the phone and tell her the news. She said she'd need to check with her folks, and maybe she could sleep over this coming Friday night. Woohoo!

After that, I laid on my bed and checked out my sleepy snake. The dude must've been on something cos he just laid there. Hmmmm. So I tried thinking of a whole bunch of cool things but he still just laid there. But not for long.

Peace, Love, Respect,
Your friend and the Codeman's


"Hey! Hang on a sec! Whaddaya mean not for long?"

"Go figure, Gary."

"You can be so cruel sometimes."


"As for writing your story, Steve, I don't take much license with it. It's pretty much as you tell it to me but with a little grammar correction here and there, or maybe a little rewrite occasionally to make a sentence or para more easily understood. I've got a new member who's a real hoot. He's an older dude from America's deep south, and he's very well read. Probably some sort of academic. He describes the MrB stories as "non-exploitive carnality". How's that for a cool phrase? He joined the site cos he wanted to find out more about Cody, and fully expected my stories to be "a bunch of two dimensional porn". But he was happily surprised and says that I've managed to put together "quite an arresting collection". He also says it doesn't matter whether I'm primarily a writer or an editor, it's all good. I'm a writer when it comes to Daniel or Billy or whoever, but basically an editor when it comes to Wingnut, Mark, and you. So I've got two hats. He also blames Luke for stressing me into a heart attack. I've got some pretty interesting news about Luke hehe. The little dude is about to get his just desserts, and I've got a feeling that it's gonna make a pretty interesting story."

"So you can't figure out why Jason is Jason and Craig is Craig despite being bros? Hey, I've got three bros, and four different peeps you wouldn't meet... especially me and my younger bro by 3 years. He's into gym and being HUGE and a squillion kilos and whatever else. All that macho shit that I couldn't give a shit about hehehe. Meantime, he thinks I'm very strange for having an interest in teens like you and writing the kinda stories I write. He may be right. But I don't care. The bottom line is that four very different people emerged from the one womb."

"Winger and Daniel? That's gonna take a helluva lot more than me just sitting at the keyboard. I'm gonna have to wrap my head around it. I miss Cody's responses to the stories. Everytime he complimented me or told me about how he'd juiced his school pants in the comp lab I'd be sooooooo inspired to write another chapter, and to improve on what I'd done previously. Cody was the guy who lit my literary fire. He was the one who got my fingers happening and my imagination working overtime. He was the best audience imaginable."

"The stuff between you and your folks about Steph sleeping over? Hey, this is all brand new territory for them. Stevey Weevy has grown up! Whoa! Like where did the time go? He was messing his nappies [diapers] only yesterday."

"Twenty years for a guy your age is a whole different situation. You can't think back twenty years like we can as adults. I could easily step back twenty years and fit right in like the time in between hadn't happened. I'd be two years off turning 40 and it all seems like yesterday. It really does!"

"So there's Mr and Mrs Steve wondering where the hell all the time went. It's like Jack and the bean stalk. Plant a seed and it grows overnight. Whoosh! I'm sure Steph's folks think the same. Where's our little girl gone? But you've gotta be middle aged or older to see things from that perspective. Teens can only remember bits and pieces of 10 or more years ago."

"But things with your folks are very different to the way things were with mine. I was working at 14 and paying board. So I could do pretty much what I pleased. I can't remember asking my parents for permission to do anything. I didn't move out til I was 20 or 21, and even then it was just a short flight from the nest. I was back again in a few months. I moved out permanently when I was 24. And that's another reason why I admire Mark so much. He was his own man at 18."

"It's interesting for me to read about the relationship you have with your folks. You've made me realize how independent I was as a kid. I honestly can't remember asking permission for anything! And I still don't. :)"

"Anyway, mate, I've gotta cook dinner for the guys. Time has flown once again and left me in its wake."

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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