South Africa
Part 95
Based on emails from November, 2003.

G'day Steve,

Not hearing from you on November 3 was a surprise. If you checked MrB you'll know that I spent a few pleasant hours at the local beach - Cody's Church - and rode my bike around for a bit. I see Cody in everything, but especially the beach.

It occurred to me that you might still be entertaining this idea about being in Cody's shadow. I understand why you would feel that way, but I also think it's a dumb notion. Cody wasn't the type of person to feel second best to anyone, nor was he the type to treat anyone else that way. One of the great pluses about the friendship between him and me was equality, and that equality was pretty much the way he treated everyone. Sure, he was in awe of certain attributes that he saw in you, Mark, Wingnut, Steph and others, but never to the extent that he felt inferior. He was in no one's shadow, and I really don't think that you should be under the impression that you're in his.

Anyway, you've got your own life to live and your own priorities to sort out, and I'm not about to give you any advice you haven't asked for. You'll get back in touch when you feel the need.

Your friend and the Codeman's,


Hi Gary,

Sorry I didnt write you on November 3rd. I did go into MrB, so I knew what you were planning for the day. The ending of your mail "You'll get back in touch when you feel the need." is really not fair. You're making it sound like the only time I contact you is when I'm in trouble. If youre pissed because I never contacted you about 3 November then I'm sorry.

And maybe I didn't explain myself properly about being in Cody's shadow. It's just that Cody is always in our thoughts over here and comes up often in our conversations, and trying to keep it all up with his website is just too much at the moment. I was referring more about Codys World on the web. I will update it from time to time and put stuff up there.

I never mentioned that the Ts were planning to go to England. Fact is they were talking about going to Australia, because it is so similar to here.

Anyway, in case youre thinking that Codys friends are trying to push his memory aside, on November 3rd Mark was in Cape Town and, as useless as he is on a surfboard, he paddled out with Steph, Wingnut and myself and we put a homemade wreath that Steph had made out on the backline. We all went out in only boardies cos Mark didnt have a wettie and the Winger said that he would go without. We didnt need to talk too much to know what each of us was thinking. It was really special.

Peace, Love, Respect
Your friend and the Codemans

The Ettamogah Pub, Albury - New South Wales. Click the pic for more info.

G'day Steve,

You might be the blonde hunk that dreams are made of, but you'd be impossible to live with. :-P Sometimes I wonder if you secretly throw on a frock and a bit of lippy in your room. :-P

Yeah, I get pissed at you sometimes cos you're inconsistent... an avalanche of stuff one minute and zip the next. You've forgotten what you wrote me early in the piece... about writing me when it suited you, and stopping when it no longer suited you. Your words, not mine.

I understand the pressure you're under with your university studies, and I appreciate that you can't devote much time to Cody's web page. Cody himself let it go for long periods for one reason or another. One guy wrote him and said that it was like a house with nobody home. But I still think that a note from you on the site to explain your current situation, and your willingness to update the site from time to time, is only common courtesy.

No, you didn't mention England in relation to the Ts. I assumed they might go there, following in the footsteps of Paul's folks. If you've read Terry Thomas's comments on G's Oz about the UK as a destination you'll know that he doesn't have a high opinion of it despite being Welsh. Quite a few Safricans have settled in Oz. John Whitmore's daughter and husband have settled on Sydney's lower north shore and love it.

Thanks for telling me about what you and the gang did on November 3. I was especially chuffed to hear that Mark was in town. He and Cody had such a huge impact on each other. Hell, Cody had a huge impact on everyone. I'm not the type to honor the dead. The only reason I've visited my father's grave twice is because the second time was when my mom was buried there. I've never been back and I never will. So going to the beach for Code is a first for me, and it sure beats the hell out of a graveyard.

Never get the idea that I underestimate what you've done for me, Steve. You've contributed a helluva lot to both MrB and me personally, and it's been appreciated by everyone. BTW, did you read the story I wrote for your birthday? Everyone was there. Joao said it was one heck of a party. Anyway, while ever I have a few spare rockets laying around you can expect the occasional one up Bruce's fav spot. :-P

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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