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Part 96
Based on emails from December, 2003.

Hi Gary,

Sorry that I didnt really write anything with the [Christmas] pics. I was late for a connection with some buds and had to move my ass. Ive been pretty much out of touch with a lot of things going on on the net. I havent really read anything on MrB for months. I think I did so much reading while I was studying that I just cocked reading anything else.

As for having changed. Well I know that Ive changed. Ive learnt to deal with whats happened and Im more comfortable with it now. I thank Cody every single day for having been a friend of mine and for the positive influences that he has put in my life and Im only really experiencing the benefits of those now. I couldnt even tell you when the last time was that I even had a spiff [joint?], never mind anything else.

Im getting on so much better with my folks now as well. My dad and myself have regular workouts with the boxing bag. Another one of Codys influences. Sometimes though when Im in a crap mood, I go ape shit and want to hurt him, forgetting that he used to box and he fucks me up every time. I made him so mad a few weeks ago that I thought he wasnt going to stop hitting me. Visions of a few months ago when he hit me to the ground. I had to really talk hard to get him to lighten up after that. I guess thats still one fucked up trait of mine. Ive got this knack of pissing people off pretty easily. Spoilt rich brat is how some people would have described me when I was a lighty. Except Cody. He saw other things in me. Like my dick hahahahahaha.

First year varsity has gone okay but Im going to have to work harder next year. I passed all my papers but the results showed the effort so..... Waitering is not my scene but my dad has capped my allowance and I do need the cash. The place rocks though so the tips are good and yeah well, I'll survive. Only working to end Jan and then Ill think about part time work probably.

It looks like the Ts have put plans about leaving on hold for the moment. Mr T was saying that they just find it hard at the moment to throw up everything that they had to start a new life. Im not sure how old they are but I reckon he must be about late forties or something although he looks like he might be in his thirties. Ill be seeing them on Christmas Day.

Mark is away at sea or somewhere and I havent heard a word from him.

So youre still writing about me huh? Ill get my nose into Island Palms and I must also read the story you wrote for my birthday. Just goes to show you when last I actually read something.

Steph and me are pretty tight friends these days and the other night we spent the night together at my house. It was just something that we both wanted and it was great. I still love her and she knows that.

I see Wingnut now and again. Mostly in the surf but sometimes he pops in and we chat or go for a pizza or something. He is a helluva mature lighty. Well hes not such a lighty any more. Hes filled out and hes got this bud that has got him going to gym now as well, so hes looking damn ripped. He was before but now ..... I wonder sometimes if Ill get the opportunity of the two of us sleeping together again, well not exactly sleeping but .. Who knows.

Anyway Gary. Im going to end this here. Give my love to everyone at Mr.B's cafe. A huge hug for June and I wish her and Jace and their boys a great Christmas, and everyone else at MrB. Health, happiness and peace in 2004. Try not to piss too many people off hahahahaha.

I still get mail from Wiz every now and then but Ive never written back to him. Maybe I should. I owe him. And for you, you old fart. Look after yourself. Thats an order.

Peace, Love, Respect
Your friend and the Codemans

G'day Steve,

First off, I should mention that Joao is still in the land of the living. :) I received a note from him this morning. He's been in Rio visiting his bro. Secondly, thanks for the update re you and Cody's friends and family. MrB must be one of very few sites, if not the only one, whose members get Christmas wishes from a blonde surfer hunk. :)

Another thing before I forget. Now wouldn't it be a worry if nothing followed that sentence? I'd really appreciate it if you could dream up a series of graphix promoting MrB. I don't like spamming newsgroups with overt spam, but a couple of posters that are both entertaining and informative shouldn't get anyone's back up, and it's the only way I can promote the site. I can't afford paid advertising. You're pretty good with one-liners and ideas, and can see MrB from a younger [only just] point of view. :-P Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you could give it some thought.

Meantime, it sounds like your social life is pretty hectic. That's not surprising considering you've broadened your circle of friends to include varsity. That and study must keep you flat out like a lizard drinking.

Yep, Cody's influences have guaranteed that we never forget him. I think it's conservative to say that he was one a million, and I think the chances of someone like me meeting him were highly improbable, let alone our becoming soul buddies. And now lots of other people have the chance of "meeting" him. I thank him everyday, too. Imagine how blown away he would've been if he'd known about the effect he was destined to have on peeps after his death. Or even during his life.

Your relationship with your dad has parallels between the relationship Cody and Mark had hehe. Many times Cody would complain about Mark's aggro in the boxing ring at school. "It's almost like he's fuckin enjoyin it." But, as it turned out, the aggro, or the release of it, brought them closer together. Cody lost it with me a couple of times. He was one fiery dude. You have, too. You fired a broadside at me during your dark days, and I surprised the hell outa you by replying: "He loves me!" :-P

Yep, I agree that you have a knack of pissing people off pretty easily. So do I for that matter. But you're aware of that trait, and you're aware of having been a spoilt rich kid. None of is perfect, but we're not quite as imperfect if we're aware of our shortcomings. Cody was aware of his. "I know I shouldn't feel good about punchin the crap outta that fuckwit but I fuckin do." Hehehe. That's what he wrote about his first altercation with Mark in the school quad.


According to your role in Island Palms, waiting tables is your scene... but the way you wait them doesn't follow the traditional style. :) The old gawkers who run the joint have a few novel ideas about how waiters should behave. When you read the story, let me know if you decide to incorporate some of those ideas at the restaurant where you work.

Yeah, I would've guessed that Mr T would be in his late forties, but Cody did mention a few times that he was quite fit for his age, and still able to surf pretty well. And I can understand his [and his wife] being reluctant to give up all they have to settle in Oz. It's quite expensive here, especially in the capital cities. Mind you, the wages are a lot higher as well. I've been watching a British doco series about poms emmigrating to Oz and starting a new life. All of them had to take a backward step in terms of income, etc, by starting a few rungs below the one they were used to in England. It's a bit of a mixed bag. Some are relishing their new life, and others have misgivings. I've heard that most Safricans who settle in Oz choose Perth [west coast].

Can't wait for you to hear from Mark. Sounds like his life is taking on exciting and new directions. He must be very pleased with himself... and it all began accidentally with a part-time job at the wharves after graduating from high school. June would disagree with that. She would say it was meant to be, just like she says that Cody and I were destined to meet. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if Mark has a surprise up his sleeve. :) He's very fond of the Ts. Come to think of it, I'm not aware of a single MrB reader who isn't fond of Mark... or any of the characters, real or imagined, for that matter.

I can understand your losing interest in reading MrB on a regular basis. Life points us in different directions and leads us on different tangents. We're like babies in cots staring up at dozens of colorful toys strung between the sides. One captures our imagination for a while, then another. And, after a while, we go back to the one we lost interest in before. Hard core MrB fans are in the minority. Some have been with me continuously since day one. Others drift back after an absence of a year or two. I can go for a week or two with no new subs, then there's a rush.

Not easy to tell where your relationship with Steph is headed, if anywhere at all. But it sounds pretty comfortable. From my perspective, you guys are way too young to be committed. There's not only a great deal of life ahead of you, but also uncertainty. Neither of you is sure where you'll be in a year or two down the track, so I'd say your current relationship is fine the way it is. Good company when you need it, freedom when you need it.

Great to hear that Wingnut's doing well, and especially great that his bud has him interested in the gym. I can't see anyone interested in physical fitness and looking good being tempted to go off the rails. Healthy bod, healthy mind as they say... which explains why I write the stories I do hehehe. Oh, well... I guess I've always been intrigued by what it must be like to be carting a fit bod around, and having people gawk at you. It's something I've written stacks about, but never really experienced myself... well, a few times by short-sighted peeps hehe.

As for June and Jace, young Sean their next door neighbor sent me a card, a letter, and a t-shirt with Catz Pyjamas, Gauteng, South Africa printed on the front. It's pretty neat. :) All of June and Jace's family, friends and neighbors are going to have a fantastic Christmas. I know some of the surprises planned, but my lips are sealed until afterwards. Sean and his buddy JR are going to be blown completely outa their tinies. :)

I know your Christmas is gonna be wicked, spending part of it with the Ts, and I suspect Winger and Steph... and whoever happens to pop out of a cake hehe. Thanks for bringing me up to date, and sending your love and wishes to those who know and love you. I'm sure they'll all be chuffed to know that you're breezing along and doing well.

Me? Piss people off? I read something the other day: can't remember where I read it, dammit. But it went something like 'people who like me don't mind what I do, and people who do mind don't matter'. I'm sure I haven't done it justice, but that's more or less the gist of it.

Wiz? Imagine cloning him about 10 times, then assembling all the clones at the same time on a bouncing trampoline, and there you have a pretty accurate image of Wiz. However, he did write me recently and seemed to be fairly settled. :)

So now you're giving me orders? Ooer! As a blonde surfer hunk you should be ashamed of bossing a fossil around. :-P

On behalf of everyone at the MrB Cafe, thanks again Steve for everything you've done in the past, and for giving us some extra joy this Christmas! Lots of love to you and yours, and a rip snorter of a new year. :)

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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