South Africa
Part 98
Based on emails from August, 2004.

Subject: Still alive.
Hi Gary. Enjoy the graphics. The one is similar to something Code wouldve done for you, with the Olympics on the go and your birthday being on the same day as the closing ceremony. Have a good birthday as well.

I havent fallen off the planet and I havent gone back to drugs. Actually my life is very different right now to what it was at the beginning of the year. Varsity is going well but Im not sure right now whether I am going to continue with psych. Chatted to my dad and hes suggested that I shouldve taken a gap year and thought about what I want to do before diving into something. Our relationship is brilliant. I might take his advice and do some graphic work for a while and maybe even get into it.

Wingnut is doing well. He still has his ups and downs, and shit knows with which chick :) Him and I still go surfing and he visits when hes got nothing else on. The whole sexual thing between us has just done a natural stop. But its been great for our friendship.

I still visit the Ts and they are doing okay. I dont think they will ever be quite the same again. Mr T says that they are thinking about maybe moving overseas. Hes not sure if it will be permanent or just for a few years. He thinks the change will do them both good. Theyll keep the house though.

I havent been on the MrB site since the beginning of the year. I reloaded my PC and every time I go into a site that needs a username and password the damn browser crashes. Ive been threatening to get it sorted but just never seem to get around to it.

Im sorry I never did a graphic for you for Codes birthday. I can just imagine you going off pop about that. Ive not really gone online much this year at all and the other day when I went back on to my email there were a pile of mails from Wizid which Ive started reading. Looks like hes had his share of ups and downs as well.

I dont want to start any email correspondence right now because I have become the most unreliable person to get online or download and check mail. I did try and update Codys World a few weeks back. In fact it was around Codes birthday time and the same problem is still there. It wont allow me to update anything or add directories. So I guess Codys World will basically be as it is, which is about right as it should be. The way the Codeman left it.

Mark is somewhere in the Caribbean right now. I got a call from him a few weeks ago. Hmmmm could also have been around the Codemans birthday. He is doing great. Candy was going to meet up with him for a while. They are still together believe it or not. And yep, Steph and me are still together as well. But we are a strange couple. One minute we're loving each other and the next we're fighting like cat and dog. We're both just so damn jealous of each other. Thats the catchup Gary.

I hope that you are well. If I can get my browser sorted out then I can find out from your news pages I guess. Anyway - have a good birthday and send my best wishes to everyone out there. And have you noticed. I didnt say fuck once.

Peace, Love, Respect
Your friend and the Codemans

PS. There's a wallpaper gift for you as well :)

G'day Steve,

Well, there ya bloodywell go! I never thought I'd be writing those first two words again. I had no idea what had happened to you, and didn't have the nerve to contemplate the possibilities. You've made me very happy, and I'm sure you've made all the MrB members happy as well, in particular June and Jace, and Joao with the news about Mark.

Are you sitting down? The news that's gonna blow your socks off is this: there's a possibility that the Codeman story will be made into a movie. My Creative Writing Teacher was badgered into reading the Mark story by a friend of his on FunTB chat. He's a professor of English and not terribly impressed with my Codyspeak style hehe, but he can see the potential. He's also well [he doesn't like the word 'very'] connected in movie circles. Yep, I can see you bug-eyed right now, worrying about keeping identities secret. You and your damn paranoia.

My CWT wants no swearing, no sex [other than implied] and a G or PG rating. Fine with me. I have no intention of upsetting any friends of Cody, or his folks. Ideally, I would want everyone involved, including the Ts, to approve the screenplay before any camera starts rolling. In particular, I would want the Ts to be very proud of their son, prouder than they are already. How wonderful it would be for them to have Cody "return", with his message of friendship and love permanently recorded on film for the benefit and betterment of the whole world.

Anyway, we're talking a fair way down the track at the mo, so there will be a lot of discussion about this and that, and I want you to be part of that process. Pretty awesome, huh? :)

I'm so glad to hear that varsity is going well, and that you're beginning to realize your dreams. Psych is interesting, I guess, and you said that you were going to do it for the first year or so to give you a good grounding. But I think you'd get a lot more pleasure from graphic arts. If you have a natural creative flair, why not capitalize on it?

Great to hear that Wingnut is doing well. We all love him to bits. And it's not surprising to learn that the whole sexual thing between you two has "come to a natural stop". I can imagine Cody going the same route. Seems to me that sexual experimentation is a natural thing when you're a teen, but it doesn't necessarily lead to a gay lifestyle. It's just part of the journey without necessarily leading to a particular destination.

Swearing is another thing that most of us grow out of. It's all the rage when you're a rebellious teen, keen on distancing yourself from prepubescence and impressing your peers. The only time Cody used the word 'kid' was when he first referred to Wingnut. "There's this little kid next door." He always referred to his school buddies as 'the guys' and never as kids or boys. I've learned that you never ask a young person "what do you want to be when you grow up?" hehe. That's a red rag to a bull. It needs to be "what do you want to be/do when you graduate?"

I'm thrilled to learn that Mark is realizing his dreams too. Sailing the Caribbean, huh? What a great life. I remember well the times he would never have dreamed of such a life in a million years. A most extraordinary turn of events, and the best of luck to him. Actually, extraordinary events were pretty much part and parcel of the life and times of the Codeman clan. :)

Nice to hear that Mark phoned you on or about Code's birthday. I know that many MrB members will be very pleased to know that everyone is staying in touch.

I can understand why the Ts will never be the same again. No one who was touched by the Codeman will ever be the same again. He left an indelible impression on all of us, and although it's sad in many ways, it's also a great gift. He was one heckuva dude.

No, I wasn't mad when I didn't hear from you on Code's birthday, but I was disappointed. My main concern was what the hell had happened to you. I guess your disappearance has had a subliminal affect on my attitude for a while. I've been pretty much uninspired since you vanished, or at least having difficulty being inspired. It was bad enough when Cody fell off the perch. Then you? I was beginning to think I was a jinx.

I'm not sure what I can say about the relationship between you and Steph. On the other hand, name a single relationship Cody had that wasn't fiery hehe. Maybe it has something to do with the Cape Town weather. I was about 15 or so when I was at a party, and saw a couple smooching on the sofa. Being the naive twit I was, I asked them what they were doing. "We've just had a fight and we're making up," the girl said. I couldn't figure it out hehe.


Thanks a stack for the graphics. Brilliant as usual. I figured my big Six Zero would be pretty much a non-event, and it will be in this neck of the woods. But you've made it special, just like Cody would have. He was big into special events. BTW, I received an email from Joao this morning, along with yours. He had tried to send me a graphic for Cody's birthday, but it didn't arrive. This time it did. Better late than never. So that's also cheered me up no end.

Well, mate, when MrB members check out the updates page and see your name there, they'll be thrilled to bits. I can guarantee it. They'll have an expression on their faces like the one I had this morning when I saw your email amongst the spam. :) "Still alive" was a very appropriate subject line.

I hope you get your browser fixed soon. It's important that you keep in touch with what's going on, or not going on, and equally important that, from time to time, you keep us informed of what's happening at your end.

Before sending this email, I took a break and did some shopping - filled TT's boot [trunk] almost to capacity. And I collected my mail. A hand-made birthday card [cos he knows I like those best] from Joao and a black t with the Floripa logo on it, which includes a dolphin [in yellow, gold and blue]. I'm wearing it now. And a wicked letter from Ohio Sean [June and Jace's young neighbor] with a red t he bought when he was in Florida, featuring the Miami University logo. I've got quite a collection of ts now, including one from Jim with "EXTRA VIRGIN" printed on the front. It's from an olive oil company in San Francisco. I think there's some kinda conspiracy going on between peeps who refuse to let me grow old gracefully. Actually, Grace was my nick some years ago, but one girl [the boss's daughter] used to call me DISgrace hehe. I think she was right.

Anyway, thanks soooo much again Steve for bringing me up to date, and for the great graphics and birthday wishes. As Sean said about Jace, you're cooler than cool. I owe you.

Your friend and the Codeman's

PS: You and Cody are naked at a barbecue in Island Palms, along with everyone else there, and have been offered to pose nude for Playgirl hehe.

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