Steve's Valentine Message for 2002

Hey Codeman

I guess we're all going to go through these "firsts" of you not being around. Valentines,

Jeez Cody. It's a bit like having Christmas without a tree or New Years without champagne.

You don't know how hard this is, not having you with me. But I guess I never really showed my appreciation when you were here. I didn't realise how much I loved you then.

A Valentine without a Cody on the planet. Pretty hard core. Since you've been gone I have been so lonely. The only thing that keeps me going is remembering you, but then I just get sad knowing that all of that will never happen again. I'm really sorry Code, for all the wrong things I did. I was like a kid, not paying attention in class.

For Valentine's Day we would be naked and I would be standing behind you, with your back up against my chest. You would put your head back against my shoulder and your hands would reach for my face. My hands would wrap around you and I would experience the magic of your smooth skin and the feel of your body as my hands go over the waves of muscular contours. My breathing would be warm in your neck and we would whisper our loving thoughts to each other. Before the moment is over we would become one in our love for each other and I would whisper, softly, I love you.

I miss you Codeman. I realise how much, each and every day.

Your lover and friend