South Africa
Part 2

It was so damn hot, I had my t tied around my waist while I waited for the guys to arrive home. My boardies were hanging low on my hips like the big guys, so I was all ready to impress the fuck outa them. We were gonna go surfing! Woohoo!

Sure enough, Kyle and Steve arrived home from school to collect their boards. "Hi ya, guys!" I must've been beaming something wicked 'cause their faces lit up like Christmas. "Where are we going?"

"Long Beach. We're gonna hitch a ride."

Steve was a little concerned. "Are you sure we should take this grommet to Long Beach? He's only a beginner."

"He's a natural. You'll see."

A natural what? Huh? I got nailed in the washing machine so often I thought I was gonna be sucked into the bowels of the earth and disappear forever. I borrowed Kyle's and Steve's sticks in turn so that one of them was always keeping an eye on me. Or was it the other guy's stick they were more worried about? "It's OK, Kyle. Wingnut's gone to God but your stick's OK."

On one wave, I took off and went right over the falls, then got nailed to the sand in the shallows. I came up blubbering and coughing like hell, but I got back on the board and paddled out again. No way was I gonna be a wuss. I wanted those guys to respect me, if not for my skill, at least for my courage. OK, so I paddled like a fucking crab but I made it out there past the breakers. I kept thinking about how tough those guys were and I wanted to be tough just like them. Every time I got nailed, I'd come up grinning like an idiot even though I'd swallowed half the fucking Atlantic. I had to prove to those guys that I was going on twelve, and not fucking eleven.

Meantime, Steve was practicing his 360s. He kept falling on his ass a lot but he eventually got it. All three of us were totally stoked and raved like hell. We were so damn amped! And I could feel the special bond that came with surfing. It wasn't like other sports where you wanted to trash the opposition. Surfing was different. There was a kind of mutual support where you wanted the other guy to excel and to share his thrill when he did something totally cool. That's what made me wanna succeed. I knew that Kyle and Steve would be just as stoked as I was when I did something right. Fucking wicked!

It was late afternoon when the guys decided to sit me on the beach while they rode the last set. I watched Kyle start paddling as a wave approached. It wasn't a big wave but big enough. It looked about four to five feet to me. Kyle was in the perfect spot to take off, and I could see that Steve was eyeballing him. The lip of the wave was already peeling off at a point where Steve must've thought 'to hell with it' 'cause he probably would've gone over the falls. But he didn't. No way! Instead, he dropped down clean just in front of Kyle. I reckon if Steve had been any other guy, Kyle would've shot his board right up Steve's ass. I could see Kyle yelling at Steve -- probably telling him to fuck off 'cause it was his wave. Then I saw Steve shout back. He was grinning. I recognized his challenge -- "follow me, wussy boy".

So Kyle followed Steve down the wave. Both guys took a clean, straight line 'cause the wave had already progressed so damn far. I watched Kyle maneuver closer to Steve. If he hadn't, he would've been nailed by Steve's ride which was breaking up the wave. They were like speeding twins on a wall of water.

Both guys watched as the peak folded over them, and the wave closed in behind them. I lost sight of my two buds and wondered what the fuck was going on. Were they inside that wave? Together? Would they come out alive? My heart was in my mouth.

"Hey, Wingnut!," Kyle shouted as he dropped his board on the sand. "Did you see that, man? Fuck! That was so fucking awesome! Whoa!"

Steve was right behind him. "I'm so damn amped, man!" he grinned as he flicked his long, blonde locks out of his face and placed his stick beside Kyle's. "That was so fucking wicked! Glad you followed me, Kyle?"

"What happened?" I asked. "Were you guys inside that wave?"

Kyle sat down beside me. "Dude, listen up, you're gonna be in there one day. It's called the green room, and that's where Steve and me were when you lost sight of us. It was so fucking awesome, I can't tell you. When the peak folded over, and the wave closed in, the roar of the wave became like a distant rumble. And there we were, man, the two of us, in the green room! It was extreme! There was a spooky ruuuuuuussssshhhh of our boards slicing the wave. Damn! We both screamed like crazy 'cause we were so fucking stoked! Did you see Steve look over his shoulder? He was checking to see if I'd made it in. Jeez, he was so totally stoked! He fucking beamed! And listen to this. The whole fucking tube had this dark green glow to it 'cause the sun was going down already, and it was like the whole world had gone silent except for the whooshing sound of our boards and the distant rumble of the wave. Then Steve went into a crouch, pushed on his board and speared through the other side as the vacuum spat him out. I was right there, too, but the wave closed and I ended up in the washing machine," he laughed. "I knew it would happen, though -- there was no fucking way both of us would get outa there. Hey! I gotta tell ya, Wingnut, I've never seen two guys in a tube before. Did you see all the other surfers? They were screaming their fucking lungs out!"

I sat there listening to everything Kyle was saying. It wasn't until I'd managed to absorb it all that I stood up and threw my body around like some wired chimpanzee. "Woohoo! I wanna do it! I wanna do it! I wanna do it!"

"You'll get your chance," Steve laughed. "But that's it for today, bud. We're gonna sleep tonight with that wave in our heads."

I watched the guys peel off their wetsuits and stand under the beach shower. They were down to their Speedos and I couldn't help noticing their bulges. I didn't wear Speedos under my boardies so, when it came my turn, I just got under the shower naked. That was one of the useful things about being eleven. I could get away with that stuff 'cause I was only a kid. Anyway, I was pretty proud of my dick 'cause it was bigger than Brian's, and I wanted the guys to see it.

"Were you first in the queue when they handed out cocks?" I heard Kyle say. But I ingored him 'cause I didn't want him to know that I was showing off. I just kept showering like it didn't matter. But it did. He noticed! And I figured Steve would have, too. Woohoo! My grommet days were numbered!

It was dark already as we hitched home. It took fucking ages for us to get a ride 'cause, as the guys had explained, motorists didn't like stopping for hikers -- especially if there were three of us plus two surfboards. Finally, a guy stopped. We loaded the boards onto the roof rack and all piled in.

"D'ya think I did OK today?"

"Yeah, Wingnut, you did just fine. You've got guts, dude. Plenty of guts."

I thought about adding "and plenty of dick" but I didn't. I settled for "I'm gonna be just like you guys."

"You mean good looking?" Steve cracked.

"Better looking, dude. All the groupies are gonna leak somethin' serious when I can do what you guys do."

"Hey, Wingnut, just picture this in slow motion, man. A wave is peeling -- the sun is setting and, in the dark part of the wave, two shadows disappear under the breaking peak -- then -- silence. "Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again." Remember that from Simon and Garfunkel? My dad has the music."

I wanted to be with the guys when we got home but they said they had 'big guy' stuff to talk about. So what the fuck was 'big guy' stuff? Girls. Yeah, it had to be girls. Puke! They were OK for sitting on the beach and ogling the guys, but that was about it. My mom wasn't a girl. though. She was a mom, and that was different. My dad must've figured that out when he met her and asked her to marry him. Jeez, there would've been no fucking way that he would've married a girl. Ew! So what were Kyle and Steve talking about? Me? Yeah, maybe they were talking about me and didn't want me to know. That was it! Or, maybe not. Damn! I wished I wasn't a grommet. I wanted to be a surfer. I wanted to be big and muscular and stylish like Steve and Kyle and parade around the beach like I fucking owned it. I wanted people to look at me and say "whoa!" when I walked by. Yeah, that would so fucking cool.

That night, I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and practiced my crouches and stands. Here comes the wave. Paddle like hell. Crouch. Skim down the glassy face. Stand up. Kick the back of the board. Fly over the lip. My bedroom door opens.

"What on earth was that noise?"

"Sorry, mom. I fell over."

The next day, I called in to Kyle's house. "Hey, when are we going surfing again?"

"How about this afternoon?"


"Hey, Wingnut, you're getting outa hand, man. You raved so much yesterday about standing on the board, I thought you'd never stop!"

"Damn! Did I piss you guys?"

"Nah, Steve likes you a stack."

"Cool! And you?"

"You're OK."

"How OK? Huh? Gimme a score outa ten."

"Well, it's above five."

"How much above five?"

"Shuddup and get ready. We're gonna get wet."

"I'm ready, already!"

We surfed at the local beach but it was still cool. It was only a short distance away so we ran the whole trip. Some of my grommet buds from school were there and saw me with Kyle and Steve. Yes! I was with the surfers! Me, the grommet! Fuck, I felt so damn proud to be with the big guys. It kicked serious ass. I could see some of my friends pointing toward me and talking to the kids next to them. I figured they must've been saying stuff like, "hey! he's hanging with the big guys!" Woohoo! That's me, dude! Hanging with the big guys. Yeah!

Over the next few days, I was beginning to become a permanent fixture at Kyle's house, and I was worried that I may have been overdoing it, but I just couldn't resist. As soon as I saw the guys arrive one afternoon, I was there in all my grommet glory -- boardies low on the hips and not another stitch. "Hi ya, guys. Gonna have lunch? Am I invited? I'm starving!" Oops! Something was wrong. Steve didn't look too happy for some reason. "You want me to leave, guys?"

"Nah, Wingnut. Steve just wanted to swim naked in the pool, that's all."

"No prob! I do that all the time!" I stripped and dove in. Steve followed a moment later, then Kyle. So that was another feather in my cap. I showed them that nudity was no biggie. Hey, I ran around nude at home lots and mom or dad never said boo! So what the hell?

As we wrestled and splashed about, we kept checking out each other's bods. I was looking at their pubes and they were looking at… well, no pubes. But it didn't worry me. I knew that I'd get a bush sooner or later. Anyway, it was so damn cool to be with the guys and having fun. Who were my best buds? OK, so Brian was my best grommet bud, but Kyle and Steve were like way awesome. They were totally cool surfers. And they liked me!

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