South Africa
Part 7

I woke pretty early next morning and checked my piss boner in the mirror. I thought about yesterday when I'd slept over at Kyle's, and how it was totally cool to be naked with him and Steve, and how I'd compared their dicks. Steve's was shorter so I told him to tie it to the door handle and close the door to make it bigger. That really cracked up Kyle but Steve wasn't all that chuffed. Oh, well…

Anyway, I jacked off looking at my reflection and pretended that the guys were watching. "Hey, Wingnut! You look fucking awesome!" "Yeah, I know. Pretty wicked, huh?" When I offloaded, I arched my back and tried to fire my juice at the mirror, but it didn't make it that far. Damn!

Kyle was doing a bunch of chores for the neighbors that morning. He'd told me earlier that he needed to make some money for something. He didn't tell me what, though, just that it was mighty important.

"Mom? When you first saw dad, what did you like about him?"

"His smile."

"Didn't you check out his pecs or anything?"

"His what?"

"Chest -- y'know -- muscles."

"Oh, I found out about those later."

"And what did you think?"

"Go ask your father."

"Dad? When mom saw your pecs -- I mean like when you two first met, 'cause they're all hairy and saggy now -- what did she say?"

"Whaddayamean all hairy and saggy?"

"Y'know, not like mine or Kyle's or Steve's. Anyway, what did mom say?"

"She didn't say anything. She put her hands on them."

"Did you put your hands on her, uh, y'know, thingies?"

"Ask your mother."

"Mom? Hmmm. Never mind. I'm not getting anywhere here."

It was Monday after school when Kyle came over and said some stuff to my mom. I didn't hear what it was all about but I guessed it was about us going surfing or something. Later, Steve arrived. We were out front of Kyle's house when he shoved a board at me. "Here, Wingnut, you have to carry that."

"OK, cool. Who did you borrow it from?"

"A guy at school."

"Wow, it's a neato board! And the design is totally kiff! Jeez, take at look at that, man! A wave breaking into a perfect tube. Is that done in airbrush? Looks like it. And the skeleton surfer coming through the tube is wicked! Jeez, I'd kill for a board like this."

"Yeah, it's pretty cool."

The second thing I noticed about the board was how perfectly it fitted under my arm as we ran down to the beach. We usually ran 'cause it saved us from having to warm up when we got there. "The guy you borrowed this stick from, is he a grommet like me?"

"Does it feel right for you?"

"Yeah! It's way cool -- just my size."

When we got to the beach, I noticed another thing about the board. "Hey, guys, this stick has got a brand new leash attached to it!"

"Yep," was all Kyle said, as if it was no big deal. Meantime, Steve was digging him in the ribs about something. Well, whatever their secret or joke was, I didn't care. All I wanted to do was paddle out and try the new board. My first wave was awesome and I thrashed big time! Woohoo! Then I paddled out to the back line to join the guys. "This is a killer board, Kyle. You gonna borrow it again?"

"Don't need to."


"Hey, Wingnut, it's yours. Steve and me put some bucks together and bought it for you."

"You're joking, right?" My face must've looked as if I'd just seen a great white shark 'cause Steve cracked up something rad.

"Nope," Kyle answered. "We reckon that you're good enough for your own board now. Besides, how are you gonna come surfing with us all the time if we're always gonna have to borrow a stick? And then maybe not get one? The leash is new but the stick is used."

"I don't believe it! What have I done for you guys to do this for me?"

"Just keep us laughing, dude. That's all."

Something happened to me when I caught the next wave. I felt more aggressive or something. Hey! I was riding my own board, dammit! Mine! But I didn't drop in on other surfers like I'd done before on borrowed boards. No way, Jose! I had to be careful with this one. I didn't want any dings!

Later that day, I called in to Kyle's house. He was doing his homework. "Hi ya, Kyle. Rave session today, man. Wicked. Can I come in for a sec?"

"Yeah, Wingnut, Steve and me were watching you. You're getting pretty damn good. I reckon you'll be an ace surfer in no time."

"I need to say something."

"Sure, go ahead."

"That board is the best thing that anyone has ever, ever given me. My parents could never afford to get that for me. I know it sounds lamo but I think that you and Steve are pretty damn great to do that for someone."

"Not just someone, Wingnut. I reckon you're part of us now -- you've been surfing with us for a while and you needed a stick. Anyway, we both like having you around."

"I thought I was being a pain a lot of the time."

"No way, dude."

"So now I know why you measured me the other day. And all those chores for neighbors you were doing? I thought you were saving up for a wetsuit. You said you needed a new one."

"I'll get one later. You needed a stick."

"I don't want you getting any ideas, Kyle, but I need to do something."


I gave Kyle the biggest hug ever. I had to. He was just so damn excellent for being such a fucking cool friend. The best! "Thanks, Kyle. Thanks a stack."

"Hey, Wingnut! You're gonna crush me to death, man!"

I let go. "Sorry, Kyle. I'm just so fucking pleased. By the way, I found out what you told my mom about the board, and she freaked 'cause of the cost."

"My dad freaked, too. Well, at first he did, then he chilled. He wanted to know where I got the money from and I told him it came outa my savings plus what I'd earned from chores. Anyway, after what started out as a shitty convo, he said something really special."


"He said he wished that he was still a teenager and had a friend like me."

"Yeah! Well, I'm … well, almost a teenager … and I've got a friend like you!" I hugged him again.

The next day, Steve and I were already surfing when Kyle arrived and paddled out to the back line. He was really excited about how I was doing. "You're really ripping, Wingnut! I can't believe that you're handling it so damn well!"

"I'm a natural, remember?"

"Yeah, but you've got no fear, dude. You take off on any damn wave even though you know you're gonna get nailed!"

"Hey! I'm just doing what you guys do." Kyle didn't have an answer for that one. He just laughed. "Oh, and did I tell you that my folks are gonna buy me a board cover for my birthday? Cool, huh?"

Steve had to leave early, so Kyle and I walked home together. "Hey, Kyle, about last Friday night. I'm sorry I acted kinda goofy. I guess I took all the jacking off stuff for granted."

"Hey, dude, it's cool what you did -- it's just that it wasn't fine for the first time sleeping over. Remember what I told you about not trusting anybody? Well, you don't really know Steve all that well, and you shouldn't just think that its OK, that's all I'm saying."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm just curious, though, 'cause some of the guys at school tell me things and I want to be able to tell them things, too."

"So," he laughed, "you gonna tell them that you watched Kyle jack off and he had this thick, white stuff come outa his cock?"

"Nope," I said in all seriousness, "but at least I'll be able to tell if they're talking crap or not. Anyway, when does that happen? When will mine change from being all watery to thick like yours?

"You've got me there, Wingnut. I'm not sure. I can't remember when that happened. I guess the more I jacked off, the quicker it happened -- not sure, though."

For the rest of the walk home, we talked about jacking -- and I told him about how the guys at school were always bragging about how quickly they could shoot their loads, and how far.

"You ever see them do it?"


"Well, they're probably talking shit. I've seen it. I went on a hike with a bunch of friends once and we had a jacking comp."


"Yeah. It's no biggie. All young guys are curious about stuff like that."

"Did you win?"

"Nah, but I did OK."

"Can I come next time?"

"Sorry, Wingnut, it's for big guys. Hey, I'd love you to come with us, but the other guys would probably chuck a wobbly."

"'Cause I'm too young? So why do you let me hang with you?"

"'Cause you're cool -- and you're funny -- and you're neat -- and you're a wicked surfer."

"Well, if those guys knew me like you do, maybe they'd let me come on a hike, too!"

"That's the problem, dude. Everybody's got a thing about what their eyes tell them. They'd take one look at you and figure you were a grommet and not worth the fucking time of day."

"But that's not fair! I'm going on twelve, dammit! And you said I was mature for my age."

"Yeah, I know, Wingnut. But you won't change peeps. They see what they wanna fucking see. It's like the other night when you covered your eyes watching Halloween H02."

"Damn! You saw me? I was hoping you didn't. I guess you must think I'm a wuss."

"No, Wingnut.You're not a wuss. Everytime you catch a wave, you prove that you're not a wuss. You're one tough dude, Wingnut, lemme tell you that."

"I just copy you, Kyle."

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