South Africa
Part 9

Next day, Steve, Kyle and I had a totally rave session. I was getting better and better at riding my stick, and I guess I kinda boasted a bit too much during the walk home. But the guys didn't mind. They understood how excited I was, and how I really appreciated being with two of coolest surfers in town.

I'd promised mom that I'd do my homework as soon as I got back from surfing, which was a real pain in the butt 'cause Steve stayed at Kyle's house. It would've been wicked to be with them again in Kyle's room, talking about jacking off and comparing dicks. Anyway, it was cool listening to the Offspring tape while I did my math and geography.

It was Friday after school when I jumped the fence and got to see my bud again. "Hi ya, Kyle. Whatcha doin'?"

"Fixing the lock. My dad asked me to do it 'cause it was jamming. It's the damn salt air that does it."

"You must be pretty smart to do stuff like that."

"Smart enough," he grinned.

"So, are we going for a surf?"

"I'm waiting for Steve to arrive."

"Did you guys have fun last night?"

"Who wants to know?"

"I do, dammit! Did you guys jack off together?"

"Well," he said as he oiled the lock, "it was the first time in ages that Steve and me... never mind."

"First time what?" I thought for a moment, trying to guess what it was that made him cut his sentence short. "OK, I get it. First time in ages that you were alone together. Is that it?"

"Hey, Wingnut. Peace out, dude. You know we like having you around, it's just that... well, lemme put it this way. Do you have your own room? Do your parents have their own room? Know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I guess. It's just that it's way cool being with you guys."

"There's some macaroni and cheese in the fridge. Help yourself while I replace the lock."

"Thanks." I grabbed a plate, spooned on some macaroni and returned to the door. "Mmm, good! Did your mom make this? She's an awesome cook. My mom's a good cook, too. My dad cooks sometimes. Does your dad cook sometimes? Are you guys going out tonight?"

"Which question do you want me to answer?"

"The one about you guys going out."

"Don't think so. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Steve's got something else happening."

"Hey! Cool! Any chance I can sleep over? We could go for an early surf!"

"Try the lock."

"Yeah, the lock works fine. You did a great job. Well?"

"Well, what?"

"Can I sleep over?"

"I'll have to check with your folks, first, then with mine."

"I already did. Mom said it's OK."

"You cheeky little fucker -- without checking with me first?"

"So, I'm checking now."

"Don't you have friends your age that you sleep over with?"

"Sometimes, but you're like right next door and you're my best friend."

Kyle checked the lock a few more times without saying anything. I figured that he must've been thinking about what I'd just said. "OK, lemme check with my mom, first."

Steve arrived, puffing and panting from running all the way to Kyle's house. "Hi, guys. Whoa! I'm stuffed! Sorry I'm late. Had to help a dude with math. I see you've fixed the lock. Cool."

"Are you good at math?" I asked.

Kyle answered for him. "Steve's a fucking brain surgeon when it comes to math, Wingnut. He's a fucking genius."

"He doesn't look like a genius. He looks like a scruffy surfer. And his boardies are showing his ass crack."

"Watch it, dude," Steve laughed as he clipped me over the ear. "I keep my brains a secret 'cause I don't want all the groupies on the beach to think I'm some kind of math nerd. Anyways, the groupies like to check out my ass crack."

"As well as the guys." Kyle ducked just as Steve's open hand whizzed over the top of his spiky, black hair.

We had another rave session that afternoon. I was getting pretty good at staying on the board, and even managed a semi floater. I was still a long way from being as good as Steve and Kyle, though. Those guys could make a stick dance like fucking magic. Not only that, but they looked so damn cool. I figured the groupies were sure to be wetting their pussies big time again.

After a while, we chilled on the beach and rapped with some of the guys from Kyle's school. It was totally neat to be with the big guys talking about important stuff like surfing and girls. Well, I still figured girls were a pain in the butt, but I acted like I was getting my fair share of fucks, and I laughed along with all their dirty jokes -- not that I understood them all. After that, we hit the waves again. It was almost evening by the time we'd arrived back at Kyle's house.

When Steve went home, I did, too. I'd promised mom that I'd be home in time for dinner. At about 7:30, I jumped the fence and headed for Kyle's back door.

"Hi. Did you ask your mom if I could sleep over?"

"Yep. She said we were all supposed to be going out to dinner with some friends of my folks, but that it was up to me whether I wanted to go or not."

My heart sank. "And?"

"Dinner with friends of my folks? Yeah, right. I'd be bored out of my fucking tits. So I acted really disappointed..."


"Shuddup and listen. So I told them I'd already told you that it was OK for you to sleep over. Actually, they didn't mind that I didn't wanna go to dinner. And you know what dad said? He said he'd rather stay home with me," he laughed. "Then mom pulled my dad's ear."

"Cool!" Damn! I was so fucking pleased! I'd have been totally pissed if I'd had to go back home. "So, am I gonna sleep out here or are you gonna invite me in?"

I watched Kyle make a bunch of popcorn, then we watched a video. It was called 'Big Wednesday' -- a surfing movie. I couldn't believe the size of those damn waves! Or how the surfers managed to stay on their boards! Fuck! They were totally awesome! Kyle told me that the movie was made at Sunset Beach which is like in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, and that it was made in the 60s when I wasn't even born yet! Or Kyle either! I'd never realized that old guys could've been so fucking cool!

"That movie was so fucking excellent, Kyle." I said as I stripped naked and sat on his bed. "Are you gonna keep your clothes on? Like you're shy or something?"

"Shy of who?"

"Whom. I learnt that in English."

"Whom schmoom. Anyways, why should I be shy of you? Mine's ten times the size of yours."

"Bullshit! I'll bet there are plenty of guys who wish they had a boner as big as mine, 'specially since I'm going on twelve." I stood and thrust my hips. "Check it out, Kyle. Tell me what you reckon, honest."

"Yeah, well I can think of a few guys on the swim team who would be jealous -- but they'd want some hair around it."

"Ten times bigger, huh?" I giggled.

"Maybe not quite. But it's bigger."

"I've got the biggest one in my class at school."

"You guys compare?"


"We did that, as well."


"Well, I wasn't the biggest in my class."

"Told ya!" I ducked just in time to avoid Kyle's open hand.

"You're a cheeky bugger, Wingnut," he laughed, then got undressed and sat down opposite me. His throbber was hugging his abs.

I couldn't take my eyes off its thick, smooth shaft and its big, round head. I figured if its piss hole had've been able to breath, it would've sucked all the air outa the room. "Awesome!"


"Whaddaya mean what? Dammit! That!" I pointed to his monster. "It's as thick as anything!"

"And much longer," he smiled with a self-satisfied twinkle in his hazel eyes.

"Well, let's just say it's longer, OK?" I grinned. "Hey! Now that we're alone, are we gonna jack off together?"

"That's like a whole big thing with you, huh?"

"Yeah! I've been wanting to jack off with you for ages! I even think about it when I jack off at home."


"'Cause we're friends -- and me and Brian jack off together."

"Take some of this." He handed me a toilet roll.

"Hey, when you're done, I wanna see what it looks like. OK?"


"'Cause Brian says his brother's is thick and white, and I've never seen it."

Kyle cracked up something serious and made me wonder what the fuck I'd said that was so damn funny. "You're something else, Wingnut. You know that?"

"Yeah," I pouted, "that's why you and Steve like hanging with me so much. Right?"

Kyle clouted me over the head, so I dove on him and wrestled him on the bed. It felt totally wicked to feel his hot, hard body pressed against mine, and his boner stabbing me in the stomach as we rolled around. I wanted to ask him if it felt wicked for him, too, but I didn't have the nerve. It might have sounded like some kinda gay thingy.

He eventually pinned my arms to the mattress. "Hey, Wingnut, you're a strong little bugger, dammit. Anyways, we'd better get some sleep, else we'll be too tired to get up early for a surf."

"Kyle, are you gonna jack off with me. Pleeeeaaaase?"

"Turn the light off."



"Brian and me do it with the light on so we can see each other." I gave Kyle my absolute best 'please' look and he stopped arguing.

We laid side-by-side on the bed and started jacking off. Only a few minutes had elapsed before I heard Kyle moaning and groaning. Then he went all quiet like. Meantime, I was still whacking myself stupid. It seemed to take a helluva long time before my body stiffened and I eventually offloaded. Whoa! Jeez, that felt wicked!

Kyle leaned across, rested on his elbow and checked out the blobs of boy juice on my stomach. "So that's what mine used to look like? It's kinda clear and watery."

I grabbed some of the toilet paper and cleaned myself. "So what does yours look like?" I rolled off the bed and knelt alongside him. "Fuck! Brian was right about you big guys. It's so damn awesome, and there's a stack of it! Jeez!" I glanced at Kyle's face. He was smiling like he'd just won The World Cum Award. Then I stuck my finger in his belly button where there was a big blob of sticky juice.

"Fuck! Wingnut, don't do that!"

"Shit! You scared me! I just wanted to feel it."

"So, clean your damn finger now."

I grabbed some more toilet paper and cleaned my finger while Kyle cleaned his stomach. What did I do wrong? Why did he get mad at me? I was only curious. I'd never seen a big guy's cum before.

"Hey, Wingnut, jump on the bed, man. Time to sleep. We've got an early start tomorrow."

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