South Africa
Part 10

After Kyle had turned off the lights, I laid awake for a while thinking about what we'd done, and whether he'd tell a bunch of people what happened. I had to find a way to ask him to keep it between ourselves.

"Kyle? Are you still awake?"


"Cool." I turned on the bed lamp, rolled off the mattress and knelt on the floor beside him.

Kyle looked a little confused. "Are you gonna say a prayer or something?"

"Thanks for jacking with me, Kyle. It's gonna be our secret. Best friends, right?"

"You're not gonna tell Brian?"

"Nuh uh, no way. Brian jacks off with his bro, and I'm not your bro, so it might sound kinda weird. So, no way."

"Cool. I was kinda worried who you might tell."

"Can I say something? You said I was mature for my age. Well, I was thinking that it's totally cool jacking off with you 'cause you're my best friend. Anyways, it feels natural to me. Know what I mean? It's not like a gay thingy. You've got a dick and I've got a dick. That's all there is to it."

Well, I must've started something happening in Kyle's head 'cause I climbed back into bed and we ended up talking for hours. Kyle's folks came home from dinner with their friends, then said g'night. But Kyle and I were still chatting about all kinds of cool stuff -- surfing, music, movies and swimming. Yeah, and girls. Yuk! When I told him that I thought it was totally gross to put your dick into a girl's piss hole, he cracked up like crazy.

"Hey! What's so damn funny? Think about it, Kyle. Your dick in that weird place. Ew! Hey, that first girl you had. Did you do it to her? What was it like? And have you and Steve jacked each other off, y'know, like with your hand on each other's boner with the light on and everything?"

"Slow down, Wingnut! One question at a time, OK?" Kyle reached over and roughed up my hair. I liked it a whole bunch when he did that.

"OK, so have you and Steve jacked each other with the light on?"


"Well, do you think it's kinda weird if two guys jack each other?"

"It depends."

"On what?"

"On whether or not you're good friends, I guess, and if you both wanna do it."

"Brian and me are best friends."


Jeez, Kyle could be so thick, sometimes. "So, we've done it!"

"How was it?"

"It actually felt way cool 'cause Brian's got this little woody and he's pretty impressed with mine."

"He's not the only one," he laughed. "You must've been standing in front of the queue when they were handing out those things."

I felt pretty chuffed about Kyle's compliment 'cause his boner was much bigger than mine -- but I was going on twelve so I had a bit of catching up to do. "Anyway, you didn't answer my question about you and Steve."

Kyle just smiled for a moment before he answered. I really liked Kyle's smile a lot. His lips were bigger than average and they looked -- well, kinda neat. "Alright, but I'm only gonna tell you this 'cause you're pretty relaxed about all this stuff, like it's no biggie. OK," he finally admitted, "Steve and me have jacked each other off."

"Cool! I knew it! Wow, that's so damn awesome, Kyle. You guys rock! And don't worry about me saying anything, OK? It's our secret."

It was totally wicked to share a secret with Kyle. It sort of made us bros in a way, like we were the only two guys in the world who knew about something special between us. And sleeping in his bed was wicked, too, like he was sharing his own private space with me. Kyle wasn't the type to use wussy words to express his feelings toward me, but I knew he liked me a whole stack. Before I nodded off to sleep, I remembered that expression: "Actions speak louder than words." Suddenly, I knew exactly what it meant.

The wind was blowing like shit when we woke early, so we left our sticks at home and walked down to the deserted beach. The sky was just beginning to lighten as we sat on the sand and watched the boiling, tumbling surf being whipped into a frenzied lather by the wind.

"It's cool to see the sun rise, Kyle."

"Yeah, it's like a new beginning. Most folks never get to see it 'cause they're still asleep, so it's like they never get to understand how lucky we are."

"You and me?"

"Not just you and me, Wingnut. All of us." He took a moment to gaze at the silhouette of the mountain against the creeping dawn sky. "When the sun rises, it gives you another chance at life. It's like it wipes away all the shit that happened yesterday or the day before, and lets you start over if you wanna. You know that saying: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life?" It's like that, only what you and I are seeing right now, at this very moment, ain't just words, dude. It's real. I often come down here on 'dawn patrol' to watch the sun rise. It's good for the soul."

We sat there, thinking our own thoughts, as the morning's first, gentle rays peeked over the top of the mountain range and pierced the drifting fog. I didn't know what Kyle was thinking, but I was thinking about how the earth revolved, and how the seasons changed, and how nothing ever remained quite the same.

"Do you think we'll be friends forever, Kyle?"

"We're friends today, Wingnut. That's what matters right now. It's like when you're on a wave -- you don't think about the next wave or the one before it, you just think about the one you're riding, and enjoy it."

"It's so damn cool to be your friend, Kyle. I love the way you talk about stuff."

"Likewise, Wingnut."

The rising, orange-yellow ball had almost cleared the top of the mountain range before I broke the silence. "When are we gonna jack off together again?"

Kyle bowed his head and stared at the sand while his finger drew lingering circles. "I dunno, man. I mean, it's not like I wanna encourage you or anything, but I also want you to be natural when you're with me. That's what I really like about you, Wingnut -- you're just so damn natural about everything."

"What were you thinking when I whacked off last night? Was it exciting to watch? It's exciting for me when I watch you."

Kyle raised his head and gazed at the white-capped sea. "You really wanna know?"

"Jeez, Kyle, why would I ask the fucking question if I didn't?"

"OK," he chuckled, "yeah, it looked horny seeing your fist wrapped around your boner."

"Cool! 'Cause I wanna be horny like you and Steve are, and I wanna see those fucking groupies on the beach wetting their pussies big time!" I laughed.

When we got home, I had to go shopping with my folks. Bleh! Why take me? Was I gonna help choose which brand of toilet paper or soap? Were mom and dad trying to impress me with the kinda things adults did? What was it about parents? Had they forgotten what it was like to be an energetic kid who got bored easily?

"Mom? What did people use before toilet paper?"

"I'd hate to think."

"How come it took so long to invent?"

"Ask your father."

As if the shopping wasn't lamo enough, a few days later Kyle and Steve went to Long Beach. I couldn't go with them 'cause my folks had this mother's day thingy at my gran's place. Hey, I loved my gran but, well, it would've been cool to have been with the guys.

That night, I was in my room thinking about the sunrise and what Kyle had said about me looking horny when I jacked off. Did I? I stood naked in front of the mirror and fisted my boner. Nah, my fist covered my whole damn dick. So, I moved my fist as far down the shaft as I could get it. Cool! At least an inch of my knob protruded. Yeah, wicked! Hey, groupies! Check this out, babes!

I stroked it slowly and imagined myself standing on the beach after I'd just been in the most incredible green room -- not that I had -- but it would happen some day. All the groupies saw me fisting my boner and rushed over. "Can we watch?" "Sure." I could see my reflection in the mirror. My right bicep and pec were popping and stretching as my fist rode my boy meat. "Oh, Wingnut!" the girls gushed. "You're totally outasight! It's so horny to see you beating your boner!" "Yeah, well I hang with the big guys, girls. I'm one fucking, horny mutha for a grommet."

Then I imagined Kyle and Steve running out of the surf with their sticks under their arms to check what the commotion on the beach was all about. "Hey, Wingnut! This is fucking awesome, dude!" They sat down on the sand next to the groupies and watched me jack off. I bent my knees slightly and ran my free hand up and down my chest and abs. Damn! I looked fucking wicked in the mirror! Whoa!

I felt my balls tighten and the rush of cum about to explode. I aimed my rock-hard throbber at where I imagined all the guys were sitting in front of me and let 'em have it. A truckload of Wingnut juice sprayed all over them. The groupies were yelling like crazy and rubbing it all over their skin and faces. Woohoo!

OK, so it was a bit of an anti-climax when I had to grab a tissue and clean the mess -- which wasn't all that much -- off my bedroom carpet, but at least I had a fucking cool time with my fantasy. Wow! Imagine if that really did happen one day! That would be so damn excellent!

Next day, after school, Kyle wasn't home so I took my stick down to the local beach. I saw him and Steve talking to some chicks. I figured I'd better not intrude, so I met up with a friend from school and we hit the surf. Actually, it was what Kyle called the washing machine -- not a fucking decent wave in sight -- but it was still fun as well as more practice. An hour later, I joined the guys and dropped my stick on the sand. "You guys not surfing today?"

"You call that surf?" Kyle laughed. "Hey, I used to get wet in that stuff when I was learning. I'd go out in fucking anything."

"How was Long Beach?"

"It was really cooking, Wingnut. Both Steve and me got nailed so damn much you wouldn't believe it. Serves us right for being so damn cocky, I guess. How was mother's day?"

"Don't ask. And stop grinning like a couple of jerks, you guys. Who were those chicks you were talking to?"

"Just friends."



"Cool. Did they say anything about me while I was in the surf?"

"Nope." Both Kyle and Steve cracked something serious.

"Damn! Well, they will. You'll see. I had a dream last night about it."

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