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Part 100

Saturday night, Kyle, Steph, Candy and I went to the Community Chest Carnival at Maynardville. Hey! Check me out! I was looking pretty damn sharp in my t and cargos, with my hair spiked. And Candy was looking totally spiff as well. It was like we were expecting some talent scout with a camera to leap outa the bushes at any moment.

Kyle was bragging, as usual, telling us about how all the guys at the shop were calling him Kyle Spitz after the swim.

"So how did they find out about it?"

"I told 'em."

"You tell 'em about me, too?"

"Nah... only told 'em the important stuff. Anyway, when I told my boss that I was gonna continue swim training at the school pool, he gave me a brand new pair of Speedos and swim goggles for nothing. Pretty cool, huh? Says he needs sporting type guys in the store 'cause they know what they're talking about when they speak to the customers."

"Liar! You did tell 'em about me!"

"Might've mentioned you in passing."

"Don't shit me, Kyle. Even the coach was impressed... he didn't think I had it in me to win all my races. And every time I got outa the pool, you were beaming from ear to fucking ear, and going totally ballistic. Admit it!"

"Don't wanna give you a big head. Did you notice all the girls checking you out?"

"Too busy swimming."

"Yeah, right."

It was pretty amazing that we didn't get trashed at the carnival 'cause there were like beer halls all over the place. We managed to go on a few of the carnival rides, which were cool, 'cept we had to stand in fucking queues a mile long to get tickets. That was probably the reason we stayed sober... less time to get to the beer halls.

The vibe was totally great... met a lotta guys from school as well as surfing buddies. Even fuckwit was there from the swim team. He was totally outa his bracket, swaying around like he was battling his own personal hurricane. I figured there'd be trouble, but nope. He threw a friendly arm around Kyle's shoulders and told him that he was impressed by his awesome swim. Then he told all his mates, who were also trashed, that Kyle was an awesome swimmer. Well, that was a bit of a turnaround, and Kyle seemed pretty chuffed about the compliments. Actually, I got the impression that Kyle quite liked fuckwit. I guessed it wouldn't be long before Kyle was calling him by his real name, Craig.

Apart from school, the rest of the week was taken up by training for the cycle tour the following Sunday. I didn't have the heart to wake Kyle at sparrow's fart each morning to train with me. Besides, he would've beaten the crap outa me for dragging him outa bed.

At night, though, he helped me with my homework. Maybe he was right about that self-fulfilling prophecy thingy. According to him, I wasn't a dunce... I just wasn't focused... and I got bored too easily. The other night, he was helping me with math. I'd always had a hassle with math, but, for some reason, I was cruising through it. Kyle only had to help me with one or two things.

He was also quizzing me about history, another subject I really sucked at. But, after a while, things began to stick in my mind. There could only be one explanation: Kyle was a totally cool teacher. Well, a bud type teacher. He had a knack of making learning interesting, and giving me confidence.

"The point is, Wingnut, you really do wanna learn and do well. You've proved that already."

"Have you said anything to fuckwit?"


"'Cause all of a sudden he's being all cool to us juniors and everything."

"Maybe he saw how hard you guys swam on Saturday. You should try to get along with him."

"You still gonna help us train for the school champs?"

"The coach has asked me to help."

"Cool. The guys dig you a stack."

"I haven't said yes, yet."

"But you will, though... 'cause I asked you. Huh?"

"Well, I wanna train as well... so...."

"Hey! You gonna come on tour with us?"

"Whoa, boy! I doubt it. It'll mean time off work."

"It's only like three days off work."

"I don't get paid for being off work. Anyway, I think Darren is gonna be junior coach on tour again."

"Actually, he's cool... like a slave driver."

"Homework finished?"

"Yep," I smiled as I closed my book, "that's it. Thanks, Kyle."

"Hey, you know that feeling you get when you've had to do something and it's like a major chore? But once it's done you feel really good about it? That's the kinda smile you're giving me right now. Like this whole load is off your shoulders 'cause your homework is up to date. Anyway, I'm proud of you. At least you worked. If you'd jacked around..."

"Yeah, yeah... I know... you would've beaten the fucking crap outa me."

"Something like that."

We had a math test the following day at school, and I figured I did OK... seemed to understand everything on the paper. Hey, I had my own private tutor living right next door. How totally cool was that?

That night, Kyle helped with my English homework. Actually, he just watched over my shoulder while I did the work, but it was cool to have him there, taking an interest.

After I'd finished, he told me that he'd gone down to the school pool after work. "There were still a couple of guys training, so I didn't have to hop the damn wall this time. They'd finished training before I had, but they waited so they could lock up. One of them said he'd heard that I might be helping to coach the juniors, and wanted to know if it was true."


"I said maybe. Just depends on my time, and when the coach needs me."

"That would be soooo cool, Kyle. You were pretty stylish on Saturday... for an old dude."

"That's what he said. You been writing his scripts? Anyway, I told him that Craig could've beaten me, but that he'd let his guard down, and I took advantage."

"Oh? So it's Craig now? Maybe it 'cause you were hungrier, Kyle. I saw you. It was like you found an extra burst of energy or something. You were fucking awesome."

The next day, I'd forgotten about a geography project that was due the following day. So when I breezed into Kyle's room, I had to kinda give him my best puppy dog look. "Sorry, Kyle, but I forgot all about the damn project. It's cool, though. I can work on it if you need some time off." I was wearing a loose t over a pair of light, cotton gym shorts that showed off my legs and butt. I figured that'd be plan B if plan A didn't work. But it seemed like they both worked.

"How the fuck am I supposed to get mad at you?"

It took us about two hours to finish the project 'cause we had to check the encyclopaedia and atlas, and do some research. I was doing most of the work, though. Kyle kinda steered me in the right direction if I looked like I was gonna go AWOL.

"Use the fucking back index! That's what it's there for!"

"Oh, soooooorrryyy. Jeez!" I protested as I tried to find the index.

"The back of the book, Wingnut. That's why it's called the back index."

"I knew that."

"Once you know where to look for stuff, it'll be easier... especially with projects."

"Yeah, I know that! Stop freaking. OK? Jeez."

Kyle's folks had gone out for dinner while we were busy with the project, sitting next to each other at his desk. When we'd finished, Kyle said that I'd been working hard, and that he owed me a reward.

"Cool! You gonna buy me something?"

"Nope. Stand up."

Hello? Hmmm. Anyway, I did as he asked, then his hands disappeared under my t where they found the elastic waistband of my shorts. Suddenly, I had a pretty good idea of what the reward was gonna be. "What if your folks come home?"

"They're out for supper. They're gonna be late."

I watched as Kyle slid my shorts down my legs, and revealed my pouched, blue, bikini briefs. Plan C?

My bro's eyes were all over the fucking place, checking out my bulge and whatever else they could focus on. His fingers were tracing the lines that ran from my hips to my crotch, then gradually lowered my briefs until he could see my lazy dick hanging over my nads. Lazy dick? Yeah, I was a bit nervous. Nothing like this had ever happened after a geo lesson at school.

"This is a first. How come your dick doesn't wanna party?"

"'Cause you're ugly. I dunno. Maybe I'm nervous or something." I was pretty sure that Kyle could sense my apprehension.

"You OK with this?"

"Yeah... it's cool."

Kyle cupped my balls in one hand and said something about them being perfect. Anyway, he seemed to get the message through to my semi 'cause it began to lift and harden. Then I automatically raised my arms to allow him to take off my t.

We were both watching my reflection in the mirror as my stomach concaved. My abs became more defined, and my woody rose higher into the air. His hands were cruising my pecs, then traveled down again to my abs. My body totally fascinated Kyle.

"You OK, Wingnut? You're quiet."

"I'm just enjoying you touching me, Kyle. I wasn't expecting it like here and now, though. You gonna get naked, too?"

"Want me to?" he smiled as he stood.


After I'd removed his top, he took my hands and placed them on the top button of his shorts. Yeah, right. Hint, hint. I undid all the buttons, watched his shorts fall to the floor, then dragged his boxers down his tanned legs. Whoa! His dick didn't need any encouragement. No fucking way! The damn thing was pointed straight at my chest, ready for action.

Kyle wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a huge hug for quite a while. It was kinda weird to feel our boners locked together like two best buds. Then my bro turned me around so that I was facing the mirror, and he was standing behind me. I could feel the heat and rock-hardness of his throbber pressed against the small of my back while I watched our reflections. His fist took my boner and began to stroke its full length.

"Check yourself out in the mirror."

"I am already."

I knew that I had a cool bod for my age... hey, cool for any age. But to see my bro's hands making love to it was just so fucking wicked... like I was the most important person in the world right then. Even so, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. There I was in living technicolor with Kyle's hands all over me like a rash.

Kyle must've known that I was getting pretty close to offloading, 'cause he moved around to the front of me, knelt, then started to blow my lights out while he massaged my balls. I was still looking at my reflection as he grabbed my buns and pulled my crotch closer to his face, as though he wanted to eat as much of me as possible. And then it happened.

I felt my woody jerking like crazy inside Kyle's mouth as each explosion of Wingnut juice shot down his throat. His tongue was setting fire to my cockhead... almost bordering on pain, like a series of electric shocks that were zapping through my pisshole. Woohoo! Fucking incredible! All I could do was hold onto his head and pump like crazy until every last drop of my jizz had been fired.

I figured it was my turn to blow him, but he used one hand to hold my buns, and keep my crotch where it was, while he jacked off with my dick still buried in his face. It was obviously what he wanted to do, so it was cool with me. Maybe the taste of my cum and the feeling of his lips and tongue wrapped around my woody was all he needed to get off.

Pretty soon, he blew a truckload of thick, white juice onto the carpet between my legs.

I released my grip on his head as he allowed my shiny, spit-covered dick to slide outa his mouth. "How come you didn't want me to blow you?"

"Hey, it's cool. I really just enjoy having you close, buddy," he smiled from below, then rose to full height and gave me a big, wide, toothy grin. "Hey, you can tell Candy that your juice tastes totally outasight. You should bottle that stuff and sell it."

"Do you really like just touching me and blowing me?"

"Yeah... I do. Does it hassle you?"

"No... it's just that you make me feel so damn special sometimes, and I'm not sure if I can do the same for you."

"You do, bro... you do... just by being here like this. Anyway, I'm not sure you're into blowing me all the time."

I'd been kinda subconsciously massaging his still-hard dick when I realized just how big the damn thing was. "Guys your age have such huge cocks. Feels like a pole in my hand. Feels strong, though."

"Yours is perfect, bro, and it's also strong. Hey, you probably need to get moving before your folks start to worry."

"Yeah, I guess." I turned away from Kyle, then bent down to pull on my shorts. "You checking out my rosebud again?"


"Fucking liar."

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