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Part 103

After I was just about all sulked out, I decided I'd better get stuck into my homework. It took a couple of hours, but also gave me time to think about a few things such as Kyle's assertion that I was a bully. How could he say that about me? What if I let Jason push me around and crap all over me? What would Kyle say then? That I was a wuss?

Several times I paused to check out my lip in the mirror. It was gonna be bigger than my whole damn head if it was gonna continue swelling at the rate it had been. Naturally, mom had fussed about it when I'd gotten home. Typical mom. "What happened?"

"I tripped."

"Why do boys insist on getting from point A to point B at breakneck speed all the time? What's wrong with walking?"

"I'll be more careful next time, mom... Mom?"


"Is it OK if I talk to Kyle later, after I finish my homework? I've just got a few things I need to say. It's guy stuff."

"Don't be long."

"Thanks, mom."

It was pretty late by the time I'd hopped the fence and walked sheepishly into Kyle's room. "Hi."

"Hi." He looked suprised to see me. "I would've thought you'd be in bed by now. Your lip's looking like an inflated balloon on one side, but I guess you knew that."

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what I said."

"Hey, it's cool. You were mad as hell."

"I didn't mean any of it."

"I know that... I've been mad before."

"Do you really think I'm a bully?" I asked as I sat on the side of his bed.

"Nope. I said that just to make you mad. So how come you're here so late?"

"Just to say I'm sorry. I hate it when you're mad at me. Besides, all the guys will think it's my fault if you don't come and coach the juniors anymore."

"Ah! Ulterior motive, huh? That's OK. I won't be quitting the coaching job."


"Think you and Jason can be friends?"


"So you really wanna end up in a major fight with him?"

"You don't know what's going on in school, Kyle."

"So tell me."

"It's cool. I can handle it."

"Finished your homework?"

"Yep... all done. Cool, huh?"

Later in the week, Kyle had been training the juniors when the coach offered him a place on the coaching team during the upcoming swim tour. He told me about it during the walk home.

"He said I won't have to pay for anything -- travel or accom -- 'cause I'll be with the team."

"So you're coming with us, right?"

"Maybe. I'll have to ask my boss for time off work. Should be cool, though. It's only for three or four days."


"Mind if I tell you something, Wingnut? There's definitely a split of loyalties between the juniors. Some of the guys are with you, some with Jason. The tour's gonna be chaos if you guys don't settle your differences."

"We haven't been fighting or anything!"

"Maybe not, but I saw the way you guys were checking each other out. Talk about if looks could kill! I think the problem with you guys is that you're both strong, and you'll end up causing damage to each other... not to mention the team's morale."

On Saturday morning, I needed Kyle to gimme a hand with a major neighborhood chore, so I breezed into his room early. "Hey! Wake up!" I ordered.

He stirred, then kicked off the covers, revealing a huge piss boner. "Whats up?"

"You need a piss!" I said as I gave his hard meat a quick glance, then carried on talking. I had more important things on my mind than his damn boner. "I've got a garden to clear this morning. Tons of bricks to carry 'cause the stupid old fogey lined all her flower beds with fucking bricks. So now she's decided to do away with all the flower beds, and I've gotta take all the bricks to the back yard. I'll need some help. I'll even pay you! And stop stroking your fucking cock! It's morning now! Time to get up!"

Yeah, well a lotta fucking good my rousing speech did. Kyle rolled over onto his stomach and started to fuck his sheets, saying something about being as horny as a rattlesnake after last night with Steph.

"So what if your folks come in here and see your fat ass sliding up and down your bed? Huh? C'mon, Kyle! You gonna help me or not?"

"Why don't you give Jason a call?" he mumbled as his boner kept rubbing the bedsheet.

"Jason? You trying to screw with my head or something? He'd be dead after lifting a couple of bricks."

Then Kyle raised his head and checked the tent in my shorts. "So how come you're getting a boner? Is that 'cause I mentioned Jason?"

"Piss off, Kyle. It's 'cause you're laying there all naked and sweaty. Now are you gonna help me or not?"

"Alright, alright, alright. Pushy bastard. But I need to take a shower first. You can make the coffee."

"OK, but hurry!"

Within ten minutes of arriving at the woman's house, both Kyle and I were shirtless. It was as hot as hell, and it didn't take long for Kyle to realize that I hadn't been kidding about the bricks. There were hundreds of the fuckers to be moved. Then the flower beds had to be cleared and tilled so that the lawn could regrow over them.

Both of us were sweating like pigs under the relentless sun. Well, Kyle much more than I was. While my skin was getting shiny, the sweat was pouring off his in fucking buckets.

The old lady must've been feeling a bit guilty about us working so hard in the heat 'cause she was greeting us every few minutes with fresh juice. She'd also given us towels.

"I think she just wants to gawk at your bod, Wingnut."


We finished the job at about lunchtime. The woman gave me 100 bucks [about 15USD], which I offered to share with Kyle but he declined my offer. "It's cool, bro. I actually enjoyed the hard work. Besides, you need the bread more than I do."

As soon as we'd arrived back at Kyle's house, we stripped and hit the pool. Man! That sparkling cool water was just what the doctor ordered on a stinking hot day. But shortly after we'd dove in, Kyle's mom emerged from the back door of the house, carrying burgers and juice for our lunch. Oops! I quickly swam to the wall so that she couldn't see my dick. But Kyle? No problem. Bold as fucking brass, he walked outa the pool with his giant schlong bouncing around while I stared in disbelief.

Once his mom had disappeared back inside the house, I exited the pool, then wrapped a towel around my waist. "My mom would freak if you did that," I said as he also wrapped a towel around his waist.

"She probably would if I did it... but you're her lighty, so it shouldn't bother her if you did it."

"Yeah, right. You don't know my mom."

"So what made you run and hide? My mom wouldn't hassle if you'd stepped outa the pool naked."

Hmmm. I had to find an excuse in a hurry. "I did it so she wouldn't diss you 'cause of that little white thing of yours, ha ha ha ha ha!"

The hamburgers were totally fucking delicious... better than McD's. These were homemade by Kyle's mom, who topped the burgers with salad and pineapple as well as her own sauce. Mmmmm! So the convo kinda took a backseat as we stuffed our faces fulla her delicious food, washed down by more fruit juice.

After we'd finished eating, she emerged from the back door again to collect the dishes. Then, quick as a flash, Kyle grabbed my towel and pulled it off me, leaving me standing there like a stunned dork not knowing what to do.

"Hey, mom, does this little dude compare?"

"KYLE!" I yelled as his mom studied my crotch for a moment. But I was back in the pool in the blink of an eye, treading water at the deep end so that my dick couldn't be further scrutinized by an adult woman. Meantime, Kyle was cracking up something serious as though it was the funniest thing to have ever happened.

Then she smiled at her son and said, "Shame, man!"

"Shame?" he laughed.

"Shame, Kyle," continued his mom. "How could you do that?"


"Why is Wingnut shy?" she asked as she stacked the plates. "I've seen it before."

"I've no idea, mom. Maybe it's the pubes. They're getting all bushy."

While all that bullshit was going on, I was glaring at Kyle with just my eyes and nose above the waterline, like some evil, man-eating croc on the prowl. Then I heard his mom ask me if I had bushy pubes now. But rather than answer her, all I could do was continue to stare daggers at my bro and tell him to shuddup.

"Don't let Kyle rattle your cage," his mother smiled. "When he was your age, it was bald and tiny." And with that juicy tidbit of info, she collected all the dishes and went back inside.

"Mom?" Kyle asked, but it was too late. She'd spilled the beans. Woohoo!

I was beaming big time as I walked outa the pool. "Bald and tiny, huh? That means like, uh, no pubes? Right? And maybe a bit like a little worm?"

"My mom can't remember that far back," he claimed. "Loss of memory happens with age. Anyway, if you say anything to anybody about this, so help me, I'll drown you!"

But I was way too excited to worry about his idle threats. "Bald and tiny? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

My joy was short lived, though. I must've swallowed a gallon of water by the time I'd scrambled to the surface of the pool, spluttering and coughing. "Asshole!"

It was a few days later at swim training that I had the last laugh. Kyle's arms were covered in bruises. Naturally, all the juniors wanted to know who'd beaten him up.

"I was just fooling around with Graham at work today... play fighting and hitting each other. He was in such a fuck-around mood, he kinda got carried away. I told him that if he hits me tomorrow, I'm gonna turn his nads into a bow tie."

"Yeah, right!" responded the giggling chorus.

Junior swimming was going pretty well, though. The guys had shaped up quite nicely according to Kyle's assessment of the team's chances on the tour. But he still had a few words to say about the way Jason and I were dissing each other at every opportunity.

"You guys are definitely heading for a damn fight. The problem is, Wingnut, Jason doesn't take any crap from you, and you don't take any crap from anybody."

"I take crap from you."

"That's different. I'm your bro."

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