South Africa
Part 104

Kyle had often said that I had leadership qualities. But it wasn't like I tried or anything. Guys just chose to hang with me. Well, not all of them. Half the swim team wanted to hang with Jason. Why? Probably 'cause of his fuckwit brother Craig. Craig had the power 'cause he was a senior.

Anyway, it turned out that Kyle had gotten permission from his boss at the store to join us on the swim tour as assistant coach. That was so damn cool. Jason had his bro, but I also had mine. Yes!

On Wednesday evening, we were all assembled outside the school to take the bus up the coast. Naturally, the cool place to be was at the rear of the bus 'cause we could goof off back there outa sight of the driver. But Jason and his gang of goons were too damn fast. They'd already occupied the rear seats by the time my group had boarded.

"Hey, you guys. This is our spot. Move up front."

"Fuck off, Wingnut," Jason sneered as he stood.

I totally lost it, and threw a flurry of punches. I had Jason on the defensive... he was bent backwards over the backrest of a seat, while his fists were desperately trying to counter mine. At the same time, his and my groups were making a helluva racket shouting encouragement. "Go, Wingnut!" "Go, Jason!". Then the coach intervened and pulled me off Jason.

"I've a good fucking mind to send both you guys back home, right here and now!"

"You can't do that!" I protested. "I'm the team's best junior swimmer!"

"You're also the team's biggest idiot. You wanna go on the tour or not?" And with that, the coach ordered both Jason and me to sit up front of the bus.

On the way up the aisle, I caught Kyle smirking. The fucker thought the whole thing was a big fucking joke. And to make matters worse, I had to sit next to Jason! My arch enemy! Damn!

"The coach is such a prick for doing that," I complained as I grabbed the window seat.

"How come you get the window seat?"

"'Cause I got here first."

"Anyway, I think the coach pulled you off me to save you from getting a hiding."

"Well, he saved your ass, didn't he?" I reasoned. "Why shouldn't he save mine?"

We both cracked big time at my joke, and from that moment on we became buddies... almost inseparable. And the weird thing about our newfound friendship was that it was founded on something we suddenly had in common... a common enemy... the coach!

During the tour, we both swam like demons, all the while encouraging each other. And it began to dawn on me that that's what I'd needed all along... someone I could compete against, but who I could also encourage, and who could encourage me in return. It was also fun for Jason and me to gang up on Kyle; to give him crap about being "an adult". But he didn't mind, even though it was two against one. I figured he was glad that I had a close friend my own age who was seriously into sports and not drugs and shit. Besides, the three of us would often get together and rap. Kyle was totally cool that way.

The thing that caught the rest of the team off guard, though, was that Jason and I had become close buddies. Our rival gangs had lost their leaders, which was cool 'cause it pulled the team together as a single unit. But we'd often scare the shit outa Kyle. "You two are sneaky fuckers when you're together, though, and that can be a bit scary, especially for the other guys on the team 'cause they don't quite know what's gonna hit them next!"

Jason wasn't looking forward to the initiation ceremony, and I didn't blame him. I told him what had happened to me the previous year... having my pubes shaved, and being made to walk to McDonalds dressed in a girl's mini skirt to buy a hamburger.

"Fuck! Are they gonna do that to me?"

"Dunno. But, hey, it's no biggie. I got over it. Besides, your bro is on the initiation committee, so you'll probably get off lightly."

"Yeah, right."

On the night of the ceremony, the coach had gone to a reception for the team managers and coaches. Kyle could have gone, too, but chose to stay and watch the initiation. Hmmm. He wasn't into stiff-collar meetings and all the formal shit that went with them, but I figured he had another reason to stay and watch the initation proceedings. In a word? GAWK! A lotta the dudes on the swim team were pretty good looking, including Jason. Most of them were into rugger and cricket as well as swimming, and worked out regularly in the gym, so their bods were pretty well toned. A bunch of boy gods, as Kyle once referred to them.

Jason was the first junior to be initiated. He was made to get naked and stand on a chair. Then he had to down a beer in seconds. The challenge for Jason was that he had to try to stop his cock from hardening. Getting a boner meant punishment.

While he was gulping his beer, his bro Craig began to slide a school ruler tantalizingly up and down the inside of Jason's legs, and around his nads. So, of course, it was no surprise to see my bud's cock start to pulsate and rise. He didn't seem too fazed, though... he was fucking well hung in that department... maybe not quite as well hung as me, but better than most.

Without warning, Craig wopped his little bro's boner with the school ruler. Whack! But Jason wasn't allowed to move. He had to stand there and stare straight ahead. For a moment, I thought he might start to cry, but he didn't, and his dick didn't go down either. Jason was in deep shit.

"So what are we gonna do with him?" one of the guys on the initiation committee asked.

The audience erupted. "Shave him, shave him!" we all chorused, and I could hear my voice above all the others. I figured it'd be so damn cool to see Jason go through what I'd been through the previous year. Woohoo!

Craig wouldn't allow anyone else to touch his younger bro's dick, so he lathered up Jason's pubes in readiness to shave them. It was pretty obvious to everyone in the room that Craig was quite proud of his little bro's piece, and seemed to enjoy being the master of ceremonies. Actually, I had to admit that I admired Jason's boner, too. It was a smaller version of Kyle's, but still pretty big, and I'd often wondered what it would be like to jack it.

At one stage, while Craig was shaving Jason's pubes, Craig had his fist wrapped around his bro's boner, and I wondered if he was gonna stroke it, and send a truckload of boy juice all over the place. Wicked! But that wasn't to be. After Jason had been rendered pubeless, he proved to us all that he was a pretty good sport as he paraded around the room, pushing his hips forward and laughing, causing his dick to bounce, and showing everybody his hairless crotch. I wasn't sure what the other juniors were thinking, but I couldn't help fantasizing about jacking that rock-hard sexy sausage... and maybe more. I figured Kyle would've been thinking the same.

Jason's totally cool performance made all the other juniors relax, and they were content to just let whatever happened happen during the remaining initiations. It turned into a really fun evening, and not one single tear was shed.

Meantime, Kyle and Craig were getting along like a house on fire. Each night, they'd play pool for an hour or so, but they'd always get back to the hotel early so that everybody could get a good night's sleep before the next day's comp. Was there a thing happening between those two? I wasn't sure, but I knew Kyle pretty well, and Craig wasn't exactly ugly. On the other hand, Kyle knew me pretty well, too, and he probably suspected that Jason and I were into mutual jacking or whatever. We weren't, though. Hell, just a few days ago we'd been bitter enemies, so there hadn't been enough time to suss Jason out.

From what I could gather about Jason, he was as straight as a dye. He'd often talk about girls, or the girls that his bro had had, so I figured he wasn't a virgin. I was tempted to ask him what it was like to fuck a girl, but that would've meant an admission of virginity. No fucking way I was gonna admit that! Sure, Jason and I were cool buddies, but I didn't want him to think that I was a fucking wuss! My relationship with Jason was much different to the one I had with Kyle. Kyle was my big bro, so I could ask him all kinds of stuff without being embarrassed. He was five years older than me, so it was only natural that he'd experienced things I hadn't.

On Saturday night, after a full day's competition, it was party time! We were due to return home on Sunday, so a lotta the juniors disappeared for the night. Jason and I kinda drifted away from the rest of the team after a while, and met up with some spunky chicks who invited us back to their place.

"Cool!" Jason said, then winked at me.

What the fuck was going on? What was the wink for? Uh, oh. This was gonna be it. The big moment. I could sense it. But I wasn't ready yet! Fucking hell! What could I do? Say no? Yeah, right. I'd be labeled a wuss forever.

To make the problem even worse, the girls gave me the impression that they'd done it before... that they'd been with plenty of guys. What would they think of me? I'd had no practice! It was all fucking theory! And what would Jason think? I remembered what Kyle had said about his first time... it was a total fucking disaster. Jeez!

"Hey, don't sweat it, Wingnut," Jason whispered as the girls went into the kitchen to fetch a couple of sodas. "It'll be cool. Just follow my lead."

"You knew I was a virgin?"

"Sure, but that's OK, dude. Everybody is until they ain't."

"I'm shitting myself big time!"

"Don't show it. Act like you've fucked before."

"Yeah, right. And who's gonna be with who?"

"Doesn't matter, buddy. I've gotta feeling it's gonna be pretty wild. One in, all in."


One of the first things Jason did when we were all sitting in the living room listening to music was show the girls his shaved pubes, and tell them about the initiation. "They'll grow back, though," he explained with a casual shrug. "I had a pretty cool bush before my bro got to it with the razor. Wingnut's still got all his, though. You wanna show us, Wingnut?"


"Don't be so shy," one of the girls giggled, then unbuttoned my shorts. Seconds later, she was running her fingers through my curlies and caused my cock to stand to attention. "Oooo! That's sooo cute," she cooed. Cute? Then I checked to see what Jason was doing. Whoa! He had the other girl's top off and was sucking her big pink nipples while his hand was busy inside her jeans. The girl who was fondling my woody then suggested we all get naked.

All of us? Here? Now? I had no choice. No excuses. Jason and the girls were already ripping their clothes off like they'd been rolling in an ant nest. What could I do?

Jason knew that I was freaking big time, so he came up with a suggestion. "Hey, girls, you wanna give my bud a blow job? He's kinda nervous. Needs a bit of coaxing."

"Are you a virgin?" the blonde asked.

"Uh... well... sorta. I mean, I haven't had a lotta experience or anything."

"Chill. We'll take care of you. We're not gonna hurt you. Just relax."

They sat me on the couch, then knelt in front of me and went for it. Totally fucking awesome! I was looking down at two pretty young faces licking, sucking, and kissing my boner like it was the coolest dick in the whole fucking world. And when one of the girls had her ruby lips stretched around the shaft of my woody, almost all the way to my pubes, the other's pink wet tongue would be lashing my balls. Outasight!

It was a relief, actually. I figured I'd blow a truckload of Wingnut juice, then I wouldn't have to fuck anybody. I wasn't ready for that one, yet... not in front of a damn audience. And speaking of an audience, Jason was bug-eyed watching the girls making oral love to my throbber. Judging by the huge grin spread across his cheeky thirteen-year-old face, he was enjoying it almost as much as they were.

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