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Part 108

The next day, Sunday, would be July 1, Kyle's birthday. So I guessed I shouldn't have been surprised to see Conan leaving Kyle's house. I had a habit of keeping an eye on Kyle's place to keep up to date with what was going on. He and I weren't together as often as we used to be... not since he'd left school. He had his job at the shop, and I was becoming more and more nailed to my group of friends. But Kyle and I surfed together whenever we got the chance, and I made a point of breezing into his room as often as I could to say hi, even if it was just for a minute or so.

"Hey, Kyle, was that Conan who just left here?"


"Cool! Is he back?"

"Nope. He's just here for the weekend. I thought I told you that already."

"I haven't been here all week. Or haven't you noticed?"

"So what have you been up to?" he asked as I planted my butt on his bed.

"Surfing, skating... hanging at the mall with my buds. The usual."

"Surf's been huge."

"Yeah... too huge for me. But that hasn't stopped me. I've still been out in the middle getting nailed."

"You've got no fucking fear, bro. You'll end up breaking your fucking neck. So what's up?"

"Nothing. I just saw Conan and I wanted to make sure it was him. Looks kinda like him but different, so I had to check to see if you had a new bud or something. Anyway, I've got some stuff to do, and then I'm gonna go surf. What are you doing?"

"I've got some stuff to do around the house as well, so I figure I'll hang out here today."

"OK. Tell Conan I said hi."

It was totally cool that Conan had visited Cape Town for Kyle's birthday. Those guys were as thick as thieves. Well, they were when Conan used to live in town, and I knew that Kyle was missing him big time.

When I next paraded into Kyle's house, it was the following morning... his birthday. His folks, Conan, and the mop of spiky black hair were sitting at the breakfast table. "Hi, old man. Happy birthday!" His mom was smiling at me the way she usually did, obviously thinking I was so damn cute, when I unexpectedly buckled under the force of Kyle's backhander to my gut.

"Go 'old man' your grommet buds."

"Ooer!" I said. "So how's your birthday been so far?"

"Cool. So what did you bring me?"

"Kyle!" his mom scolded.

"I'm just kidding, mom."

"Oh, yeah... right," I stammered. I'd kinda lost the plot there for a moment... getting a backhander to the gut, and then being asked what I'd brought with me for his birthday. But I soon realized Kyle was just being his smartass self... probably showing off in front of Conan. "Anyway, I did bring something for you." Then I handed Kyle my handmade birthday card.

I watched my big bro's hazel eyes like a fucking hawk as he opened the envelope, hoping he'd be impressed. I'd spent most of the damn night on that thing... doing a hand drawing of the Endless Summer poster he had hanging on his bedroom wall. But where the movie title would normally have been, I'd written, "To my older brother". Kyle was smiling as he opened the card and read what I'd written inside. "Even though we hardly see each other, you're still the best brother a little grommet could ever have. I hope you have a totally kiff day. Happy birthday, Kyle... from your little bro, Wingnut."

Kyle made no secret of the fact that he was moved as well as pleased, which broadened my smile into a Cheshire cat's grin. And I could see that his folks and Conan were chuffed as well. "This is f... pretty damn styling, bro."

"Kiff, huh?" I beamed. And it was, dammit! I'd sweated blood making that damn card. Anyway, enough of the wussy stuff, I thought, so I decided to divert everyone's attention by giving Conan a huge slap on the back. Whoa! It was like hitting a tree trunk. "So how's Conan?"

"Fit enough to beat you up."

"Yeah, but you old people can't run anymore. Anyway, I've gotta jet. Hey, Kyle, I'll try to check you later. Maybe go for a wave or something." Then I was outa there like a whirlwind, but totally chuffed that Kyle had liked my gift. He had a thing about handmade stuff 'cause it was more personal than store bought. Besides, my allowance didn't stretch far enough to buy him anything.

I found out later that Conan had also given Kyle a card. Something about Kyle showing Conan the value of true friendship. So I figured if wussy stuff was OK with Conan, it had to be OK period. That dude was all guy. No doubt about that.

But even though Kyle and I weren't seeing as much of each other as we used to when he was at school, we still had a lot in common, apart from being neighbors. He was as much into fitness as I was, so he regularly came with me to the school gym. It was a cool place to go when the surf was kinda sucky, which it often was. In any case, I'd become totally hooked on boxing training ever since Conan introduced me to it before he left school. For me, though, it wasn't something I wanted to take too seriously as in tournaments or anything like that. Boxing was a good way to keep fit, and also kinda handy for self defence, but that was about the limit of my interest.

"Touraments? Yeah, right! So they'll rearrange my face, and I'll be as ugly as you! No way, Kyle."

I figured Kyle would be on a downer after Mark had returned to Joburg, but he was pretty laid back. He even managed to get me laid back one night in his room.

"I love your bod, Wingnut. What can I say?"

"Just keep talking. I love it when you tell me how cool I am."

"It's actually difficult to control myself when I'm around you, 'cause you're getting way cool pecs, and large, thick, juicy nipples."

"Think they're too big?"

"That's how I feel about my lips, but you don't think they're too big."

"You really like my nipples?"

I had to wait a while for Kyle's answer 'cause he was busy sucking them. He lifted his head, smiled at me with his hazel eyes, and said, "Yeah, buddy. Your nipples rock." Then he went back to sucking and kissing them as he played with my boner. When he spoke again, he remarked that I was looking a bit gawky now that I was growing, but also that my bod was totally defined.

"Gawky? How gawky?"

"Not a lot. It happens to teens when they start to mature. Don't worry about it. It'll pass."

"So how come it hasn't passed with you yet?"

In all seriousness, Kyle had a special way of treating me when we were alone and naked together. It wasn't just about sex, although the sex was totally wicked. It was more about treating me like somebody he truly respected and loved. Sounded kinda weird for a couple of guys, but that's the way it was with Kyle.

August 14 was my birthday, and I'd turned fourteen. Woohoo! Actually, I celebrated my birthday on the 15th. Kyle gave me some cool surfing stuff... Dr Zog's Sex Wax for my board, a new board leash, and a Quicksilver poster. Woohoo! I was totally stoked! But there was more.

"Hey, Wingnut, if you want your real birthday present, you can sleep over Saturday night. My folks are going away for a dirty weekend."

"So you wanna have a dirty weekend here with me, right?"

"I told Steph I wouldn't be seeing her on Saturday night 'cause I wanted to take you out for your birthday, and she was cool about that."

"You're taking me out? Awesome! Where?"


"That's not out!"

"If you're not home at your place, then you're out. Right?"

"I thought you meant out out. Anyway, that's cool. I like it here."

Before Saturday, though, I rocked over to Kyle's place one afternoon after school but stopped short of his bedroom door. I could hear him and Steve cussing like hell at each other. I listened for a while, trying to figure out what they were arguing about, but I couldn't really understand. It was something about Steve reformatting his hard drive, and losing all of Kyle's files.

When I appeared at the doorway, they were throwing each other around like a couple of wrestlers on TV. Then Steve got the better of Kyle, who was on his back on the bed, and the tall blonde started smacking his bud around the face.

"Cool! A barney! Can I play too?"

The moment both guys saw me standing in the doorway, they stopped fighting. Then they burst out laughing. Steve's face was covered in blood from a cut lip, and Kyle's cheek was starting to swell, probably from a punch or two.

"You guys are bleeding all over the carpet."

They were still giggling and guffawing their fucking tits off as they headed for the bathroom to clean up. What was it with those guys? Belting the crap outa each other one minute, and pissing themselves laughing the next!

Even when they were in the bathroom, I could still hear their muffled giggling through the closed door, and something about a boner. When they returned to the room, Kyle was sporting a skin-splitter, which he didn't bother to hide. Hmmm. Even a grommet like me didn't need to be a brain surgeon to realize that those two guys had become sexually aroused for some reason -- probably the fighting -- and had the hots for each other.

After my game of school rugby on Saturday, still dressed in my football gear, and covered in mud, I headed straight for Kyle's place.

"Clean up that fucking mud!"

"What mud?"

"The fucking mud you've just tramped through the damn house!"

"Hello? I thought you were my big bro, not my damn mom. Where's the fucking mop?"

Once I'd cleaned up the mud, Kyle asked me why I didn't shower straight after the game or something. Yeah, right. For one thing, he'd never played rugger, and for another thing, he didn't understand what mud did for a guy's image. "'Cause the chicks dig it when I look like this. Anyway, I'm gonna shower here so I don't mess up my place," I giggled. "You can make me a sarmie or something."

I followed Kyle through to the kitchen, where he told me to undress so he could throw my muddied clothes and tog bag out the back door.

"You wouldn't do that!"

"Try me."

There was no point in arguing with Kyle when he'd made up his mind like that, so I dumped my clobber [clothes] on the kitchen floor, and noticed him gawking at my lazy dick, which was hanging over my boxing-ball nads. But it was too damn cold to hang around, so I moved my freezing butt outa there and into the bathroom. "Cute ass," I heard him say just before I closed the door.

After showering, I returned to the kitchen, wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. He'd already made the sarmies, a coffee for himself, and a juice for me. But there was something missing. Where were my clothes and tog bag?"

"You must drive the girls crazy, Wingnut," he said as he eyed me up and down. "Wicked legs, and you're getting a pronounced V shape from your shoulders to your hips."

"What did you do with my clobber?"

"Your pecs are getting meatier, too, and your abs are more cut."

"My fucking clothes, Kyle!"

"And on top of that, you're good looking as well."

"What the fuck did you do with my damn stuff?"

"Out the back door."

"My tog bag too?"


"You're such a dick, Kyle," I grumbled as I headed for the back door.

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 Wingnut Part 109