South Africa
Part 109

As I walked out the back door to retrieve my stuff, the towel suddenly disappeared from around my waist. Then the door slammed shut, leaving me standing there naked in the cold air. What the...??? So I knocked, but the only response I got was Kyle's grinning face through the window.

"Go around to the front door."

"Yeah, right!" He had to be kidding. I was totally starkers, and it was broad daylight. I knocked again, and peered through the window, but he was walking outa the kitchen. Shit! Well, there was no way I was gonna freeze my balls off out there, so I decided to do like he said, and go around to the front door. If somebody busted me, too fucking bad. Besides, it was Kyle's fault!

It took a few seconds before front door finally opened after I'd knocked, so I figured he must've been at the other end of the house, probably checking to see if I was still out back. I stormed in cursing like hell, and holding my tog bag in front of my dick.

"Did anyone see you?" he asked after closing the door and following me inside.

"The whole fucking world did, and now they're all playing with themselves." I let the fucker panic for a while, then told him the truth as we entered the kitchen. "No. There was no one around. Think I'm stupid or something?"

After I'd pulled on my tracksuit pants and top, we ate the sarmies, which were wicked. He was almost as good at making sarmies as he was at practical jokes. Anyway, I got the last laugh 'cause he hadn't expected me to go around to the front door. Ha!

"Hey, Kyle, let's the two of us go surfing this arvie. It's cooking."

"No shit, Sherlock. I'd planned it that way, anyway."

"Way cool! I'll go home and get my stick."

Since I was gonna sleep over, I also brought some spare clothes with me. Then we hit the surf, which was rocking big time. And despite the scary size of the waves, whoa! there were quite a few guys out, willing to risk getting nailed for the thrill of catching the perfect ride.

Surfing was always a buzz, but even more of a buzz when I was out there with my big bro. It was something special we could share, and talk about later. And that was one of the things I couldn't quite understand about Kyle's friendship with Conan. Mark wasn't a surfer.

"He's a sailor."

"Not the same thing. Surfing's a culture. Surfers have got something in common with other surfers."

"Like that guy you yelled at back there? The one who dropped down in front of you?"

"That's different. He's an asshole."

"He's also a surfer."

Anyway, we were having such a rave, we surfed until dark, then walked home barefooted, with our boards tucked under our arms.

"So what do you wanna do now, Wingnut? Watch a vid or something?"

"That'd be cool. Something with action."

By the time we'd arrived at the video store, all the newer movies had already been hired, so we settled for a couple of older ones.

"What's for supper?"

"Toasted bacon and egg sarmies."

"I hope Steph's gonna do the cooking when you guys get married."

Half way through the second vid, my eyelids were so damn heavy I fell asleep. Rugger in the morning, surfing all afternoon. Jeez, a guy only had so much energy. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

"Huh? What time is it?"

"After midnight. And cover your fucking mouth when you yawn. You wanna go to bed?"

I was bouncing off the walls all the way to Kyle's room, where I flopped onto the bed like a puppet without strings, still yawning.

"You want me to undress you?"

"Only if you get naked first. I wanna watch your cock react to the sight of my bod." I guessed I should've known that my cheeky remark would attract Kyle's fist to my stomach. "Ouch! Fuck!"

"If you want me undressed, then you do it for me."

He was standing in front of me, with his eyes closed, as I lifted his t over his head. Kyle's chest was something you couldn't ignore, 'specially up that close. It was powerful, and well defined from years of surfing. I could imagine Steph running her hands over it, feeling the solid, bulging curves of his pecs, and kissing his nipples. Hmmm. I was getting a bit carried away. So then I undid the tie in his trackpants, and slid them down his strong, muscular legs. After that, I allowed my hands to glide teasingly over his boxers, before pulling them down. His thick cock was hanging kinda lazily over his nads, but I could tell that it was already rising steadily.

Kyle then pulled my t over my head, tossed it on the bed, and began to undo the buttons of my jeans.

Woohoo! Being undressed by Kyle sure beat the hell outa undressing myself. And it was exciting to undress him as well.

I was wearing a light blue pair of bikini briefs, and had my cock tucked down. I was expecting Kyle to slide them down my legs, but he didn't. Instead, he reached inside and lifted my cock so that it laid sideways in the pouch. Then he asked me to lay on my back on the bed. So who was gonna argue? Me? Yeah, right. This was my birthday pressie!

So there I was, sprawled out on the bed, with my hands behind my head, when he began to lick my cotton-covered dick. Right away, my breathing became heavier. "That feels so fucking cool, Kyle." And it did. It was one thing to have somebody's hand massaging your woody, but a tongue and lips did a much better job. Woohoo! And it was just soooo damn cool to be watching his face down there, nuzzling my jewels, and enjoying my smell.

When he finally decided to remove my briefs, my rock-hard woody shot backwards, and slapped noisily against my stomach. I figured he was gonna stroke it or maybe suck it, but no. He looked at me, and was about to give me the surprise of my life.

"Hey, seeing that this is your birthday pressie, can I kiss you?"

Kiss me? We were bros! Hmmm. Oh, well, maybe it was gonna be like a brotherly kiss or something. Just a little peck. "Yeah... I guess."

Whammo! A little peck? Yeah, right! His mouth was all over mine like he was giving me resuscitation or whatever. At first, I didn't know how to respond, but I sensed that he wanted to French kiss me. No way, Jose. I kept my mouth closed. But not for long.

When I did allow his determined tongue to slide between my lips, and into my mouth, it drove him wild. Our bods were locked together, and his hand was all over me... up and down my chest, over my abs, and around my cock. And I could hear his heavy breathing sending jets of warm air outa his nostrils. Before I knew it, my tongue was dancing wildly with his, and enjoying his taste. Then my hand found his boner and began to stroke it.

I was getting right into it, and could imagine him kissing Steph like that... passionately, without a single thought for anything but the intensity and ecstasy of the present moment.

When our lips finally peeled apart, he began to kiss my nipples. Then I watched him lick my abs, before his warm, wet tongue played with my belly button. I reacted by arching my back, which caused my abs to become rock hard, and I knew he loved that. He was definitely an abs man.

From there, he moved down to my woody, taking it all in. Whoa! What an awesome sight to see my patch of springy pubes pressed against his nose, and to feel his tongue working its incredible magic on my sensitive cockhead. Outasight! Both our bodies were shaking and shuddering like crazy as he alternated between sucking my boner, and taking my nads into his mouth.

Kyle must've sensed that I was pretty close to blowing my load, so he concentrated on sending his wicked lips up and down the full length of my shaft, and tonguing my knob. Yikes! But then something totally unexpected happened. I thought the French kiss was kinda mindblowing, but this was totally unreal! His hand went between my thighs as he continued to suck me, and slowly forced my legs apart. I felt his finger press against my rosebud, then gently find its way in as my ass muscles squeezed. The thrill was so intense, I couldn't help screaming as I jetted my truckload of Wingnut juice into his mouth. It exploded with such force that some of it dribbled out of the corners of Kyle's mouth as he struggled to swallow as much as he could. Meantime, my whole body was bucking and convulsing with the most incredible pleasure. Unreal!

After I'd fired my last missile, I automatically reached for Kyle's throbber, and began to fist it like there was no tomorrow. Should I blow him? I wasn't sure. The kissing thing and the finger up the rosebud kinda had me in a state of mild shock, and I really didn't know what to do, except jack him.

Kyle moved away slightly so that I could get better access to his boner. Then his face screwed up, and he shot an enormous load right across my stomach, leaving creamy trails over my tanned skin. He was gasping big time; and groaning in synch with each juicy wad that flew outa his pisshole.

When it was all over, we laid there, choosing not to speak for what seemed like a long time. I was still trying to come to terms with the tongue kissing and the rosebud invasion. And I guessed he might've been feeling a bit guilty about going too far. Too far? OK, I had to admit that it was a major surprise 'cause we'd never done anything like that before, but then again it felt totally outasight. Woohoo!

"Kyle?" I eventually piped up after I'd done some serious thinking. "That was fucking awesome."

"Yeah, it was for me, too," he said softly.

We didn't bother to clean ourselves. Instead, we snuggled up to each other, face to face. I threw a leg over him, in a kinda full body hug, then fell asleep.

At about 4 in the morning, we made love again. And I figured it was love 'cause we'd experienced something pretty intense that night... a helluva lot more than just jacking each other or blowing each other. Kyle had taught me a lotta things since we'd been buds, including the fact that it was possible for guys to love each other... not like the way guys love girls or any of that shit... but a different kinda love. A guy thing.

Kyle woke me in the morning to say that he'd left me sleeping while he made breakfast. He was a pretty amazing guy in that regard... always doing things for me. If it weren't for my folks, I could have easily slipped into Kyle's life and been his real bro. Even as it was, his house was like an extension of mine.

"Lemme guess... bacon and eggs and juice."

"How did you know?"

"Just a wild guess."

I showered before eating breakfast, then sat with my bro at the kitchen table. Not a word was said about what happened during the night. I guessed that neither of us really knew what to say. So we talked about the kinda things we usually did.

"Heard from Conan lately?"

"Not a lot. He said that things are going pretty well up in Joburg. Work on the yacht is progressing pretty well, and it's actually starting to look like a yacht."

"Think he'll ever come back here?"

"Not a chance. He's gonna sail the seven seas. He's made up his mind to be a professional sailor."

"And what about you?"

"Not sure, Wingnut. I really don't wanna leave my folks right now, and my savings plan for college is kinda coming together. I guess I'll just have to wait and see."

"Well, I hope you stay here in Cape Town, Kyle. You're the only big bro I've got."

"You wanna go surfing again today?"


And that's what we did for the whole of Sunday, which was totally cool. Whatever either of us may have thought about what took place that night in his room, it didn't change the way we were as buds. Our friendship was just the same as always, and I hoped that it would stay that way forever. In my whole life, I'd never met anyone like Kyle, and I figured I never would again.

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