South Africa
Part 12

During the next few days at school, I studied the guys in seventh grade trying to figure out who might be gay, but none of them had any obvious signs. At lunch break, Brian and I sat under a tree eating our sandwiches and fruit. "Do you know any gay guys?"


"I checked the encyclopaedia last night and it said that ten percent of guys are gay. That means three kids in our class are gay."


"I dunno. That's why I'm asking you."

"What's a gay guy supposed to look like?"

"I dunno that, either."

"Are we gay 'cause we jack off together?"

"Nah, I asked Kyle. He said that jacking off is just normal guy stuff, y'know, like you and your bro do."

"Have you jacked off with Kyle?"

"He told me not to tell anyone."

"You just did, dude," he giggled.

One afternoon, Kyle, Steve and I were sitting on the beach after a rave session. As usual, they were in wetsuits and I was just in my boardies. Kyle was telling Steve about some dude he called 'Fossil' -- something about his finally getting his website on line. "So who's this 'Fossil' dude?"

"Just a guy we know, Wingnut. He's pretty chuffed about getting his website up. Anyway, I emailed him and told him how it reminded me of a day with Paul. You remember Paul? My bud who went with his folks to live in England?"

"What happened?"

"Well, me and Paul were out on the backline at Long Beach. The surf was pretty big -- I'd say about six feet. Both of us were just sitting there watching everyone. We were both shitting ourselves 'cause it was the first time we'd been out in surf that size. And I must tell ya that Long Beach in that size surf rocks something wicked. The take off is damn quick, and the wave hollows out something fierce -- there's only a little bit of water covering the sand, so going over the falls in surf that size is definitely gonna hurt ya -- big time."

"Sounds awesome!"

"Anyway, Paul was the first to see the swell building up out to sea. "Kyle," he says, "what are we gonna do? Paddle for shit out over it or move to the beach?" Well, moving to the beach wasn't on 'cause it would've crunched us before we even got there. I shrugged my shoulders 'cause I didn't know what to do. So he says, "lets go for it -- if we get nailed then fuck it.""

"He was on the peak as the first swell came through and took off. All I saw was Paul's board flying up and him disappearing. He'd gone right over the fucking falls! I decided to hang on to the tail of my board and ride it out on my stomach. As the next swell came through, it lifted me up and I saw that I had time to actually stand up -- so I did, then dropped down the face and did a quick turn. And then I saw it for the first time."

"What?" I asked, hanging on to every word Kyle spoke. I thought he was gonna say a shark or somethng.

"The green room, Wingnut. The fucking green room!"


"I was riding on a glassy face when the peak started to curl over my head. I bent down slightly, and then it closed me in. I didnt know if I should fucking laugh or cry. I didnt know what to do when I was in there, and I was riding too far from the face, so I got caught in the waterfall and got nailed into the sand."

"Damn!" I said, hoping that Kyle would recognize my disappointment.

"Anyway, I crawled on to the beach like some shipwrecked dude 'cause I wasn't able to stand up. The feeling? As I realized what had happened back there, a million butterflies attacked my stomach, and my brain went dead, and my animal instinct took over. It was really a case of do or die. OK, so I did and I died," he laughed, "but it was like being in heaven."

Steve and I watched Kyle's face as he gazed thoughtfully at the horizon for a few moments before speaking again. "I remember that night, too. Paul and me had the best time ever. I think it was the night that we both realized... well, what great buds we were."

"Did you jack each other off?"

"Shuddup, Wingnut," Steve laughed.

"Just asking."

I didn't get to surf with the guys the next day 'cause I had a stack of fucking homework to do. Why did a kid's life have to be so damn shitty? But I couldn't help thinking about what Kyle had told me about being in the green room for the first time, and about him and Paul that night. Did they jack each other off? They must have. What else would they have done? Dammit! I wanted to know! Apart from that, my folks were getting all worried about my sudden obsession with surfing. It was like my life revolved around surfing. OK, so it did, but only 'cause Kyle was my hero. I wanted so much to be like him. He ruled, big time.

It was Friday afternoon when I spotted Kyle coming home from school. I waited a whole agonizing two minutes before I jumped the fence 'cause I didn't want him to think I was anxious to see him. I had to be cool.

"Hi ya, Kyle. What's up?"

"Probably your dick," he laughed. "Steve and me and a couple of the guys are going clubbing tonight."

"Oh." Damn! I wouldn't get to sleep over and ask him about what Paul and he did that night after the green room.

"Tell me what you think," he said as he stripped off his blazer and school pants.

I watched him step out of his briefs, then toss them casually onto the bed. "Whoa! Fucking awesome!"

"Not my dick, you idiot. I wanna know what you think about what I'm gonna wear tonight."

Kyle pulled a Billabong sweat over his white tank top, then put his muscular, tanned legs into a pair of beige chinos with way cool side pockets. "Dammit, Kyle, you look totally fucking hot! I'll bet half the fucking girls in Cape Town wanna come home with you tonight."

"Only half?" Kyle ran his fingers through his spiky, black hair and checked his reflection in the mirror. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Where are you going?"

"The Corner House. Not sure how we're gonna get home, though, 'cause the trains stop running at 9pm -- and Ross says we'll be raging until at least 3am."

"Jeez, I wish I was a big guy like you," I lamented. "That'd be so damn rad."

"You'll get there, dude. You'll get there."

I spent that night watching a bit of TV with the folks, then going to my room. I checked myself out in the mirror and imagined what it would be like if I could've gone with the guys to the Corner House. What would I wear? Hmmm, I went through my clothes. I had a cool pair of baggy jeans and a neato button-front shirt that my mom gave me for Christmas.

Not too bad. Lemme see. If I leave my shirt unbuttoned, it'll show off my chest. Yeah, that's better. The groove between my pecs was becoming more pronounced, and my nipples were getting kind of swollen and fleshy, like Kyle's. Still not sexy enough, though. What if I undo the top button of my jeans? Wicked! That looks totally excellent! Yes!

"Hi. You wanna dance?" I shouted over the loud techno music.


"You're a pretty cool looking chick."


"I'm Wingnut."

"Weird name. Where'd you get that from?"

"The guy over there with the spiky hair -- the dude who's throwing himself around like crazy -- he calls me Wingnut."

"You know him?"

"Yeah. His name's Kyle."

"He's so dreamy!" she cooed as she rolled her eyes. "I've been watching him all night."

Damn! This chick was wetting her pussy over the wrong dude! I had to think of something, fast! "He thinks I'm pretty cool. We surf together."

"Surf?" Her eyes lit up. "Cool!" she smiled.

Woohoo! Her attention was focused on me again. No time to waste! I peeled my shirt off my shoulders and tied the sleeves around my waist as I continued to move to the heart-pumping, techno beat. "Yeah, surfing kinda keeps you in shape."

"Oooo! You have killer pecs. They're wicked!"

"Yeah, I guess they're OK." I said casually, knowing that she was hanging for my bod, big time.

"And a sixpack! How old are you?"

"Old enough."

"Can I feel your muscles?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Groovy! They're like so... like hard and powerful!" Her hands were running all over my sweating skin, feeling every smooth bump and curve.

"That's not all that's hard, babe." The flashing lights, the deafening music, the electric atmosphere, all combined to send my head into a dizzy orbit. The next thing I knew, I was unbuttoning my jeans. The chick's eyes were riveted on my crotch as I flopped out my boner. "You like?"

Her eyes were as big as plates, but a relaxed smile soon spread across her pretty face. "It's gorgeous! Can I suck it?"

"Go for it, babe." I looked over to where Kyle was dancing but he wasn't watching me. Damn! I wanted him to see what was happening with the chick. "Kyle! Kyle!" I shouted. It was no use. The fucking music was too... WHOA! I'd never felt anything like this before! My throbber was deep inside the chick's mouth and I could feel her tongue wrapping around my knob! Fucking hell! "Kyle! Get a load of this, man!"

"Wingnut! Woohoo! Go for it, bro!" He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and clapping his hands. So was Steve!

Yes! My buds were watching as the chick ate every inch of my rock hard dick. This was just too damn awesome! I felt my balls tighten and hug the base of my shaft. The rush of cum was gathering speed. My back arched, my muscles contracted, my eyes squinted, my teeth clenched. Any second now, that chick was gonna swallow a fucking truckload of Wingnuuuuuuuuuut!!!!

Whammo! I watched my boy juice splatter all over the mirror. Whoa! The mirror! It'd never spurted that far before! Hot damn! I watched it dribble slowly down the glass. It was thick! Well, pretty thick. Awesome!

"Dad? How long did it take you to get from twelve to sixteen?"

"Four years."

"No, I mean, like was it quick?"

"Too damn quick."

"Cool! Thanks, dad. G'night, dad. G'night, mom."

"G'night, son."

I laid in bed that night thinking about my fantasy at the Corner House, and wondered how many chicks Kyle would get to fuck. I was sure they'd be all over him like a fucking rash -- as well as all over Steve. Jeez, those guys had to be the hottest two dudes in town, apart from myself, of course.

Just before I went to sleep, I decided to ask a big fav. "God? I dunno if you're there or not, but can you make me sixteen like in a hurry? I can't wait!" 

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