South Africa
Part 13

I didn't see Kyle all day Saturday, mainly 'cause I had to go visit friends with my folks. Later that afternoon, though, I went surfing but I didn't see Kyle or Steve there -- just some kids from school plus the usual groupies.

The waves weren't that big but I caught a few cool floaters before riding the last wave all the way to shore. "You're getting better every day, Wingnut," one of the girls said as I dropped my board on the sand.


"But you're gonna lose those boardies one of these days," she giggled.

I towelled my hair while I bought the time to think of what to say. I remembered the fantasy I'd had about jacking off on the beach, and the one the other night about getting blown by the girl at the Corner House. But fantasies weren't real. What if one of those groupies had hit on me? I mean like really! Eeek! She might've asked me to put my woodie in her piss hole! No fucking way! I wasn't ready for that yet! "It's only a dick," I said casually, wrapping the towel around my waist. "So who's gonna give a shit?" That's about all I could think of to say.

"Does it have any hair around it yet?"

"Maybe you'll find out when my boardies fall down. Anyway, I gotta get home for dinner." Whew! That was close, and I had a whole bunch of questions that needed answers -- like, if a girl hits on you, are you supposed to say 'yes'? And what if you said 'no'? Would she think you were a wuss?

"Mom? Did you ever ask a guy out? I mean, before you met dad."

"That was a long time ago, son," she sighed. "I was in grade nine and I had a huge crush on a boy."

"What was he like?"

"He was very handsome, or at least I thought so, and he was one of the best all-round sports guys at the school. All the girls thought he was absolutely delicious."

"So, did you ask him out?"

"It took a long time for me to pluck up the courage but, yes, I eventually did."

"And did he say yes?"

"No. He wasn't rude or anything, but he said no."

"Was there something wrong with him?"

"I don't think so. He just didn't like me, that's all. At the time, I was totally devestated. I was convinced that I must have been ugly."

"But you're not ugly, mom. You're beautiful! So there must've been something wrong with him."

"Thanks for the compliment, son," she beamed. "But life is not that simple. Just because you like somebody doesn't mean they necessarily like you. Anyway, he lives in a town not far from here. He's married with a family. As for me, well, your dad came along. And you know something? I'm glad the boy turned me down because I may never have met your father if he hadn't. And I wouldn't have the best son in the whole world." Mom took my head in her hands and planted a big sloppy one on my forehead. "Anyway, why all the questions?"

"I just wanted to know if it was OK to say no if a chick hits on me. There's a bunch of girls who hang out at the beach -- we call 'em groupies. They think all the surfers are hot, including me! It's kinda scarey when they start... well, you know."

"Yes, I know," she laughed. "But if a girl demonstrates an interest in you that you're not willing to reciprocate, then decline her offer. Just smile and be as diplomatic as possible. She might be upset but she'll get over it."

"So she won't think there's something wrong with me?"

"Why should she? Even if she did, would that matter? It's what you think of yourself that's important, son."

I was up bright and early on Sunday morning. Kyle was in his room pulling on his black wetsuit. "Woohoo! Hi, Kyle! Didn't see you at the beach yesterday. You missed a rave session."

"I was too fucking hungover, Wingnut. We didn't get home until about 4am. It was a wicked night, though. Whoa!"

"Cool!" I went on to tell Kyle about my fantasy at the Corner House. "So when I finally offloaded, it went all over the mirror! I've never shot that far before. Cool, huh?"

"Well, bud," he laughed, "your fantasy was a bit different to what really happened. Your imagination is awesome! Anyway, we had to wait for damn hours to get a lift home. The damn drivers won't stop for anyone. I guess if they see four young dudes who can't even stand up properly, then it's worse."

"You got drunk?"

"Sort of. We didn't get to the club until about 10pm and it was rocking big time. It was packed! There was no problem getting admission, though, 'cause the bouncers had their hands so full they didn't even give us a second look." Kyle zipped his wettie and took his board off the wall. "I'll tell you the rest of the story on the way to the beach. You bring your stick?"

"Yeah, it's just outside."

"Well," Kyle continued as we walked barefoot along the road, "all the guys looked totally awesome. Steve was also wearing baggy chinos with the side pockets like mine. Ross was wearing Levis and a tank top that showed off everything. Damn, he's got a killer bod! Kevin was with us as well. The first thing we did was get some beer, and then some more beer. And then I got dancing. They were playing a lotta techno stuff which is great for clubbing. Then Steve, Ross and Kevin went out for a smoke..."

"A cigarette? I've never noticed Steve smoking."

"He doesn't, normally. Anyway, it was cool 'cause they only asked me once if I wanted to join them, and when I said no it was no big deal. Ross was the one with the reefers..."

"So they weren't cigarettes? Do you smoke pot?"

"I tried it once and didn't like how it fucked with my brain. Anyway, I knew they'd have the shit there so I'd already psyched myself up about not bugging Steve about it. I tied my sweat around my waist 'cause it was so damn hot, and my top got totally soaked. It's neat, though, 'cause everyone just dances on their own and goes crazy. Guys were dancing on tables. There was one dude who was totally fucking hot -- he must've been about eighteen or something. He did a strip right down to his briefs -- the people were going ballistic! Then I met up with a really neat chick who danced with me quite a bit -- well, she danced next to me, anyway. I reckon I could've fucked her silly if I'd wanted to. Ross disappeared with some chick for about an hour."

"Sounds totally awesome! How come you said that guy who stripped down to his briefs was hot?"

"'Cause he was hot. The whole fucking joint was screaming for more."

"Including the guys?"

"Yeah, including the guys."

"So how come you didn't wanna fuck the chick silly?"

"You can't fuck and dance at the same time, dickhead. Or maybe you can! Anyway, I just didn't wanna."

"Way cool!"

"Way cool?"

"Yeah, you said no to a chick. I had a talk about that kinda stuff with my mom. I'll tell you about it later."

"Anyway, when Steve and me finally got back to my place, he was so out of it he crashed on the bed. I had to straighten him out and cover him up. Man, he didn't know what fucking day it was. And then..."

"You jacked him off?"

"No, you idiot," he laughed. "I must've puked my heart out -- I thought I was gonna die. Damn, I was one sick mutha. Anyway, Steve must've woken up about 9am, and then he had to jet. I was in pain like someone had buried an axe in my head, and I had a damn headache for the rest of the day."

Steve was already at the beach waiting for us. He was easy to spot even from behind 'cause of his long, blonde hair, and the way his broad back narrowed to his small waist. We sat on the sand in the bright sunshine watching the swell and the other surfers while we chatted for a bit longer. As Steve admitted, he was pretty hung over all day Saturday, too. I wanted to ask him about smoking dope, but I didn't 'cause maybe he'd be pissed that Kyle had told me about it. It didn't make sense that he was sucking that crap into his lungs when he was so damn fit and good looking. Anyway, it was none of my business. I was glad that Kyle didn't smoke that shit, though.

"So," Kyle continued after he and Steve had compared notes, "my dad must've recognized that I was feeling like death warmed up, so he gave me every fucking chore he could think of. I guess he wanted to punish me for being such a fuckwit. Then, last night he came into my room while I was listening to music."

"Rough night?"

"It was OK, dad."

"How are you feeling now?"


"Meet any nice birds?"

"Yeah. There were a few cool chicks there."

Then my dad says, "take this," and throws a condom at me. "It's about time we had a word or two about the birds and the bees, son."

Steve and I cracked up totally. "About time? He said that? For real?"

"Yeah," Kyle laughed. "So I look at him and say, "Dad, I'm sixteen already!""


"Check this out, dad." I pulled a condom out of my wallet and showed him.""

"Well, Kyle," he smiled, "at least you're taking the correct precautions. Did you get laid last night?"

"Nope. I had a lotta opportunities, though. I just danced the whole time."

"So when was the first time?"

"About two years ago."

"Was it good?"

"Dad!" I laughed," I was scared shitless! Then I heard about his first time when he was about the same age, and how bad he felt 'cause of the way people were in those days. He just said that he wanted me to be careful 'cause he knows what he was like when he was a horny teen, and he didn't want me screwin' everything in sight like some battery bunny. And if there was anything I wanted to talk about, then I had to talk to him rather than my friends."

"What's wrong with us?" Steve interjected.

"There's nothing wrong with you guys -- well, nothing that a fucking brain transplant won't fix. I guess my dad's just worried that I might get the wrong info or something. You know what dads are like. Anyway, he said that he wished he'd known about my first time 'cause he would've liked to hear about it from me, and how I felt about it."

"So what are we supposed to do? Have a fuck, then rush home to tell the folks all about it?" Steve laughed.

"Jeez, I wouldn't," I said. "I'd tell Kyle, though. I can tell Kyle stuff that I'd never tell anybody else."

"Including me?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, even you. It's not that I don't trust you or anything, Steve, it's just that... well, Kyle's kinda my big bro."

"Mine, too," Steve smiled. "Seems like he's everybody's big bro."

We spent the rest of the day in the water. The surf was maybe two to three feet, but it was cookin', and we had a totally rave session. The guys said the water was cold. Fucking wimps! It didn't bother me, and I didn't have wettie!

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