South Africa
Part 19

I watched Kyle begin to stroke his huge, throbbing teen meat. Fuck, he looked totally awesome with his arm muscles bulging and his pecs popping. He had his eyes closed, so I figured he must've been fantasizing about something. "What are you thinking about?"

"Don't ask."

"Are you thinking about fucking a girl?"


"Promise you won't get mad at me, but are you thinking about me when I jacked off just now?"


I could tell by the pained expression on Kyle's face that he was getting pretty close to offloading, so I put my fingers under his balls. He let out a yelp, then let go of his throbber. I watched it bounce and buck all over the place as his boy juice fired in every direction, draping itself over the bed covers and pillow. Whoa! What a blast!

"What are you doing?"

"Just wanted to see something," I grinned. "Brian did that to me once, and my woody reacted the same way as yours -- shot my juice all over the damn place."

"Brian did that to you?"

"Yep! Felt fucking awesome, too. Was it awesome for you?"

"Frightened the shit outa me."

"Guess I should've told you I was gonna grab your nuts. I will next time."

"What makes you think there'll be a next time?" He mumbled as he cleaned the mess off his bed.

"I'm psychic. Anyway," I said, changing the subject slightly, "what's it like the first time?"

"First time what?"

"With a girl."

"Feels pretty damn good. Why?"

"Well, there's this girl who's a friend of Brian's brother. She's like your age and she put her hand on my shorts the other day at his house. She was laughing and was going on about wanting to know if mine was as big as Brian's brother's. Anyway, I showed her. What the hell, I was bragging. I think it's cool to show off."

"And then?"

"She just smiled and told me that mine was pretty awesome."

"And then?"

"Nothing. But I think if I wanted to I could probably get to go with her."

"Want to?"

"No fucking way! Brian's bro would beat the crap outa me!"

"Anyway, all this talk is giving me another boner, and I see yours is hard as well."

"I wish it'd been hard when I showed that girl. She might've sucked it. I've never been sucked before."

"Just be careful of Brian's bro," he warned, as if he didn't wanna pursue the subject of sucking.

"Hey, I'm not even sure I wanna put my woody into her piss hole!"

We eventually got to sleep, and woke up early the next morning. Steve came around and told us that the surf was crap, so we just hung around and watched the cricket on TV. I didn't really get a chance to ask Kyle any more questions about stuff, 'cause there was always somebody else in the room. I was desperate to know whether he and Steve had ever sucked each other's dicks, but I figured he'd only tell me in a round about way, and not as an answer to a direct question. I had to work on some kinda cool strategy next time I slept over. It wasn't easy to outsmart Kyle, though. He was a pretty cluey dude.

Before bed that night, I thought about Kyle's cock acting like an out-of-control fire hose when he shot his juicy load all over the damn place. Was he really thinking about me while he was jacking off? I stood in front of the mirror and checked out my woody but, this time, I tried to imagine how it would look if I'd been Kyle.

Mine wasn't as thick as Kyle's, or as long, but it was pretty wicked for a guy going on twelve. It was straight, smooth and cut. There was a little circle of slightly darker colored skin where my foreskin had been snipped as a baby. And, of course, there were hardly any pubes -- just a tiny smudge of gray.

"Do you like watching me when I fist my boner, Kyle?"

"Yeah, it's fucking wicked. You make me so damn hot, Wingnut."

Damn! I wanted to run over to Kyle's place right then -- naked and all -- boner and all. I wanted to know what he really thought, instead of just imagining it. I wanted to hear him say "I love watching you jack off, Wingnut". I wanted to see his lips when he said it. I wanted to hear his words with my own ears. I wanted to KNOW! NOW!

Anyway, I had to settle for second best. Jacking off was cool, but it wasn't as cool as doing it when Kyle was watching me. There was something about that dude that made me feel so fucking amped when I was with him. His black, spiky hair, his smiling, hazel eyes, his wide, toothy grin, the sound of his voice, his laugh, the way he'd boss me around trying to pretend he didn't like me as much as I knew he did, the way he'd let me hug him when I needed to, the way he'd be naked and let his awesome dick just flop around like it was free to do as it pleased, and the way he'd get hard when I teased him. Kyle was easily the coolest guy I'd ever met. He was a friend, a hero, a confidant, a big bro -- shit! I loved him! Not like I loved my mom or my dad or Brian, but in a really special way like I'd never experienced before. It was as though he was an important part of me that had been missing until now. I wanted to be his friend forever.

I stroked my woody while watching my reflection, bending my knees and arching my back slightly for added effect. I enjoyed seeing my chest and stomach muscles pulling taut as I slid my fist up and down my shaft. Kyle's voice was in my brain saying things like, "jeez, Wingnut, you look so damn horny," and, "you've got such a cool boner, bro." When I sensed my load was on its way, I let go of my woody and placed my fingers under my nuts. The picture in the mirror was totally rad! My throbber was bucking like a wild bronco, exploding my boy juice all over the glass. At the same time, some kinda instinct forced me to thrust my hips with each eruption, as though I was fucking somebody -- or somebody's face.

On the Monday, I popped into Kyle's house for a minute but Steve was there. I really liked Steve a whole stack, but I didn't wanna be asking personal questions while he was around. He was helping Kyle fix a window hinge. I also got the impression that Kyle didn't wanna hear about me going surfing 'cause he still had a bunch of exams until mid week, and he was virtually grounded until they were over.

Well, during the week, Australia won the cricket. Damn! But that was nothing compared to what happened on the Saturday. I went out to a reef break with a couple of my friends. It wasn't far from where I normally surfed with Kyle and Steve, but it was the first time I'd surfed a reef break. I had no fucking idea of how quickly a wave could wedge and throw out there. My board ended up on the rocks and suffered a major ding. How the fuck was I gonna tell Kyle?

"Dad, take a look at this."

"Just be glad it's the board and not you, son."

"But what's Kyle gonna say? He saved up for ages and worked all kinda chores to buy me this stick. I told him I'd look after it."

"Accidents happen, son. He'll understand."

"Well, maybe you can talk to him and..."

"I'm afraid not, son. This is your responsibility, and you're gonna have to face up to it. Kyle would respect you for that. If I tried to protect you, he'd think you were a woss."



"OK, dad."

Well, it took all my courage to face Kyle the next day but he was totally cool about it. He said the same thing as my dad did, that I was lucky I didn't break my fucking neck out there on the reef. "I can fix your stick, Wingnut, but I'm not much good with broken bones."

Anyway, while the cricket was on TV, Kyle mixed some resin and glass and patched up the board as good as new. Damn, he was a talented guy. He made everything look so damn easy. "There ya go, Wingnut. Done like a dinner. Just take it easy if you surf on the reef break again. OK? By the way, did I tell you? My folks said it's cool for me and Steve to go to Jeffrey's Bay for the Billabong International Surf Champs next week. It's gonna be a rave!"

"I wish I could go with you guys."

"Hey, dude, when I was your age..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, you're sounding like my dad."

"Anyway, they want us to take a bus up there but that's helluva expensive, so we're trying to talk our folks into letting us hitch."

"Well, take a fucking diary with you 'cause I wanna know every single fucking detail of what happened every single fucking second! Got it?"

"OK, Wingnut," he laughed. "I'll take a diary."

Next day, the surf was huge! And I mean HUGE! I was there with a few surfing buddies as well as Kyle and Steve. I was listening to the big guys' convo as they sat on the beach watching the monster swell roll in.

"So, are you going?"

"Dunno. You?"

"If you go."

"Wanna try it?"

"I'll go if you go."

I wanted to go, too, but the guys told me to wait on the beach while they sussed out the waves, and that they'd let me know if it was OK for me to follow later. Yeah, right.

There were about eight guys out. I watched Kyle and Steve sit out on the backline for a while -- just keeping an eye on the break and where the peaks were, and also where the close-out was, 'cause that was the hammer point. Then a huge set came through which moved the backline about fifty yards behind them. They paddled like crazy, but eventually had to make a choice whether to ride one of those mothers or not. Steve caught the first one and made the turn OK -- he was screaming down the wave -- nothing fancy -- just a thrill ride. Kyle was lifted by the next one, and it looked as though his balls must've been up around his throat. It was fast! Damn, it was fast! But it was a fucking cooker of a ride. Woohoo! I was desperate to get out there amongst the action with my buds.

They only rode about three waves, though, and Kyle got hammered on his second. As he took off, the damn thing closed out in front of him. It was too late to get over the lip and the giant wave took him down with it. I didn't see him for ages, so he must've gotten a real good whipping in that washing machine.

When the guys finally joined us on the beach, I made it pretty plain that I was totally pissed at not being able to join them. I wanted to prove that I was just as awesome as the big guys, even if I'd gotten hammered. But I had to admit that I wasn't the only one who remained on the beach. A lotta my friends were excellent surfers and they stayed dry as well.

After we'd arrived home, I dropped my board at my house and hopped the fence. "Hey, Kyle, was the surf really that bad or was Steve just acting like a bigshot?"

"Nope, it was pretty hectic out there, bro."

"I really wanted to get out there amongst it, but I guess you know that, huh?"

"Yes, I know that, Wingnut." He rested a reassuring hand on my shoulder and shook me. "Hey, don't go thinking that you're a wuss or anything. OK? I know you wanted to join us, but one wave I took really wiped me out. Did you see that?"

"Yeah, but it was a long ways out so I couldn't see everything -- 'cept you disappeared for a while."

"Well, it was damn hectic -- a little too big to be fun."

"Not like your dick, huh?" I giggled. "But, tell me, if Steve hadn't gone out, would you have?"



"I dunno. I guess it's good just knowing that there's somebody else out there watching out for you."

"One day," I sighed.

"Yep, little bro, one day the two of us can go out together in that kinda scary shit."

"And I'll be watching out for you, big bro."

Kyle cracked up something wicked.

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