South Africa
Part 21

What the hell was I gonna say? I'd been busted big time! The word "what?" dribbled outa my mouth and sounded so damn lame -- and my voice was trembling.

"What are you doing, bud?"

"Hey, Kyle, it's not what you're thinking, OK? It's just that Brian's always fucking going on about how he and his brother jack each other, and I wondered what it was like to feel someone else's cock in your hand -- like an older guy -- while you're being jacked. It was nothing, really. Doesn't look too good, though, huh?"

"What doesn't?"

I was devestated. "Now you probably think I'm fucking gay." It seemed like an eternity before he answered, and I could feel cold beads of sweat building on my top lip.

"No, I don't." His voice was soothing and gentle. "I've already told you that Steve and I jack each other off sometimes. I just wish you'd spoken about it, dude. I got a helluva fright!"

What a relief! Woohoo! He wasn't mad at me! "And a helluva woody," I laughed. "Your cock is huge!"

"Hey, you're not so bad in that department."

"Yeah, but not like yours."

"So, what now?"

It was now or never. I had to take a chance. "I dunno. I guess I'd like us to jack each other. I wanna know what it feels like."

Kyle didn't turn on the light, so I figured he wanted this to take place in the dark. I felt his hand slide down my belly until it reached my woody. Whoa! The sensation was absolutely nothing like my own hand -- it was fucking wild! and made my whole body tense. I reached over to his side and wrapped my fist around his hard monster, then started to stroke it -- but it was almost impossible to concentrate on anything other than the awesome thrills centered around my crotch.

The pleasure from his fingers was so intense, there was no way I could stop from moaning and groaning. My noises must've given Kyle the impression that my dick was a bit too sensitive, so he moved his hand away. For a moment, I thought he was gonna stop jacking me until I heard him spit a few times -- then his hand went back to my woody. Yeah, that felt a lot better.

I sensed my rush of cum starting to build like rolling, black clouds before a storm. It got me so damn excited that I reacted by stroking Kyle's boner as fast as I could. I didn't know if that was the right thing to do or not, but I just couldn't stop from jerking him like crazy.

Then it happened. My back arched and my stiffened body succumbed to spasms, right down to my toes which curled tightly. Kyle's fist was becoming more slippery, so it had to be my juice lubing his hand. I could hear myself moaning, like some whimpering kid, but the sensation of offloading while my bud was stroking my woody was the most extraordinary sensation I'd ever experienced. I'd lost all control. Too fucking awesome for words!

As soon as I'd jetted the last of my juice, Kyle began to groan softly to as not to wake his folks. His crotch quickly rose a few inches under my hand as I kept sliding my fist up and down his thick, solid shaft. I was sure the damn thing was getting even harder. Then it seemed like ages before he finally slumped back down and relaxed his body, which I guessed was the signal to release my grip.

A few moments of silence had passed before he switched on the bedlamp. Once my eyes had adjusted to the glare, I saw him rummaging through his bedside drawer. "I keep toilet paper in here," he explained. It was soon obvious why as we cleaned up the mess from our hands and stomachs.

I didn't know quite what to say, nor did he, 'cause we just laid there for some time kinda staring at the ceiling thinking our own thoughts. Eventually, Kyle broke the silence. "So?"

"So?" was the only response I could manage.

"How did it feel?"

Suddenly, I felt enthusiastic again -- but not just about talking -- I wanted to rave! "It was fucking awesome! I never knew anything could feel so fucking awesome and painful at the same time! And I couldn't believe that a person could have so much juice inside them!"


"Not like sore -- more like I wanted you to stop but keep going at the same time."

"Mmmm," he smiled, "I know that feeling."

"Jeez, Kyle, the girls must love playing with you! Do you think mine will be like yours one day? So when do you reckon I'll have thick spunk like yours?"

"Hey! What's with all the fucking questions? Don't sweat it, bro. It'll just happen -- and yours will probably be bigger than mine 'cause yours is already like a damn horse for your age."

That really cracked me up -- and made me feel so damn cool 'cause Kyle wasn't treating me like some dumb grommet. He was laughing, too. Then a thought occurred to him, and his face became serious. "You'd better not tell Brian or anybody."

"Don't be crazy! I could never tell anybody" I insisted. "Anyway, it was just a one-off 'cause I had to know what it was like. It must feel so awesome when a girl does that, huh?"

"Yeah, it does."

I was hoping he'd expand a little more on his answer but he just kinda yawned and turned off the light. My head was still buzzing with thoughts and images about what had happened -- like how lucky I was that Kyle wasn't pissed at me when he woke to find me touching him. I could've easily been up to my ears in deep shit! So that got me to thinking about why he agreed to us jacking each other. Was it 'cause he wanted to? Or 'cause he wanted to give his li'l bro an experience? It was only then that I realized I hadn't asked him if he'd enjoyed it. I was too interested in telling him about how I'd felt. Damn! Anyway, I was just hoping that Kyle wouldn't wake in the morning and regret what we'd done together. It was just so damn cool to have him as a big bro, and to be in the same bed with him. I wanted us to be like that forever, so I figured I'd have to be more careful of doing anything that might change the way he thought of me.

Kyle had already showered when I woke. He was still towelling his black hair, causing his big semi to flop around and his hangers to bounce with each movement. I figured he was doing it on purpose to give me an eyeful of his wicked bod. Anyway, it was way cool to just lay there in bed with my hands behind my head, and watch his tanned biceps bulge while his lats danced over his ribs as he spoke. "Steve phoned. He said the surf is pretty small, and asked if I wanted to hike with him up the mountain. It's gonna be just a Steve and me thing, Wingnut, so you'll have to surf with your grommet buds today."

"That's cool. Small surf to you isn't small to us, remember. Besides, I wanna get better so that I'll be as good as you guys one day." I didn't mention the jacking session 'cause Kyle hadn't said anything about it. I figured it was better to let the subject ride, at least for the time being. "In any case," I continued, "I've got a bunch of stuff to do before we go on the rugger tour."

I was really looking forward to the tour except for one thing -- I'd miss out on being at Kyle's surprise birthday party. His folks and Steve had been planning it for a week, and it would've been so fucking cool to be there with all his friends. He'd be away on the actual day, so they'd organized it for the night before the trip to J-Bay.

My biggest problem, though, was what to buy him for a present. I didn't have much money -- well, I wouldn't have had any if it hadn't been for some cash my folks gave me for doing some chores.

I'd already seen what Kyle's folks had bought him -- a brand new, black Ripcurl wetsuit. It was just so fucking awesome, I knew that it would blow his mind big time when he saw it and tried it on for the first time. I figured he'd probably wear the damn to bed. His old wettie was a fucking mess, but the money he'd been saving for a new one was spent on buying my surfboard. His folks couldn't have chosen a better gift, and it must've cost them a stack. They weren't rich folks, either.

They'd fooled him, though, 'cause during the few days before his surprise party, his mom had taken him shopping and bought him some neato camping equipment for the trip to J-Bay, plus a pair of denim cargo shorts with the cool side pockets. He was really chuffed about those, and thought they were his birthday presents.

As for me, well I figured something to do with surfing would be a neat gift, but 'cause of the little money I had, I needed to find something cool that wasn't expensive. I tried the local surf shop, but all I could afford was a Quicksilver key ring with a surfer logo. It was a totally neat ring, though, and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. "I'll take it." I also bought a card with a picture of a surfer on the front.

When I got it home, I wrapped the key ring as best I could to make it look important, then wrote some stuff on the inside of the card. "Hey, Kyle! Bet you're surprised! Your folks planned this a week ago, but I knew I couldn't be there, dammit. Thanks for being a big brother to me and for everything. This is just something really small but I hope you like it. Wingnut."

"Hey, dad, do you think Kyle's gonna like my gift?"

"I'm sure he will, son."

"But it's only a key ring."

"It's from you, son. That's what matters. And from what you've told me, you chose it with great care. You're not just giving him a key ring and a card, you're giving him a part of yourself along with them. If I know anything about your friend, he'll treasure them forever."

I didn't see a whole lot of Kyle or Steve before the rugger team was due to leave for the tour -- there were a whole bunch of things to do, including organizing stuff with Brian and making sure we had everything we needed for the trip. I guessed Kyle and Steve were also busy arranging last-minute details for their hitch to J-Bay. Anyway, it was probably just as well 'cause I might've gotten too excited about Kyle's surprise party and spilled the beans accidentally. Jeez! That would've been totally crass!

As it was, I could hardly contain myself when I hopped the fence to say goodbye to my big bro. I was dressed in my school tracksuit and had my hair all brushed so that it wasn't hanging over my eyes like it normally did. "Hi, Kyle, I'll be leaving shortly for the rugger tour -- just thought I'd pop in for a sec and say goodbye."

"You look like a million bucks, Wingnut."

"Thanks," I beamed. It was always so cool to hear Kyle give me a compliment. "Mom made me get all spruced up 'cause she said it was important to look smart for the team."

"She's right -- and you do."

"Hey, you're gonna be away on your birthday so I just wanna say happy birthday now -- I'll be thinking of ya tons."

Kyle took my hand and shook it, while placing his other hand on my shoulder. "Thanks, Wingnut, I know you will. Yeah, it's gonna be weird being on the road when I turn seventeen -- probably out in the middle of nowhere. Kinda spooky."

"You'll have Steve with you -- he's kinda like family. And I know you're gonna have a totally awesome time. If it weren't for the rugger, maybe I could've come with you guys. Maybe next year, huh?"

"Maybe," he smiled. "Gimme a hug, Wingnut. And make it a big one. It's gotta last for the next ten days, li'l bro."

I was so damn glad that Kyle couldn't see my face as we threw our arms around each other 'cause my eyes were all fucking watery. He was the coolest big bro a grommet could ever wish for, and he always treated me like an equal.

It was so damn hard to keep my trap shut about the surprise party, not 'cause I wanted to spoil it, but 'cause I wanted to tell him I was sorry that I couldn't be there. Feeling his warm, muscular body pressed against mine seemed to be the perfect time to tell him a whole bunch of things about how I felt inside, but I didn't wanna seem like a wussy boy. I had Kyle's respect, and I was sure as hell gonna keep it.

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