South Africa
Part 27

The thing that pissed me the most about looking at my reflection in the mirror was that I couldn't get another opinion! I was standing in front of the mirror on my room, with my boardies barely clinging to my hips, like the way I wore them at the beach when Steph was there, and wondered what she would've been thinking. Jeez, even Kyle said that I had a nicely shaped bod.

Anyway, I figured it had to be the two lines that converged from my hips to my crotch, as though they were pointing the way to my woody. The rest of my bod was looking pretty cool, too. All the surfing and paddling had given my muscles are lot more definition -- way more than other kids my age.

"How old are you, Wingnut?"

"How old do I look?"

"I figured maybe fourteen or so."

"How's that?"

"Your muscles."

"You wanna feel them?"

I ran my flat hands over my chest and abs but they were my hands, dammit! How the fuck was I supposed to imagine that they were Steph's hands? And what if they were?

"Hey, mom?"

"It's past your bedtime already."

"Just one quick question -- Kyle's hanging with this really neat chick…"

"Hanging what?"

"Around! Hanging around! Jeez, mom! Anyway, she was looking at me today."

"People usually do when they speak to you."

"No, not like that -- she was kinda looking at me, y'know, like she was noticing stuff."

"Were you noticing her 'stuff'?" she smiled.


"Then you're even. So what was the question?"

"Well, if she thought I was kinda cool, would Kyle get jealous?"

"How old is she?"

"Fifteen or sixteen, I guess."

"Then I don't think Kyle would be jealous," she laughed. "Just be flattered by her attention but don't ask her to marry you. Now, off to bed!"

Before I hit the sack, I studied my reflection again. What would it be like to be somebody else, and to feel my bod if I were them? I wondered. I knew that when I felt Kyle's, it was a totally different sensation to feeling my own. Why was that? We both had skin. We both had muscles. We both had woodies. So how come it felt different?

The following day at school, it was Brian who unexpectedly answered some of my questions. "I phoned Mark yesterday to thank him for all the cool stuff he organized for Kyle, and he asked about you."

"He did?"

"Yeah, seems that Kyle talks about you a whole bunch."

"Like what?"

"Well, Steph mentioned you to Carol -- that's Mark's girlfriend, she and Steph are best buds, and Carol told all this stuff to Mark -- anyway, Mark said that you're gonna be Kyle's biggest problem," he cracked.

"What kinda problem?"

"She thinks you're cute and pretty hunky for a grommet. And she said from what she could see, you've got a big cock. You must've had your boardies practically down to your fucking ankles again."

"She said all that?"

"That's what Mark told me. And she surfs."


"Yeah, her stick's broken, though. Besides, she wanted to check you guys out before she made a fool of herself in the surf."

"Cool! A chick who surfs! That's totally neato!"

"So tell me something. Did you purposely show off when you met Steph?"

"Fuck off! I was just acting normal."

"That means you were showing off."

"Do you think Kyle's jealous?" I asked when the asshole had stopped laughing.

"You'll have to ask him about that, dude."

That afternoon, the surf was crap so Kyle and Steve chilled on the beach while I paddled out. I figured any wave was better than no wave. I guessed they were getting kinda choosy in their old age. It was cold, though, and I was fucking blue from head to toe when I finally ran up the beach carring my stick under my arm. "I dunno what's holding your boardies up," Kyle cracked, "but it can't be your cock. The damn thing's probably shrivelled to nothing."

"Check this out," I said as I pulled down my boardies. "Does that look shrivelled to you? Anyway, do you think I'm improving?"

Both guys grinned and nodded. "Yep, we watched you paddling around out there like it was no effort at all. Your stamina's improved outa sight."

Kyle's school was holding its Winter Championships that week. I'd never seen Kyle swim competitively before, so I was really looking forward to being there. I wasn't able to attend the whole meet, but I was there for the butterfly. My bro was beaming big time when he saw me in the crowd, and I went totally ballistic when Mark and Kyle came first and third in their heat. I was especially chuffed for Kyle 'cause I knew he'd trained hard to be the best he could.

Steph was there, too. She was dressed in her school uniform, which made her look totally different to the way I'd seen her on the beach in her bikini. Somehow, a uniform made her appear a lot younger 'cause it concealed all her curves. Kyle couldn't conceal his, though, 'cause he was dressed only in Speedos. And when Steph hugged him after the race, he couldn't hide his boner either.

Kim, a guy from an out-of-town school who was staying at Kyle's house during the champs, was also competing. To me, he was like some fucking movie star. He was tall, blonde and built like whoa! The definition of his chest and abs was something most guys could only dream about, and he could swim like a dolphin. Steve and Mark didn't like the dude at all -- they thought he was full of shit. I guessed he was, 'cause everytime he left the pool after a race, he'd glance around to see who was checking out his bod. At one stage, he caught me eyeballing him and smiled. But, hell, he had the kinda bod you couldn't easily ignore.

By the morning of the the swim championship finals, I guessed that Kyle was feeling a bit down. He'd only made it to one final, which was scheduled for that night. I figured he needed a bit of the ol' Wingnut charm to cheer him up and get him in a winning mood, so I rocked over to his house. "Hey, Kyle, you gonna be able to surf today?"

"I can't buddy, I've got the comp final this evening."

"You gonna watch the rugger on TV?"

"Yep, but we'll be watching it at the health club."

"Can I come?"

"Hey, I thought you were gonna come anyway?"

"Yeah, I wanna see you kick some ass. You were awesome yesterday." Steve and Kim were still flaked out in Kyle's room, probably from clubbing the previous night. "Are Steve and the other dude excited about something?"


"They've both got woodies. Look at the covers! They're like Arab tents!"

Kyle cracked, then peeled back the cover on Kim's mattress. "Check out this dude's cock."

Damn! The thing was the biggest I'd ever seen. "Fuck! That is big!" I guessed it must've been like eight inches or more, and almost as thick as the guy's forearm. "Hey, are you gonna jack that thing before it bursts," I asked as he opened his eyes.

"Say what?" Kim must've been too sleepy to bother saying anything else -- either that or he wasn't expecting me to say what I did -- so he stumbled outa the room and into the bathroom next door.

"Shit, Wingnut!" Kyle said over the noise of Kim pissing, which sounded more like a horse. "You're so fucking uncultured sometimes."

"What did I say?"

Kim returned to Kyle's room, still sporting a huge hardon. There was no way that I could resist making a comment. "You've got an awesome bod."


"Bet the girls go crazy, huh?"

He didn't answer. Instead, he kinda stretched and moved around which made his wicked muscles pop. Kyle was watching him, too. "You wanna go make us some coffee, Wingnut?"

"Yeah, sure."

As I boiled the water and spooned coffee and sugar into three mugs, I kept thinking about that Kim guy. He was like something outa some fancy mag -- a star. I imagined him on a stage waving that killer dick around to an audience of screaming girls. He was that kinda guy -- the type you'd only see once in a blue moon. Anyway, thinking about the size of that guy's monster dick and his perfect bod was getting me mighty hard.

When I'd returned to Kyle's room with the coffees, my bro took them from me, placed them on his desk and asked me to drop my shorts. "I want Kim to see something." So I sent my shorts to my ankles and stood there with my boner sticking straight out.

I was surprised when Kim seemed pretty impressed. "Awesome cock, dude. Stuck it into any pussy yet?"

"Nope, not yet." I didn't mind admitting that I was a virgin. Hell, I was still going on twelve! But I was getting a real kick outa Kim admiring my woody. Jeez, getting a compliment from a guy like that was like a total blast!

I waited until Kim had left the room to shower before asking Kyle why he'd wanted me to show his roomate my cock. "'Cause I told him that when you're his age, you'll knock him inch for inch when it comes to dick size."

"Thanks. But you don't like him much, huh?"

"He's full of himself, and he's gotta shit attitude. Makes me wanna puke sometimes."

How Steve had managed to sleep through all the convo was a mystery, so I decided to wake him by diving onto his mattress. "Wake up, wake up!" Subtlety wasn't one of my strong points.

"Oh, jeez, Wingnut," he groaned, "fuck the hell off me, huh? You're crushing my nuts."

"That's 'cause you've got a woody. You gonna jack off?" I heard Kyle cracking up like crazy so I turned my attention to him. "What's so funny?"

"Just you, Wingnut. You're fucking priceless! Now you're asking Steve the same question you asked Kim."

"So what's wrong with that?" I faced Steve again. "Well? Are you?"

"No. Are you?" he grinned. "'Cause I can feel that your cock's not too lazy this morning."

"You wanna go surfing? Kyle can't 'cause he's got the swim finals on tonight."

"It might help if you get your butt off me first, dude."

Steve showered after Kim had returned to Kyle's room. There was a stony silence as the tall blonde dressed, so I figured that Kyle and Kim must've had some kinda argument while I was making the coffee. It was none of my business, so the best place for me was outa there. "I'm gonna go get my stick, Kyle. Tell Steve to meet me out front. See ya Kim."

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