South Africa
Part 30

After watching TV with Kyle's folks until late, I just couldn't stay awake any longer. Kyle's dad offered to fix the bedroom for me, and hauled out the spare mattress. It felt totally weird to be in my bud's room alone. Not that I didn't feel welcome -- I did. It was just that it seemed kinda spooky to be there when he wasn't around. Before I went to sleep, I looked around at his things -- the surfboard on the wall, the posters, his CD player, his desk with school stuff scattered around. Somehow, all those inanimate objects seemed to be a part of Kyle, as though a bit of his spirit was in them, as though they knew things about him that no living person did. There was a kinda vibe in the room -- like he was still there in some form. Anyway, all those weird thoughts didn't prevent me from dozing off.

"Hey, Kyle," I said, rubbing my eyes. "I tried to wait for you, but I fell asleep."

"Hey, I put the key in the door and try to be real quiet so I don't wake anybody. Then I come into my room and turn on the bedside light and there's this fucking lump in my bed! So I pull down the covers and it's you! What are you doing here?"

"My folks went out, and I asked if it was OK to sleep over, and your folks said it was OK."

"So what did you do?"

"I was watching TV with your folks but I fell asleep, and your dad put the mattress out for me."

"So why aren't you on it?" he asked as he glanced at the spare mattress alongside his bed.

"I thought I'd keep your bed warm for you when you got home."

"I hope you didn't get your juice all over my covers."

"No, I haven't jacked yet. I was waiting for you. You wanna?"

Kyle eyed my limp dick. "Doesn't look like you're up to it, bro."

Well, he sure was 'cause he had a huge bulge in his chinos. "Are you just glad to see me, or were you playing with Steph's tits or something?"

"Mind your own business."

Kyle undressed, then slid his boxers down his muscular, tanned legs. His throbber bounced out as though it had suddenly realized that it was late for an appointment. Well, that's all it took for mine to respond. It was as hard as a rock in seconds. "Kyle, you don't have to jack me if you don't wanna."

"Who said I was gonna jack you?"

"Oh." Damn! I'd blown it!

"Hey, chill! Fuck, don't get so mis. I was only pulling your chain. OK?" Well, that was a relief. Then he climbed onto the bed and sat on top of me. "So who said you could just get into my bed without my say so, huh?" Before I could think of a reply, he grabbed a handful of my nuts and grinned. I tried to grab his but they were tucked between his legs, so I had to settle for wrapping my fist around his throbber. "I'm gonna shoot all over your face if you don't let go, Wingnut." By that stage, I was giggling like crazy, and I couldn't think of what to say. Then he shifted so that he was laying beside me. I watched his hand wrap around my five inches and begin to stroke my shaft. Whoa! I was instantly transported to a place that I never wanted to leave. Damn, it felt so fucking wicked! But I was soon jolted outa my erotic trance.

"Hey! Is your hand lazy or something?"

I reached over and began to stroke Kyle's thick, solid meat while he fisted mine. He was laying on his side, facing me, and watching my boner as his fingers worked their magic, and I kinda got the impression that he wanted to suck it. I knew that it was just wishful thinking, though -- fuck! there was no way he'd do that to me -- but I couldn't get the mental image of his lips wrapped around my cock outa my head. It excited me so much that I arched my back and whimpered as I shot my load onto my stomach. Almost immediately, Kyle exploded his load, too, and it mixed with mine.

"What were you thinking about?" I asked as he used a tissue to clean it up.

"Nothing. What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing. But it was totally awesome."

"Hey, lemme ask you something. How come you'll jack off with me but you freaked with Alan?"

"It's the way he did it, I guess. Anyway, he's a slob. And his dick is all hairy like an old guy's. It's not smooth and neat like yours. Do you like mine?"


"'Cause I was asking my dad about size and stuff, and he said that people shouldn't be judged by parts of their anatomy."

"He's right. I don't judge you 'cause of your dick, and I'm sure you don't judge me 'cause of mine."

"But I guess it helps to have a cool one, huh?"

"Doesn't hurt," he grinned.

We chatted about a bunch of shit for a while but I was itching to know what had happened while he was out clubbing. "By the way, did you go with her?"


"Steph. Did you screw her?"


"You gonna?"


"Hey, if you want, I'll screw her. But you gotta tell me how, first." I didn't think that what I'd said was so damn funny, but it cracked Kyle big fucking time! Then he hit me with the pillow and told me to go to sleep. "Hey, can I sleep with you in your bed 'til morning?"

"Yeah, whatever."

I was so damn chuffed that he hadn't asked me to sleep on the spare mattress. It was totally wicked to be with him, and so close to him. It wasn't just his body warmth that felt so damn awesome, it was a kinda inner warmth that made me feel… I dunno… wanted and needed, I guessed. Anyway, he rolled over and I pressed my chest to his back and draped my arm over his waist. My dick was still pretty hard, and he must've felt it against his ass, but he didn't say anything. "'Night, Kyle."

"'Night, buddy."

It took a few seconds the next morning for me to collect my thoughts and realize what was going on. Kyle's folks were moving about the house, so he woke me and asked me to get out of his bed and onto the spare mattress. Before I dozed off again, I thought about what might have happened if his mom or dad had come into the room and seen us together in the same bed. Would they have freaked? Probably. But why? It seemed so natural for Kyle and me to be together. It felt good. It felt right. In my heart, I knew it was right. So why would older folks think it was so bad? What did they know that I didn't?



"Do my folks look like they were kids once?"

"Never thought about it."

"I can't imagine my mom as a little girl, or my dad as a boy. I've seen their pictures, but they look different. Y'know? Like they weren't the same people as they are now."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm not sure. It's just that… well, when you and I are adults and have kids, are we gonna treat them like our folks treat us?"

"Like how?"

"Like just now when you woke me and asked me to get into the spare bed."

"Dunno. I hope not."

A few hours later, we were in the water. It was a totally different world -- as though the night before hadn't existed. To be surrounded by the ocean and the swell and the blue sky and the bright sun focused our minds on fun, and the challenge of riding a wave for all it was worth. Steph showed up with her stick after a while, and we all had a totally rave session.

The next night, Saturday, Kyle's house was like a local community hall. Everybody was there -- except his folks. Kyle was with Steph, Mark was with Carol, Steve was with Kim and I was with… well, I was with me. We watched a vid called Faculty, about aliens taking over a school. It was wicked fun! But how did I feel about being the only guy there without a girl? Well, it turned out to be pretty neat 'cause the girls were making a huge fuss of me. And I couldn't help noticing how they'd grab a peek at the bulge in my jeans every now and then. Anyway, I guessed it was lucky that I was twelve. If I'd been an older teen, the guys would've bashed the fucking shit outa me for trying to steal their chicks.

When it was time for Steph to split, both Kyle and I walked her home. I knew they both liked me a whole stack so it wasn't like I was crowding them or anything. Anyway, if I had been, Kyle would've told me to wait at the house. When we'd arrived at Steph's front gate, I wandered off a little ways and kicked a few stones so that they could kiss goodnight without me gawking at them -- although, I'd wanted to.

"What's it like kissing a girl?" I asked on the return trip.

"Hard to explain. You'll have to try it yourself."

"Yuk! Anyway, is it OK if I sleep over again?"

"Got your toothbrush?"


"Got permission?"


"Don't your folks ever say anything about your sleeping over all the time?"

"Yeah, sometimes. They think I might be a nuisance or whatever, but I told them that I get along really well with you and your folks. And your dad rocks."

"You cuddled me last night before you went to sleep."


"It's just that you're such a tough little dude -- well, maybe not so little -- with the rugger and the surfing and everything, it just seems kinda odd that you cuddle me."

"You don't like it?"

"Yeah, I do. I think it's cool."

"How cool?"

He just looked at me and grinned. Kyle's grin was always the bomb, and made other people wanna smile as well.

Anyway, I took his grin to mean 'yes'. "I like it, too. But I also like wrestling. You wanna wrestle when we get home?"

Well, as it turned out, we didn't wrestle for long -- not 'cause Kyle could beat the fuck outa me -- but 'cause our boners were almost splitting their skins, and were hanging for a jack big time. After that, we chatted about all kinds of shit before Kyle turned off the light, then rolled over with his back to me. As I cuddled him, I realized how much I liked the way he smelt, especially his hair. And it was way cool to feel his smooth, warm skin next to mine.

"Are you still awake?"

He answered with a mumble.

"I've never told anybody about my cuddling you or sleeping in the same bed with you. So, if it feels so right, how come I don't wanna tell anybody?"

"'Cause you already know what their reaction would be."

"They'd think I was gay? Or a wuss?"

"What do you think?"

"I dunno. All I know is that before I met you and Steve, I didn't know how to surf, or how much fun it could be. So it's like I'm a new person 'cause of you guys. And before I met you, I didn't know how cool it could be to really… well, y'know... like somebody a whole lot."

"You mean love somebody?"

"Is this how it feels? I've never been in love before. Am I in love now?"

"You'll be in deep shit if you don't stop talking and go to sleep."

"Well, if it is love, it feels fucking awesome."


"OK, OK. I'm asleep already."

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