South Africa
Part 37

Kyle had been out clubbing with the guys on Friday night, so I figured he'd be sleeping in on Saturday morning. Rather than get into deep shit by waking him, I rocked down to the beach on my own and met up with a couple of guys from school.

It was a killer day. The warm sun hung in a clear, bright sky, the sea was sparkling like deep blue tinsel, and the waves were peaking at just the right spot.

"Hey, Wingnut," one of them yelled as I arrived on my stick out the back, "how come you're not hanging with the big guys?"

"They're still asleep."

"How come they let you hang with them, anyway?"

"They don't let me, asshole. They want me to."

"Probably 'cause you suck their dicks," another guy laughed, then the whole bunch cracked up.

"Tell ya what, guys. Kyle and Steve will be here later. You wanna ask them the same question? Or maybe I can ask them for you."

Suddenly, the laughter ceased. "Chill, Wingnut. We were only joking. Anyway, you gotta admit, you're the only grommet who hangs with those guys."

"Maybe I'm the only grommet with any fucking brains."

After a couple of rides, we were all sitting on our sticks out back again. "Can I ask you something, Wingnut? And don't get your fucking knickers in a knot."


"Do they tell you stuff? Y'know, about what they do with girls and shit?"




"Wow! Doesn't it make you horny?"

"Sure it does."

"So what do you do?"

"Same thing you do when you're horny. Anyway, loser, here comes a wave -- and it's mine!"

It was mid morning by the time Kyle arrived, so I ditched the other guys and paddled over to my bro. "Hi, Kyle! Hey, how'd it go last night?"

"You dumping your buds?"

"They're not my buds -- just guys from school."

"You've got no fucking tact, you little shit."

"So did you fuck Steph last night?"

"I passed out."

"While you were doing it?"

"Before, dickhead. Mark bought me all these fancy drinks and I was out of it all the way home. I slept over at Carol's place."

"Where was Mark?"

"He was there, too."

"All in the same room? Did he fuck Carol?"

"Yep. But I was unconscious. And so will you be if you don't shuddup."

When Steve arrived, much later, he looked like a total wreck. How come big guys did that? They'd go clubbing, then spend the rest of the next day looking like something the cat dragged in. Anyway, it was cool 'cause, between rides, Kyle was explaining to Steve how Mark had carried him over his shoulder on the way to Carol's house after they'd walked Steph home, and how Kyle had puked down Mark's back. "Anyway, I found out this morning when I woke up that Carol had undressed me while I was zonked. Mark told me that she wanted to check out my furniture."

It was at that point that I couldn't resist asking more questions. "Did she suck it?"

"Sure, Wingnut. In front of Mark? Yeah, right. I'd be dead now if she had've."

"So what happened?" Steve asked.

"Mark said that the sight of my dick made her as horny as anything, so they fucked like rattlesnakes right in the bed alongside me."

I decided I'd better not ask any more questions, not if I wanted to remain in one piece. In any case, there were waves to catch. During the lulls, though, I couldn't help thinking about how Carol had wet her panties when she got an eyeful of Kyle's dick. I figured the sight of a cock -- well, one as neat as Kyle's -- must've been a real turn-on for a girl. And I'd already noticed how Steph would always check out my bulge whenever I pulled my boardies down low over my hips. Was that why girls blew guys and swallowed their juice? Was it because they liked the way cocks looked? Hell, I liked the look of Kyle's woody, too! It got me all excited when I saw it. And I knew that he liked mine, and enjoyed jacking me. So what did that say about us? The only answer I could think of was that maybe dicks were kinda special, and appealed to both sexes. On the other hand, Alan's was fucking gross. But maybe that was 'cause Alan was gross, period. So maybe there were dicks and dicks -- maybe it wasn't so much the dick that was special but the dude it belonged to. If I was right, then I must've been a pretty cool kinda dude 'cause Kyle and Steph liked mine.

That night, I tagged along with Kyle, Steph, Steve and his girlfriend while we went to the mall for pizza. It was way cool to hang with the guys at night time -- like grown up stuff. If only those grommets in the surf could have seen me now! It wasn't just a surfer thing. It was also going out at night! And not only with the guys, but also their chicks! Woohoo!

As the waitress placed our food on the table, she looked at me and asked Kyle if I was his little bro. "No," he laughed, "you can have him for nothing."

"Don't be so cruel," Steph scowled. "Haven't you noticed something?"

"Like what?"

"Like the way Wingnut turns heads?"

"Don't go giving him a big head. It's swollen enough already."

"Whose heads?" I asked.

"Don't look now," Steph warned, "or they'll stop turning. Just take my word for it. You're a head turner."

"I am?" That seemed weird to me 'cause I was in the company of two of the most awesome dudes on the fucking planet. I figured if anyone was gonna turn heads it'd be Kyle and Steve. But me? I was twelve! OK, so I looked maybe fourteen, but…. Yeah, I snuck a few sideways glances as I demolished a slice of pizza and, sure enough, people were gawking at me big time. And not only the girls. Actually, it was kinda scary. It made me feel kinda self-conscious. Should I chew this way or that? Was I swallowing right? Was I wearing a cool expression? Did I have a boogie in my nose? Did my hair look OK?

Anyway, that answered my question about dicks. I was in a pizza restaurant and fully clothed, so that meant that people were looking at my face. If a guy's face was cool, then his dick was cool. That had to be it.

Kyle's dad had grounded him on Sunday 'cause he was behind with his chores. So, after spending most of the day in the surf, I hopped the fence and asked my bro if he wanted a hand. "Yeah, you can pick up the grass and pack it."

"Surf was wicked today. Better than yesterday."

"Thanks. I really needed to know that."

"About last night -- y'know what Steph said about me turning heads."

"She was brown-nosing you."

"No she wasn't! I saw them! Anyway, how many people think you've got a cool dick?"

Kyle wasn't prepared for that one -- it came like a bolt outa the blue. He stood up from pulling weeds, arched his back for a second to straighten his muscles, and stared at me. "What kinda question is that?"

"Well, you said that Carol…"

"Hey, she was drunk."

"No she wasn't! She just wanted to gawk at it. So I wanna know how come she wanted to gawk at yours when she could've gawked at Mark's?"

"I dunno. Maybe she just wanted to make a comparison."

"What's Mark's look like?"

"Pretty cool. A bit bigger than mine."

"Does it turn you on?"


"'Cause Mark's a helluva good looking dude. "

"What's that got to do with it?"

"Everything! I figure that Carol wanted to check out your dick 'cause of the same reason."

"Which is?"

"You're good looking. So it's really got nothing to do with your dick. I mean, like she wouldn't have wanted to check out Alan's dick."

"Ew!" he laughed.

"Exactly! So I think I've figured out why girls wanna suck on guys' dicks -- like Steph sucked on yours."

"Oh, yeah? So tell me."

"It's your dick."

"That's supposed to be a revelation?" he cracked.

"Don't you see? It's your dick! She likes it 'cause of the same reason I do." Oops! I'd gone too far.

"I think I know what you're trying to say, Wingnut."

"I didn't mean like gay stuff or anything."

"I know."

That night in my room, I sat on the side of my bed and studied my dick as though I were seeing it for the first time -- that is, I tried to see it from Steph's or Carol's point of view. Kyle, Steve and Brian -- oh, and that Alan asshole -- were the only people who'd seen it up close -- and me, of course. Well, it was getting pretty close to five inches hard, and I could only just join my thumb and middle finger when I wrapped them around my thick shaft. I guessed the cut head was the most interesting part, though, 'cause it had cool contours. There was a high ridge at the start of my knob, just forward of the light brown ring that marked the spot where I'd been cut. The top of my knob sloped down to my piss hole, and there was a hard line of muscle that ran the length of the underside of my shaft. My balls didn't hang as low as Kyle's, but they were plump and round, and looked as though they were full of boy juice. The skin of my ball sack was kinda wrinkled to allow for expansion on hot days. As for hair, I had a little smudge just above the base of my cock, but none anywhere else.

So, the question remained, what would Steph or Carol think of it? I mean, I couldn't go out to the kitchen and wave my woody around and ask mom if she thought it was a cool dick. Jeez! There were some things a guy had to figure for himself.

I stood and faced the closet mirror. Hmmm. Not bad. My woody was standing at a 45-degree angle. I bent my arms and clenched my fists to cause my biceps, pecs and lats to bulge. Cool. Then I searched my room to find something that would feel like someone's head. Ah ha! A pillow! Perfect! I took a bunch of tissues, placed them in the center, folded the pillow into a tight ball, then held it to my woody. "You wanna blow me now, Steph?"

"Of course, Wingnut! I've been waiting for this moment!"

My boner slid between the folds of the pillow and into the cavity where I'd buried the tissues. My hands held the pillow tight while I pretended that it was Steph's head, complete with her soft hair. And as I fucked Steph's imaginary 'face', I watched the reflection of my hips pumping, and my muscles popping. Then, without warning, I was imagining that the pillow was Kyle's head. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? I forced my mind to revert to Steph, then to Carol, then back to Steph. But, once again, my mind filled with a vision of me gripping Kyle's spiky, black head of hair as my woody slid back and forth between the folds of soft pillow. It was too late to banish Kyle's image from my mind. My meat stiffened and exploded the first electrically charged wad of boy juice onto the tissue paper. The words "eat me, eat me" kept popping into my brain as I pulled the pillow hard against my groin. The sensation of my sensitive knob rubbing against the tissue as it jetted each load of sticky juice was totally fucking awesome! My woody was on fire! My knees were crumbling. Whoa! So that's what it felt like to have someone blow you! Wicked!

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