South Africa
Part 40

'Cause of the unseasonally hot weather, we were able to ditch our wetties and surf in boardies -- not that the waves were any good, they were shitty, but it was so damn hot we just wanted to get wet and cool off. Steph was with us, wearing girl's boardies and a bikini top. As for my boardies, well, I was kinda outgrowing them.

"You're getting a big ass," Kyle grinned as he sat on his stick, and rode the rolling, blue swell.

"Nope -- big dick -- look." I pushed my hips forward, and showed off my bulge.

"Hey, maybe a pair of my old boardies will fit. You wanna try 'em on later?"

"Cool! Even if they're a bit big, my dick'll hold 'em up." Just then, Steph took off on a small wave, so I grabbed the opportunity to make a comment. "Hey, Steph's got a wicked pair of tits."

"You don't say? You've been ogling them all arvie."

"Yeah, I need to jack off real bad."

"Not here, OK? You'll attract the fucking sharks."

"Reckon Steph would come home with me?"

"Yeah, right. And do what?"

"Jack me. Whaddaya think?" I was laughing like hell, and expecting Kyle to clobber me, so I hadn't noticed that Steph had paddled to the back line after her ride.

"Hey, Steph!" Kyle yelled. "Wingnut wants a blowjob."

"OK," she grinned.

"Hey, Kyle's talking a lotta shit! I think he wants one!"


Damn! I could feel the heat radiating from my face, which I figured was beet red. The guys were cracking up big time, while I didn't have a fucking clue what to say.

The heat of the day lasted well into the evening, so, after dinner, I rocked over to Kyle's where he and I took a dip in his pool. My folks couldn't afford one, so it was wicked to be Kyle's neighbor, as well as his bud. Besides, I felt as much at home at his place as I did at mine. Sometimes I wondered why we even bothered to have a dividing fence. Oh, yeah. The dog crap.

"You wanna try my old boardies?"


"Hang, I'll go get 'em."

He returned with just one pair. "I figure these should fit."

I tried them on and they were way damn cool. "A bit loose, but my woody will solve that." I glanced down at the bulge. "Hey, Kyle, the shape of your dick is moulded into these."

"Cool. You can have the boardies and pretend that you've got a big dick."

"Yeah, right! I'm gonna have to force my dick into that small space. But they're really cool, Kyle. Thanks." As I gave him a big, thank-you hug, the warmth of his strong, muscular bod transferred to mine, and a wonderful sense of being his friend enveloped me. Kyle was the bomb, and I wanted him to know how much I appreciated him, and his kindness.

"Hey, the phone! Back in a sec."

While Kyle was blabbing to some dude, I swam in the pool. Woohoo! My new boardies -- well, his old ones -- stayed on even after a dive. Wicked!

"That was Ross. He wants me to help him organize a hiking/camping trip with the guys from the swim team."

"When are you going?"

"During summer vac. We went last year, and the year before that. It's a kinda annual thingy."

"Can I come?"

"Not sure. You're not in our school swim team."

"I will be next year! Is Steve gonna go? He's not at your school either."

"I'll ask him."

"So ask me!"

"You've already asked yourself."


"I'll check with the guys. Anyway, it's a couple of months away, so don't get your knickers in a knot."

I decided not to say anything to mom about the hike. Things like that needed to be kinda introduced discreetly, and timing was way important. Moms were the kinda people who freaked every time a kid wanted to do something different, or experience a new adventure. I'd be sure to get a long, boring lecture about being too young to hang with the big guys. But, hey! I did already! And I knew that the big guys liked to have me around. Maybe it was 'cause I reminded them of their grommet days.

"Hey, mom! Check these out!"

"New shorts?"

"Boardies, mom. Boardies! They're Kyle's old ones, and they don't fit him anymore. Neat, huh?"

"First a surfboard, then a wetsuit, and now shorts, uh, boardies."

"Hey, mom, I hope you're not mad about Kyle giving me all that stuff. It's not like I'm mad at you 'cause you can't afford it. I love you, mom. And I love dad, too. And it's cool to be your son."

"And we're glad to be your parents," she said as she hugged me. "And I think one of the best decisions we ever made was to move here, right next door to Kyle. It's as though by accident, or maybe it was fated, that we've given you a big brother. You've blossomed more than you realize since we moved here."

"I'm glad you like him, too, mom. He's totally neat."

In my room, I checked out my reflection in the mirror. Cool! I was wearing my bud's boardies! He must've been in a whole bunch of green rooms while he was wearing these! And I was right about the crotch being moulded to the shape of his dick. I was gonna have to work on that.

The weekend was pretty fun. The weather was still hot, so we spent a lotta time at the beach. The surf wasn't all that great, but it was OK for messing around. Friday night, Kyle went clubbing with Steph, Mark and Carol, which sucked -- well, it did for me. I couldn't wait to be their age. Kyle slept over at Mark's house so, by the time he'd arrived home on Saturday morning, he looked a bit worse for wear.

"You wanna get wet? It'll make you feel better."

I'd no sooner asked the question than Steve arrived. He looked totally trashed, but he also wanted to catch some waves. Later in the day, Steph joined us, which was cool. I'd never had a hangover, and from what I'd seen, I never wanted to experience one. But if there were a cure for hangovers, it had to be the surf. By the end of the day, everybody was in fine spirits again, so we all decided to go for pizza at the mall. Naturally, I couldn't afford it, so the rest of the guys took care of the bill. I felt a bit guilty about that, but I was also chuffed to think that they thought it was OK for me to hang with them. I was like their resident comedian, so they paid me in pizza. Cool with me.

"It's not so much what you say, Wingnut, it's the way you say it that makes us laugh."

Saturday night, I slept over at Kyle's. His parents had gone out for the night with some friends. After we'd watched a vid, I followed Kyle to his room where he began to fix the spare mattress.

"Hey! Why do I have to sleep on that thing?"


"'Cause why?"

"'Cause my parents think it's uncool for two guys to sleep in the same bed."

"Have you asked them? Did they tell you?"


"Then how do you know?"

"Hey, it's just the way they are. Trust me."

I was pretty sure that Kyle was just teasing me, 'cause I was dressed in my boxers which clung to the tops of my legs, and showed off the pouch in my crotch. I didn't need to be a fucking genius to know that Kyle liked my bod. It was no secret that I got more than my fair share of attention at the beach -- so who was I to be modest? False modesty sucked, anyway.

The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back on the bed after Kyle had tackled me. That was a surefire way to crack me up totally -- I was giggling and wriggling like crazy as he tickled me all over. "Stop! Stop, Kyle! Please! I'm gonna kill you! Stop!"

Well, I figured the only reason he stopped was 'cause he thought I was gonna piss myself -- and I probably would have. Then I took off my boxers, threw them into a corner of the room, and climbed under the sleeping bag he'd placed on top of the spare mattress. "You gonna jack off?" I asked as he slid under the covers.


"You wanna do me?"

"You like that?"

Hey, what kinda dumb question was that? Who was he trying to kid? "You bet! And like you're the only person I can ask who won't think I'm weird. Well, except for Brian, but he's only a kid. What the fuck would he know? I'll jack you afterwards if you like."

"You don't need to."

"I want to! I like looking at you when I do it, and feeling you when you're hard."

"Well, I like it, too," he admitted. Jeez! How fucking thick did he think I was?

"What's it like when Steph sucks you?"

"Pretty awesome."

"What if you wanna piss?"

"You don't. It's weird, but you don't ever feel like pissing when you're being sucked off."

"Probably just as well. Anyway, what are you waiting for?"

"My folks to come home and go to bed."

So, we chatted about all kinds of shit until we were sure that his mom and dad were asleep. I didn't bother to ask permission to jump into his bed. He might've said no, and I wasn't in the mood for a no. Within a second, I'd turned down the covers so that we were both on our backs, naked. Kyle's dick was dripping pre-cum already.

"Put your hands behind your head, and don't move them," he ordered.

Whoa! This was gonna be something new! I did as he asked, then watched him lift my woody off my stomach, and let a blob of spit fall onto my knob. He rubbed the spit around the head of my boner with his fingers. Damn, that felt wicked! Probably a bit like being sucked off, 'cause of the spit and fingers acting like a tongue would. A few moments later, he put the fingers of his free hand under my nuts. Yeeeooowww!

"Oh, fuck, Kyle! I'm gonna cum!"

He wrapped his fist around my shaft and began to stroke me. It was like my whole body had gone into some kinda fit. Every muscle tensed. I stretched my legs as far as they would go, and curled my toes. I was outa control. I grabbed hold of his wrist with both my hands as I offloaded. It felt like the biggest damn load of boy juice I'd ever blown! It was huge! And so fucking awesome! By the time I'd emptied my balls, I was whimpering so much, it was almost as if I were crying.

"That was sooooooo cool! How'd you know about playing with my balls like that?"

"Well, guys know what turns guys on. You touched my balls once. And I know that if I play with my nuts while I jack, it's fucking intense."

When it came my turn to jack Kyle, the most obvious thing was that my hands weren't as big as his, and his cock was longer and thicker than mine, so it was like I had hold of a fucking donkey dick! I'd also learned not to grab his shaft so tightly. I remembered one time when he'd asked me if I was trying to pull the damn thing right off him. So, I was still a bit nervous. And when I asked him how it felt while my fingers fondled his balls, he just groaned. Hey, I figured I was doing it right.

It was so damn cool to watch my dwarfed fist travel up and down his thick, hard boner, and to feel his balls rise and fall with each of my strokes. It was as though I was holding all of his awesome, masculine power in one hand, and yet he just laid there like a defenceless baby. When he was about to shoot, he drew his legs up, and raised his ass off the bed. His throbber stiffened in my fingers like steel wrapped in warm silk. Then I watched the jets of boy juice explode from his swollen knob like little white missiles, and splatter all over his tanned stomach and chest. Fucking wicked!

After he'd used some sheets of toilet paper that he kept in his bedside drawer to clean himself, I asked him if we could chat some more. I didn't want the night to end.

"Sorry, bro. I'm totally bushed. I gotta sleep. You better sleep on the mattress."


"'Cause my mom might come in in the morning."

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