South Africa
Part 41

Once again, the surf was shitty, so we spent the day with a bunch of guys playing volleyball and beach soccer, and just goofing off. It was cool to see Mark and Carol arrive later in the day. They weren't surfers, but I figured Kyle must've aroused their curiosity or whatever.
Mark was a weird kinda guy. He had a bod that most guys would kill for, but he seemed shy about it. Steve, Kyle and I would strut around like fucking peacocks all day, showing off our ass cracks and puffing out our chests. But not Mark. He was one deep, mysterious dude.

"Dad? Did you show off when you were a kid?"


"Thanks for the new Speedos. I wore them at swim prac today. They're wicked. Can I show Kyle?"

"Don't be late for dinner or your mother..."


Dressed only in my new, black Speedos, I hopped the fence. My bro wasn't in the yard, so I went to his room where he was doing his homework. "Hey, check this out!" I did a 360 so that he could see the narrow sides, and the multi-colored Speedo logo across the ass. "Cool, huh?"

"Pretty funky. But why the logo across the butt?"

"'Cause the guys at Speedo know that nobody's gonna see the label on my cossie unless it's on the back," I grinned.

"I've never really seen you swim -- are you that good at school?"

"Depends on what stroke. Crawl and backstroke are my best, and breaststroke isn't too shitty, I guess. Can't do butterfly, though… shit, not like you can."

"Yeah, well, it takes a bit of work. So is that why you came over? To show me your Speedos?"

"Yeppo! And to pick up the dog crap. And maybe then we can have a swim in the pool."

"Quick one."

Once I'd shovelled the dog crap into the incinerator, I raced back to Kyle's room. "You ready?" He followed me to the pool where I dumped my Speedos and threw them on the lawn.

"One day my mom's gonna come home and see you all naked like that."

"Or maybe Steph?" I couldn't resist smiling.

"You like her, huh?"

"She's a cool friend, and I'm glad you two are going out together. 'Cause now I've got like a sister as well!"

After dinner and a bit of TV, I went to my room. Bedtime for me was normally about 9:30 or so -- it seemed that I used up so much energy during the day, I was totally pooped by then -- but not too tired to check my reflection in the mirror, first in my new Speedos, then without. What if Steph had arrived unannounced and seen me nude in Kyle's pool? My mind reverted to the convo in the surf when Kyle had embarrassed the fuck outa me, telling Steph that I wanted a blow job. She was just so damn cool about her answer. Not the slightest hint of shame. "OK," she grinned, as if she were prepared to suck me right there and then. Whoa!

My woody was as hard as a rock just thinking about Steph joining Kyle and me at the pool. I imagined her blowing Kyle first, then swallowing, while I watched the whole damn thing. Then it was my turn. She knelt on the grass in front of me, then licked my balls while my woody bounced around on her face. Steph was a real looker, so it was totally fucking wicked to be fantasizing about her wet tongue and ruby-red lips getting all busy around my crotch -- especially while Kyle was just a few feet away, gawking. "Go, Wingnut!"

I moved toward to the mirror so that I could see my boner up close, then imagined Steph's pursed lips gliding over my knob and down my shaft until her nose was pressed against my little, dark shadow, and my balls were resting on her chin.

I had to close my eyes 'cause the sight of my fist riding my woody kinda spoiled the image of Steph blowing me.

After I'd used a tissue to clean the mirror, I layed on my back on the bed and thought about my fantasy again. Would she really blow me? Would Kyle really be cool about it?

Next morning, I woke with a fright. There were beads of sweat on my upper lip and forehead. It took several seconds to realize that I was still in my room, and that everything was normal. Kyle hadn't been there at all. But the dream was still so vivid in my mind, that I couldn't shake the images, not even when I'd gone to the bathroom. I kept seeing Kyle's smiling face as he asked me the impossible. "Hey, Wingnut, that was so fucking rad! I wanna blow you too." The dream had ended before anything else had happened, but I could remember Steph also smiling, as if it would've been totally cool for Kyle to blow me.

The whole idea was just so fucking awesome, that I jacked off in the shower thinking about my woody jammed in my bro's face while Steph was watching me jet my creamy load of boy juice down his throat. No way I could ever tell Kyle about that, though. No fucking way!

The next time I rocked over to Kyle's room, Mark was there. It was obvious that those two guys were becoming pretty cool buds, even though they didn't seem to match somehow. But, I had to admit, Mark had kinda lightened up since he'd become friendly with my bro.

"So, when are you gonna beat up on Kyle again?" Well, I didn't get an answer. Mark just looked at me and laughed. "Seriously, I wanna watch!"

"You're a really good friend, Wingnut. Yeah, right. Now beat it."

Kyle didn't spring to my defence, so I figured they probably had big guy stuff to talk about. Besides, my mom was hassling me big time about homework. "K. I gotta jet, anyway. Catch yas later."

OK, so Kyle and I jacked each other off. And Kyle had told me that he and Steve jacked each other off. So what about Kyle and Mark? Mark didn't look the type, though. Then again, either did any of us. None of us was a wuss. But Mark had a kinda aggro expression about him, except when he laughed. When he laughed, he was a different dude. Totally.

The following afternoon, after school, the surf was shitty again -- at least, it was according to Kyle. Me? Hey, I rode anything and everything. Later, he told me that he was pretty damn proud of me. "I remember when you were falling all over the damn place, and getting hit by your stick, and getting pissed with yourself and the whole fucking world. The best thing is, it doesn't matter how shitty the ride is, you always get stoked about it."

"Was Mark pissed at me yesterday?"

"Nah. He just gives that impression sometimes. Anyway, after you'd gone, he said he could see why the girls think you're cute. He said that you've got a helluva bod for a grommet."

"He noticed?"


"'Cause his is awesome."

"Yeppo, yeppo!"

"Not that yours isn't."

"Quit while you're ahead, Wingnut."

Steph joined us not long after. She was wearing girl's boardies and a bikini top 'cause it was a hot day, and I was keen to show her my new boardies -- well, Kyle's old ones. I pulled them down so that I was showing a bit of ass crack and a bit of crotch.

"Hey, Wingnut," she grinned as she paddled toward us, "why don't you just ask me to give you a BJ instead of hinting all the time?"

Well, I almost fell off my fucking board. Whoa! That chick had a habit of coming up with the unexpected. And I could feel my face turning crimson. And Kyle? The asshole was cracking up big time.

As soon as we'd gotten home, though, I wasted no time in hopping the fence and charging into Kyle's room.

"Hey, Kyle! What's it like, huh?"


Jeez! Was this guy thick or what? "Having somebody suck you?"


"OK, Steph."

"Hey, it can be painful, bud, 'specially if they've got sharp teeth, and they bite you by mistake."

"They do that?"

"Hey, Wingnut, I'm playing with your mind, dude. Don't believe everything everyone tells you. It's a cool feeling being blown."

"Do you think Steph was serious out on the back line? She seemed serious. Fucking hell, she embarrassed the fuck out me!"

"She was pulling your chain, dude, and she enjoys playing with your mind."

"Wish she'd rather play with my dick."

"Hey! She's my girl!"

"We can share."

Vivid images of my fantasy flooded my brain, and I decided to halt the topic of convo before I said anything dumb. Kyle would've killed me for sure if he'd known what had happened during my wet dream.

Next day, the weather was hot, so much so, the beach was packed and looked like holiday season. The surf was pretty crappy, though, so we did the volleyball thing again, then cooled off in the water.

Mark was there, and I saw a side of him that I hadn't expected. He and Kyle were wrestling in the surf wash, carrying on like a couple of… yeah, teenagers. It was way cool, though. Mark seemed to be enjoying himself big time, probably 'cause he was winning. One time, he picked Steve up like he weighed nothing, and threw him back into the water. Whoa! That guy was one helluva strong mother!

Another thing I noticed was how Kyle would wrap his arms around Mark at every opportunity. OK, so they were wrestling, but even I could see that there was more to it. Mark didn't seem to mind, though. He was laughing and giggling as much as anybody.

Meantime, a bunch of my grommet friends had joined us. It was totally cool to tell them that the big guys were my friends. "Yeah, they dig hanging with me." There was also a cute girl from school. I pulled my boardies down a little and started chatting with her, glancing over at Kyle and Steph every now and then to see if they were noticing. Hey, this chick was maybe thirteen or fourteen, and I was twelve! So it was a big fucking deal!

That night, I wanted to visit Kyle again, but he'd gone over to Steph's house to say hi. Yeah, right. Hi. Did my bro think I didn't know what was going on?

Later, I layed on my bed thinking about my fantasy, then decided to take it a bit further. What if both Kyle and Steph were sucking me and licking my balls at the same time. Wicked! But who would I give my juice to? Two mouths and one woody? That was a problem. Hang! This was a fantasy, dammit! Anything could happen in a fantasy!

Kyle and Steph were taking turns running their lips and tongues along the length of my shaft, and licking my balls. Hot! Then I'd watch my woody disappear between a pair of lips, only to disappear again between the next. When my legs stiffened, and my toes curled, I imagined them both with their mouths open and their tongues outstretched as I jetted my awesome load into each face, alternating between the two of them. Two neat piles of thick, sticky boy juice formed on the surface of each pink tongue, while four grateful eyes gazed up at me.

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