South Africa
Part 47

Kyle had taken some of the guys from his school up the mountain for a day hike. I'd love to have gone with them, but I couldn't get time off school. I was also pissed that I came home from cricket prac with grass stains all over me and my bro wasn't there to see me! That really sucked! Eventually, though, I saw him naked on the lounger by the pool, giving his dick a tan, and eating a sarmie. I was over the fence like a shot.

"Hey! Did you notice anything?"


What? What did he mean 'what'? Jeez! "No dog crap! I came over earlier and picked it up."

"One day, the alarm people are gonna come around here and shoot you in the ass."

"Yeah, well if it was your ass, they couldn't miss," I laughed. "Mind you, they'd probably get you in the hangers and shoot the damn things off."

"You're jealous," he smiled as he took a sip of juice.

"Hey! They're starting to hang down. Check!" I got outa my shorts, and stood naked in front of him.

"You're getting a boner."

"You should talk!"

Kyle sprang up from the lounger, grabbed me, and we both fell into the pool. It was way cool fun to wrestle with my bro. He was bigger and stronger, but I had a way of wriggling outa his holds, then diving below to grab his legs. After about ten minutes of laughing and goofing off, we hauled ourselves outa the water, and laid on the grass… clean grass!

Kyle was wearing his shades, but I knew that he was looking at me stretched out on my back on the lawn. It was a kinda sixth sense thingy. Being naked and having a dude as cool as Kyle checking me out was totally wicked. It meant that I had a bod worth gawking at, even though it wasn't as well developed as his. OK, so I knew I was pretty hunky for a grommet, but getting compliments was kinda like trying to fill a bottomless well. I couldn't get enough.

"I'll get it!" I yelled as I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the front door. It was Mark, standing there dressed only in a pair of shorts, and looking like a million bucks. I thought it was a bit odd, though, 'cause Mark was usually a shy dude, and didn't like attracting unnecessary attention. "Mark! Cool! Kyle and me are having a swim. C'mon in!"

As soon as I was out the back door, I dropped my towel, and dove into the pool. Meantime, Kyle had wrapped one around his waist, and I wondered if he was gonna follow my example.

"You guys naked?" I heard Mark ask as I surfaced.

"No, dork," Kyle laughed, "I'm wearing my skin colored Speedos." Then he dropped his towel. "So if you don't mind us seeing your winky, you can get naked as well."

Winky? I thought as Mark stepped outa his shorts. Whoa! I'd only seen it for a few seconds before he dove in, but it was sufficient time for me to realize that I still had a helluva long way to go before mine was that big. Jeez! It was a fucking whopper!

Anyway, both dudes were pretty buggered after their hike up the mountain in the heat, and were happy just to laze around on the lawn. While I rubbed suntan lotion on Kyle's back, then Mark's, they told me about how awesome it had been up the mountain, and how spectacular the views were. Then Mark surprised me by rolling over. "You wanna do my front, dude?"

Mark was supporting his upper body on his elbows, which made his abs contract. Jeez, he had a totally hunky bod! One of the best I'd ever seen. And as I rubbed the oil over his smooth chest and stomach, I could feel the awesome strength of his bulging, taut muscles. For a while, his thick, cut dick began to get hard. So did mine. But I wished mine away, and I guessed he wished his away, too. I'd also noticed that Kyle had a major boner, but he rolled over onto his stomach to hide it. Maybe the prob was me. Maybe getting a boner when a grommet was around was a kinda no-no for big guys when they were together. It didn't make sense to me, though. If I'd had a hunk of teen meat like Mark's or Kyle's, I'd be showing it off big time.

Mark had already left to go to Carol's house before Kyle's folks had arrived home, and I couldn't help wondering what Carol was gonna do with that donkey dick. Later, I was invited to stay for supper, which I accepted, of course. Hey! I practically lived there! And Kyle's dad would always make a fuss of me, and argue with me about rugger and cricket, but it was only in fun. After supper, I followed my bro to his room.

"Hey, Kyle, I think I've burnt my dick."

"You want me to rub some lotion into it?"

"Would ya?"

"No," he laughed. "You can do it after you've showered tonight, before you go to bed."

Damn! I guessed it was 'cause Kyle's folks were home, and he didn't wanna take any chances. When I got home, though, I showered, then asked my mom where the lotion was. "I got a bit burnt in the sun."

"You don't look burnt."

"It's kinda personal."

"Don't tell me. You boys were skinny dipping again. Correct?"

"Don't girls skinny dip?"

"Not the ones I know. Girls have a sense of modesty. Boys, on the other hand, are… well... boys."

Next day, at my new school, which was also Kyle's school, a bunch of us newbies had been invited to check out the joint, meet the teachers, and that kinda stuff. The swim team had organized a fun comp between us and them, just for fun.

Going from a big kid at my last school, to a little kid at my new school, was kinda scary. The moment I spotted Kyle, I stuck to him like shit to a blanket.

"You look pretty cool in your new Speedos, Wingnut."


"But you don't tuck your dick in. I can see the whole shape."

"That's the idea."

"This is a boy's school, Wingnut."

"So? I can still show off, can't I?"

After the swim comp, Brian's older bro Alan appeared on the scene, followed by his army of goons. You didn't need to be a fucking rocket scientist to tell that he was looking for trouble. "So, Kyle, you really are into little boys," he smirked.

It was time for me to come to the rescue again. "Hey, Alan, you still pissed that I won't touch your ugly dick?" Within a second, I was sprawled on my back after having been flathanded across the chops. Before Kyle could get to the asshole, Mark had stepped forward. Two quick punches later, Alan was on his fat ass nursing a split and bloodied lip. There was also a helluva crack, which sounded like Alan's nose might've been broken.

I sat up, expecting Alan's goons to do something. But they just stood there like the morons they were. I guessed they knew that if they'd tried anything, the whole fucking swim team would've beaten the crap outa them, with Mark and Kyle leading the charge. I watched one of mental deficients help Alan to his feet, then lead him away. The bully was hanging onto his nose like he was expecting it to fall off.

"Are you OK," Kyle asked as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Sorta." My face was still stinging like hell from the smack, and I was almost overwhelmed by a temptation to cry, but I managed to hold back the tears. No way was I gonna be a wuss on my first visit to my new school.

Mark also asked if I was OK. "Yeah, of course," I shrugged. Then, before I knew what was happening, Mark had hold of my ankles, while Kyle had hold of my arms, and I was flying through the air on my way to a splashdown.

The following night, Kyle came around to tell my folks about the stuff I'd need for the hike. Parents! What was the matter with them? I was as amped as all hell about the trip, but my folks were quizzing Kyle as if he were dragging me off to fucking Mars or something! Anyway, Kyle had managed to borrow some stuff, like a rucksack, and Darren's old sleeping bag. Wicked!

"Are you sure our son is going to be able to handle this trip? It sounds very demanding."

"I don't think you realize just how strong and fit Wingnut is."


"Don't worry. There'll be plenty of us older guys to keep an eye on him. And we know the mountain like the backs of our hands."

I saw Kyle to the front door, 'cause he was leaving to visit Steph. "So what are you guys gonna do? Is she gonna blow you?"


"Are you gonna tell me about it later?"


"Hey, have you seen Alan?"

"Yep. His nose isn't broken, but both his eyes are helluva shiny."

"Mark's totally awesome with his fists."

"Yep. And he did it for you, buddy. Don't ever forget that. He can be a bit unpredictable at times, but he knows who his friends are."

On Friday, after school had broken up for the summer hols, I saw my spiky-haired bro doing chores in the yard, so I hopped the fence, then picked up the dog crap without being asked.

"It's weird, bro, but my folks used to beg me to do that, and here's you volunteering." It was obvious that Kyle was doing a lot more chores than normal. "Gotta get it all done before the hike. Which reminds me, you wanna help me brush the pool?" I dove in and cleaned all the corners with a brush. "I guess you're a lot like me," he grinned when I'd surfaced. "You love being in the water. You're like a plant… water and dirt, and you grow."

"Cool! I'll rub more dirt on my dick."

When all the work had been done, we sat on the grass, which he'd cut, so it had that wicked, fresh smell that made you feel good, and chatted about end of school. "We had final assembly today. It was awesome. A lotta the seniors went around saying goodbye to people. Some of the teachers were close to tears, as well, especially the ladies. There's a helluva good vibe at school between the teachers and us. I guess they see us as friends."

"Sounds cool. I can't wait to go there next year."

"At assembly, the principal said that he hoped not too many of the boys would be parading around the local beaches without their clothes on, 'cause it gives his teachers heart palpitations."

"How would he know?"

"'Cause the other day, me and the guys were goofing off in the pool, pulling each other's Speedos down and throwing them onto the stands. It happened to me about five times. The last time, I saw the bio teacher watching us, but I got outa the pool anyway, and walked over to collect my togs. Mark and Ross couldn't believe I'd do that!"

"What did the bio teacher do?"

"She didn't know which way to look."

"Bet she did. Bet she didn't miss a thing."

"Anyway," he laughed, "I wish I could've been in the staff room when they were talking about that. And guess what? Ross is now officially the captain of the swim team next year. Cool, huh? AND… there's no way you're ever gonna guess this."

"K, so tell me!"

"They announced the school prefects for next year. Ross was amongst the names… AND…"

The asshole was teasing me again. "And?"

"You won't believe this."

"Just fucking tell me, dammit!"


"Whoa! Mark? Serious?"

"Yeah, you should've seen his face. He couldn't believe it. Mind you, either could I. Mark's never been the kinda dude to make himself noticed by anyone. But, I guess with his boxing and swimming, and his exam results, it all added up."

"What about you?"

"Me? A prefect? Nope. I was asked if I wanted to, and I said no. I guess it's just not me… bossing the little guys around, and telling them to tuck in their shirts and collars, and telling them to button this and button that, and suck on this. Oops! But you know what I mean." Then Kyle cracked up totally at his own joke.

"But you wouldn't boss me around."

"I'd have to if I was a prefect. Mark will, too."

I had to think about that for a while. This new school was gonna be a whole new deal… a uniform, blazer, rules, prefects. "Anyway, are you gonna do anything for the new millennium?"

"Gonna party with a few friends at somebody's house. My dad says that he and mom are gonna go down to the beach to watch the sun rise with a bottle of champers. He'd like it a stack if I were with them. So I guess that's where I'll be… with my best friends… my folks."

"Am I folks?"

"Yeppo, Wingnut. You're folks."

Note from Mr B. Since both Wingnut and Mark were on the hike together, I've decided that the hike story is better told by Kyle, and have kept it separate from the Wingnut and Mark stories, which resume as per normal after the hike.

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