South Africa
Part 48

"Hi, mom."

"How did the hike go, dear?"

"Don't ask."

I was so buggered, I headed straight for my bed, and stacked up zzzs for like almost two days solid. When I was finally back to normal, all Kyle could say was that the surf had been wicked, and that he had to pick up the dog crap while I'd been in the land of nod.

Anyway, I didn't miss out on too much surf. I spent practically the whole summer hols at the beach, and not just surfing. I was getting a bit of a following.

"Hey, Wingnut, have you noticed something?"


"There's a whole fucking horde of girls that follow you everywhere."

"Do you think they all wanna blow me?"

"They'd have to find your cock first."

"Har-de-fucking-har. Anyway, you said my woody's a lot bigger than when you first jacked me… and my juice is getting thicker."

"I said that?"

"Yeah! You know you did! Hey, can I sleep over tonight?"

"You keep me awake. You must jack three or four times a night. Remind me to oil the bed springs."

Anyway, he agreed that I could sleep over, but I was surprised to learn that he knew that I'd jacked off a stack after he'd gone to sleep. I figured I was being pretty quiet about it. Then again, maybe he was just guessing, and trying to make me admit to it.

After supper, I followed Kyle to his room where he arranged the spare mattress on the floor. "That's just for your folks, right?"

"It's for you."

"C'mon, Kyle, you know I hate sleeping on the spare bed… I'd rather sleep in your bed."

"How come you've got a horde of girls chasing your hot little tail, and you wanna sleep in my bed?"

"'Cause," I said as I got naked, then watched him undress.

"'Cause why?"

"'Cause you and me are like special buds. It's not the same with girls." I sat next to him on his bed, then pushed my woody away from my stomach. "Hey, you always carry a condom, right? Can I try one on?"

"Why? You planning on fucking someone?"

"Only Steph," I giggled, then ducked just in time to avoid being clobbered.

He handed me the condom, which I rolled down my boner. It was a pretty tight fit, so I figured I was at least in Kyle's league. "You wanna jack me?" I laid on my back, then watched his fist ride my woody. After a few minutes, I lifted my ass off the bed, arched my back, and shot my load.

"Jeez, you look so fucking horny when you do that."


"The way all your muscles tense... it's like you're going into some kinda fit or whatever."

"It turns you on?"

"A bit."

"Yeah, right… more than a bit!" I slid the condom off my woody, held it in the air, and checked the little bubble of fresh boy juice at the end. "Hey, Kyle, you wanna give this to Steph, or will I give it to Candy?"

"No… you eat it," he laughed. "You know something, Wingnut? You really make my day 'cause nothing seems to hassle you at all. Which reminds me, does Candy get pissed at all the girls that hang around you?"

"Nope. She kinda likes it, 'cause I'm going out with her."

"Has she jacked you yet?"

"Nope. She got scared one time when I put her hand on my crotch. Maybe she's scared of the size," I cracked.

"Doubt it. It's such a little thingy."

I immediately recognized my cue to pounce on him, and we wrestled for ages. That was another thing you couldn't do with girls… wrestle. They just didn't understand guy stuff. Anyway, after we'd rolled around goofing off, I jacked Kyle. I had to admit that his boner was longer than mine… by at least an inch… and way thicker. But that was cool 'cause I liked the feeling of it in my hand. It was so damn big and hard. And it was totally awesome to watch it explode, and send jets of his juice splattering all over his chest and stomach as he groaned and writhed.

Christmas was outasight. "Hey, Kyle, check this out!" I showed him the new trucks my folks had bought for my skateboard. "Cool, huh? And check this out!" I showed him my new Walkman. "You gotta tape all the stuff you've got for me! OK?"

"I've got something for you." He handed me a soft package.

"What is it?"

"Open it, dummy."

It seemed a shame to tear the Christmas wrapping, but there was no other way I was gonna see what was inside. "Awesome! Wow! This is just sooo damn cool! Can I try it on?"

"That's what it's for, bud," he grinned.

I took off my t, threw it on his bed, then pulled the new Quicksilver tank top over my head. "How does it look?"


"How wicked?" I asked as I checked myself out in his mirror.

"Totally. Shows off your muscles. The girls are gonna go crazy."

"They are already. Hey, I got something for you, too. Remember when I helped you out with the chores around the hood? And you gave me half the money? Well, I bought this for you." As I watched him open the present, I began to get a little nervous. "I hope you like it."

"Woohoo! The best of the Beach Boys CD. With Good Vibrations! Awesome!"

"You really like it?"

"You've bowled me over, Wingnut. It's just what I wanted."

"You've gotta tape it for me, though. That's the deal. OK? What else did you get?"

"Some neat clothes… and a pair of Vans skater shoes. I bought my dad a birdbath."

I totally cracked, then I realised how much his dad was into his garden and birds. There were three bird-feeders there already. "Good thing I don't have to clean the bird crap as well as the dog's. Bet your dad was pretty chuffed, though."

"He was. Hey, buddy, let's listen to the Beach Boys."

"Don't forget the fucking tape!"

It was kinda cool having a girl friend like Candy. She was a pretty hot looker. Besides, it meant that I could bring her along to the pizza restaurant and be just like one of the big guys.

We were all there one night… Kyle, Steve, Mark and their girls. Candy was checking me out all the time, but I was totally cool about it. Didn't wanna make out like I had a big head or anything. Afterwards, we all walked Candy home, then the guys had to leave 'cause they were going clubbing at Wipeout. As soon as they'd disappeared around the corner, Candy asked me why I wasn't going with them.

"You've gotta be eighteen to get into the clubs."

"They're not eighteen."

"Yeah, but they kinda look it. Anyways, my folks would freak big time."

Then she got all kinda dreamy -- y'know, when girls flutter their eyelashes and shit. "You look so cool in your Quicksilver top, Wingnut."


"Yeah. It kinda shows off your chest."

"You've seen it all before at the beach."

"Yeah, but it's kinda different when you're wearing a tank. It's like you can see a bit of your chest, but not all of it… so it's kinda sexy."

"You mean it's not sexy when you can see all of it?"

"Jeez, why are guys so dumb?"

"Can I feel your tits?"

"Mom might come to the front door."

"Just for a minute?"

"A minute."

Candy didn't have big tits, but they were firm and round, and I wondered what they would look like without clothes. "You wanna kiss? I've gotta go in a sec."

"Have you swallowed your spit?"


I had a huge woody all the way home, and had to adjust it so that I could walk without looking like I'd just demounted a bucking bronco. So how come Steph had blown Kyle, but Candy was scared shitless of my woody? It didn't make sense. It'd be cool to ask mom when I got home, but how would I approach the question? "Hey, mom, were you scared of dad's woody when you met him?" Yeah, right. And there was no way I could ask my dad, either. But why? Weren't they kids once? What happened to people when they became adults? Come to think of it, how come they didn't already know what was going on in my head? Why hadn't dad sat me down and asked me if Candy was afraid of my woody? On the other hand, he'd never seen it hard, so maybe he hadn't realized what a fucking awesome weapon I had.

Anyway, it was all too confusing, and I was hanging big time to jack off. I chose a tree on the sidewalk, then checked around to make sure that there was nobody looking. I'd remembered when Kyle told me how he'd jacked off on a tree once. Maybe this was his tree. Woohoo! I took my woody outa my boardies and started stroking, all the while glancing around to see if the coast was clear. It was kinda exciting to be milking the lizard in a public place, even more exciting than when I did it in the bushes on the hike, and got busted by Darren. Wow! Was he bug-eyed or what? It was a bit embarrassing, though, with my juice flying all over the place, and me trying to say "hi" like nothing unusual was happening.

As I fisted my shaft, I thought about Candy for a little while, but then my thoughts changed to Kyle and me jacking off in his bed. Maybe that was 'cause it really happened, and nothing had happened between me and Candy so far. Anyway, I jetted a truckload of sticky jizz all over the tree, put my dick away, then took a moment to study my blobs of juice. Kyle had told me that he came back the next day to see if his was still there, and it was, so I would too. Or maybe I'd tell Candy about it so she could come and check it out.

"Hey, Candy, see those stains? That's what you missed out on."


I went into the living room to say hi to dad, and he put his newspaper down for a sec. "So, how's it going with you and Candy?"

"Pretty cool."

"Brings back memories."

At last! Dad was gonna tell me about some cool stuff that happened to him when he was a grommet. "What kinda memories?"

He took off his reading glasses, and smiled. "Oh, you know… holding hands, getting butterflies, working up the courage to kiss her on the cheek."

"Cheek? Didn't you ever play with… uh, y'know… thingies?"


"Never mind, dad. I've got homework to catch up on… maybe we can talk about this guy stuff later."

"What's this I hear?" mom said as she walked into the room.

"Nothing, mom. I've gotta stacka homework." I tried to leave the room but she grabbed my ear lobe.

"Oh? You're usually finding reasons to avoid it. So what's this about thingies?"

"Nothing, mom." Jeez, my face must've been the color of beet, and the heat radiating from it could've melted steel.

"Are you talking about Candy's breasts?"

"She had clothes on, mom."


"I mean, still has. I mean… I didn't… it wasn't like… Can you let go of my ear, mom?"

"I can't believe you've grown up so fast, son," she smiled. "OK, go and do your homework."

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 Wingnut Part 49