South Africa
Part 50

On Sunday night, both Steve and I slept over at Kyle's. It was the last weekend before school would resume for the first quarter. And guess what? There was only one spare mattress. And who got it? Yeah. The grommet.

After Kyle had left the room to brush his teeth before bed, I waited for a minute or so before I followed him. Kyle had his face over the washbasin, and his mouth was full of white foam when I popped the question. "Don't suppose we're gonna be able to jack each other off tonight, huh?"

"Not with Steve around, buddy."


"Hey, you can jack yourself. We're probably gonna, anyway."

"It's not the same."

"Yeah, well… there'll be other times." I watched Kyle spit the foam into the basin, then rinse his mouth, before I followed him back to his room.

"You wanna wrestle?"

"We've already wrestled."

"Yeah, but I didn't win!"

"Hey, Wingnut. It's bed time. OK?"

Damn! I crawled into the spare bed, then Kyle turned off the bed lamp. I laid there in the darkness for a while thinking about how cool it was when just me and Kyle were together. Steve was an OK guy, as well as a friend, and it was pretty fun wrestling with him and dissing each other… BUT! Yeah, I was pissed big time. I could've jacked myself a hundred times at home.

I was about to give my woody a tug when I heard weird shuffling and mouth noises coming from Kyle's bed. "Are you guys OK?"

"Yeah, Wingnut. Why?"

Now, that was even weirder! Kyle's voice was muffled, like it was coming from under the covers. "Sounds like you're dying or something. What are you guys doing?"

"Nothing. Just talking."

Yeah, right. Talking under the covers? Something was going on… and I figured I knew what. I got off the mattress, turned on the bed lamp, and jumped on the bed. Steve was acting kinda weird. His face was all screwed up, and… Hey! He was offloading! "Steve? You OK?" He didn't answer. They must've been jacking each other. But why was Kyle's head under the covers when he answered me before? And how come the covers were all messed up like they'd been wrestling?

"We're fine, Wingnut," Kyle said, "but you need to get on the spare mattress so we can sleep, li'l bro." Then he turned to his red-faced friend. "And you need to move, too, Steve."

When I saw the way Steve glared at his bud, I figured I'd better do as Kyle asked before I got pummeled. I no sooner had, than Steve rolled off the bed, then left the room to go to the bathroom. I couldn't help noticing the long, silvery strand of cum hanging from his boner.

Monday was the last day of the hols, so we made the most of it. We hitched a ride to Long Beach and had a totally rave surf. It was so damn cool, we didn't get home 'til late. Even from my house, I could hear Kyle's folks giving him a heap of crap about being late 'cause it was back to school the next day. My folks were pretty pissed, too, but, hey, I was the grommet, and the big guys called the shots. It wasn't my fault! What was I gonna do? Hitch home alone? So I had my folks on the back foot.

The first morning of school was chaotic. There were new guys everywhere, and none of them seemed to know where they were going, or what they were doing. And me? I was sticking to Kyle like shit to a blanket.

"Hey, you look pretty cute in your new khaki shorts, buddy." Then he ran his hand over my hair. "Your spiky brush-cut's kinda cute, too."

"Piss off, Kyle. Cute's for girls. OK? I look like a fucking dork. They should let us wear boardies and ts to school. And this damn tie is choking me. And I'm hot in this blazer."

"You'd better button up. Prefect's watching."

"Who? Mark? He won't beat on me."

"Yeah, well, don't let him have to make the choice."

I buttoned my blazer in disgust. "Sucks."

"Why don't you try to make some friends?"

"I've got friends here."


"So? Are you trying to get rid of me?"

"Will you just hang with Mark for a few? I've got something to do."

"Just hurry. OK?"

So off he went to the comp lab again to write his fucking diary or whatever the damn thing was. Actually, the day turned out to be better than I'd expected. Brian was in my class, so at least I had one friend. I also signed up for cricket and swimming, so I'd have to do a balancing act between practice and training. I'd figure that out later, though. Then, at recess, I joined a bunch of the new guys, and we played cricket on the field. So it all worked out pretty cool.

The main topic of convo over the next few days was the fires. They'd burnt out a lotta the local vineyard country, and national parks, and had spread to areas around Long Beach, our surfing haunt. Stacks of houses had been burnt to the ground. The heatwave also gave everybody at school the same idea… hit the pool. Yeah, right. It was fucking pandemonium, and if everybody had pissed at the same time, we would've had floods as well as bushfires.

One of the really neat things about having Kyle as a friend was that we could walk to and from school together. One afternoon, he stopped about half way home.

"What are you gonna do now?"

"Say hi to Steph."

"Hey! You gonna ask her?"

"Ask her what?"

"What we spoke about."


Jeez, Kyle was the coolest dude, but he could be so damn thick, sometimes. "You dense or something? We spoke about it!"


"Yeah. And you're playing with my mind. Are you gonna ask her, or aren't you?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

"She'll laugh at me."

"She won't, but… well, she might say no."

"Why? Is my woody too big for her?"

I ducked 'cause I figured Kyle was gonna whallop me with his school bag, but he didn't. He just grinned. "No… she might lose it."

"Very fucking funny. So?"

"So what?"

"So, are you gonna?" The convo wasn't getting any damn where, and I was getting pretty pissed with Kyle. It was like he didn't care about my wanting to know what it was like to be blown. So I gave up. "See ya." I'd gotten a few yards down the street, when I heard him yell.

"Hey, you!"

I turned to face him, but kept walking backwards. "Yeah?"

"See ya later, buddy."

"Yeah, OK."

So, what was the big deal? I didn't wanna steal Steph away from Kyle… I just wanted to find out what it was like to be blown. No way I could ask Candy. Jeez, she'd run a fucking mile! She hadn't even seen the damn thing yet. And she'd already freaked big time when she felt it through my boardies.

Even though I was seriously pissed at Kyle, I jumped the fence and picked up the dog crap during his absence, then returned home to sort out my books and homework. A while later, I heard him splashing around in the pool, so I hopped the fence again.

"Thanks for picking up the dog crap, bro."

"It's OK."

"Sorry about this arvie, but I can't ask her that. You'll have to."

"Fuck, Kyle, it's just that I thought like you'd do anything for me, and I guess I just went too far, huh?"

"It's OK."

"Will you be pissed off if I ask her?"


"What do you think? I don't wanna make a total prick of myself."

"Well, Steph won't dis you. If she doesn't wanna blow you, then she'll tell you in a cool way, I think. Anyway, why are you so damn hung up about it?"

"My mom says I've gotta get as much knowledge and education as I can… now, while I'm still young, and can remember it all. OK, so she was talking about reading and stuff, but sex is also learning, isn't it?"

Kyle totally collapsed with hysterical laughter, while I wondered what the fuck I'd said that had cracked him up, and it was a full minute before he could speak again. "You're mom said that?"

"Stop laughing! Dammit! You know what I mean… books and stuff."

He cracked up again. "So what are you gonna do? Put a book under your ass while she blows you?"

"If you don't stop laughing, I'm going home," I threatened. "This is serious stuff, Kyle."

I could see that he was trying to stop, but I was getting madder with every snigger. Finally, he straightened his face. "You wanna join me for a swim?" I stripped, and dove in. Then we wrestled and goofed off for a while, and things were soon back to normal.

At school, I'd figured out the cricket and swimming schedule OK. I played cricket with the guys during recess, then did swim training in the afternoons after class. Mark was there, helping out with the juniors. He wasn't the coach, but he was fucking acting like he was. I'd given him some lip about how many laps I'd done, and he damnwell threatened to drown me! Probably would've, too, if I'd said another word. And Mark wasn't the kinda guy you argued with… not if you wanted to stay healthy.

Anyway, it was cool 'cause the surf was up that arvie… not big, but cool, so Kyle, Steve and I had a totally rave session before returning home.

The next day, we learned that the fires had gotten worse, and Kyle's mountain was ablaze. It wasn't really Kyle's, of course, but that's the way he felt about Table Mountain. It was his... a part of his soul. Everywhere we looked, we could see thick clouds of smoke billowing into the air. Kyle's dad joined a band of volunteers who went up the back of the mountain to help the firefighters and emergency dudes beat out the fires, and assist people to escape from their houses. He later told us that some of the flames were twenty feet high, and that a lotta the people who had to evacuate their houses were in tears. As it turned out, none of the houses where he was was lost.

After school and homework, Kyle and a lotta the other teens also offered to help, but there were already too many volunteers.

Even the Navy Base was on fire, as well as the mountains above it. But that was fairly quickly brought under control by next morning, and the authorities were allowing people back into Simonstown.

Meantime, there wasn't much we could do except cool off in the surf, which was crappo, so we just sat on our boards and watched the helicopters dropping water bombs, and listened to the sirens as emergency vehicles dashed all over the place. It was like something outa a war movie. The sun was hanging like a big, red ball in the smoky, grey sky, and black ash was falling on us and our sticks.

Steph was also with us, sitting on her board. She was looking at me kinda weird, and I wondered if Kyle had said something to her after all about my wanting her to blow me.

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