South Africa
Part 53

Today was the day of the swim trials after classes, and I was feeling pretty nervous. Hmmm. Try scared shitless. On the walk to school, Kyle was telling me that everything would be cool, and that even if I came fifth in an event, I'd still make the team as a reserve, and be able to go on the tour. But my mind was too clouded to absorb much of what he was saying. I was wishing that I'd never even joined the swim team in the first fucking place.

As we neared the school gate, I saw that Mark was on gate duty as a prefect, checking the kids' uniforms as they arrived. Naturally, my blazer was unbuttoned. I hated the damn thing. It was claustrophobic.

"Better button your blazer before you get busted when you get to school."

"It's Mark… he won't bust me."

"He will, too! Anyway, don't force him to." Well, maybe Kyle was right, so I didn't take any chances, and quickly buttoned my blazer. "You nervous about the swim trials?"

"Nope… just scared shitless."

"Don't hassle… you're gonna knock 'em dead."

"Before or after?"

"You'll be OK. I still get nervous before anything that even looks like a comp. That's why I never surf in surfing comps… too much aggro."

"My stomach's cramping as well."


"I've gotta go and park a putty [take a dump] before the school bell goes."

"No training this morning?"

"No… we're supposed to relax, and take it easy." As we passed by the gate, I'd noticed the blue swelling on Mark's face. "What's wrong with Mark's face?"

"He walked into a door."

"Was he trashed?"

"Yeah, but don't tell him I told you… he'll fuck me up."

"Yeah, right… he's your friend."

"Yeppo… but his fuse is half the length of mine."

"Hey, before class, can you help me with a math prob?"

"Before or after you park your putty?"

The prob was an algebra thingy that I just couldn't understand. But after Kyle had explained it, I realized that it was one of those things that kinda stared you in the face, but you just couldn't see it. I could've kicked myself when I discovered how simple it was.

"Hey, Mark and Steve are going to the England/Zimbabwe game tonight. I'm not going, though. You wanna bring Candy to the movies with Steph and me?"

"I'll have to check with Candy."

"I'll show you the popcorn trick."

"What popcorn trick?"

"Later. You had to be there."

After school, it was time for the selection trials, and I was about as strung out as it was possible to be. I knew that Kyle and Mark were sitting in the stands somewhere, but I didn't wanna look at anybody. I just walked around behind the starting blocks, shaking my arms, stretching backwards, twisting my upper bod, then stretching some more. I was also taking deep breaths, hoping that it would relax me… at least a little bit. Jeez, I'd never been so fucking nervous!

Darren, Ross, the coach, and two teachers were in charge of the team selections, while some other teachers with stopwatches were checking the times.

The first race was the 50m freestyle, and I totally bombed. I could've done better if I'd remained at the starting block, and never hit the fucking water at all! I'd come eighth, and I was so fucking mad at myself, I would've clobbered anybody who'd said so much as a fucking word to me.

The next race was the 100m free, and I blew it again. I was swimming like a fucking brick wrapped in chains. Damn, I'd never been so embarrassed in all my life! I was so damn miserable, I thought I was gonna cry.

The following races were the breastroke events, and I wasn't competing in those, so I just hung around trying to avoid other peoples' eyes… especially those in the stands.

Then came the 200m freestyle. I stood on the block, and glanced up to the stands. I saw Kyle sitting there, watching me. He must've been helluva disappointed in me, I thought, so I just gave him a dumb kinda look, and shrugged as if I was gonna make a fool of myself all over again. What the fuck was I doing there? It was a fucking joke. Correction. I was the fucking joke. Big fucking time!

After the second length, at the 100m mark, I was sixth. Big fucking deal. Then, the big surprise. Half way through the third length, I began to catch up with the other guys. I touched the wall for the final length, tumble turned, and I was third! I could feel myself flying through the water as the other swimmers drifted behind me. Then, the biggest surprise of all. I could hardly believe it when I touched the wall first! WOOHOO! It was the best fucking feeling ever! I glanced up to the stands and saw Kyle and Mark jumping around like their asses were on fire, going totally ballistic, yelling and grinning big time! Damn, this had to be my absolute proudest moment!

Pretty much the same thing happened in the butterfly. I was hopeless in the 50m, but I came third in the 100m, and won the 200m. It was obvious to everybody that I was useless over the shorter distances, but swam like a dolphin over the longer races. In the 400m freestyle, I won by a fucking mile! I didn't race in the relay races, though, 'cause I couldn't handle the 50m. But, the main thing was that I'd been chosen for the junior swim team. YES! And all the guys were slapping my back, and telling me that I was a champion!

I was so damn amped when I came outa the change room, dressed in my track top and white shorts, that I looked up to the stands again. Mark had gone, but Kyle was still there, beaming like he'd been the one who'd won the races. He told me later that I shouldn't wear those white shorts in public, 'cause I filled every damn inch of them. That cracked me up big time.

As it turned out, Steph didn't wanna go to the movies, so Candy and I went to the early movie, then met up with the guys later at the pizza restaurant. Kyle must've told Steph all about the trials, 'cause the first thing she did when we arrived at their table was to throw her arms around me, and give me the hugest hug ever! I could hardly breathe until she finally let go!

"I'm so thrilled for you, Wingnut!"

"Thanks. It was kinda cool, I guess. But Kyle helped me a lot with my stroke."

"Don’t be so damn modest. And look at you! You look so damn cute!"

"Jeez, Kyle, does Steph do this kinda thing to you?"

"Nah," he grinned, "she's got her beady eyes on you, bro."

"Do you blame me?" Steph laughed, then stood back to check me out. I was wearing my tight, black jeans which kinda showed off my furniture, and my loose, red t, which kinda hung down over my pecs. My hair was gelled, and all spiked up. "You look totally awesome, Wingnut… and so do you, Candy. Both as pretty as a picture."

Pretty? Well, I must've been totally red-faced by that stage, but it was wicked to hear all those compliments, especially from a cool chick like Steph. She ruled.

After the pizza, Kyle and I went to the bathroom, and stood side by side at the urinal. "Can I sleep over Saturday? What are you looking at my dick for?"

"Your piss comes out like a damn fire hose… you'd make a horse embarrassed."

"So can I sleep over tomorrow?"

"Just so long as you don't piss on me… I'd need my fucking wettie and an aqualung."

Kyle was too busy for me to interrupt him on Saturday. He had a whole bunch of chores to do around the house, plus some hood work… three cars to wash. So I left it until pretty late before I hopped the fence with my board and surf bag. "What are you laughing at?"

"Steve. He just left. He asked me if I'd seen the new condoms… the ones with the barcode at the bottom. So I told him I hadn't. Oh? he said, then you haven't rolled yours down that far. So I told him to piss off. Had to laugh, though."

Kyle and I took a run down to the beach 'cause we thought the surf was gonna improve, but it was pretty flat. Damn! So we decided to take a walk along the beach to the rocks where there were some fisherfolk gathered.

"You ever talk to those guys?"

"Sure. They talk to me in Afrikaans, and call me "klein baas"."

"Little boss?"

"Yep, my dad knows them. See the old guy over there?… the colored one who looks about eighty… he taught my dad how to fish. The morning after last Christmas, my dad took all the leftover food down here, and gave it to the fisherfolk. Then he had to hang with them for a while, and share their wine. He calls it "donkey piss"… but not to their faces."

Anyway, we chatted to the fisherfolk for quite a while, and it was really interesting. They were just so laid back, and cool… and fished off the rocks most every day to feed their families. One of them told us that the surf was gonna rock… well, he didn't say 'rock'… the next day. Kyle had already told me that those guys could predict the weather better than anybody he knew. We also chatted about the cricket and other stuff, and I was totally into the convo.

That night, Kyle's folks had gone to visit friends, so he and I were alone in the house. Hey, woohoo! That was all the excuse I needed to get naked, and strut around the place like it was my own little island. Later, we swam in the pool, and had a stack of fun just goofing off, and wrestling.

"So what's for dinner?"


"Sarmies? People don't eat sarmies for dinner!"

"OK, I'll toast them."

"That's not cooking!"

"So you wanna cook something?"

"Not really."

Kyle made some toasted cheese and tomato sarmies [which I had to admit were pretty damn yummy], then we watched a couple of vids… Scream, and Airforce One. As usual, I covered my eyes during the scary bits, but not so that Kyle would notice.

By the time we hit the sack, it'd gotten a bit cool, so I was first under the covers. When Kyle got in beside me, I wrapped my arms around his warm, muscular bod, and gave him a huge hug.

"What was that for?"

"For helping me with the swimming after school."

"You've just given me a boner."

"Me, too."

"So what did you do with Candy last night?"

"Oh… just kissed and stuff."


"No… just kissed."

"You should get her to give you a massage."

"You can." I rolled over onto my stomach, and rested my chin on my hands.

"You're too young to have a bod like this," he said as he worked my shoulders and back.

"Does that mean it looks cool?" Then I felt the tips of his fingers tracing the outline of my lats.

"Very. Your muscles are really showing now."

"Think so? Like yours?"

"Probably better."

"Yeah, right!" He had to be kidding! Kyle was a major hunk, with a bod most guys would kill for.

He didn't comment, but just continued to massage me. The sensation of his affectionate hands gliding up and down my skin was just so damn wicked, I wanted it to last forever. For some reason, though, his hands ran quickly over my buns, then continued to massage my legs. Why not my buns? I thought. They're muscles, too. Oh, well, maybe he figured they were a bit private or something.

After a while, he asked me to roll over. My boner was standing up and away from my stomach, and there was a silvery string of pre-cum hanging from my knob. I watched him gather it in his fingers, then wrap his fist around my woody. Oh, jeeeeez! He'd instantly electrified my whole bod. I closed my eyes, arched my back slightly, and stiffened my legs.

As he stroked me, I was half hoping that he'd wrap his juicy lips around my woody, and blow me, but I knew he wouldn't. Only girls and gays did that kinda thing, and Kyle was neither. Despite that, I couldn't help wishing that he'd make an exception… just this once. I wanted so much to know what it felt like! And Kyle was my best friend, so it would be OK. It would be our secret.

I felt his hand on my abs… he'd always liked my abs, and the way they'd contract to define each one. Then my whole body shook. I heard him tell me not to cum just yet, but it was too late. His fist gripped my shaft like a vice, as if he were trying to stop the flood. I whimpered and groaned with the most awesome pleasure as my load exploded from my piss hole, and splashed all over my stomach and chest. Whoa!

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