South Africa
Part 65

Kyle's dad wasn't happy about him sleeping over two nights in a row, but Kyle managed to use his charm to convince his dad that it was cool 'cause it was a 4-day weekend. He didn't mention anything to his dad about my sleeping over at Steph's, though… probably figured there'd be too many probing questions and not enough answers.

When I met up with Kyle to walk to Steph's, he wanted to know what I had in the tog bag slung over my shoulder.


"You don't need any."

"Just in case… and my toothbrush."

I really didn't know what to expect when we got to Steph's. Would she be naked already? Sprawled on the bed or something? Waiting for me to… well… put my dick in her mouth? Yeah, right. So I just climb on the bed and stick it in, like it was something I did every damn day. Jeez! If it weren't for Kyle being with me, I would've turned and run like fucking hell to the safety of home. Anyway, when we got there, it was a relief to see that she was just her usual self. And dressed! She gave me a big hug like she normally did, and made me feel totally relaxed. Whew!

I'd almost forgotten about the reason for my being there while we watched a war movie on video. Steph and Kyle weren't all that impressed by the flick, but I enjoyed it. Besides, it took my mind off other things.

After the vid, we stayed in the den where we listened to music, so I began to think that the blowjob would come later… probably when we'd gone to bed, and were in the dark. Wrong! Without warning, Steph stood and said, "I think we should all get naked."

Whoa! I wasn't prepared for any of this. I used to think I was, but now that the big moment was about to arrive, I was scared shitless. I looked at my bro to see what I should do or say, but he'd already begun to undress. So had Steph. What was I to do? Damn! I couldn't be the only one who wasn't naked, so I began to fumble with my shirt buttons. I managed to get my shirt off, but was still fumbling with my shorts buttons when both my buds were totally starkers already.

"Want some help?"

"Uh… no, thanks, Steph. I'm OK."

She ignored my remark, undid my shorts buttons, then pulled my shorts down. I was standing there in my soft-cotton boxers, but not for long. In a second, they were down around my ankles. I was way too nervous to have a woody, but I noticed that Kyle was getting hard. Then Steph left the room to get some beer.

"You OK?"

"Yeah," I lied. "It's cool. Steph's cool." As it happened, I was right. Steph returned with three beers, one for me, which I thought was pretty neat 'cause I was being treated like an equal.

What followed was totally unexpected. Instead of getting down to the business of being blown, we sat around chatting and listening to music. Steph asked us all about the holiday, and, as the evening wore on, it felt totally natural for us all to be naked. Hey, I even got a woody several times, and it didn't faze me at all! Besides, I couldn't help gawking at Steph's tits and pussy. She was a helluva spunky girl, with a bod that looked totally awesome in the buff. And she had the kinda personality that bubbled along, keeping us all laughing and joking.

But, just as I was feeling completely at ease, Steph moved closer to Kyle and took his semi in her hand. I watched bug-eyed as my bro's dick became instantly hard. Then I heard a voice. It was Steph's. "You wanna sit closer?" I obeyed as if she had some kinda power over me, and sat next to her. She took hold of my woody in her free hand, and began to stroke the both of us. My legs reacted by becoming as stiff as boards. My thigh muscles were like popping outa my skin.

There were no words to describe my reaction as I watched Steph go down on Kyle, and send her sexy lips along his thick, rock-hard shaft. Fuck! He was inside her! Just like the times he'd told me about, and how I imagined them to be. But I was actually seeing it! His boner… inside her mouth!

Nothing was being said, so I figured that maybe Steph was trying to show me that blowing a guy was normal and cool. I wasn't sure about it being normal, but I was damn sure about it being cool! Woohoo! It rocked something wicked!

Steph didn't suck Kyle's dick for very long, though. She had other plans. Plans that included me! She asked me to lay on my back, which I did. Then she offered to give me a cushion to cover my face, like I'd done when Rochelle blew me in the trailer during the game of strip poker. Cover my face? And miss out on seeing Steph do to me what she'd just done to Kyle? She had to be kidding!

"Nah… I wanna see you."

Steph was sweet and gentle, but that didn't stop my body from experiencing the most incredible sensations when my woody disappeared between her lips, and her tongue wrapped itself around my swollen, ultra-sensitive knob. Unbelievable! Then, she took my cock outa her mouth, and asked me if I was OK. OK? Jeez, I could hardly speak! But I must've said something, 'cause she went down on me again, but this time she was taking my woody all the way in… well, almost. She was gagging a bit, so I was pretty chuffed about having a big dick for a grommet. And while she was sucking me, her magic fingers played with my balls.

There was so much crazy stuff racing through my mind, I could hardly follow it all. There, right before my eyes, was the coolest chick on the planet with my boner in her mouth. My boner! In her mouth! At the same time, my whole body was tensed 'cause of the extreme thrills that were zapping around me like bolts of lightning. And Kyle? His eyes were riveted to everything that was going on, and he had a fucking skin-splitter. He wasn't smiling, though. It was like he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

When I felt the rush about to begin, I heard myself gasp. It was almost like a cry. I expected Steph to take my boner outa her mouth like Rochelle had done, but no. I bent my legs, and instinctively raised my ass as I thrust my woody deeper into Steph's face. I could hear her swallowing as my cock kept exploding my grommet juice, wad after wad after wad. Fucking unreal!

After my balls had emptied, I laid there in some kinda weird daze while Steph sucked the last drops of my juice, as though she didn't wanna miss one single, solitary morsel. When she was done, she leaned forward so that her tits were pressed against my chest, and asked me if I was OK.

"Cool," I sighed.

"Did you like that?"

"That was so damn awesome, Steph. Thanks."

"Great," she smiled, then kissed me lightly on the lips.

My brain was slowly beginning to return to the land of the living, so I raised myself onto my elbows. "Can I watch you guys now?"

Steph and Kyle looked at each other with raised, questioning eyebrows, then shrugged. "I had other plans for that juice," Kyle grinned, "but what the hell. I can always manufacture some more pretty quickly."

Well, it was pretty short and sweet. Steph had hardly begun blowing my bro when his body convulsed, and he offloaded big time. I figured he must've been ready to shoot at the drop of a hat after watching Steph eat me. But it was way cool to watch Steph swallowing his load as fast as he could fire it. I'd seen it often enough before, and could imagine his thick, sticky juice sliding past her tonsils.

"You're gonna have protein overload," Kyle cracked as Steph swallowed the last of his jizz.

"Cool!" Steph grinned, then left the room to fetch more beer.

Now was my chance to tell Kyle how I really felt about what had happened… not that it was easy to verbalize. "Kyle," I began as my mind searched frantically for the right words, "that was the most awesome fucking thing! Not like the holiday. This was totally fucking awesome!"

My bro smiled at me, knowing that there was no way that I could adequately express my feelings. "Well, little bro, you've been annoying the fucking shit outa me about this day for ages. And now it's finally happened."

The guys had obviously left me where I'd fallen asleep on the carpet 'cause I woke next morning, having been covered with a duvet. A pillow had been placed under my head. My first thought was to jack off while thinking about Steph blowing me, but I was way too excited for that. Woohoo!

Still naked, and with a huge piss boner, I headed for Steph's room, then jumped on the bed between them. "Hey, guys! Wake up!"

Steph opened her eyes, then took a moment to focus. "Hey, big boy," she smiled, eyeing my bouncing woody.

"Bigger than Kyle's, huh?"

"Hey, shithead," Kyle groaned as he stirred. "Now all of a sudden you've got a big beak."

"Sorry, Kyle, but Steph had to find out sooner or later who was bigger." Hell, I knew that Kyle's was bigger 'cause I could feel his huge piss boner rubbing against my wriggling, naked ass, but I wasn't gonna admit it to Steph.

Anyway, I'd succeeded in getting those two sleepy heads outa bed. After we'd all showered, Steph made some toasted sarmies for breakfast, then Kyle and I walked home.

"You remember when I asked you what it was like when Steph blew you?"

"Fifty thousand times."

"She's blown you that many?"

"That's how often you asked the fucking question."

"Yeah, well, I was curious. Not now, though. Anyway, when ever I asked you, all you'd say was 'awesome', and I was always pissed 'cause you wouldn't elaborate."

"That's a big word for a grommet."

"Mom uses it when I tell that something's cool. Anyway, now I understand what you meant. Awesome's about the only word to describe being blown… 'specially by such a totally cool chick as Steph."

"So now you don't need to ask me anymore."

"Did you fuck her?"

"What do you think?"

"Yeah, right. Dumb question. Do you think if I asked Steph….?"

"Don't even think about it."

"Chill. Just wondering."

Kyle was busy with chores and a whole bunch of stuff for the rest of the long weekend, so I didn't see much of him until after rugger practice at school. He was working on a school assignment when I breezed into his room. I was pretty chuffed to see that he was wearing the Garfield boxers I'd given him for Christmas.

I was in my tight rugger shorts, which I knew he liked 'cause he'd always check out my bulge, and my legs. It was pretty cool that Kyle got a buzz outa looking at me even though he was into heavy sessions with Steph. I guessed we had that in common. I liked to gawk at him, too, even though I had a girlfriend.

"You doing stuff about all the ladies around the world?" I asked, glancing at his homework.

"Nope… it's all about the ocean floor."

"Oh? Ocean floors are giving you a boner," I laughed.

I didn't hang around, though, 'cause I could tell that he was busy. But it was neat to see that he was getting a rise from ogling me in my rugger shorts. Kyle was different to other guys. He appreciated me in ways that other dudes didn't… not even Brian. Sure, Brian and I jacked each other, but that was mainly outa fun. I didn't have the same feelings for Brian as I did for Kyle. My feelings for Kyle ran much, much deeper, like he was the most special person in the world to me, outside of my folks, of course. I could talk to Kyle about all kinds of totally rad shit, no matter how personal. OK, he would freak about some things, like when I smoked a j with Brian, but mostly he was cool. Way cooler than anybody else I knew.

Next day at school, all the guys were talking about Mark, and how kiff it was that he stood up to a teacher who was giving him shit. Nobody had the full story, though, so I hopped the fence that arvie and asked Kyle about what happened. Turned out that Mark had busted two lighties fighting, but didn't book them. Instead he got them to clean themselves up. When the teacher found out, he demanded an apology, which Mark didn't give him, so the teacher reported Mark to the head. The head was cool, and Mark got to keep his prefect badge.

"Maybe you guys should get together and give Mark a blowjob to show your appreciation," Kyle grinned.

"He'll choke us all," I cracked. "Have you seen the size of his dick?"

"Nope. Haven't noticed."

"Yeah, right. It's huge! Almost like yours." Then I moved behind Kyle, and rubbed his chest and abs.

"What are you doing?"

"Giving you a hug."

"What for?"

"So that I can feel your muscles… especially this one." I slid my hand between the elastic of his boxers and his smooth skin, and felt his hot, hard boner. "Hey, Kyle, you wanna jack? We haven't done it for ages."

"OK, but I'll do you first."

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