South Africa
Part 67

Candy and I went with Kyle and Steph to the pizza restaurant where we met up with Mark and Carol. Mark's lip was swollen, but that didn't surprise me. He was seriously into boxing and that kinda stuff, so I guessed it was to be expected… and I knew well enough to keep my fucking trap shut.

At the restaurant, I spotted a bud from school with his girlfriend, so Candy and I sat with them for a while.

"So how come you're hanging with the big guys?"

"How do you know they're not hanging with me?"

"Yeah, right."

"They do!" Candy chirped in my defence. "They invite us the movies and barbecues and everything! I think it's 'cause Wingnut looks older."

"And I've got a big… uh… well, we all kinda skinny dip in Kyle's pool and stuff."

"All?" my bud asked with his chin on his lap. "You mean the girls as well?"

"Nah… just us guys… Kyle, Mark, Steve and me. But we skinny dipped with a bunch of girls we met at the holiday park up the Garden Route." Oops! Dammit! Me and my big fucking mouth!

"You never told me about that!" Candy glared, and cocked one eyebrow.

"Hey, Chill! I was getting around to it."

"You've been back from hols for ages!"

"I thought you'd be mad at me or something."

"I am mad at you!"

"Anyway, nothing happened. I didn't even get a woody. And it was dark."

"Liar. I'll ask Kyle."

"No! Don't ask Kyle. You know what he's like. He'll tell you a whole bunch of crazy stuff just to get me into deep shit."

"I'll ask Mark, then."

"Mark wasn't there. He was somewhere with… uh… he went for a walk."

"Are you sure you're telling the truth?"

"Candy, look at my face. OK? Is this the face of a guy who would lie to you?"

"That's what my dad always says to my mom when he's got the guilts about something."

Well, Candy finally did chill, and we decided to join the big guys for a walk along the beach. It was a wicked evening with a starlit sky, and warm air. And it was the bomb to watch the blue-black breakers rolling onto the beach, one after the other, where they spilled and foamed, and swarmed all over the wet, brown sand. The beach was a totally different place at night. There were things to notice that weren't noticeable during the day… probably 'cause we were too busy surfing.

Anyway, the stroll got Candy all romantic like, so we played tonsil hockey for ages at her front door. It gave me a chance to feel her small, firm tits. And then, it happened. Whoa! Her hand went down my cargoes and touched my woody. I figured maybe she'd gotten a little jealous when I told her about the skinny dipping at the holiday park.

After we'd walked Carol, Steph, and the guys home, Kyle and I headed to his place where I was gonna sleep over.



"I see she had her hand down your cargoes."

"Do you guys always watch me and Candy when we say goodnight?"

"You make enough damn noise. Sounded like you were sucking shrimps, dude."

"She touched my boner, and kept her hand there," I beamed from ear to ear.


"Yeah… I think she was impressed 'cause her fingers went right down to the bottom, and I was rock hard."

Kyle responded by staggering forward, laughing his tits off.

"And she didn't wanna let go! Fuck, Kyle, it felt wicked 'cause she was like nervous, and her fingers were shaking. It's like when my gran used to take me for a pee when I was little. Her hand used to always shake," I laughed. Kyle cracked up completely.

When we'd arrived at his room, Kyle began to organize the spare mattress. But, hey, fuck that! I was in no mood to sleep alone, so I got naked and jumped into his bed, where we laid on our backs, side by side. Then my hand touched his cock, which became instantly hard. A second later, his hand was on my woody, and we stroked each other kinda casual like while we chatted about Candy, and surfing.

It was when he was telling me about what happened to Mark at the club, getting beaten up by some of Steve's larnie friends, that I just couldn't withhold my load. I stiffened my legs, then shot a bucket of grommet juice into Kyle's hand.

"Aaaagggghhhh! That was too damn quick!"

"That's 'cause you've got no control."

So then I rolled onto my side, facing my bro, and fisted his boner like a damn piston. It was so cool to watch his face kinda grimace with excitement, and his muscles tense, as I slid my fist up and down his long, thick, solid meat. I was tempted to put my lips around his knob, which was shiny with pre-cum, but I wasn't sure how I'd react if he blew in my mouth, so I wussed out. Besides, he'd said that maybe he'd blow me one day, so I figured it was safer to let him do the rad stuff first. Then it'd be OK for me to follow.

After Kyle had cleaned all the juice from his chest and abs with a tissue, and tossed the wet paper into the waste basket, I pounced on him, straddled his chest, and wrapped my arms around his strong, muscular shoulders.

"Now, if you were really my older bro, I'd come into your bed every night." I could feel my boner pressing against his stomach, while his was tickling my ass.


"And then I'd lie on top of you like this," I grinned before resting my head on his shoulder, and soaking up the heat from our naked bodies.

Kyle didn't say anything as he ran his hands up and down my back, and over the curve of my buns. It felt so incredibly awesome to be holding him tight while his fingers explored my bod, pausing every now and then to investigate a muscle, or to squeeze my globes. There was something very special about being so close to Kyle… like I was the only person in the whole damn world who mattered right then. Anyway, the next thing I knew, he was waking me up, and asking me to roll over onto my side of the bed.

"How long were you doing that?"

"Long enough."

"It felt totally wicked."

"Time to get some sleep, buddy. We've got an early start in the morning."

Sunday the surf was really cooking, and we had a total rave. Steve was there, looking like nothing had happened, in spite of what Kyle had told me about those larnie fuckwits who spiked his drink at the club.

"Why do you hang with those guys?" I asked between sets on the back line.

"It's a kinda social thing. My folks are friendly with their folks… that kinda shit. And we all go to the same school."

"You should go to Kyle's and my school. It rocks."

"You don't understand, dude. How would my folks explain that to their friends? My school is like some kinda status symbol. Keeping up with the fucking Jones's and all that bullshit."

He was right. I didn't understand. What was the point of having dickhead friends just to keep up with the fucking Jones's? Anyway, Steve didn't really belong with those dorks… he was more like us… a regular guy… well, a regular guy who blew Kyle. How fucking awesome was that? Never in a fucking million years would anybody think that those two guys would have their dicks in each other's mouths. Then again, I wasn't about to stand on the beach with a megaphone and make an announcement about the stuff Kyle and I did. Jeez!

Anyway, as the day wore on, the wind picked up, and the swell became bigger. By the end of our long session, which lasted 'til almost sundown, we were all totally stuffed, and our arms felt like lead from all the paddling. It was a totally wicked day, though. Stellar.

"Hey, dad. Did mom ever get jealous when you talked about other girls?"

"There were no other girls."

"Yeah, right. C'mon, dad. I'm thirteen this year. I know about stuff."

"Such as?"

"Well, Candy got mad at me 'cause I mentioned… well, I told her that I'd met… that is, Kyle, Mark and I met some girls at the holiday park."

"So Candy became jealous?"

"For a while. Then she kinda chilled, and… stuff happened."

Dad lowered his reading glasses, and studied me. "Stuff?"

"Yeah. Y'know… stuff. Kissing and stuff."

"Oh. That kind of stuff. So, you want to know if your mother was ever jealous of me?"

"Yeah. And I wanna know if sometimes you've gotta like say stuff to keep women on their toes."

"Son, you may as well know now that nobody understands women, not even women. They are an absolute mystery, and shall ever remain so. Mind you, that's also what they think about us men."

"Us men? You mean like I'm a men? Man?"

"If you're into kissing already, I'd say that was a pretty good indication of where you're headed."

"What's all this about kissing?" mom asked as she came into the living room.

"Me and Candy."

"At your age?"

"Jeez, mom! I've got pubes and everything."

"Seems like a minute ago that I was changing your diapers."

"Anyway, did dad ever make you jealous?"

"Never. And even if he had, I would never admit it."

"Why not?"

"Because women don't admit to things like that… not that I've ever been jealous, you understand."

"Well, Candy admitted it… not in words, but she was pretty damn hectic when we said goodnight."

"Perhaps you understand women better than your father does," she smiled. "Or doesn't."

"Yeah, well that's a new generation thingy. Younger guys know about stuff."

"Then why are you always asking me about stuff?" dad interjected.

"Chill, dad. I'm just comparing notes."

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Kyle and I would catch a few waves for a while after school, then get stuck into homework. I had a stack of the damn stuff, but nothing compared to Kyle's. He was up to his eyeballs with some major project about mapping undersea landmarks and features. His dad was even allowing him to use the internet for research, which I thought was way damn cool. On the other hand, it was pissing me off big time, 'cause every time I'd hop the fence and breeze into his room, he'd be busy. Busy, busy, busy! So when was he gonna blow me? Or did 'maybe' mean 'maybe not'?

At night, I'd jack off thinking about Kyle's lips riding my woody, like Steph's had ridden his. And then all those swallowing sounds she made when Kyle offloaded. Whoa! That would be just so fucking cool! But when was it gonna happen? Would it ever happen?

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