South Africa
Part 69

Well, Kyle did end up going to the doc. His bronchitis got so bad that it almost became pneumonia. The weather wasn't helping him either… lots of rain, and even gale-force wind on occasions. On the other hand, the winter swell was creating wicked surf conditions. Steve said it was the best winter swell we'd had at the local for years.

I'd also met a smaller version of Steve. His name was Sean… blonde, kinda spunky, and a rave surfer, although he wasn't quite as rave as I was. He had a really neato girlfriend, too, and the four of us would go out sometimes.

Sean filled an important gap in my grommet life 'cause he was my age. It was cool to surf with the big guys, like Steve and Kyle, but it was also cool to have a bud like Sean. Besides, Kyle was sick, so there was no way he was gonna ride his stick with us for quite a while.

Between surfing sessions, I'd breeze into Kyle's room to check on how he was, and to let him know about the conditions. Even though he wasn't able to surf, he was still interested in what was happening out there, and wanted to be kept informed.

"Steve was telling me how well you're handling the big swell."

"He told you that? Cool! There's only one prob, though. It's too cold for the groupies… there's hardly anybody on the beach. It's like Big Wednesday's showing at the movies, but nobody's in the damn cinema."

"You'll live."

"Yeah, but you mightn't. I've only just arrived, and you've blown your nose three times already."

"You wanna see what's in this tissue?"

"No thanks. Ew!"

"Anyway, that's the cool thing about the local… you can still ride the big ones so long as they've got some shape. Not like Long Beach where you have to know what the hell you're doing, or get trashed."

"Exams start Thursday."

"Tell me about it. It's bad enough studying without feeling like I'm fucking dying."

"You think that's bad? My folks have cut my surfing time. Now that really sucks!"

And it did suck. Big time. It was like my whole life depended on those fucking exams… at least, that's the way I was made to feel. Pressure, pressure, pressure. It was different for Kyle 'cause he needed to get a good pass to do the post-matriculation course next year, which would take him on to university. But me? Hey! This was my first year of high school!

Anyway, it was wicked cool to have a bro I could ask stuff, so I was hopping the fence every afternoon, sitting beside him at his desk, getting him to help me with study, and quizzing me about my work.

"I dunno what you're panicking about, Wingnut. You seem to know everything."

"My folks are gonna ground me from surfing during the hols if I get a shit report."

"That's blackmail."

"Yeah! That's what I said. Well… whispered… kinda under my breath. Anyway, you're making it damn hard to concentrate."


"You've got your hand down my track pants."

"And yours is on my leg, bro. Besides, I could see that you had a total damn boner."

Well, what fucking choice did I have but to put study on hold for a minute while he jacked me? His fist gliding up and down my woody kinda focused my attention on things other than math, even though I kept looking at the text book, and tried to follow what he was telling me. Then, when the page became all blurry, I let out a whimper, and blew a truckload in my track pants.

"Jeez, Kyle! Now I'm gonna have go clean myself!"

"You've got no control, bro," he grinned.

"Yeah, right. Back in a sec."

I figured my folks must've organized the weather over the next few days. All the rain, thunder and lightning was like some kinda threat of impending doom if I got a shit school report. Zap! A bolt outa the black, storm clouds reducing me to a pile of fucking ashes. Nice knowing you, Wingnut.

By Saturday morning, the weather had eased. Kyle was still a bit too wobbly to go surfing, but he was feeling better, so I figured he was well enough to let me sleep over.

"Can I?"

"Better check with your folks."

"I already did. Told them you were gonna help me study."

"Study what?"

"Whatever." I tried to give him my best innocent look, but I figured he'd already read my mind.

That night, we all went for pizza… Sean, his girl, me, Candy, Steph, Kyle, Steve, one of his girls… Jeez that guy had a fucking harem!… and Mark and Carol. Our crowd was getting so damn big, we had to join two tables together. But it was a way cool night, and I spotted Kyle glancing at Sean a few times. He seemed impressed. Hey? Why wouldn't he be? I hung with the coolest, and the coolest hung with me. In fact, we had the coolest table in the whole restaurant. We rocked… even if I did say so myself.

I could also tell that Sean was impressed with Kyle… as well as with all the other guys. Normally, a grommet wouldn't get to mix with the big guys, so this was like a pretty special occasion for my new surfer bud, and a chance to show off to his girl. And who invited him? I did. Yeah! Woohoo!

When we got back to Kyle's room, I watched him undress before he hit the hay. The spare mattress was on the floor. I studied it for a second, and thought, nah, fuck that, then ditched my clothes and jumped onto his bed.

"Hey? What's this? What about the spare mattress?"

"Ah, c'mon, Kyle… you're not serious."

"I'm not gonna have your cold butt up against me all night."

"It's not cold. It's a hot butt. Candy said so."

"Yeah? Well, she's wrong. Candy's got no taste in butts. She still putting her hand down your cargoes?"

"Yeah… even more now," I grinned as I snuggled up to my bro's warm bod.

"She's probably trying to find that thing… and wondering why you haven't got one."


Then Kyle couldn't resist the broad smile that spread over his face. He loved to tease me, and the truth was that I loved it too, but I could tell by the glint in his hazel eyes that he was enjoying having me next to him.

"Hey, Kyle?"


"We gonna jack?"

"I'm tired."

Yeah, right. Tired schmired. I figured his dick wouldn't be tired, so I put my hand on it. Yep, just as I thought… a boner. "Doesn't feel like you're tired."

For the next several minutes, maybe even ten, we just layed there stroking each other, and I couldn't help thinking about that time he lubed my woody with his mouth. What if he'd gone all the way, and blown me like Steph had? Awesome. And I had this weird feeling that maybe he was thinking the same thing.

"You and Steve," I said, breaking the long silence. "You still doing stuff together?"

"Not for a while now. Why?"

"Just wondered."

"Wondering what? What do you think about that, anyway?"

"About you guys doing that stuff?" I didn’t wanna use the words 'blowing each other' 'cause it didn't seem right somehow. Girls blew guys. So maybe there should be another word for it… a word that made it sound better… more like a guy thing. "Well, you're friends, right? So it should be cool."


"And what?"

"You ever thought about doing it?"

"With a guy?"


I could tell that Kyle was also feeling a bit uneasy about the subject, but I had a simple answer. "Yep."

"With who?"

"I dunno," I lied. "It just sorta came into my head, and I thought about it." Anyway, it was pretty obvious that neither of us was gonna say exactly what was on our minds, even though we both wanted to. At least, that's what I figured. So I rolled onto my side, and began to seriously jack Kyle's thick, hard, six inches.

"Jeez, Wingnut," he moaned, "I'd almost forgotten how good that feels."

"Feels pretty good for me, too." It was totally cool to have a fistful of my bro's boner. I loved its shape, and the way my fingers would wrap around its sculptured knob, which was slippery with pre-cum. When I had hold of Kyle's throbbing meat, it was like I had complete control over him. But, at the same time, he had complete control over me, 'cause it was just so damn cool to jack him, I didn't wanna let go.

It didn't take long for Kyle to arch his back, raise his ass off the bed, and shoot a truckload. I watched successive explosions of his thick, sticky boy juice jet outa his swollen piss hole, and splatter all over his muscular chest and abs. Fucking wicked!

When it was his turn to jack me, I laid there on my back with my eyes closed, and my hands behind my head, thinking about his wet lips riding the whole length of my woody. Jeez! How fucking cool would that've been? And if he had've been blowing me, no way would I have had my eyes closed. No way! My woody jammed in his handsome face would be something I'd wanna see with my eyes wide open! Totally rad!

Then, when I felt the rush begin its electrically charged journey from my tight balls, I remembered the sounds that Steph had made when she swallowed my load… as well as Kyle's… and I tried to imagine Kyle making the same awesome noises while he was gulping my juice. Whoa!

By the following Thursday, the exams were over. The endless days at school, the endless nights of study, the endless worries about what was gonna be in my school report. Well, I didn't know about the report yet, but at least the exams were over.

"Are you confident?" mom asked.

"Kinda. Kyle helped a whole stack."

"He's a wonderful friend to you, son. You're very lucky to have him."

"That's the way we all are, mom. Steve and Mark helped Kyle, and Kyle helped me. We all kinda help each other. Not that I helped them… but, hey, I'm only a grommet."

"Your turn will come. Anyway, I'm glad you have such good friends."

"Is it OK if I sleep over at Sean's on Saturday night after pizza?"

"You hardly know the boy."

"He's totally neat, mom. Ace. And we surf together. That's the thing you've gotta understand, mom. Surfer dudes are like bros… well, except for the idiots who drop in on my waves. They're totally f… uh, not very nice. But Sean's cool… he never drops in… and his folks are way cool, too."

"So what's happened to Kyle?"

"Mark's sleeping over."

"Don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday."

"I won't mom. I'll be home early. And I made dad a way cool card. It's the dope."

Friday was a public holiday, so I spent the whole day surfing with Kyle. He was just sooo damn chuffed to be back in the water. Steve wasn't there 'cause he'd gone away for the long weekend, but it was so cool to be with Kyle again in our natural habitat. Between sets, as we sat on our sticks waiting for the next swell, I told Kyle about how I'd chewed on Candy's tit, and bit it by mistake. He cracked so much, I thought he was gonna fall overboard.

"Hey, I can't help it if my teeth got in the way!"

"You worried about hers getting in the way?"

"You mean like if she blows me? Nah… that's different... 'cause woodies are hard… tits are soft."

"Don't bet on it, bro."

"Steph ever sunk her fangs into yours?"

"Nearly bit the damn thing in half."

"Yeah, right. Jeez, you can be so fulla shit, Kyle. Anyway, laters. My wave, man!"

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