South Africa
Part 73

When we arrived at Kyle's house, his folks were watching TV. Mark had phoned, they said, but hadn't left a message. He'd phoned from the pizza restaurant where he worked. When Kyle returned the call, he was told that Mark was busy serving tables, and that he couldn't come to the phone.

"Why would Mark phone from the pizza place?" I asked as we rocked into Kyle's room.

"Maybe somebody wanted extra mozzarella."

"So why couldn't he spooge on their pizza?"

"Maybe his balls were dry from spooging all over the last customer's pizza."

"Would he really do that?"

"Mark? Yeah, right."

"Would you?"

"Probably not. Could be fun, though. I read about this guy who used to work for a hamburger joint in the States. He kinda fancied this chick. So one day she comes in and orders a burger with mayo, and this guy takes it out back, whops out his dick, and creams all over the meat pattie. Then he goes back into the shop, serves up the burger, and watches this chick eat it with his cum on it."

"You're kidding, right?"

"That's what I read."

"Anyway, next time we go there, I'm gonna check my pizza with a fucking magnifying glass."

"The same one you use to check your dick?"


After listening to music for most of the night, it was getting pretty late by the time we decided to hit the hay. Kyle's folks had already gone to bed ages beforehand.

"Hey, Kyle," I asked as I climbed into bed beside him. "Can I ask you something?"


"What do you think of my dick… like the size?"

"It's pretty normal," he said as he checked out my woody. "Maybe bigger than most guys your age, I think. Why?"

"Sean's dick is huge… like an elephant's trunk."

"So he uses it to eat peanuts?"

"Yeah, right. So is mine gonna get bigger?"

"I reckon. Nothing wrong with it now, though. You and Sean do anything together?"

"Nah. He jacks himself."

"While you're there?"

"Yeah. We jack together. He kinda freaked at first. But he's cool now."

"Has he been with any girls before?"

"Nope," I beamed. "Not even a blowjob."

"So you told him about it? Yours?"

"No way! He'll tell Candy, 'cause he fancies her."

"You guys are good friends, huh?"

"Yeah, I dig him a stack. He's an ace skater."

Kyle was laying on his side, facing me, while I was on my back with my hands behind my head. I felt his hand rest on my leg, then work its way up to my nads before his fingers closed around my woody.

"Hey, Kyle?"


"Uh... nah. Forget it." How was I supposed to ask my bro to go down on me? Hey, Kyle, you wanna blow me? Yeah, right. He'd probably get mad at me. Anyway, I wasn't prepared to take the risk.


"Nothing. What you're doing feels awesome." And it did. He was running the tips of his fingers around my pecs and nipples, then down to my flat abs, and along my rock-hard shaft, which bounced at his touch.

"You cold or something?"

"Nope. Just shivering 'cause your fingers are making me feel fucking awesome... like they've got electricity in them or something."

"Maybe they have. Hey, your biceps are beginning to take shape."

"Does Steph ever say anything about my bod?"


"Like what?"

"You're a little hunk."

"What do you think?"

"You're OK, I guess."

"Don't gimme that shit, Kyle. You wouldn't be doing what you're doing if… jeez!" He suddenly turned the electricity on to full power as he began to slide his magic fist up and down the length of my woody. I responded by wrapping my fingers around his. But before I could jack him, I sensed the rush about to arrive. I stretched my legs, curled my toes, and felt every muscle in my bod become tense with excitement. Then I took a quick gulp of air as a truckload of boy juice exploded outa my knob, and all over my stomach. Damn! How could anything feel so fucking cool?

As soon as the last ribbon of cum had fired outa my pisshole, Kyle threw a leg over my waist, and straddled my chest. He took hold of both my hands, cupped them around his throbbing monster, then leaned forward. Fucking my hands? Whoa! That was a newie. But it was cool to watch the swollen head of his cock emerging and disappearing between my thumbs, only to emerge again, like a cuckoo clock. And all the while, my bud's eyes were shut, and his face was kinda contorted as though he was fucking the hell outa Steph's pussy. His upper bod was supported by his flat hands, which were positioned on either side of my head, so I could see his heaving, tanned chest hovering just above my face, as well as his boner sliding in and outa my cupped hands. Fucking awesome sight! Woohoo!

Finally, he let out a moan, then collapsed on top of me. I could feel the warmth and wetness of his boy juice on my stomach as he continued his fucking motion, and emptied his balls of every drop.

"Jeez! What a mess!" he laughed as he rolled off me. Both of us were covered in shiny, slimy, fresh jizz… both mine and his. It smelled kinda cool, though. He grabbed a couple of tissues, and we cleaned ourselves before going to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I was being bundled off Kyle's bed, onto the spare mattress and sleeping bag on the floor. "Fuck, Kyle! It's cold down here!"

"I heard my dad's alarm. Now stop bitching."

It must've been about an hour later when I felt something kick my feet as I slept on my stomach. Then I heard Kyle's voice. "Coffee!"

"Leave me," I mumbled. "I'm sleeping."


"Wake yourself up."

"If you don't wake up now, I'm gonna jump on you."

"Go away, Kyle." And then, ooomph! The whole weight of my bro's bod was crushing me to death! We wrestled for a while, but I was at a disadvantage 'cause I was tangled in the sleeping bag. Somehow, Kyle managed to get his hand under my butt, grab hold of my nads, and squeeze.

"Say sorry, Kyle." I couldn't see his face, but I was sure it was wearing an evil grin. I could hear it in his voice.

"Fuck, Kyle!"

"Wrong!" He squeezed a bit harder. "Say sorry, Kyle"

"Sorry, Kyle," I giggled in pain. "Shit, that's sore!"

"Say I'll be your slave for the day."

"You can suck my cock," I protested. Then I felt my nuts being crushed even more. "Yes! Yes! I'll be your slave for the day!"

It was a relief to feel the release of pressure on my nads, followed by the totally wicked sensation of his hand cruising between my legs until it was wrapped around my piss boner. I spread my legs a little to allow him easier access, then his hand moved up to my stomach. He loved my abs. He was an abs freak.

"Nice buns." OK, he was a buns freak as well. Actually, I didn't need to be a fucking brain surgeon to know that Kyle was crazy about my whole bod. I thought his ruled, too. "Hey? You falling asleep?" he asked.

"Nope. Just enjoying this." I didn't understand why somebody else's hand could feel so much better than my own, but, hey, who was asking questions?

"Yeah, it shows. You're oozing pre-cum, big time."

"You gonna shower?"


"Can I shower with you?"

"If you wanna."

Kyle's soapy hands running all over my wet skin had to be one of the coolest things imaginable. Over my chest and shoulders, under my pits, down my stomach, along my woody, around my balls, over my buns, down my thighs and lower legs, between my toes as I raised one foot at a time, then over my back.

When it came my turn to soap him in the hot, steamy confines of the shower, I could feel the awesome power of his slippery, wet muscles… pronounced, defined, and hardened after years of surfing and swimming, and, more recently, sparring with Mark.

"You ever showered with Steph?"

"Not yet."

"You should, man. She'd really get off on this."


"Feeling your bod with soapy hands. It's fucking wicked." Then Kyle jumped as my hand went a little too far between his buns. "Sorry, bro," I cracked. "I'll let you wash that bit."

"So what are your plans for the day?" he asked as we towelled.

"Said I'd meet Sean at the beach, and go for a wave if there's surf."

"I'll meet you down there later."

"Cool. And thanks for last night. I really enjoyed it."

The lineup at the beach was packed with grommets, including Sean and me. But the weather was warm, which was really neat. Despite the crowd, Sean and I were getting some wicked rides, and ripping. But, as I discovered to my horror, there was a heavy price to pay for the crowded scene. Kyle was gonna kill me.

After about an hour, we spotted my bro, and paddled over to join him on the back line. As soon as we arrived, Kyle's eyes went straight to my grommet bud's crotch. He must've been trying to check out the elephant trunk I'd told him about. And he wouldn't have had too much trouble. There was no way Sean could hide his big bundle in a tight wettie.

"Hi, Kyle."

"Hi, guys."

Time to confess. "Hey, Kyle. I've got a ding."


"Got hit by another stick."

My bro studied the ding before declaring it a shitter. "The glass has shattered, and the foam's exposed. You should've taped it. Better get it outa the water." So that sorted out the surfing for the day. The three of us walked back to Kyle's place. "You'll have to leave your stick overnight before I can fix it," he said as we arrived.

"How come?"

"Need to drain all the fucking water out of it."

"Oh… OK," I shrugged, feeling pretty dumb about my ignorance, as well as guilty about dinging the board. After all, Kyle had worked chores around the 'hood to buy it for me. On the other hand, there wasn't much point in hanging around, so Sean and I decided to split, and go skateboarding.

"Wear your safety gear this time!" Kyle yelled as we walked down the road.

"Yeah, yeah," I grumbled, then added, "YES, MOM!"

Sean nudged me in the ribs. "I thought Kyle was gonna clobber you when he saw the ding."

"He's pissed, but he only clobbers me when he's happy."

"How come?"

"'Cause he's a fucking masochist."

"So how come you hang with him?"

"'Cause he's a cool masochist," I laughed.

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