South Africa
Part 75

While the three of us were listening to music in Kyle's room, Sean was going on about how mad Alan had been at the beach earlier that day. "Aren't you scared?" he asked my bro.

"I've been hit around by him a few times."

"Yeah, but Kyle clobbered him good in school," I said, springing to my bro's defense.

"It might've been just a lucky shot." Kyle was never one to boast about fighting. He wasn't the kinda dude to back down from a scrap if it came to that, but he didn't go looking for it, either. Anyway, his modesty was pissing me off.

"Crap! You're stronger than he is!"

"Stronger?" Sean queried. "I don't think so. Probably more clever… to duck," he laughed.

"Kyle hit his lights out at school."

Anyway, Sean and I argued about the pros and cons of Kyle's and Alan's strengths and weaknesses for a while as we drank more juice. And as we argued, Kyle just looked on, smiling from time to time, like he knew something we didn't.

When it came time for us to leave, I was totally fucking determined to give Kyle an eyeful of Sean's monster, so I waited until we were walking toward the front door before I snuck up behind my grommet bud, grabbed his shorts and briefs, and pulled them down to his ankles.

"I'm gonna fuck you up, Wingnut!" Sean's face was beet red as he struggled with his clothes, which made his semi bounce around like an earth worm that had just been exposed to daylight.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, Kyle! Did you see it?"

"Yep… pretty impressive," he grinned.

Sean was giving me all kinds of shit as we left. "What the fuck did you do that for? Kyle's gonna think we're a couple of deviates."

"Didn't you hear what he said? He was impressed, man. So chill."

"It's only a dick, for fuck sake."

"Yeah, right."

"Anyway, guys don't go around showing their dicks to other people."

"Why not?"

"'Cause they don't. That's why!"

"I've seen Kyle's, and he's seen mine, and I've seen yours. And I've seen Steve's and Mark's, too, 'cause we all skinny dip in Kyle's pool in summer. Dick's are way cool, man. Why do you think Candy's always got her hand in my cargoes?"

"OK, so what am I supposed to do? Stand there in Kyle's room, drop my shorts, and say, "Hey, check this out? Yeah, right."

"Why not? I do. And Kyle thinks it's cool. Anyway, he was impressed with your python."

"You really think he was?"

"He said so, didn't he? He'll probably jack off tonight thinking about it."


"Wanna bet?"

"Do you?"

"You're kidding, right? No fucking way."

Late that night, after being with Candy, I was jacking off thinking about her blowing me when I heard a noise coming from the garden next door. I looked out my bedroom window to see Kyle sprawled on the ground. But within a few seconds, he'd picked himself up, and staggered inside. Trashed again, I thought. Then I went back to fantasizing about a whole bunch of stuff… Sean, Kyle, me, Candy, Steph… whatever.

"Does Kyle really blow you?"

"All the fucking time. Can't get enough. You wanna watch?"

I imagined the three of us guys in Kyle's room as my bro's lips rode my woody, and his fingers played with my nads. Awesome! Sean's eyes were on springs, and he was stroking his huge boner while he gawked at my dick disappearing down my bro's throat. But that's as far as my fantasy went before my stomach and chest were covered in sticky boy juice.

Next morning, I hopped the fence and breezed into Kyle's house where I saw him placing his bedding into the washing machine after his folks had gone out.

"Had a wet dream, huh? Or you puked all over yourself?"

"Bedding needs to be washed… that's all."

"Oh, yeah? So let your mom do it. I bet you had a wet dream. Was it good? See? You should've called me over so we could jack. But you were too drunk."

"Fuck off. I was home early."

"You came home just after one this morning. You fell ass over fucking tit in the garden, and woke me up. I would've hopped the fence to help you, but you picked yourself up OK."

"How could I wake you up?"

"Well… actually… I was jacking."

"I knew it."

"Want some coffee?"

"You gonna make it?"

"Yep. I make coffee and tea at home for my folks all the damn time. I think that's why they had me."

After the washing machine had been loaded, and had begun to fill with water, Kyle followed me to the kitchen where I set about making his coffee. I preferred Coke, so I grabbed a bottle from the fridge.

"So where were you last night? I saw Sean at the pizza joint."

"I was with Candy… getting sore knees."

"Oh?" Then he took a sip from his mug. "Mmmm. Coffee's not bad."

"I was begging her to suck me off."

"Yeah," he laughed. "I can picture you whipping out your dick, and saying, "Here. Suck this.""

"It wasn't like that. Honest! I was kissing her, and rubbing her tits the way she likes it. And I even managed to get my hand into her panties. And she had her damn hands inside my cargoes… feeling skin. HARD SKIN!"


"Well, everything was going pretty well until I asked her if she'd ever thought about blowing me."

"And? Dammit! Stop all this fucking suspense shit!"

"Well, she freaked, and took her damn hand away, and the firehose went totally fucking ballistic. Then she covered up her tits. I mean… like how can she say no? She's never even seen my dick! I'd show her, but she'd freak for sure."

"Actually, she'd probably say, "Oh! How cute! Is that a weenie?""

That was a fucking red rag to a bull, so I lunged at Kyle, and brought him crashing to the floor. Yeah, well a lotta good that did. As we writhed around like a couple of cut snakes, he was pummeling the shit outa me. But I managed to get a few good kicks in, and wrapped my legs around his waist, which I figured would finish him off. Nope. Next thing I knew, he'd pinned me down, and was drilling my chest with his knuckles. Ow!

"Dad? Did you fight with guys when you were a kid?"

"All the time."

"Did you win?"

"Sometimes. Actually, yes, I did win… all the time."

"How come?"

"Because winning is about participating… and win or lose, I won, even if I lost."

"Are you on something, dad?"

At the stroke of midnight, I just couldn't wait a moment longer. Not one second! I had to go to Kyle's bedroom window. It was his birthday, and there were gonna be a whole bunch of important people at his mask party. One of them was gonna be the surprise of his life, big time, so I figured I'd kinda get lost in all the excitement of the party. I had to act now.

Shortly after I'd knocked loudly on the glass pane, the window shot up, and a puzzled, sleepy face appeared. "Do you know what fucking time it is?"

"It's midnight!"


"So, here." I handed him my handwritten card, and said, "Happy birthday, Kyle."

He took the card, and read it. "To my big brother, Kyle. Stay around forever. Love, your little bro, Wingnut."

"And that's not all. I've got a cool pressie for you as well."

He took the small package from my hand, opened it, and looked at the Billabong socks and new surfboard leash I'd bought for him "That is awesome, buddy."

I was beaming from ear to ear. I was just so fucking pleased to see that I'd made my bro happy on his birthday. "Like it?"

"Love it. Can I give you a hug?" He leaned halfway out of the window, and wrapped his arms around me. "Hey, do your folks know you're out?"

"Nope. I just snuck out quickly. I'm going to bed now."

"This is just so damn awesome."


"That you woke up just to wish me. You're the first one on my birthday. Thanks."

"It's a pleasure. Anyway, if you were my real bro, I really wouldn't have to sneak out in the cold. I'd just walk down the passage to your room. That'd be totally neat, huh?"

"Night, buddy."

"You gonna jack now?"

"I'm bushed."

"I'm gonna jack now… and I'm gonna pretend that it's you jacking me on your birthday."

"Night, Wingnut," he laughed.

"See ya, Kyle."

Well, I kinda lied 'cause I jacked off thinking about Kyle blowing me. Kyle's lips were fuller than average, and I couldn't help thinking of those two, succulent, wet, red lumps of sexy flesh gliding up and down my woody. Fucking hell! How awesome would that be? And then to shoot my load, and hear him swallowing like Steph had done that night she blew me. Fucking wicked!

What worried me, though, was the leash I'd bought him for his birthday. He already had a leash for his surfboard. So what would he want with another one? Would he suspect that…? I hoped not. I'd been sworn to secrecy, but I just couldn't help wanting to be the first to wish him happy birthday. He was the bestest bud and big bro a guy could ever hope to have. The absolute fucking best.

The next chapter in this story will be about Kyle's birthday, and the week that followed, as told by Kyle himself.

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