South Africa
Part 81

When Mark approached me in the quad, I figured I was in some kinda trouble.

"So what have I done now?"

"Why so guilty?"

"I'm not guilty."

"Hey, lighten up. I just thought you might be interested in a hit."

"A hit? Has Kyle been talking to you?"

"A hit in the ring, you idiot. Interested in learning how to box?"

"Serious? Cool."

Yeah, right. It wasn't as cool as I thought it was gonna be. There was some kinda lack of communication between my will and my fists. Mark had put me up against a junior who looked as though I could've flattened him easy, but I soon discovered that it wasn't so easy to box while I was sitting on my ass.

Later, in the change room, Mark mentioned that Kyle was worried about me, and that he was my friend.

"I know that, Mark."

"Hey, listen, I know that Kyle can get up your nose sometimes... he gets up mine, too... but he means well. Trust me, Wingnut, you're lucky to have a friend like Kyle."

"You like him, too, huh?"

"Big time. I didn't know what having a friend was all about until he came along."

It was during a game of soccer at first recess, when I noticed Mark and Kyle sitting together under a tree, so I rocked over.

"Hey, Kyle."

"Hey, miniature dude. How's it going?"

"Not so cool." Then I turned my attention to Conan. "Hey, Mark, you gotta help me out... and give me some tips."

"That's why you need to train every day."

"I just want you to train me enough to beat the crap outa that dickless dude."

"He's been training since April."

"Gimme a speed lesson. I want him to pick up his teeth. Then I can also beat up on Kyle." I gave my bro a cheeky smile, but it was obvious that Mark hadn't told him about my boxing.

"OK, you're on. I can go with that... beating up on Kyle, I mean."

I was just about to explain the boxing thingy to Kyle when I was called away by one of the guys playing soccer.

Next morning, I was being coached along with some other juniors. Mark and Kyle were also there, sparring in the ring. Ducking, weaving, dancing, jabbing. They made it look easy... too damn easy. But I guessed it was like surfing. If I was gonna be any good at it, I was gonna have to stick at it, and give it my best shot.

"So what did you think?" I asked as I collapsed on my back on Kyle's bed, while he was at his desk doing his homework.

"About what?"

"Me in the gym this morning."

"Well, there's one thing I've gotta say for ya... you're a fucking hard worker. You train hard, and put everything into what you do. When you got down to sparring this morning, you showed that you learn pretty quickly."

"Yeah, right... not quickly enough."

"Sure, you got your ass kicked good and solid, but you're a tough little shit."

"Think? Tough enough to beat the crap outa you?"

"You really like those briefs, huh?"

"How'd you know I was wearing them?"

"'Cause I can see up the leg of your rugger shorts."

"You shouldn't be looking. Anyway, they're neat... and Candy loves them, too."

"Whoa! She's getting brave."

"Kyle, you won't believe it, but she's made friends with Sean's girlfriend, and I think it's making her chill big time. She still won't speak to me about that kinda stuff. But Sean told me that his chick told Candy about blowing him and all. And Sean was saying that he eats her out, and it's not that bad." I wasn't sure if Kyle was concentrating on his homework, or just ignoring me. "OK, I'll drop it."


"Every time I talk about Sean, you look like someone's standing on your bottom lip."

"Crap. It's just that I know guys who shout their mouth off. And the fact is, you've probably seen more pussy than Sean has."

"Think so?" I asked as I lifted myself up on my elbows, then lowered myself again. "I don't think so 'cause his girlfriend was telling Candy about how they fuck each other."

"Aren't you scared you're gonna frighten Candy away?"

"Nah, she digs me too much. And, hey, if she can't handle it, there's a stack of chicks out there."

"Can you hear yourself?"

"Whaddaya mean?"

"Listen to yourself, Wingnut. You're sounding like Steve."

"What's wrong with that? Check all the chicks he's got!"

"I'm just trying to help. Candy's really great... she's perfect for you."

"I like her, too. I'm not gonna dump her."

"All I'm saying is don't make it your life's mission to fuck her. OK? Anyway, I don't think she's gonna let you."

"Yeah... she will. Sean's girlfriend chats to her all the time now."

"You've got a boner."

"Yeah," I laughed. "I'm thinking about Candy's pussy."

"Or thinking about Sean."

"Fuck you, Kyle."

"Chill. I'm joking."

"Yeah, right."

What did he mean by that? Was he serious? Didn't he understand that I wanted to be like him? He had Steph, and I had Candy. Sure, we both fooled around with our buds, but we also had girlfriends. My prob was that I still had a bit of catching up to do. It seemed like everyone was fucking their girlfriends except me! Anyway, I decided to break the silence, and change the sub.

"Hey, how are things going for the senior prom on Saturday? You got a tux?"

"Getting it this arvie. Gotta meet Mark."

"I wanna see you. You're gonna look just like James Bond."

Well, that sure put a huge grin on my bro's face. "Thanks."

"Have you seen Steph's dress yet?"

"She's wearing a see-through dress, and transparent underwear."

"WHAT?" I was up, resting on my elbows again. "You're kidding, right?"


"Jeez, Kyle. Don't do that. I'm horny already."

"So sort yourself out."

"I would, but I know that you don't wanna."


"And I wanna do you. Hey, we haven't jacked each other in a while. Must be over a week." I found myself giving him a big, cheesy grin. He must've known that I wasn't thinking about Candy's pussy, or Sean. Hell, how did Kyle know I was thinking about him? Must've been a fucking mindreader or something.

"OK. Get those passion-killers off."

"Hey, don't bitch. They're your old smelly ones."

"Smell worse now, though."

"Yeah," I laughed. "They do."

"Me first."

Well, whaddaya know? Kyle surprised the hell outa me by ditching his track pants, and laying on his back on the bed. He had a real skin-splitter, with its head saying hi to his belly button, and oozing pre-cum already. He must've been as horny as a rhino all the time. But it was difficult to judge Kyle's moods. Just when I thought he was mad at me, and not interested in jacking off, there he was, spread out on the bed, looking as sexy and as irresistible as ever.

I arranged myself between his legs, sat on my heels, then used my fingers to spread his shiny pre-cum along the shaft of his throbber. It was wicked to smell his odor again... or odors... sweat, cum, and his own particular boy scent, which was just so damn cool.

I grabbed his thick, rigid cock with my fist, and began to slide it up and down the length of his six and a half inches. It felt solid and strong... totally fucking masculine. And as I stroked it, I watched his balls rise and fall, knowing they were fulla juice that was getting ready to erupt.

It didn't take long. After a minute or two, several explosions of his jizz rocketed outa his piss hole toward his chest, and draped themselves all over his muscular pecs and stomach. He had this teeth clenched, and his whole body was going into awesome spasms. Whoa!

"Steph must wet her fucking panties when she sees that. You're a fucking hunk, Kyle. Haven't told you that before, have I."

"No, you haven't. Thanks, but I'm not."

Who was he trying to kid? He had a killer bod. So what was all this modesty bullshit? "Yes, you are."

I laid on my back, and looked down at my woody, which was begging for attention. "Go slow. I want it to last forever."

Actually, I was kinda hoping that he'd blow me. But things between us had been kinda stretched lately, and I didn't wanna fuck things up totally by... Oh, jeez! Once his fist was wrapped around my woody, my mind went blank. My whole focus was on my groin, and the incredible pleasure that consumed my entire bod.

Apart from that, it was just so damn cool to have Kyle and me back to normal, doing the things we liked to do, and being naked in each other's company -- privately. And when I felt the huge surge of cum about to explode from my tight balls, I was glad that Kyle was the one who was pushing my button. When it got right down to it, he knew me better than anybody.

Afterwards, I taped some music while my bro went back to hitting the books. Yep, there was something extra special about being in Kyle's room... like I belonged there. Sure, I had other friends, and they were cool. But there was something different about Kyle... almost like family. Maybe even closer. A closeness that was difficult to define.

Somehow, I knew that whatever shit I was gonna get myself into, he'd be there to pull me out.

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