South Africa
Part 84

It was Sunday morning when I rocked into Kyle's room. He'd kicked off the covers during the night, and was laying there with his piss boner in full view.

"What if I'd been your mom?"

"She'd have knocked first. Anyway, she's already seen it."

"You should keep it covered."

"Why cover it? I want you to suck it."

"Yeah, right. I'd rather suck a lemon."

"You're pretty chirpy."

"Yeah... cool, huh? Wanna go to Long Beach? I hear it's rocking."

"Gimme a sec."

I listened to music in his room while he showered, and thought about his boner. He had a damn fine looking cock... one that was impossible to ignore. It was as though it had the power to create a lingering image in my brain. Anyway, he returned to his room, dressed, then we grabbed our sticks and headed down to the main road, where we hitched to Long Beach.

The first car to pull over was a Merc. Pretty damn cool! Kyle sat in the front with the driver, while I sat in the back... like I was being chauffeured. Woohoo! But then I began to notice the guy's eyes in the rearview mirror. He kept glancing at me in a funny way, like he was admiring me. OK, time for some fun. Each time he looked at me, I rubbed my crotch.

At the end of the ride, the Merc drove off, then Kyle glared at me. "You're gonna get yourself into serious shit -- cockteasing guys like that."

"Fuck him. He's a fairy. Couldn't you see that?"

"Im just saying don't look for shit with guys like that. He was eyeballing you all the fucking way."

"Fucking pedo."

"Oh? So what does that say about me? Or Paul?"

"You guys are different. You're buds."

"You hardly knew Paul when he blew you."

"It's not the same. You guys are cool. That guy was kinda creepy the way he kept gawking at me."

"So why did you cocktease him?"

"I dunno. Anyway, you were there, so he wouldn't have tried anything."

There were way too many guys out surfing, so obviously the word had gotten around big time. But we still had a really good session. I got some wicked fast rides. Kyle had a rave, too, with some bitching overheads -- not quite green rooms, but pretty close.

It took ages to get a ride home, though. It was dark by the time we arrived. Kyle's folks were out. He told me later that his dad was totally pissed at him. They'd even phoned Mark at the pizza restaurant, trying to trace Kyle's whereabouts. My folks weren't exactly thrilled either, but at least they knew that I was safe while I was with my bro.

On the Monday after school, I managed to talk Kyle into going skateboarding with me and some of my friends. Brian, Sean, and Leo. Leo was older than us, but much smaller. He was a midget, but he sure could ride his board like an ace. He was wearing cargo shorts, which looked like long pants on his short legs. But Leo had the respect of everyone. Any dude who could ride a board like he did, deserved it. Anyway, it was cool to have Kyle there with a bunch of us lighties, and we all had a rave. As Kyle and I skated home, though, things turned a bit sour when the convo got around to the usual.

"Noticed your friend was redeye again."

"Sean's always redeye, so drop it. OK?"

"I'm just saying."

"I know what you're fucking saying, Kyle, that my friend's a big druggie."

"Fuck you! I just said that I noticed he was out of it... again!"

"Yeah... so what's the big deal? You're always on my case about it. Go tell him."

"OK. If you don't want me to speak about it again, I won't. Fuck!"

"Ew! Touchy!"

"Yeah, well, handle it. You're trying to be a sixteen year old in a thirteen year old's body. So handle it."

"You're pissed," I laughed.

"Fuck, Wingnut! You're gonna get clobbered."

"By which army?"

"Oooo... you're definitely looking for shit."

We didn't say much else as we continued to skate home, but it was pretty obvious that Kyle was mad at me again. It was getting to a point where our differences were driving a wedge between us. And that's not what I wanted.

"Hey, Kyle," I said as we arrived outside his house, "can I come in for a bit?"

"If you want," he droned.

"If you want," I mimicked.

I followed him to the kitchen, where he poured some juice. It didn't take long, though, before his eyes were focused on my crotch, and recognized the reason for the bulge in my shorts.

"What the hell's exciting you so much?"

"Hey, Kyle, could I jack you? You fight with me so much now, I'm not sure I can still ask."

"Is that why you're hard?"

"Yeah," I laughed. "I was thinking about you being naked."

His eyes lit up. "Fuck, bro! That's different!"

"Hey, I often think of you naked when I'm jacking. Kinda like bros think of each other, I guess."

Kyle put his hand on my cargos, and raised his eyebrows. "Rock hard."

"Oh, jeez, Kyle." I wasn't sure why, but Kyle had some kinda magic when he touched me. Like he was transferring some kinda electrical charge from his bod to mine.

After we'd entered his room, I put a CD in the player, and pressed 'Play'. "So, can I? Huh?"

"Go for it."

"Don't you wanna get naked first?"

We both undressed. It was the bomb to see Kyle get instantly hard as he eyeballed my bod.

"I look OK, huh?"

"I gotta tell you, Wingnut, you look fucking wicked. Don't let this go to your head little bro, but if you entered a body beautiful contest, you'd walk away with every fucking prize. I can't believe how well defined you've become... every damn muscle."

"You look awesome, too. You wanna lay on your back, and put your hands behind your head like you always do?"

I watched him close his eyes before I explored his crotch with my fingers -- his hangers, the length of his thick, solid shaft, his perfectly sculpted cockhead, his black patch of springy pubes. And there was a wicked smell, too, from raising a sweat while skating. It was a warm and spicy scent... distinctly his... sexy as hell.

I spat on my hand, then closed my fist around his throbber before sliding it up and down its silky length. He'd obviously opened his eyes to watch me, and saw me jacking myself at the same time.

"Hey! Don't do that! I'll do you afterwards."

I wasn't sure if Kyle had been in the mood to jack me 'cause of the fights we'd had recently, so it was way cool to know that he was happy to do me, too.

Kyle was gritting his teeth, and wincing, so it was obvious that he was trying to make it last as long as poss -- enjoying each and every stroke of my slippery, spit-wet hand. Eventually, he lifted his ass off the mattress, and shot a huge load of juice all over his stomach and chest.

"Way cool!" I laughed. "Flying mayo, man!"

"Aaaagggghhhh! Oh, fuck, Wingnut! Don't stop yet!"

Oops! He hadn't finished, so I stroked his pulsating cock again, slowly. After a few seconds, a big blob of jizz oozed outa his pisshole, and dribbled over my fist like vanilla topping over ice-cream.

When he sat up, and it was my turn to lay down, he told me not to. "Stand in front of the mirror."

I wasn't quite sure why he'd asked me to look in the mirror, but I couldn't help admiring my own reflection. He was right. My bod was looking helluva cool, and there was no denying it. All the surfing, football, skating, cricket, swimming, and whatever, had honed each of my young muscles to perfection.

Kyle was sitting on the side of the bed behind me as his arm reached around my hip, and took hold of my woody. Then he massaged my pre-cum all over my bouncing shaft. His other hand was between my legs, fondling my nads.

After several piston-strokes of his fist, I just couldn't hold my load for a second longer. It shot outa my knob in one long ribbon, and headed straight for the mirror. I could feel my knees sagging as more wads followed, one after the other. I was almost crying out in pain 'cause Kyle's fist was still pumping like crazy even though my balls had been drained, and my dick was becoming increasingly sensitive. "Stop, Kyle! Stop!"

Kyle's hands forced me to sit on the floor between his legs, then his arms were around me, and his hands were exploring my chest and abs.

"You're too damn little to have a bod like some Marvel comic hero."

"Yeah, and you're too old to be so cool yourself."

I leaned back, and felt the heat of his chest against my skin as I relaxed. Then he began to stroke my schlong again, gently this time, but it didn't take long for my semi to become hard. It was just so cool to be close to my bro, feeling his affection being soaked up by my bod like the warm, comforting sunshine of a perfect day.

"This is so cool, Kyle. When can I sleep over again?"

"I dunno. When ever you want, I guess."

"Cool. So we're still bros, right?"

"Always were. Always will be."

Suddenly, my thigh muscles became taut, signalling another rush of boy juice. It wasn't a lot, but it was intensely pleasurable as it erupted from my knob, and landed on my stomach.

"So fucking innocent... so vulnerable... and yet..."

"And yet what?"

"I'm not sure."

"Your bod feels cool, Kyle. Just hold me for a little while, huh?"

So we stayed as we were... me sitting on the floor, and him behind me with his arms around me, contented, and both happy to know that whatever tensions there were between us, we were able to overcome them 'cause we were bros. But eventually, curiosity got the better of me, and I had to ask what he'd meant by innocent and vulnerable.

"Sometimes you're a little dude, and sometimes you're not so little."

"My woody?"

"Nope," he laughed. "Not just that. I'm not sure I know how to explain it, but you surprise me sometimes. Maybe it's 'cause you're in such a fucking hurry to grow up... like every so often you're like sixteen instead of thirteen... then you go back to being thirteen again."

"You wanna know something?"


"You're the same, only the other way around."

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