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Part 86

Staying away from the shit wasn't easy while Kyle was away up the coast visiting his friend Nick. Hell, staying away from the shit wasn't easy even when Kyle was around. It was more a case of the shit not being able to stay away from me. It was impossible to mix with the guys, especially Sean, without the stuff being handed around like M&Ms. And if a guy said no, like Kyle had told me to, he'd be treated like a fucking leper.

It was totally cool to see my bro back home, though. As soon as I heard the Kombi in the drive next door, I was over the fence like a shot.

"Hi, Kyle! How was it?"

"Awesome. Wanna help me unpack?"

"So tell me all about it," I insisted as I followed the mop of black hair to his room.

"I rode a horse, hiked in the woods, met a Zulu warrior, rode on the back of Nick's CBR, got naked in a club..."

"Yeah, right."

"It's true... I really did ride a horse."

"I mean about getting naked in a club. What kinda club? A nudist club?"

"You could say that."

"What the fuck were you doing in a nudist club?"

"Getting undressed."

"You're soooo fulla shit, Kyle."

We were all back at school at lightning speed. How come holidays went so damn fast? For Mark and Kyle, the final semester for the year meant they only had to attend school for their final exams. The rest of the time they could study at home.

It was during the first week back at school that they held the Valedictory Service.

"What's valedictory mean?"


"So why don't they call it farewell? Anyway, I don't like farewell. Farewell sucks. It means you won't be at school any more."

"Maybe that's why they call it valedictory. Doesn't sound so bad."

Everyone was there, including the parents of the Year 12 students. Even Mark's mom was there. It was the final assembly for the Year 12 guys as pupils. During the service, special awards, voted for by year 10, 11, and 12 pupils, were presented to certain Year 12 guys who'd shown some kinda special quality.

It was no surprise to see that Ross was given the award for the person most likely to succeed. Fucking hell, everyone knew that. He'd always shown leadership, and was highly respected as the swim team captain. The look on Mark's face when he accepted his award was no surprise, either. But for a different reason. Mark hated being in the spotlight, and looked pretty embarrassed when he was voted the most likable person in the school. And my bro, Kyle? He didn't know what kinda expression to wear when he was presented with his award for caring, and always putting others ahead of himself. And the big wuss couldn't hide the tears in his eyes. The most unexpected award, though, was Alan's... showing signs of promise. Yeah, right. His goons must've voted for him.

After the service, and the singing of the school song, the Year 12s had to walk through the hall, and say goodbye to all the other students. I couldn't help beaming from ear to ear when Mark and Kyle approached me, even though my heart felt like lead. I was so fucking proud of those guys.

"So, Conan, now you can't touch me any more."

"Says who? I can still beat you up."

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as I shook my buds' hands. Kyle was on the verge of tears, too. And even Mark was overcome with emotion. Anyway, I couldn't handle it. There was a huge lump in my throat, and I had to walk away before I started crying like some grommet wuss.

There were hundreds of people milling around, so I had to find a quiet, private spot in the school yard, where I could sit and bury my head between my knees.

"Hey? You OK?"

I recognized Kyle's voice, but kept my face hidden. "Yeah... 'cept school sucks."

"Why? Hey, Conan's going, so he won't hassle you any more."

I was sure that Kyle could see my shoulders shaking as I sobbed. And I couldn't hide my sniffling noises unless I was gonna drip snot all over the fucking place. Then Kyle's voice was beside me.

"It's gonna be OK, y'know. We'll still beat you up. And you live right next door."

"Not the same."

"Well, not exactly."

"Mark was helping me with boxing. And you were always there to talk to."

"Mark can still help you with your boxing. Hey, I'm not happy about leaving you to go to school by yourself. I'm gonna miss this place. My whole life has revolved around school, and all my friends here. You've got loads of friends here, too." He paused for a moment, probably to listen to my sobbing and sniffling. "Looks like what I'm saying isn't helping any. I know how you feel, though, 'cause I feel the same. I'm gonna miss the school and the vibe big time. Yeah... the studies and the classes get you down, but I've had such a good time here, and made a whole stack of friends. I remember the Valedictory Service last year. Even the teachers were crying. And now it's my turn. It's so weird... saying goodbye to all the juniors we've helped through the last two years on the swim team... and knowing that, except for coming back to write exams, this will be the last time we'll be in school. It's like totally unreal."

"It sucks."

And it did suck. Walking to school the next day without Kyle to harass was the fucking pits. I felt so alone. And not seeing that mop of spiky, black hair in the quad during recess, or Mark on prefect duty, was like the whole school had changed.

That afternnon, I ran all the way home 'cause I couldn't handle not being with Kyle and Mark like I normally was. "Hi, mom." Then I hopped the fence, and breezed into Kyle's room, where he was sitting at his desk, surrounded by a pile of notes and books.

"Missed you today."

"Yeah, I felt weird being at home, too. Slept in 'til noon... on a school day! Woohoo!"

"What time did you get to bed?"

"Late. It was a big night. Steph and Carol told me that they tried to phone Mark this morning, but he didn't answer. Lazy bugger must've been still asleep."

"How's it going with the books?"


I went behind him, put my elbows on his shoulders, and rested my chin on top of his head.

"Hey, li'l bro, your eyes are all watery again. You know things always work out. One day, you're gonna have a friend at school when it's your turn to leave, and he'll still have four years to go."

"Nah... he'll be a lighty. I don't think I'll be like you and hang with lighties."

"Think you're a lighty?"


"Only in your body."

"Not my dick, though... right?"

Kyle reached behind his back, and put his hand on my crotch. "Not that heavy thing... no."

I figured that was an invitation to slide my hands into his boxers, where his dick was laying sideways, so I straightened it.

"Hey, Wingnut, if you keep that up, I'm gonna have to tie you down and make you suck it."

"You're gonna have to catch me first. You old guys are slow." Without warning, his fist had closed around my nads. "Don't squeeze, Kyle! Please don't squeeze!"

Fucking hell! I couldn't help sighing with relief when he released his grip. For a moment there, I thought he was gonna torture me. Anyway, I continued to stroke his boner, and it was pretty obvious that he was quickly losing interest in his notes and books. In fact, he laid back to make his hard cock more accessible.

There was something totally wicked about handling Kyle's silky, smooth cock... something exciting... wild. Something cool about seeing him submit to my will as my fingers caressed the length of his thick shaft and bulbous knob, and fondled his juice-filled balls.

"So who am I gonna stroke and hang with when you're not here after school?" I asked.

"How are things with you and Sean?"

Hello? He was supposed to be under my control, dammit, but I answered him anyway. "We've jacked each other twice, but he gets kinda para [paranoid]. So I don't even try to ask him or anything. I think he's probably shy about his elephant dick, and totally freaked about somebody finding out. Y'know... like I'm gonna say something to somebody."

"You just did."

"Yeah, but that's you. And you and me are bros. So it's different."

"OK.. so before I shoot my load into my boxers, lay down on the bed."

I thought he'd never ask. I laid down on his bed, and stretched out... like some dog on its back, waiting to have its tummy rubbed. The bulge in Kyle's boxers was getting bigger as he slid my shorts and briefs down my legs. But I was totally relaxed, and enjoying his attention... as well as the prospect of his fist wrapped around my woody.

But Kyle was in no hurry. He was in one of those moods where he wanted to explore the contours of my bod, and admire them. He once told me that when somebody loved you, they made you feel good about yourself. And he was sure as hell making me feel good about myself.

"Y'see, Kyle, I'd like to do this kinda thing to Candy. I'd love it if she'd just lay back and relax while I explored her bod. I told her, "How am I supposed to get to know you if I can't explore your bod?""

"How come we shorten 'body' to 'bod', but we lengthen a name like 'Bob' to 'Bobby'?"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Just a thought. Anyway, you've got a wicked bod." He paused a moment while his hand drifted up the inside of my thigh, causing my cock to bounce, and my abs to contract. "So how are things with you and Candy?"

"She's totally cool. I'm allowed into her panties now."

"All of you?"

"Yeah, right. I'm being serious, Kyle. Anyway, she gets tender there, and pulls my hand away. The best thing, though, is sucking her nipples. She stroked me while I was sucking her tits, and I know she boasts about her boyfriend's dick to her friends at school."

"How do you know that?"

Before answering, I raised my upper body, rested on my elbows, and looked down at my rock-hard woody. "C'mon, Kyle! What girl wouldn't boast about that thing?"

"Shuddup and lay back."

"Anyway, I know she boasts about it... and maybe she even tells her friends about what it feels like inside her."

"You ever boast about fucking her?"

"Nah... don't have to. My buds just automatically assume that I have... even though I haven't. So it saves me the trouble of lying." Just then I felt the electric rush on its way. "Whoa! Load coming! Aaaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!"

By the time I'd looked down, there was a truckload of glistening boy juice all over my stomach and chest. Then I watched Kyle's finger scoop an oozy blob that was dribbling from my pisshole down my shaft. He put his finger to his mouth, and the sticky jizz disappeared between his lips.

"Tastes like juice, huh?"

"Yeah... dead rat juice."

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