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Part 88

Since the Captain has finished high school, and gotten a summer job, his daily email has become a thing of the past. I still get updates about what he, Wingnut and Mark have been up to, but nowhere near as often. Also, because of the Captain's new commitments, Wingnut has carved out a life for himself which means that he and Kyle aren't together as much as they used to be. I could fill the gaps with my own imagination, but I don't wanna do that. I prefer to keep the Wingnut story as close to the real thing as poss. So new chapters will be fewer and farther between until the Captain gets easier and more regular access to the net. That may not be until he goes to college in 2002. Meantime, he's using an internet cafe close to where he works. MrB
I guessed one of the advantages of being grounded was that I couldn't hang with Sean, which meant that I stayed outa trouble. Anyway, Sean was still probably pissed about Kyle backhanding him, and sending him sprawling on his ass. Meantime, Brian and I were seeing a lot more of each other, so it was like old times. Sometimes he'd get a joint from his bro, and we'd smoke it up. But like that wasn't very often. Only once last week.

Kyle was feeling up as well. He'd gotten a summer job.

"How much do they pay you?"

"1900 a month."

"Wow! How cool is that!"

"Gets better. I'm like only a temp at the mo, but the manager said that if I shape up, he'll keep me on and increase my pay to 2500 a month."

"Wicked! You gonna buy a car? That'd be totally cool! We wouldn't have to hitch to Long Beach any more!"

"Nope. I'm gonna save up for college. And I'm gonna do jobs around the 'hood for spending money. Mark's got a job, too... yacht building. So we're both gonna save up for college."

"He's not gonna go to Joburg?"

"Doesn't look like it. And his boss said there's a chance he might be able to go on a cruise or two."

"On a yacht? Awesome!"

"And one of my bosses is a SCUBA diver... takes his sons almost every weekend. He heard that I was into marine studies, so he asked me if I wanted to learn to dive. Mark wants to learn with me. We're training this Sunday. Cool, huh?"

"Wow! So much happening! I can't believe you walked outa school and into all this totally neato stuff."

"Me neither. When I left school, it was like everything was coming to an end. Now it's like a whole new beginning. I hope you remember that when it comes time for you to leave school, bro."

Although there'd been a lotta changes, like Kyle not being able to surf 'cause of his job, I still looked forward to sleeping over whenever I got the chance.

One Sunday night, he had his arm around me, while my head was resting on his muscular chest. One of my legs was draped over one of his. It was cool to hear his heartbeat, and to be so close. I guessed it was kinda wussy, but, hey, what the fuck. He was my bro, and that's the kinda things bros like us did.

"I don't hang with Sean anymore. I still see him in the surf, though. We're still friends, but mostly I hang with Brian."

"What are you trying to tell me?"

"I don't do drugs any more, Kyle. Well, Brian and I smoked a joint during the week... but only once."

"Think you've kicked it?"

"I'm trying, Kyle... real hard."


"Your voice sounds so damn deep inside your chest... like you're a giant or something."

"You talking about my boner?"

My hand was resting on his stomach, but at the mention of his boner, I took it in my fist and began to stroke it. I wasn't sure exactly what it was about Kyle's monster, but when I had hold of it, it was like I had hold of whatever made him so awesome. And he was awesome, big time -- not like Conan awesome, or Steve awesome -- kinda like a particular awesome that belonged only to him, and that made him special.

"Fuck it, Wingnut," he said as he rolled me onto my back, then moved his head down to my woody.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his tongue licking the length of my throbber. What was he doing? Dumb question. But would he...? I'd often fantasized about Kyle blowing me, but that was just my imagination going troppo. This time, though, it wasn't my imagination.

I watched as my hardon slipped between his lips, then I felt his tongue doing the most incredible things to my swollen cockhead.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle! Don't stop!"

I'd been blown a couple of times before, but this was helluva different. This was Kyle. This was my bro!

He was being totally gentle with me, and I figured it was 'cause he wanted it to last as long as poss. Me, too! Woohoo! But when my balls tightened, and I was just about to blow a truckload of juice, he moved his head away, took my bucking throbber in his fist, and pistoned it until I shot a gallon of jizz all over my stomach. Then I watched him lick and suck my cock clean before he used his mouth to clean up the rest of my Wingnut juice. Fucking awesome!

"My turn!"


"I wanna blow you."


What the fuck was he on about? It wasn't like I was gonna pull a damn tooth or whatever. "Yeah, but I don't want you to laugh. OK?"

"At you? Never."

Kyle laid on his back, and folded his arms behind his head as I nervously placed my tongue against his thick, rock-hard shaft. Kyle was blessed with a pretty awesome throbber, but from an inch away? Whoa! How the hell was I gonna get that thing into my mouth? Only one way to find out.

I wrapped my lips around his cockhead, then slid them over the high ridge, and down to his cut line. Tongue! Don't forget the tongue! I tried to do what Kyle's tongue had done to me, and judging by the sound of his moaning, I was doing a pretty good job.

Without warning, Kyle grabbed my head and pulled it away from his boner. Instinctively, I fisted his spit-covered cock until the fucking thing exploded, sending ribbons of hot, thick juice splattering all over his chest and stomach.

Would I have swallowed if he hadn't pulled my head away? I wasn't sure. Did I wanna lick his cum off his skin? I wasn't sure about that either. "Hang, I'll get some toilet paper and clean you."

After I'd returned from the bathroom, and wiped the juice off his bod, I asked him if he was disappointed.

"Are you kidding, Wingnut?"

"Well, I didn't do all the stuff you did."

"You did enough, bro. More than enough. It was totally awesome. Thanks."

Most of my time during the days that followed was spent hitching a ride to Long Beach where the surf was rocking. When I couldn't get a ride, I'd spend time skateboarding at Half Pipe. It wasn't as good as riding waves, but it was neat practice 'cause it was all about balance and getting the board to stick to our feet while we were doing turns and all kinds of cool maneuvers. Showing off? Yeah, that, too.

As it was getting closer to Christmas, Kyle was working 'til 9pm weeknights but I'd still hop the fence and breeze into our room to say hi. Sundays were the only days he had off, so I asked him if he wanted to go to Long Beach with me. "You should see the way it's been breaking, Kyle, and the waves are peaking just right. Four to five feet, no prob." Yeah, right. When we got there, the wind was blowing so damn hard that the surf was really shitty. We still managed to get a few rides, though.

"I love watching you ride, Wingnut."

"Impressive, huh?"

"Seriously. You've got a wide stance, and your leg muscles are looking really good. It's almost like the board is an extension of your bod."

"Doesn't seem all that long ago that I couldn't even stand up on the fucking thing."

"You've come a long way, bro."

"Did I tell you that Sean's got a new best buddy?"


"Yeah... and he's always trashed outa his bracket."

"Figures. Sean's not into mutual elevation."

"What's that?"

"He elevates himself by putting other dudes down."

Anyway, we were both pretty tired after a day's surfing, but it was one of those cool tired feelings where you felt like you'd done a day's work and achieved something worthwhile.

A few days later I was back in his room. "Hey, Kyle, you've gotta help me get my dick into Candy."

"You need to go to the pharmacy."

"What for?"

"Tweezers and a magnifying glass... so Candy can find it."

"Har-de-fucking-har! Well, that sorts out your Christmas present."

"What did you buy me?"

"Nothing now."

"Aaaahhhh, jeez! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. You've got a giant dick."

"Liar! Anyway, it's almost as big as yours." I pulled up my cargoes so that my dick and balls formed a big lump just to prove my point.

"So what do you want me to do? Tie Candy down or something?"

"I don't know," I shrugged to demonstrate my frustration. "I can't believe she doesn't want it. I want her so damn bad."

"You need her to blow you, and swallow first."

"Oh, yeah. Come here Candy. Swallow my load of love juice." Then I changed the pitch of my voice to simulate Candy's while I minced around the room.

"OK, sweetie! Wow! It's so big! And beautiful! And just look at all those beautiful curls! Your balls are huge! Should I suck those too?"

Kyle was in hysterics so I figured I'd continue my little impromptu pantomime.

My voice: "No, babes, just this long thing here. It's called a cock."

Candy's voice: "OK. And then maybe I can sit on it and you can fuck my lights out."

My voice: "But, babes, if you sit on it the juice will shoot outa your mouth."

That was it. I couldn't help cracking up at my own joke, and falling in a heap on Kyle's bed.

"You wish," Kyle grinned.

"How did you get into Steph, Kyle? There must be some sorta mission."

"No mission. It just kinda happens."

"Maybe we need to go out and get plastered or something."

"Yeah... I'm sure her folks will be really impressed with that."

"Her folks love me. Honest. Maybe I should fuck her mom first, and then she'll say it's OK if I fuck Candy. Hmmm. Actually, her mom's cute."


"She's cute, Kyle," I insisted.


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