South Africa
Part 89

How come Kyle and Steph did stuff and Candy and I didn't? How come Mark and Carol did stuff and Candy and I didn't? What the hell was going on? According to Kyle, "it just kinda happened." Yeah, right. WHEN?

Well, it finally did, and I couldn't wait to tell Kyle all about it. I jumped the fence, and burst into his room like some FBI dude doing a drug bust. "Kyle! Kyle!"


"It happened!"

"What the fuck...???"

"Candy! She did it!" Kyle was still looking as though I'd stuck a red-hot poker up his ass as I sat on the side of his bed and bounced. "She actually did it!"

"Did what?"

"Jacked me!"

"She found it?"

"We were at her house -- alone -- and we started kissing. Whaddaya mean 'found it'? Anyway, my hand kinda wandered into her panties, and then her hand went into my shorts. It was soooo damn cool! Then she started to jack me while we were still kissing. But she let go when she knew I was gonna cum, and I blew a whole fucking load in my shorts."

"You're beaming from ear to ear, Wingnut."

"I think she liked it a stack... and her pussy is tight, tight tight!"

"How would you know what a tight pussy is like?"

"Hey! All guys know a tight pussy! I've heard the guys talk about what a tight pussy is like. Like when you put your dick in there, and her pussy strangles it to death and makes you harder than ever. The guys say that sometimes you can't even move in and out 'cause it's so damn tight... and sometimes it's painful."

"Sounds like you're making progress," Kyle grinned.

"Hey!" I bounced. "When you're hot you're hot!"

"Guess you need to cool off, then."

At the speed of lightning, and without any warning, Kyle was on top of me, ripping off my clothes. I knew exactly what the evil fucker had in mind.

"Fuck off, Kyle! Not the pool!"

I wriggled and struggled, kicked and fisted him, but it didn't make any difference. Within a few moments I was naked, draped over his shoulder, and hovering above the water. All I could do was hang on to him as he tossed me into the pool, and drag him in with me... fully clothed. Neh, neh, neh, neh, nehhhhh, neh.

For a while, we wrestled and splashed around. It reminded me of old times when I used to hop the fence and clean up the dog crap. Then we'd end up in the pool goofing off. I kinda missed those days, as well as Sox. I was almost twelve then, and now I was thirteen. But those days, when Sox was around, seemed like so long ago. I was the little grommet next door, hoping that Kyle would like me. And now? Well, now I had a girlfriend, I could surf with the best of them, and Kyle was my best friend.

Things were much different nowadays, though. Kyle wasn't at school anymore... well, none of us were 'cause we were on school holidays. But he had a summer job, which meant I couldn't see him as much as I used to. Most of my time was spent at the beach, or skating around with my buds up the road, or at the Half Pipe. Actually, I had a lotta friends. I made friends pretty easily. But they weren't Kyle-type friends. Kyle-type friends only came along once in a blue moon. And how many blue moons had I seen? Yeah... one.

"You've got a boardies tan. The tops of your legs and ass are white."

"So what do you want me to fucking do? Surf naked?"

"Let me know when you do. I wanna be there. Anyway, judging by your tan line, your boardies hang half way down your damn ass."

"Turns the chicks on."

On Wednesday night, we all went to see a scary movie. Yeah, right. It was way more funny than scary. Half way through the movie, the guy on the screen was having sex, and filling the room with cum, so some older couple got up and left the theater. Later, we all went for pizza, and we were still hosing ourselves laughing at the movie. Totally outasight.

"Dad? When you were a kid, what kinda movies did you go to?"

"The ones you see on TV."

"John Wayne?"

"Pretty much."

"Did John Wayne ever have sex?"

"He was far too busy for sex."

"Do you think people would've walked outa the theater if he did?"

Dad lowered his head and peered at me over the top of his reading glasses. "Why are you asking me this?"

"We all saw this movie last night and it was kinda rad. Some older people walked out."

"When you're their age, and you walk out of a theater, what do you think might be on the screen?"


Meantime, the wettie that Kyle had given me when I was twelve was getting too small. Hmmm. Probably I was getting too big. Anyway, the damn thing was crushing my nuts big time, and giving me headaches. I had to get a new one... well, a good used one. The new, zipless ones were like four grand in the surf shop. Hello? Four what? But I could always buy a good used one for about eight hundred [100 USD].

Since Kyle had been working his summer job, he'd let me take over his chores around the 'hood, which was totally cool. But, even so, I was gonna have to work my butt off to earn eight hundred big ones.

"So what's wrong with your arm?"

"Gavin hit me."

"Who's he?"

"My boss went for a surf, and left Gavin in charge of the store. He's twenty. We kinda play-fight a bit and diss each other. Strong fuck, though. Ouch!"

"Cool. Saves me doing it."

Christmas eve was pretty awesome. Kyle's folks invited me and my folks over for a small party at their place. Mark, Carol, Steph, and Candy were there, plus a couple of people from Kyle's dad's office. It was a pretty cool evening.

After supper, we left the adults to their wine and chat while we all hit the pool. Kyle was trying to get Mark to wear a pair of white briefs. Yeah, right. But Mark opted for a pair of Kyle's boardies. Steph looked totally wicked in her bikini. Carol and Candy were wearing full swimsuits, but they still looked fucking hot.

When it came time to exchange presents, I was a bit worried about what Kyle would think of mine. But it was one of those things that was too late to change. He gave me the 2001 surf calendar, which I was totally fucking stoked about. Awesome pics. Meantime, there musta been some kinda conspiracy going on between Carol and Steph 'cause both Kyle and Mark got the same pressies... sarongs! Woohoo! Lightweight, brightly colored, and totally damn cool. I was pissed off big time 'cause I didn't get one.

"Hey, it's not much, Kyle. It's only a drawing I did. I copied it outa one of the surf mags... a guy hitting the lip. I used light-blue cardboard 'cause it's like a sunny day. Hope ya like it."

I watched Kyle's face as he read what I'd written on my drawing, hoping he'd gimme some kinda sign that he thought it was cool.

To my best friend Kyle
Thanks for everything you always do for me
Thanks for always being there for me
Thanks for being my big bro
Thanks for helping me take the bottom turn
Hit the lip!
Your little bro

"What's wrong with your eyes?"

"Smoke from the barbecue."

Later that night, Kyle asked me if I wanted to sleep over. "We don't have any plans, and everybody's having an early night."

I showered, then breezed into his room, where he was laying face down on his bed, wearing his boxers. The first thing I noticed was the drawing I'd given him for Christmas. It was on the wall next to his prized "Endless Summer" poster. The next thing I noticed was the sarong. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I wrapped it around my waist, then pulled the back up between my legs, and tucked it in the front... just like Aladdin. "Cool, huh?"

"Hey, now you're taking a chance."

"I knew you wouldn't mind. This is pretty kiff," I said as I admired my reflection in the mirror.

"Actually, it looks pretty good on you... like a tropical island boy."

Kyle's folks were still awake, so we had to be quiet. I sat on the side of his bed and began to massage his muscular shoulders.

"Hey, buddy," he sighed as my fingers worked his thick, firm muscles, "thanks for the pic. That was pretty damn special."

"Sorry I never bought you anything."

"No... that was better."

"I'm glad you like it, then."

"How are things going with you and Candy?... she's got a really cute bod."

"And nice tits, huh?"

"Yeah," he chuckled, "really cute tits. But you should know 'cause you've been into them already."

Hmmm. Well, maybe I was doing too good a job of massaging my bro's shoulders 'cause he was kinda nodding off. "Hey!" I complained as I smacked his backside. "You sleeping?"

"No," he grumbled. "Shit."


Kyle's folks were staying up late 'cause of the guests, so eventually I got under the covers on the spare mattress -- minus the sarong. The last thing Kyle did before he fell asleep was to slide his boxers off, and toss them on the floor.

I woke up not long afterwards and noticed that the house was quiet. Everybody had gone to bed except for a lone cricket just outside the window. Kyle's breathing told me that he was fast asleep. His eyes were closed, his lips were slightly parted, and his spiky, black hair looked like it had just survived a windstorm. How fucking cute, I thought. Just like an angel. Hmmm. Well, maybe not an angel. More like a devil disguised as an angel. But cute, anyway.

I rolled off the spare mattress, sank to my knees beside Kyle's bed, and gently peeled the covers off his chest. I wasn't sure what it was about Kyle's bod that excited me... it wasn't soft like Candy's... it was tanned, firm and muscular... strong and powerful.

"Hey, bud. What's up?" he asked as my hand was laying on his stomach.

"Just checking how neat your bod feels when you're sleeping."

"Wanna climb in?"

Hello? I didn't even bother to answer in my haste to climb under the covers next to him. His bod was a bit cold 'cause I'd peeled the covers off, so I wrapped an arm around him, then slid my hand down his smooth skin to his lazy dick. "It's sleeping." So I shook the damn thing. "Wake up, wake up! It's time to play!"

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