South Africa
Part 93

It was a hot night, so I asked Candy if she wanted to go to Kyle's place for a swim in the pool. "He's at Steph's, but Kyle's folks will let us use the pool. No prob."

"Cool. I'll let my mom know. And I'll get my swimsuit."

"Don't worry about the swimsuit."

When we arrived unnoticed at the side of the pool, Kyle and Steph were kinda busy in the water. And they weren't swimming!

"Hey, guys. What's up?"

Kyle had a kinda shocked look on his face when he saw us standing there, while Steph burst out laughing. "Hi, Candy."

"Hi, Steph."

I was craning my neck to see what was going on under the water. They had to be fucking. But before I could be certain, Kyle lifted Steph off him, then dove to the bottom to retrieve his Speedos, as well as the bottom of Steph's bikini. Hello? Then they put their togs on before inviting Candy and me to join them.

"So? C'mon in! Water's great!"

"Hey, if you guys are busy, we can cruise," I offered, feeling a little guilty about having interrupted something.

"No, it's cool. Got your swimmers?"

"No, 'cause I thought you were gonna be at Steph's house, and I was gonna ask your folks if we could swim."

"Without swimmers?"

"Yeah... well... kinda."

Now it was Kyle's turn to feel guilty. He got outa the pool, wrapped a towel around his waist -- but not before I spotted his boner stretching his Speedos to almost breaking point -- and went inside the house. "I'll check with my folks if it's OK to skinny dip."

We didn't wait for the answer, and by the time Kyle had returned, we were all in the water as naked as the day we were born. Candy was a little nervous at first, but as soon as she saw Steph ditch her bikini, she followed suit. Woohoo!

"We knew your folks would say it was OK," I grinned as I exited the pool, and paraded my woody. "Your folks are totally cool, Kyle."

Actually, I kept getting outa the pool, then diving back in so that Candy and Steph could check out my boner. For a thirteen-year-old, I had a whopper. Well, not quite as big as Kyle's, but, hey... Rome wasn't built in a fucking day.

After a while, Candy and I got seriously into graunching. My woody was pressed up against her wicked young bod, and our mouths were locked. Steph and Kyle were at the other end of the pool doing the same thing. Hello? Same thing? When I checked, Kyle's fingers were almost ripping Steph's back to shreds, and there was a pained expression on his face. I'd seen that look before, and it had nothing to do with having teeth pulled.

Eventually, Steph climbed outa the pool, and wrapped a towel around herself. Wow! What a butt! So fucking sexy! Then Kyle joined her on the lawn. Hmmm. Not a bad butt, either. He had his back to us.

"Hey, Kyle! Wait up!" I darted outa the pool, grabbed my bro's shoulders, and turned him around so that he was facing Candy. "Hey, Candy, be honest now. Who's got the best looking one?" Kyle's was kinda limp after fucking Steph, but mine was at full mast, and pointed at the stars.

But all Candy could do was giggle, so I took advantage of that. "C'mon Candy," I grinned as I nudged my bud. "Who?" Then I added, "Hey, Kyle, she's giggling at your one."

I wasn't expecting Steph to sneak up behind me and grab my woody in her fist. My knees almost buckled. "Don't feel bad, Candy," she laughed. "Your guy's getting there. Cute, though." Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek as she released her grip on my boner.

I looked down at my pride and joy. "Getting there?"

Steph dashed inside the house, then returned with the sarong she'd bought Kyle for Christmas. She wrapped it around his waist so that it rode on his hips. Looked totally coolio! It was made of fine, soft material that kinda flowed gently with each of his movements. After whispering something in his ear, they both went back inside the house.

As soon as they'd disappeared from view, Candy exited the pool, towelled herself, and began to dress.

"You embarrassed?"

"I didn't want Kyle to see me naked."

A few minutes later, Kyle and Steph rejoined us with some drinks. Beer for them, Coke for us. Bleh.


"Yes, Coke."

"C'mon, Kyle."

"Hey, we're not alone here."

After listening to some music in Kyle's room, we walked the girls home, then Kyle and I chatted on the way back. He told me that he couldn't believe that Candy had gotten naked with me in the pool.

"So what's the bullshit about Candy not wanting to get close to you?"

"She did it 'cause Steph did it. It's the first time I've seen her naked, Kyle. Serious. I still can't get my damn boner down. She's so fucking hot! Big time fucking hot! But it's not just her looks. I mean... she is so fucking brrrrrr hot! I can still see her like she's still here. Is she hot or what? I'm gonna jack off tonight thinking about her pubes rubbing against my boner. I must've been leaking buckets when I was against her in the pool. Hey! Maybe I can come home with you, and you can blow me, and I can imagine it's Candy I'm screwing. Got some hair you can paste on your face?"

"She's nice. I think I'm gonna take her out on a date."

I heard him, but I ignored him. I was too busy thinking about something Candy had said to me after she'd seen Kyle naked.

"Hey, Kyle, can I ask you a question? It's gonna sound totally lame."

"Cool... then I can diss you."

"Candy asked me if my dick was gonna get as big as yours. What kinda question is that, huh?"

"Yours is almost there, bro. I'm surprised at the question."

"Is it, though? Huh? It's not like it stops growing when you get pubes or anything. Right?"

"Don't measure your dick when it's hanging like a deflated balloon. Anyway, I think she likes more than just your dick. But she must be pretty relaxed around you to talk like that."


"Like the two of you in the pool... chatting and holding each other like you were in your own, private world... that's a plus when you can talk to each other like that."

"Yeah, but you and Steph do that."

"I'm just saying that there's a lotta guys your age who really just wanna get their dicks into their girlfriends. Most of the time, it doesn't happen. And then they don't have any backup. They can't talk to their girls about anything. You can, Wingnut. You can. I don't think you should hurry her. She's really nice."

"Yeah... she is, huh? Now that I've seen her naked, she's even better. And I saw you."


"You had your dick inside Steph in the pool."

"Did Candy see?"

"She wasn't looking. But I almost jizzed in your pool when I saw that. I know I'm a boy, but it made me totally stoked to see your hard dick inside her."

"Hey! I'm a boy, too!" he laughed as he looked down the front of his cargos. "Yeah! I'm a boy! Hey, I get pretty excited when the two of us jack around together... 'cause you've got a pretty hard bod for your age."


"I know."

"I don't do stuff, though."

"Like what?"

"Like you do situps and pushups, and sometimes go to the gym. I don't do any of that."

"I think you're like Mark... just got a naturally good bod."

"Serious? Like Conan?" Jeez! Being compared to Conan was like totally awesome! "Well... if you promise not to get a big head, I can tell you what Candy said."


"She said you're pretty hunky, and..." Hmmm. Should I tell him the rest?

"And what?"

Oh, fuck... why not? "Cute! C U T E ! Hahahahahaha!" But my hysterical laughter was brought to an abrupt end when Kyle punched me on the shoulder. "Ouch! Fuck it! What was that for?"

"From one cute hunk to another."

When I got home, mom was still awake, watching TV.

"Mom? Do you think Kyle's cute?"

"Why is that, darling?"

"'Cause Candy said he was."

"Candy's too young for Kyle."

"No... it's not like that. She thinks I'm cute, too. We're gonna get married."

"Not too soon, I hope."

"No... after college and stuff. Anyway, do you think Kyle's cute?"

"He's a very good looking young man."

"Mom! That's not what she said... and if she had've, it would've sounded totally lamo! She said cute!"

"Yes, he's cute... just like your father was when I met him."

"Dad was cute? What happened?"

"Cute is for puppies and kittens," she laughed. "We don't stay that way."

"Why not?"

"Because we go through a period when we need protection... to be sheltered and fed. After that, it's our turn to look after the young ones."

"Is that why you look after me? 'Cause I'm cute?"

"When you were born, I thought you were the cutest little bundle of joy I'd ever laid eyes on. Babies bring out the maternal and paternal instincts in parents... and it's a good thing they do. You were a little terror."

"I'm not now, though."


"You don't have to change my diapers any more."

"I never did... I gave that job to your father. But you're still a terror... just not so little."

"Dad changed my diapers?"

"Why do you think we decided not to have any more children?"

"Would've been cool to have a bro... but it's cool anyway 'cause I've got one."

"You think very highly of Kyle."

"He's ace, mom... well, not all the time 'cause he gets mad at me. But most of the time he rocks. Anyway, I think it's better to choose your own bro. Alan and Brian don't get along as well as Kyle and I do. Do you think we were meant to move here?"

"Who knows? But I'm glad we did."

"Me, too. Hey, mom?"

"Yes, dear."

"I know I didn't choose you to be my mom, but I'm glad you are. You're totally neat for a mom."

"Thank you, darling," she smiled.

"'Night, mom."

"'Night, son."

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