South Africa
Part 96

As soon as Kyle had closed the door of his room behind us, he grabbed the spare mattress and placed it alongside his bed. Hello? What the fuck? Anyway, I pulled off my t, then sat on his bed and took off my sneakers, jeans, and boxers.

"You can sleep on the spare mattress, Kyle." And with that, I laid on his bed, then pulled the covers over me.

"Little shit."

Kyle got undressed, then climbed into his bed next to me. Within a second, I was cuddled up to him.

"This is cool, Kyle. We haven't done this for a long time."

"Yeah, I know."

Kyle didn't waste any time turning down the covers, laying on his side so that he was facing me, then running his electric fingers over my pecs and nipples, which hardened under his touch. It was almost as though he was exploring my bod for the first time... gently... taking in every inch of my tanned skin. When he reached my abs, the thrill caused my stomach to contract. He had a real thing about my sixpack. Hell, he had a real thing about every part of my bod!

By the time his hands were exploring the tensed muscles of my inner thighs, my hands were also busy feeling the smooth skin of his toned and powerful bod. Then he cupped my nads, which had begun to pull up tight against the base of my woody. It was standing up and away from my stomach as his fist gently wrapped itself around the shaft. At the same time, I used one hand to lift his balls, and felt the rock hardness of his monster.

It didn't seem as though Kyle was trying to jack me. He'd used some of my pre-cum to lube my shaft, but he was stroking me slowly, allowing his loose fist to lightly caress the skin of my woody. Maybe he had something else in mind. Hmmm.

"I think Candy's getting ready to blow me."

"How come?"

"She almost did the other night when she was at my house. She was lifting my t, and kissing my chest and stomach. And her lips were like down near the tie of my shorts. Then she undid the tie, and when her mouth got to my pubes, there was a knock at the door. It was my mom. Candy almost pissed in her panties. Mind you, they were wet anyway 'cause my finger was up her pussy fucking her good." After Kyle had stopped giggling, I continued. "Anyway, later, my mom gave me the third degree about sex and making Candy pregnant... and that maybe my penis was too small to do anything anyway."

"That's why I call you a little prick."

"Yeah, right. Anyway, my mom said she's seen me naked, and it's a loaded weapon I'm carrying, and I must be careful with it. I asked her if my dad had one like that when he was my age, and she burst out laughing. She said something about my dad wishing he had one that size now. So you see? It's huge already. So she says it's got nothing to do with size... it's all about... And then she stops, and tells me it's best if I speak to my dad about all this guy stuff. And she doesn't want me and Candy graunching in my room."

"Want me to blow you?"

Woohoo! It worked! "Oh, yeah! And then I'll do you."

"You don't have to."

"I want to." I insisted. "But I wanna do you first... then I want you to tell me how it was."


"'Cause when you do me, I'll fall asleep right after."

Kyle rolled over onto his back, while I turned, bent my legs so that my knees were adjacent to his head, and my face was within reach of his huge throbber. As I wrapped my fist around his shaft, I felt his hands caressing my thighs. "I love your legs 'cause they're so damn cool, and well built." I was too busy looking at his awesome cock to respond to his remark. It was a fucking monster... thick and solid, with a big, swollen knob.

I let my tongue play with his pisshole for a little while, then closed my lips around his cockhead, and used my tongue to circle the high ridge of his knob. No fucking way was I gonna get that whole damn thing in my mouth, but I did my best as I slid my lips as far down his shaft as I could get them without gagging.

At one stage, while my head was bobbing up and down, I glanced at Kyle's face to see if he was watching me. He was, and he looked as though he was in seventh heaven. Way cool! Then I got back to the business of blowing his lights out.

After a few minutes, I heard him let out a weird, muffled sound, followed by, "I'm gonna cum!"

I was determined to do this right, so I sealed my lips half way down his shaft as he began to shoot his load. Fucking hell! There was so much of the damn stuff that I couldn't help coughing and gagging at one stage. Apart from that, his exploding cock was jumping and bucking inside my mouth like some kinda outa control pogo stick despite my grip on its base. How the hell I managed to swallow that truckload of juice I would never know. My throat was working way overtime just to keep up with the torrent of thick, sticky jizz.

Finally, I let his deflating cock slip outa my mouth... all shiny and clean. Then I looked up at my bud's contented face and smiled at him. "My turn now."

"Oh, my fuck! How did you suddenly get so damn good at this?"

"Brian and me... we practice."

"You guys blow each other?"

"We've done it twice now. Brian's the expert, so I asked him to go slow and teach me so I could do him. I didn't tell him that you and I do it, though, so don't sweat it."

"Oh, jeez."


"The thought of you and Brian doing it."

"Turns you on, huh?"

Kyle was still laying on his back, so I thought what the fuck, and straddled his chest. Then I leaned forward slightly so that my woody was running the length of his face, and my balls were hovering just above his mouth. Sure enough, his tongue popped out and began to lick my nads. Woohoo!

While his tongue worked its way along the underside of my woody toward its bright, pink head, he'd flattened his hands on my abs. Then he sent them north to my pecs. His hands were all over me like a fucking rash as I watched my boner glide between his full, red lips. This wasn't just a blow job. No way! This was something else. Like he couldn't get enough of me. Totally fucking awesome. So much so, that I began to hyperventilate.

I wasn't quite sure what to do next. I wanted to fuck his face, but how would he have handled that? I thought about it for a moment, then realized that he was content just to lay there with my woody stuffed in his face, while his hands explored my bod. It had to mean that he was leaving it to me to make a decision. And there could only be one.

I began slowly... sliding my boner backwards and forwards between his tight lips. By that stage, his hands had left my buns and travelled up my lats, which had hardened like steel rods after I'd grabbed hold of the bedhead, and rested my weight forward.

There was some kinda instinct thing happening. The erotic sensations I was experiencing from sending my boner in and out of Kyle's mouth caused me to wanna increase the speed... to fuck his face. It was like my pelvis needed to be activated... to thrust... to become aggro.

Kyle wasn't complaining, so I allowed instinct to take control. Actually, he must've thought what I was doing was pretty damn cool 'cause his hands found my buns again and gripped them like footballs. It was as though he was trying to tell me to fuck faster and harder. And, all the while, his tongue was doing the most awesome things to my woody.

I was like a steam train. Once I'd gathered speed, and gotten into a rhythm, it was impossible to slow down. All I wanted to do was to keep pumping and pumping until... whooooooooa!

I could hear my own breathing. It was through my open mouth rather than my nose. My grip on the bedhead tightened, and my whole body tensed. I had to grit my teeth in an attempt to avoid screaming. My whole crotch was alive with the most incredible thrills, matched only by what my bro's tongue was doing to my ultra-sensitive cockhead.

I gasped as the first of my wads exploded. Then I gasped again as the next wad jetted down Kyle's throat. There was another, and another. And it seemed to take a helluva long time before my balls were finally emptied. Fine with me. Woohoo! Fucking wicked! But by the time I'd fired my last shot, the best I could manage was a pathetic whimper.

Kyle's tongue was still massaging my woody even after I'd blown my load, so I stayed where I was, with my still-hard cock stuffed in his face, and let him enjoy it. Yeah... enjoy it. How fucking cool was that? I'd just about pummeled his face to a pulp, and he'd loved every second of it. Alriiiiight!

Eventually, I slid down his chest, and laid my head on his firm, muscular pec.

"You OK, Wingnut?"

"Yeah," was about all I could say as I listened to his heartbeat. How the fuck could I have found the words to describe what had just happened?

"You taste different. Almost sweetish compared to..." His voice trailed off.

"Compared to?"

"Paul and Steve," he admitted after a slight pause. "Your juice isn't quite as thick as theirs, but there's plenty of it."

"And Mark?"

"How do you know about Mark?"

"'Cause I'm a fucking genius."

I think it's appropriate at this point to let Kyle tell the next part of this story in his own words. MrB

We both must've dozed in that position for a while. A little later, after we'd woken up, Wingnut laid next to me on his stomach, and fell asleep. I caressed his bod -- hard, tanned and smooth. I admired everything about the little dude. He's already been through what a lotta 20 year olds would probably never go through. The whole drug thing that he seems to have sorted out... yeah I know he still smokes the odd reefer with his buds, and he's gonna have to deal with that, but he's staying away from the chemicals. I think that morning when he was so sick on the beach gave him a wake-up call -- especially when his buds just deserted him at the time. He really needed them to look after him. Good thing I arrived when I did.

I fell asleep and woke up at about 4am. Wingnut had rolled onto his back, and had kicked the covers off. How the fuck was i supposed to sleep? I rested my one hand on his lazy dick and jacked myself as his came to life. I gently woke him up, and he sleepily rolled off the bed and onto the spare mattress. I covered him up with a spare blanket, and he just passed out. He woke up a few hours later cos he was meeting some buds and they were going cycling. I wasn't into cycling in the crap wind.

And now back to Wingnut. MrB

The surf was really rocking next day after school, so I waited for Kyle to arrive home from work, and asked him if he wanted to get wet.

"Cool. Hang while I get into my wettie."

"Wettie? Wetties are for fucking wusses! I'm going in boardies... with no Speedos underneath."


"'Cause I can show a bit of ass crack. The chicks love it."

"What makes you think it's only the chicks? Anyway, I don't know how the fuck you keep those boardies up."

"It's called woody elevation."

The surf was really bitching and clean, and I had a total rave, despite the biting chill of the Atlantic. There were a lotta guys out, but there was enough surf for everyone. At one stage, while we were sitting on our boards waiting for the next set, Kyle told me that I'd become really aggro with my surfing. Hey! Cool with me. When you were being faced with a giant wall of angry water weighing a zillion fucking tons, it was no time to be a chickenshit.

After showering under the cold freshwater on the beach, Kyle and I walked home together.

"You're blue."

My skin was covered in goosebumps, and for the fucking life of me I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering as I tried to tell him what a blast the surf had been. "Tttttaaaattttt w w w w was p p p p p rettttt t t t t y d d d damn c c c c cool, huh, K k k k k yle?"

But all Kyle could do, nice and warm in his wettie, was crack up big time.

"P p p p piss off K k k k kyle. At least I'm only shivering. You've lost your dick." I'd only just begun to giggle, when Kyle's fist made contact with my arm. *Thwack* "Ouch!"

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