Cape Town, South Africa
Part 2

The email between me and Gary was getting to be like once a day, and often more than that. I couldn’t wait to get to school early in the mornings so that I could read the latest chapter of Daniel, which I’d forward to Paul to read later. He was really enjoying the stories, too. But he wasn’t a fan of the internet, and couldn’t really understand why I was so obsessed with it.

“You know those old Speedos I told you about?” I wrote Gary. “The ones with the worn-through ass and my buns showing? I think I’m gonna jack off in them and send the cummy things to Daniel for his birthday, and then make him wear them for a whole day, hehehehe. That scene with Daniel and Paul in front of the mirror… that rocked! So I’m gonna try it with my Paul… watching each other blowing our fucking lights out.”

It had gotten to a point where I was giving Gary ideas for MrB stories – stuff I’d done with Paul, or fantasies I had when I was jacking off – while Gary was giving me new ideas also; totally rad ones created in his fertile fossil imagination. But the coolest thing was when Daniel befriended Kyle, my character in the stories. They met on line, and, according to the story, swapped nudie pics of themselves. Then Daniel’s school in Tampa, Florida, organized a trip to Cape Town for a swim meet [beginning Daniel’s Diary part 19]. That’s when we met in person. Well, it never really happened, of course, cos Daniel was fiction. But each time my eyes scanned a chapter on the comp screen, it felt so incredibly fucking real to me; like Daniel and his buds were actually in town. I’d go home from school each arvie almost expecting that blonde hunk to be in my room waiting for me with his cute butt in the air. It was totally unreal, and yet so damn real at the same time.

Prob was, the old dude from Oz knew fuck all about swimming, let alone a swim meet. So, in order for him to write the story, I had to give him a crash course in swimming styles, distances, my times, preparation techniques, limbering up exercises, and a whole stack of other things, including a description of Newlands cricket and rubgy grounds, where there was a 50 meter pool nearby. That’s where the school meet would take place.

I’d also gotten the story-writing bug, and spent my spare time [which I didn’t have a lot of] writing stories about the adventures of Cody and TJ. They were quite different in style to Gary’s stuff… lots more violence and adventure. But he taught me how to write dialogue. I sent a chapter to Gary for his comments, and all I got back was a long list of corrections hehehehe. “I don’t have the patience to think too much about what I’m writing,” I explained. “I’ve gotta write as fast as I can while it’s still in my head.” Gary, on the other hand, was a ponderer, and could spend fucking ages on just one paragraph.

The Adventures of Cody and TJ was a great outlet for me, as well as an extra feature for my web page. I could invent all kinds of situations that helped me sort out my head and solve probs. As Gary often said, “I like to throw Daniel into the deep end without any prior knowledge of how he’s gonna survive. It’s like real life. Things often happen unexpectedly and we’ve gotta rely on our wits to deal with them.”

By early March, 1998, Daniel Stories was on line. Dave had done all the webmastering and organized an ISP in San Diego to host the site… but only after Dave had phoned Gary to patch things up between them. A couple of weeks beforehand, Dave had called Gary “a hack writer” and “a lame amateur shrink” hehehe.

Gary: “Dave sent me a story he wrote, expecting me to praise his work as much as he praises mine. But it was full of terms like ‘anus’ and ‘penis’. What the fuck’s sexy about anus and penis? That’s not the kinda lang teens like you use, Code. You guys talk about assholes and boners. It sounded like a teen story written by a middle-age, frustrated wannabe, and that’s what I told him. Anyway, everything’s cool again. He’ll be making some adjustments to the site tonight my time. Hey, this is exciting, huh? Daniel finally on the net!”

Meantime, I was busy with Cody’s World. Gary would surf the net looking for suitable pics, and send them to me. “Thanks for that pic, G. That dude looks real cute, standing there like that with his arms raised, waiting for me to stand behind him and rub my flat hands down his lats and across his to his chest and down his stomach and down to…”

But not all was cool on the western front. TJ hadn’t written for a while and I was starting to worry that maybe he didn’t wanna write me anymore. “I worry about what you said though,” I explained to Gary, “that net friendships only last ‘til someone pulls the phone plug.” Paul was critical of my obsession with net friends as well.

“They’re not real, Cody," Paul said. "I’m real. The guys on the swim team are real. Cape Town is real. I can’t understand why you’re all so fucking wrapped up in a bunch of invisible people. Hey, I enjoy reading the Daniel stories too, y’know, but he’s not real either. He wasn’t here in Cape Town for a school swim meet. But you carry on like it really happened. You’ve gotta get your head straightened out, Code, or you’re gonna get hurt.”

“I know he’s not real," I replied. "Neither is Dirk Pitt. Does that mean I should stop reading Clive Cussler’s books? Anyway, Gary’s real so that makes Daniel real. Kinda. He even asks me to email Daniel so he can paste my note into a story.”

“Gary’s a fossil who sits alone in an attic in Sydney all day and writes stories. He’s never been to Florida. He’s never been to Cape Town.”

“I’ve also never been to the States, but that doesn’t stop me writing about my adventures with TJ. I don’t understand you either, Paul. So what were you thinking when we went to the movies and watched Star Wars? That it was all fake? Where’s the fun in that?”

“Just so long as all this internet shit stays fun for you, Code. So long as you don’t start confusing fantasy with reality, or getting too attached to your email friends. That’s what worries me. And you’ve got the fucking hots for that Kostik dude as well.”

“He’s real, and he signed my guestbook.”

As it happened the next day, I spent about twenty minutes chatting with TJ on the net, and told him what I’d been thinking – about net friendships being so unpredictable and uncertain. He was cool, though, and soon allayed my fears, promising that we’d be best buds forever. Actually, we spent most of the time in chat having cyber sex. When I told Gary about it, he went totally fucking ballistic. The old dude would always pretend to phone his doc or shrink when he was answering my emails hehehehe. Or order 57 bottles of scotch from his imaginary waiter. Reading his replies always cracked me up big time, and encouraged me to tease him even more.

Probably the coolest thing about having G as a friend was that I could tell him everything. Sure, I’d tell him about my wanking techniques and what happened when Paul slept over, but I also told him about a stack of other things – what was happening at school, swimming comps, hiking trips, surfing, and even little things like how I’d spent the night doing homework or listening to music in my room. G seemed to be interested in everything I had to tell him, and usually had something funny or sensible to say in return. He was like a diary that talked back to me.

I even described my dick to him once hehehe. “After seeing all those boners on the net, I was laying on top of my bed naked and decided to check mine out. It’s thick and straight, with a cut head that’s in proportion to the rest of my dick. Hmmm. A pretty good looking cock even if I do say so myself. Anyway, Paul’s never complained about it. :)”

Paul had a totally neat cock, too. Cut like mine, and straight. Hey, he had a neat everything – awesome abs and a muscular chest, with skin as smooth as golden silk. I loved using the tips of my fingers to trace all the lumps and bumps, and especially those sexy lines that ran from his hips to his bush of black pubes. Paul was into surfing and other sports big time; even karate. Not too many dudes had the guts to argue with my best bud.

One Saturday morning, I was composing an email to G on my dad’s comp; something I normally did at school in the lab. But my folks were out shopping, and Paul had slept over that night. As I typed, he was standing behind me with his semi-hard dick draped over my shoulder hehehe, so I told G all about it. I also told him about the sex Paul and I had during the night. We must’ve blown each other four or five times. It was awesome!

Despite the regular sex between me and Paul, he was pushing me to get a girlfriend. He already had a girlfriend. “It’d be cool, Code. The four of us could go out together and rave. Besides, you’re still a virgin. You need to experience sex with a chick.”

“What’s the fucking rush?”

“You’re 15, man. Most guys your age have dipped the sausage into the fucking oyster by now.”

“Crap. They’re all fucking talk. Besides, I’ll decide when I’m ready. I don’t wanna be peer-pressured into anything.”

Well, I did eventually get a girlfriend. She was a looker and cool enough, but I didn’t have the same feelings toward her as I did toward Paul. Maybe she just wasn’t the right one for me. I wasn’t sure. Hey, I wasn’t sure of anything. But at least I had someone to invite to school dances and that kinda shit. Keeping up appearances.

Convo between G and me:

“Well OK, G, my girlfriend has shortish blonde hair, and her tits are like puppy-dog noses; just like a handful. Her bod is real neat; flat tummy, tight butt, and good legs. And on top of that, she’s pretty. Oh, and I sat on the edge of my bed last night and looked in the mirror. Then I forced my stomach into a sixpack [stupid, stubborn gut], and then leaned back on my elbows and contracted that muscle that makes ya stop peeing, and watched my boner rock!”

:-\ “Cody, do you have any idea how hot you are? Fuck! That’s wild! And it’s not just that you’re hot, it’s that you’re so damn honest! So much of Daniel is based on you. He likes his body, he’s proud, he knows he gets people excited, he’s cheeky, he’s raunchy, he’s loveable, he’s sexy as hell – he’s tough – but he’s also sweet.”

“Dave wrote me. He’s gonna post that story about me and TJ on his site. Told me he took out our last names cos it wouldn’t be right to have our last names on the net hehehehe. Our last names weren’t real anyway. I already told you that Taranto wasn’t my real name when you asked me if it was Italian or something. Anyway, I wonder if Dave got a boner reading that story.”

“I reckon he would have, but there’s no way he’d tell you.”

“Well, I’m early this morning, and I’ve got this lizard of mine needing a vomit. So I’m gonna go shower and sort him out – s l o w l y !!!”

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