Cape Town, South Africa
Part 4

Gareth and I were getting to know each other pretty well. We’d often talk during swim prac, or afterwards in the showers. So I had plenty of opportunities to give his awesome bod the once over. Whoa! He had a sixpack to die for, plus a wicked dimpled smile that just melted me. I knew he was a health nut cos he’d already become a member of the local gym. “Reckon I need to see him all sweaty in the sauna, with his sweat running down his sixpack to his pubes and just dripping off the end. Oh! I still haven’t told you about his dick, huh. Hehehehe. I saw his boner when we were skinny dipping in Darren’s pool. I’ll tell you about it next time. It is HOT! CUT!”

G said my friendship with Gareth was perfect timing cos it would help soften the blow of Paul’s leaving. Gareth knew what it was like to lose a best friend. His had left SA to settle in Oz. So Gareth would understand how I was feeling.

But I didn’t think G really understood the situation between me and Paul. We’d known each other since kindergarten. We were more than best buds; we were lovers. Gareth or anyone else could never replace what Paul and I had. Never.

Meantime, Daniel was getting more and more outrageous with every chapter. How the fuck did G manage to invent all that rad stuff? I like your devious mind, G. Damn, I wish you were 14 or 15. I should have known that my saying that would inspire G to write a story about us meeting when we were both teens, hehehehe. So he did. B Meets The Captain. There was a scene with me and B in the shower, and it was soooo fucking hot that I juiced my pants while I was reading it in the comp lab. Damn! I was due for class, so I had to pretend to fall into the pool. *SPLASH* Then I had an excuse to take my clothes to the laundry and dry them. “Yeah, right, Code!” all the guys in class laughed. G totally fucking hosed himself when I told him about it.

I was discovering more about Gareth. He was a wrestler as well as a surfer, swimmer, and whatever else. No wonder he was so damn fit and honed to perfection. Well, he wasn’t really a wrestler. But during recess he was practising in the gym. I didn’t wanna hang around, though, cos he wasn’t doing so great, and I didn’t want him to see me just in case he felt embarrassed. That scored brownie points with G. He said he admired my sensitivity. Damn, G, he can wrestle me anytime.

As the time for Paul’s family’s departure to England drew nearer, he was sticking to me like a leech, which was cool with me. Even his girlfriend wasn’t seeing him as often as I was, or as much of him as I was. :) We’ve got swimming this arvie, then Paul and I are gonna hit the mountains near where we live. He wants to soak up as much as possible. (THE SCENERY, GARY!)

I often referred to Table Mountain as my mountain. My dad used to take me there for short hikes when I was a little Cody. My dog Sox would come with us. She loved scampering up the trails; her little legs going flat out. But the mountain was also special for Paul and me. We even had our own special place there where we’d go just to sit and talk. Sometimes we would blow each other as well.

This time, though, it just didn’t seem right to have sex, so we sat there at our special place and looked down at our suburb far below, spread out like a toy town being inspected by two giants. We talked about all the fun times we’d shared growing up together. And there were a stack of them. Practically every sentence we uttered began with “Remember when.” But not all.

“I really don’t wanna go to England, Code,” he said as he chucked a stone over the edge, and watched it bounce down the steep slope.

“I don’t want you to go either, Paul. You could stay here and we could share my room like real bros.”

“I can’t do that, Code, and you know it. Your folks couldn’t afford it for one thing, and I can’t leave my folks for another.

“Promise me you’ll email me every day.”

“I’ll try. But you know how I feel about the internet. You’re asking for fucking trouble with that site of yours, man. One of these days, someone’s gonna recognize you and you’re gonna be up shit creek without a paddle.” And with that, Paul stood and whipped out his dick. “I’m gonna piss over the edge and leave my mark.”

“Wait for me!”

We both stood there, side by side, and watched our piss streams hurtle through the air before splashing down on some rocks. Or maybe on some unsuspecting rabbit’s head, hehehe. Then we talked about trying to organize a hike together – maybe three days and two nights – before it was time for Paul to leave.

Anyway, the mountain had lifted our spirits just like always. We ran back down the mountain trails like two mad people, laughing and falling and going crazy. After that, we were all hot and sweaty, so we decided to go for a quick surf. Despite everything, we were both feeling good.

When I next heard from Gary, he admitted sorting himself out thinking about me and Paul pissing over the mountain ledge hehehe. That old dude was a real worry. He also admitted that writing the Daniel stories were turning him on big time, and that he’d have to stop every now and then for a wank.

Convo between G and me:

You really wanking to your own stories now? That is way cool. Use it or lose it – hehehe.

“I would only admit it to you and Dave, and Dave couldn’t give a shit anyway. He’s quite cold nowadays. The friendship’s gone. Just biz. But, yeah, I remember thinking as a kid that I’d stop wanking at 21 for some reason. Reaching adulthood or whatever. But I didn’t, hehehe. And since I met you, it’s gotten worse!”

TJ wrote me and said that the whole Matt/leukemia thing he thinks is a fake.

“It wouldn’t be the first time on the net.”

TJ says he’ll try to find out and let me know before we all make idiots of ourselves.

At least I didn’t have anything to worry about with G. He was a self-confessed fossil. What you saw was what you got. But I guessed Paul had a point when he said that there was no way of checking the honesty or otherwise of people on the net. Hey, I’d been guilty of being dishonest myself at first when I told Damien that I was a teen from Tennessee.

TJ also told me that he had five brothers, and that a couple of months ago he and his bro, who was 17, started blowing each other. That was so wild! Sounded like Paul and his bro, Mark. I kinda fantasized about blowing Mark sometimes, but I knew if I ever tried something with him, Paul would beat the living crap outta me. He was very protective of his li’l bro.

Corresponding with G was always interesting, and I’d often learn about neat stuff. It cost you how much to go to the movies???? I couldn’t believe it when G told me it cost him ten cents for a ticket to the Saturday matinee when he was a kid. Jeez. I gotta wash at least one car for a damn ticket. Just as well that I only need the popcorn box and not the popcorn.

I’d told G the story of me and Paul going to the movies with our girlfriends. Paul and I were sitting next to each other, while the girls were on either side of us. Once I’d eaten all the popcorn, I opened the bottom of the cardboard box, and stuck my boner in there. Then I asked Paul if he wanted more popcorn. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he put his hand in the box – hehehehe. We both cracked up big time, but neither of us would tell the girls what we were giggling at. G thought it was a total hoot when I wrote him about it.

But there was something else I was busting to tell G. OK – I CAN’T HOLD IT ANY LONGER. I NEEDTA TELLYA THIS!

When I was in the shower last night I had to pee. And I was thinking about Paul and me the other day on the mountain when we both pissed over the ledge.

So I turned off the shower and laid down on the tiles, and just let the pee shoot all over me. OK, OK, I KNOW WHAT I SAID [about piss] – but it was better than using spit. So I just laid there and jacked off using the pee to lube myself. YES I DID LIKE IT. AND TAKE THAT SMILE OFFA YOUR FACE SAYING I TOLDYA SO.

Hey, I’d better get moving to class.

Yep, you guessed it. I blew G away when I told him about the piss thing. I loved doing that. I could visualize him pulling his usual stunt of phoning his imaginary doc or shrink when he answered me – or ordering a truckload of scotch from his imaginary waiter hehehe. Anyway, if Daniel could blow me outta the water with his shenanigans, it was only fair that I blow G outta the water with mine.

I was discovering that I could be totally honest with G. He was thousands of miles away in Oz, and he didn’t know too much about me; like where I actually lived or what my last name was. When I told him that I was gonna try out for the school rugby team, I admitted that I was as nervous as anything. Why not? He never criticized me for being human. He was always supportive and encouraging. He would analyze things and find ways to make me feel good about myself.

Gary: “I know you’ll do your best, Code. Win, lose or draw, you’ll still be as tall in my eyes.”

One morning after gym training, I was in the showers with the other guys when Gareth came in to pee. He saw me, then sat down next to me while I was toweling my bod. Shit! I got this damn semi I couldn’t control, and I think he saw it. He was chatting about my joining the gym.

“I’m allowed to bring a friend with me cos of my membership, Code, so I reckon you should try it out. You’ve got a naturally good bod anyway, and I think you could do really well.”

“And get a sixpack like yours?”

“Only one way to find out, dude,” he grinned, showing his dimples. “By the way, I heard you’re gonna try out for the rugger team.”

“Yeah. Not too sure how I’ll go, though. I’m kinda nervous. Paul’s gonna be at the rugby trials as well – just to watch. Says he wants to see me get nailed – hehehe. Nice friend, huh?”

Meantime, G had organized a separate email addy for Daniel. Hiya Daniel. Thanks for the mail. So you got your own email addy now? That is way cool. Now that old fart Gary can’t read our mail – hehehe.

Hey, how’s it goin’? I need your boner down my throat so I can massage your head with my tonsils. I’m gonna write Gary now and tell him neh neh neh neh neeeh neh cos you’ve got your own email addy. Way fuckin cool!

Check this out: 8=========> ----- o:

Seeya and stay hard

Your friend

OK, so the mail was really going to G, but that was cool. It was fun to be treating Daniel like he was real, and to be able to joke about G being an old fart. Besides, I really believed that Daniel and G were two separate people. :)

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