Cape Town, South Africa
Part 5

So much for the rugger trials. I bombed out, even though I made it through to the second trial. And to make it worse, I ended up with a bloodied nose that someone gave me in the scrum. But I knew who it was, and I had that damn prick’s number. Hey, I must tellya – a lotta those dudes are pretty damn hunky. Sorry I couldn’t letya have some better news, G. Now my damn nose feels like I ran into a bus. Anyway, a couple of the guys are gonna go for pizza tonight and it’s gonna be cool. My folks said I could go with the guys, and they’re even springing me some money.

Gary: “I saw your notes on Daniel’s guestbook, Code. You bloody twit! You’ve read up to chapter 37 but the public hasn’t. They’re only up to chapter 7. So, as far as they’re concerned, Daniel hasn’t even visited SA yet! I deleted Kyle’s comments before they appeared. I’ll let you know when it’s appropriate for Kyle to sign the guestbook – or you can read the latest chapters on site and write something suitable about those. Jeez!”

G had written chapter 3 of Daniel Meets Kostik. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t read anything about Daniel without a giant wet patch appearing on my pants. So, ingenuity to the rescue! Before going to the comp lab, I’d go to the boy’s room and grab a handful of toilet paper, and shove it down the front of my briefs. I had to dump the paper straight after reading it, though, cos it was soaking wet. Jeez, that was hot! Specially the part in the bedroom. Sounds like me and my cousin – almost, ‘cept Kostik wasn’t drunk - hehehe.

I would love to grab him while he’s laying like that and pull his foreskin right back, and then eat him like he’s a lolly [candy], and then just watch him shaking while my tongue does his head. Kostik must be one of the hottest dudes on the net, and on toppa that he is such a nice guy as well. I hope Daniel gets Kostik to eat him soon. Damn, that would be great!

Anyway, I’ve gotta get moving. I’ve already gotten into trouble this morning cos I took a swipe at that guy who clobbered me yesterday in the rugby scrum.

But that wasn’t the last swipe for the day. The dude saw me during recess and clobbered me. So I clobbered him back. Pretty soon, we were climbing into each other, fists flying everywhere. I was getting the upper hand when a teacher broke up the fight and sent me to the principal’s office. My punishment for fighting was having all my sports stuff confiscated for the following school quarter, and that meant not being able to make the swim team next summer. I’d also been suspended from school for a week.

I approached the swim coach later, but he didn’t even say a fucking word to me. That was the worst part – not swimming.

I know it’s my own fault, G, but if that dude hadn’t fucking hit me at break I woulda left him alone. He’s a cunt.

Anyway, G, my folks are waiting for me in the car outside school. I told them I had to do something real quick. That’s why I’m in the comp lab writing this note. I don’t know what’s gonna happen at home now. My dad might stop me using the comp. Or I dunno what he’s gonna do. My folks are pretty mad at me but I think my dad’s more mad at the school principal. He and my dad had a helluva argument. My dad says they should’ve just left me and the other guy to sort ourselves out once and for all. I’ll letya know what happens if I can.

G was surprisingly cool when he replied. He said I was still his hero. :) As it turned out, Darren spoke to the swim coach and explained things. He also influenced the school principal. So I was off the hook and back in the swim team! Woohoo! The other cool thing was that my dad was proud of me for standing up for myself. My mom wasn’t too thrilled, though. She was a bit of a worry wart when it came to my getting into fights.

And the rugby dude? He phoned me at home. Check out this mail I wrote to G:

Hiya Gary,

I’m just getting ready to go swimming. Robert left just a little while ago. Who’s Robert? He’s the rugby dude I had the punchup with. J

We had a totally way cool morning together [while I was still suspended from school]. Robert arrived here at home wearing cut-off jeans, and I must tellya that he’s got really great legs – but then all the rugby guys do – really strong. And he had this t shirt that sorta hung off his chest and loose over his stomach. Before I start, I must tellya that I didn’t do so much damage to his face [during the fight]. The whole side of his face is bruised and he’s got a cut on his cheek. I asked him about it, but he just said it was cool. His dad musta really worked him over. My dad would never have done that. He woulda taken a belt to my backside if he was that mad at me.

Even with his bruises, Robert looked really good. He’s quite a macho guy and taller than me. He’s probably close to six feet, and he has a really great smile.

For a while, we just sat drinking Coke and playing on the comp. Then I asked him if he wanted to go for a swim – hehehehe. When he said he didn’t bring his cossie [swim suit] I told him I had a paira Speedos for him…………







He said if my mom’s not there why don’t we just swim naked. HE SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said to him, hey that’s cool, whatever you want. *gulp*

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him when he was taking his cut-offs off. He was wearing white briefs and he musta known I was staring cos he really took his time about taking them off. He had this semi that bounced outta them. I dunno – probably about five inches, and he’s not cut but his foreskin was pulled back. Then he took off his t and he’s got the most awesome bod – the sorta pecs you like, G, and a well developed sixpack that went flat as he was taking his top off.

Then he grabbed me and pushed me into the pool. I thought my breathing was gonna stop cos I was getting so horny – I swear my boner just totally went outta control and so did his.

We were playing around in the pool for a while, and then went to get some Coke while I made some sarmies [sandwiches]. It was like I was in a Daniel story – it was just too good to be true.

He asked me if I jack off. Then he asked me if I’ve jacked off with another guy. I said yeah to both. Then he said yeah but have you had another guy jack it for you. Fucking hell, I thought I was gonna pass out! I just said yeah without thinking, and then I thought I’d made a big fuckup so he’s gonna know I’m not straight. So he says yeah, the rugby guys do it all the time, specially when they’re on tour and sharing rooms. He asked me if I wanted to do it with him.

Gary, I gotta tellya that I was kinda scared cos of what this dude might think of me, but I couldn’t help it and I just said yes.

So he grabbed my boner in his fist – fuck, he held it so damn tight – and then just started whacking it. I went to his, and closed my fist around it. He is the first dude that I’ve ever done legal besides Paul, and his cock felt awesome. It looked kinda weird; his foreskin moving up and down over his cockhead. It was so strong kinda. I wanted to take it in my mouth.

But I just lost it, and shot my load too damn quickly, and it was so damn wild having this rough hand sorta working me over. Then he laid on his back while I carried on – I think he was really stopping himself from cumming to make it last as long as possible. He had his eyes closed, and his breathing was really fast, and I was watching his chest and stomach.

Then he groaned and this long white snake of cum sorta shot out in one length over my hand and his stomach.

He said that it was awesome, and just laid there. I asked him if the rugby guys ever blew each other. Mistake! He says the only holes his cock goes into are both on his girlfriend. I agreed with him. Damn!

He says he screws his girlfriend every damn weekend and she’s only 14. But he uses a condom.

Anyway, we swam some more and then played music in my room. Then he left. He says he had a cool time and wants to be mates [friends] with me. I asked him about his friends at school who looked like they wanted to beat me up as well. He says they’re not really friends – just guys on the rugby team, and they like stick together when any of their guys has a problem.

Anyway, he’s gonna give me a call sometime.

Hey, it’s cool cos even if I don’t have anyone to blow me when Paul leaves then I’ve got a dick I can get hold of – hehehe.

I dunno how I feel right now – really strange. It’s the first time ever with another dude who’s awake and knows what I’m doing.

Now for Gareth – hehehe.

I better go to swimming [prac] – and there’s a note from Daniel for me to answer too.

Seeya Gary
Your friend

It was soooo damn cool getting email from Daniel and replying. This is so kewl. I can swear as much as I like. I always hadta watch myself with that old fogey in case he had a heart attack cos of my swearing. You know what these old people are like, huh. He’s done a great job on your stories, though. He musta been one wild fucking teen, huh. Would probably have shown us a thing or two. He was probably one of those hippy types with long hair and flowers and shit.

Did he tellya that he paid 10 cents to go to the movies? That woulda been way cool. The rest [of the money] we coulda spent on popcorn boxes.

Just had the coolest morning – the old fart can fillya in. It was awesome! Wish I had you in the damn pool, though. I coulda stabbed that crack of yours and shot a load and had it dribble outta ya mouth. :o -----

BTW, that auto signature on your email doesn’t work cos you’ve got cum for brains.

I gotta move. There’s some mail from that old dude AGAIN that I needta answer. If I don’t answer he paints his cock this funny orange and green color and then hits me with it – calls it his pineapple – must think I’m thick or something – it feels cool, though. :)

Seeya Daniel – keep it hard and wet – and in my mouth – or in my…..

l8r Daniel

Cody. 8======>

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