Cape Town, South Africa
Part 6

[In one of Code’s early emails to me, he makes a reference to having juiced a tree on his way home from Paul’s house. Seems that original mail has been lost. But I remember Code telling me about him and Paul in the shower. Code was on his back, with Paul laying on top. Paul let his piss go. It shot up Cody’s chest and hit him under the chin. I think both guys were curious about what Daniel and Paul were doing, and wanted to try it. They thought it was interesting, but never really got into it apart from a couple of “experiments”. MrB]

I’d heard about Sandy Bay, a local nudist beach, but I’d never been there. So you can imagine how surprised I was when Gareth suggested we get some of the guys from the swim team together and check it out. “It’s not like you’re going there alone, Code. There’ll be a whole bunch of us.” And that’s exactly what worried me. All the hunks from the team busting me getting a boner.

Darren phoned me at home [I was still on suspension] to say that he’d organized the guys and that everything was OK. So we’re going to Sandy Bay, G. This is gonna be so fucking wild. Sorry about swearing but that’s how I feel.

Gareth’s going, Paul’s going, Ross is going, Darren’s going. I kinda wish Robert coulda come with us. I tried phoning him but he was out. This is gonna be crazy.

Oh, and my stain is still on the tree. Checked it this morning – hehehe.”

After the Sandy Bay trip, I couldn’t wait to get on the comp and tell G all about it. :)

Hiya Gary,

We had a totally rad day today. I would never go to Sandy Bay on my own, though. It’s fulla Garys – hehehe. No kidding, though. It’s fulla old guys and old ladies. But there were a few young people there.

To get there, you gotta park [the car] and then walk along a mountain trail for about a mile before you arrive at the beach.

It was weird seeing all these people naked, and they all stared at us when we got there. Darren said it was cos we were dressed. He was wrong – hehehe.

We found a spot behind some rocks, where we all undressed. It felt really weird taking off your clothes out in the open like that with all the people around.

Darren had a soccer ball with him, so we went out to the main beach to kick it around. I could sense that I was getting a boner, but I wasn’t worried cos the other guys weren’t exactly limp either. Everybody – I mean everybody – was watching us as we kicked the ball around. Then some young dudes joined us. One was kinda cute, but his friend was built like a broomstick. It was weird cos this skinny guy had this monster dick on him, and it was just kinda swinging there… and here we were all with our damn semis.

After the game, we were all just sitting around enjoying the atmos. Darren and Gareth were laying on their backs catching the sun, with their lazy dicks flopped across their stomachs. I couldn’t help it. Mine just stood to attention, and Paul saw it. He was just as damn bad, though. So the two of us went to the bushes to pee. :) I was standing behind the bushes, looking over the top of them to keep an eye on the other people, while Paul blew my lights out.

While he was blowing me, I could see the other guys on the beach – probably wondering what was taking us so long. I thought I was gonna faint. But I grabbed Paul’s head anyway and held it tight against me while I offloaded. There was no way I was gonna waste it. Hehehe. His tongue was going crazy on my dick trying to get air. Then I did him. Damn, I’m gonna miss that thing. I started at his nuts and worked my way up to his cockhead. He could groan as much as he liked cos the sound of the waves was so loud. He did the same to me and held my face against him when he shot his load.

I don’t think Paul and I have had so much sex in all the time we’ve been friends as we’ve had in the last coupla months.

Afterwards, we took a long walk along the rocks, chatting. It was really cool just walking naked in the open sea-air like that. I took a real hard look at Paul while we were walking. His chest was getting really well developed, and his stomach was flattening out with his sixpack. Damn my gut! My eyes followed his stomach down to his pubes and checked out his semi bouncing. He’s got strong shoulders and back muscles as well. So have I, though, from the swimming. His legs are good, too. I’ve always kinda taken his bod for granted. Before he leaves [for England] I’m gonna explore it again, though. I want to remember every damn inch of him.

Hehehe. When we walked back there was this old guy – I think his name was Gary – jacking off behind the rocks, looking at the other guys on the beach. He went as red as anything when he saw us. Felt kinda sorry for him cos I know what he musta been feeling.

It was a cool afternoon, though. Tonight I’ve just been listening to music in my room, and reading. And I jacked off once already – hehehe. True.

Seeya Gary
Your friend,

Meantime, Robert was becoming friendlier. He phoned and asked if he could come around a bit later. I was still at home cos of my school suspension. Matter of fact, so was he. My dad thought the suspension was an ideal opportunity for me to do a million chores around the house. Yeah, right. I had to clean windows, cut the grass, and clean the flower beds. And I was sure my mom would have a list of extra stuff when she got home. So it would be cool to have Robert there to give me a hand. In more ways than one, probably. :)

When Robert arrived, I took him out back to the pool. He straight away got naked without even asking. I thought it was just so damn cool that he felt could do that. Right away I got this damn semi at the sight at his awesome bod. But I took my clothes off as well.

Robert musta done a lotta jacking with his rugby buddies cos he wasn’t inhibited at all. We fooled around in the pool for a while, then jacked each other off. It wasn’t anywhere near as good as the kinda stuff Paul and I did together – like giving each other BJs – but it was still awesome. And it was cool to know that guys didn’t hafta be stereotypically gay to enjoy each other’s bods.

After helping me with the chores, Robert went home cos I had swim prac at school. It was cool seeing all the guys there, but it felt really weird not being at school during the day and then seeing the guys afterwards. It kinda dawned on me then just how much I relied on school for my social life. Anyway, I made the cut for the swim comp, which was gonna take place the following Saturday.

Robert was getting to be a pretty regular visitor. I guessed he just wanted someone to jack him off. Oh, well, if no one else was gonna do it, I supposed I might as well – hehehe. One time he brought some music with him so that I could tape it. He had the latest Backstreet Boys CD and that was way cool!

Paul was the other regular visitor. He’d come around to bring schoolwork, and we’d just chat in my room.

“Hey, new jeans! Cool!” He was wearing these new jeans that his folks had bought him. Fucking Levis! Those things were like 300 bucks [rand] here! They were cool, though, cos they had buttons instead of a zip. “Can I try them on?” So, I did, and they looked damn good. I told him that I’d swap my torn used ones for his – hehehe.

That night, I said to myself that I wasn’t gonna wank for a change – sorta test my willpower. Yeah, right. G sent me a damn pic of Kostik. He must definitely be one of the most delicious guys on the net! So that put an instant end to my non-wanking plans. I’m gonna run my tongue all around that armpit of his and suck those damn nipples of his ‘til there’s nothing left… all this while my hand is gliding down his stomach to play with his furniture – just to sorta rearrange it a little bit.

Next day, during swim prac, I went to the showers to take a leak when I was surrounded by a bunch of Robert’s rugby buddies. They were needling me about the fight I’d had with Robert, and said they were gonna teach me a lesson. All it took was one punch to the bread basket, and I was out cold. When I came to, which must’ve been a minute or two later, I was surrounded by all those jerks looking down at me. One of them was a little dude who seemed to have shat himself when I went down like that. Anyway, they said it was all over cos I’d gotten what was coming to me. WHAT THE FUCK WAS COMING? I couldn’t figure it.

Robert came up to me after swimming just to say he was sorry. I felt more embarrassed than anything, ‘cept my gut hurt like a ton of bricks had fallen on it. I was also unsure about Robert’s friendship. Hey, I don’t have a prob, but if he wants to be my friend, I’m not gonna handle him hiding all the time and treating me like shit in front of his friends. I’ll give him time, though, to sort himself out.

Paul phoned to ask if I’d gotten home alright. I just said yeah cos I didn’t need any more probs. I figured it was all over now, anyway. But I needed to speak to Robert. I wanted to know honestly if he was behind this fight. I couldn’t believe it after the cool time we’d had together.

Anyway, G, I feel like shit so I’m going to bed now. Hey, don’t worry so much. It’s not the first fight I’ve been in and probably won’t be the last. I just hate fighting, though. Even if I win, what’s to win a fight, anyway? By hurting other people?

Next morning, my gut hurt like hell. I felt like I’d been doing situps all damn night. G had written a bunch of neat stuff, telling me that my courage and self-respect were still intact – unlike theirs. Gary: “Did you notice it wasn’t just one of them following you? They hunt in packs. Individually, they go to water. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re the guy with the white hat hehehe. My HERO!”

Thanks for what you wrote, G. It’s just that I don’t wanna end up being a loser all my life. Now I’m gonna have to walk past those guys at school, knowing that they’re probably laughing at me.

“Being a loser would be impossible for you because you don’t have a loser’s attitude. Most people fail not because they want to fail, but because they can’t be bothered winning. You love to win and you have a strong competitive spirit. There’s no way Cody’s gonna be a loser in life. Trust me! I’m a wise old fart!”

Anyway, Paul’s supposed to have a surprise for me today, so I’m hoping he’s gonna sleep over. I just kinda need to chat to him. I coulda done with having him around last night, but I don’t want him to know what happened.

But it’s gonna be a normal day today – school, swimming, then I’m hoping that we can do some surfing later. I’m glad you’re always there for me, G.

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