Cape Town, South Africa
Part 7

Well, Pauls’ Friday night surprise was the last thing I expected! After I’d called around to his house, we walked toward another house a few blocks away. “So where are we going?”

“You’ll find out.”

“Is it a party or something?”

A girl answered the door. Well, she was probably early twenties or whatever, so I guessed she was a woman. Once inside, I noticed a second girl. I’d never seen either of them before.

“Let’s get into it Code. I’ve only paid for an hour.”

“Paid?” Did he mean like these chicks were prostitutes or whatever? Whoa!

“This is my going away present for you Code. Your first fuck. Cool, huh?”

My brain was instantly scrambled. What was I gonna do? I didn’t know the first thing about fucking a chick. I was gonna embarrass the hell outta myself for sure. But no. The girl was cool, and obviously very experienced.

After pouring us each a beer, she unzipped my fly and started giving me a blow job. I’d never seen a girl’s lips wrapped around my cock before. Instant boner! Thank fuck for that! What a relief! Then the other girl took my boner in her mouth while the first girl licked my nads. Whoa! This was totally fucking incredible! Two chicks sucking my dick!

Five minutes later, we were all naked. Paul was just a few feet away from me, already fucking the other chick on a couch. I’d always wanted to see his cock slipping in and out of a wet pussy, and now I was. But I was also freaking at the thought of him watching ME!

“Just relax,” the girl smiled as she rolled a condom over my hardon. “I’ll be gentle with you. First time, huh?”


Hiya, Gary,

The weather here is a bit cool so it’s gonna be cold at the swim comp today.

The grass is looking green.

The mountain is clear from where I can see it.

I’ve had a shower. I’m all ready to go to the swim comp – I just needta get dressed. No, I’m not naked. I’ve got a towel around me.

OK – about last night. Hmmm.

Oh, did I tellya that Sox is laying here on the floor sleeping? I didn’t? Well, she is.

Then, after teasing the hell outta the old dude, I went on to tell G about Paul’s surprise last night, in all its awesome and explicit detail. She told me to slow down cos I was fucking like a ferret. What’s a ferret? Like a weasel thingy?

So what do I think about seafood? I dunno. It was totally different to being blown by Paul.

And then, after we left, it seemed so weird – cos I thought we were gonna hang around and chat or something. I wanted the girls to give me a performance grade – hehehe.

Little did I realize it at the time, but I was in for a second surprise: Gary’s reply.

“G’day Cody,

“Sorry, mate. I’m too stunned to do the !!!!!!!! thingy after your name. I’ve just come back from getting my ‘supplies’ at the pub. The walk gave me a chance to think about your email before I answered it. I’m totally flabbergasted.

“And the way you started your mail – with all those teasers about the weather and Sox, etc, should’ve given me a hint that you were teasing the fuck outa me, and leading up to something awesome that would blow my brains away. Pity about the towel, though.

“It’s hard to describe how I feel, but to be honest, I feel as if you’ve left me behind. I feel kinda inadequate. I’m sad in a way, and glad in a way. I’m sad because you’re going somewhere I couldn’t and can’t. And I’m glad because you have what it takes to cope with life better than I’ve been able to. There’s every chance you’ll leave gay stuff behind and do all the normal stuff.

“Maybe I’m a little confused right now because I’m still in shock. Anyway, you’re right about pussy being ugly. The first time I saw one up close I knew it wasn’t for me. The second time I was like you – I couldn’t find the oyster – but I also couldn’t keep my dick hard. My heart wasn’t in it.

“A ferret? Hehehe. You’re such a funny kid – just like that magic, cheeky face of yours. A ferret is a small furry animal with short legs used for hunting rabbits. They’re quite vicious and can run down burrows in search of their prey. They’re fast and agile. They make good pets, though.

“Sex with those girls was totally different to being blown by Paul? Different or better? Y’know, you’ve never really seemed all that gay to me. You do gay stuff, but you’re tough and masculine. Maybe this sounds dumb, but I can’t help feeling that the best friend I’ve ever made – on the net or in real life – is drifting away. :( That doesn’t mean I want you to stay the way you are forever – on the contrary – your happiness is paramount to me. I’m probably sounding like a total twit here, but I’m in shock.

“Nevertheless, Daniel is gonna take a leaf outa your book. It’s inevitable.

“So you wanted them to give you a grade and hang around for a chat. The reason they terminated the visit so abruptly was probably because they had more clients coming. Something tells me they weren’t girls from the local church choir. There’s one thing in life that you NEVER forget, and that’s your first fuck. Paul has given you the privilege of always remembering that you had yours with a slut who didn’t even know you and wasn’t interested in getting to know you. You were just another cock in between the last one and the next one. That may sound like a bitchy thing for me to say, but it’s true. Maybe I’m disappointed that you couldn’t have given your cherry to someone more deserving and who appreciated you for the person you are.”

He didn’t even sign off ‘Cody’s fan’ like he usually did. Just ‘seeya Cody’. Fucking hell! What was all that shit? I just had my first girl and he’s going on about us drifting apart?

Hiya Gary,

I was wondering if I shoulda even toldya what the fuck happened last night, and now I know I shouldn’t have.

You wanta know what I really think about it? Well, I don’t think that came anywhere near the sex that Paul and I have had.

I enjoyed it cos they had my boner in their mouths and in their oysters and it felt good.

Wanta know what I felt about putting my tongue in that girl’s oyster? I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. It’s nothing like swallowing a boner – nowhere fucking near.

You know what I didn’t tellya cos I rather felt like boasting about what happened and all? Paul and I blew each other’s lights out in his garden last night. I didn’t wanna tell you that cos I wanted to fucking boast that I had my first girl. And I wanted to try and make like it was awesome. It wasn’t.

I’ve not leftya behind, G. You are one of the most awesome friends I’ve had on the net. I wantya to know that.

A lotta the stuff that I’ve done is cos of what you’ve said and what you’ve written.



"...probably sounding like a total twit here – but I’m in shock."


I’m sending you something with this mail that only two guys on the net have. It’s a shit pic but it’s the only one I’ve got [of me naked]. It was taken at a swim tour initiation. I had to scull a beer and not get a boner.

Why am I sending this pic to you? Cos I only ever sent this pic to friendsa mine.

Anyway, Paul is sleeping over tonight – and I won one of my swim race finals – the 200m butterfly.

Seeya Gary
Your friend

Jeez, I was mad as hell! How could Gary not be happy for me? He’d always been supportive; encouraging me to be myself. Even after I’d hit ‘send’ I was still mad, so I decided to go surfing and cool off.

But, despite being out there amongst the waves – a place where I would normally get rid of the ‘cobwebs’ and clear my head – I had trouble trying to justify getting mad at G. After about an hour I had the guilts so bad I decided to do something about it.

Convo between G and me:

Hiya Gary,

I’ve just come up from the beach quick cos I’ve been thinking about that mail I sentya, and I hadta write this before you woke up and saw that.

"Your actions speak so loudly, they’re deafening. I’m humbled by your concern. You absolutely rock. BIG TIME."

I’m sorry about the way I wrote in there. You don’t deserve that – not from a 15 year old punk kid, anyway. You have been the nicest person to me on the net, and I should never have spoken to you like that. You deserve a lot better.

"I deserved exactly what I got. I learned some valuable lessons, not only for myself but also for Daniel. As much as I try to think like a kid when I write, I need to be reminded of stuff. So I appreciate the way you behaved. I’m very grateful. And the fact that you got mad at me was a tremendous compliment. The fact that you were sorry you got mad at me was also a tremendous compliment. :) I’m doing pretty OK, hehe."

I’m sorry.

“So am I for being dumb. But it’s worked out just fine. And you’re not a punk kid. Far from it. Never forget that you are my teacher as I am yours. Anyway, our friendship has survived this little hurdle, which demonstrates to me that we’ll hang together for a long time yet."

I’ll try to write later. I gotta get back to the beach while the cute guys are still down there – hehehe.

“That’s my Cody! Now to the next email."

Having Paul sleeping over again was totally rad. He asked me to lay on my back, with my legs and arms stretched out, while he explored my whole bod with his fingers and his tongue. It was way fucking hot! Like G said; Paul loved me and demonstrated it. It wasn’t just about sex like it was that night with the chicks.

He spent a long time licking my boner without making me cum, so I was able to just lay there enjoying his attention. Then I did the same to him – running my fingers and tongue all over his tanned, muscular bod. After that, we did a 69 with him on top. I loved the feeling of his stomach muscles when he was stretched over the top of me. His sixpack was like totally pulled tight, and caused his muscles to become hard. It was awesome!

In the morning, we showered. And, yep, before we turned on the hot water, we pissed on each other – hehehe. We didn’t do the whole Daniel and Paul thingy – like over the face or in the mouth or anything – just over our chests and abs. It was actually a rad feeling peeing on someone and watching his muscles shine.

After that, we took turns blowing each other in the shower. Then we soaped each other’s smooth tanned bods. By the time I was ready to check G’s mail, we were both sparkling clean. But not dressed yet cos my folks were out. Instead, we sat naked at the comp and read Kostik part 6, and it totally ruled as one of the best of all the Daniel stories I’d read so far. Paul thought so, too. “That whole thing in the room with that Willy guy… hmmm… I think you’re leading up to something with him, G, and he sounds cool. And then, when Daniel blew Kostik in the hotel room that was way damn cool! And I liked the ending. It’s a total tease, and Kostik comes over fantastic in the whole story.”

I also told G about my cousin arriving later that week, and that we’d all be going away together for the Easter weekend [1998]. The following weekend, we’d planned a hike with the whole gang. It was gonna be like a farewell hike for Paul.

But, by the time G replied, it was bad news. Dave, his webmaster, had pulled the plug on the Daniel Stories site.

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