Cape Town, South Africa
Part 11

[From time to time, you’ll notice references by Cody about stuff he’d told me in a previous mail. Unfortunately, a lot of the 1998 mail is missing. But there’s enough remaining for you to be able to put two and two together. MrB]

Hiya Gary,

The Daniel Island story totally rules! The last two episodes were fantastic. I think the guys are gonna really dig it a whole damn lot.

Last night when I was writing you about Steve, I hadta be careful. I was writing using Notepad, so I could paste it later on the note cos my folks were around and I was supposed to be typing some stuff for school – hehehe – well, it was pretty educational.

Ya know, when I was laying in bed with my arm and leg across Steve, I could feel his boner jumping around under my leg. It was thick, and hard as anything. And his cockhead is perfectly round. It looks like one of those German war helmets. I could feel his pecs tighten as well – his skin is silky smooth.

What drivesya mad, though, is the way his hair hangs in his face. He’s forever shaking it outta the way.

I wonder what he was thinking when he was stroking me. It must be real shitty to want something so bad and know that you’re never gonna get it – well, ‘think’ you’re never gonna get it, anyway.

I actually don’t think he’s gay. I think this must be one of the first times he’s slept next to a guy and actually been able to touch his dick. It kinda drove him crazy. But I’m sure that he’ll let me jack him if I hadta just ask. I would really like to taste him, though. He looks helluva delicious.

My girlfriend was pretty cool on Saturday. It was like old times laughing and chatting together. I really thought of doing the popcorn box thing, but it was just so neat that the two of us were going out again.

I bought my mom a box of chocolates for Mothers Day, and made her a card on the comp. Then my dad took her out for lunch. I went with them to the botanical gardens restaurant. It’s quite a neat place called Kirstenbosch at the back of Table Mountain.

I’m gonna be late for school, so I’d better be moving.

Oh, that note about Damian. TJ and I are still pretty good friends so I’ll be keen to know why Damian says TJ doesn’t like me anymore. I just got a note from TJ this morning. TJ and I don’t just cyber, we actually talk about a lotta stuff like music and hiking and America and South Africa. But if someone told Damian that TJ doesn’t like me, I’d like to know who it was.

Damian also wrote me a long mail which was pretty neat.

PS: I haven’t told any of my cyber friends about Steve.

I’d seen Steve dressed only in a paira black Levis and I couldn’t get the damn image outta my head. He was totally awesome looking for a 14 year old. Black Levis with a perfect muscular back rising outta them, leading to a flow of blonde hair hanging over strong shoulders. The Levis are hugging a perfect paira globes and a nice paira legs. In front of the Levis there’s a bulge, nice and round, and there’s a coupla buttons that can be seen on the fly. The stomach is flat but there’s like two ridges where the muscles run from the hips to the pubes. He’s got an inny like mine, by the way – nice for the tip of someone’s tongue to explore.

Now I need to examine his boner in the light – close up!!

I reckon I’ll go surfing this arvie – just for the exercise, nothing else – hehehe

I’ve been flaming hard all day – I can still feel his boner under my leg.

That afternoon, after swim prac, I rocked down to the beach and paddled through the surf out the back. Steve was there as usual, ripping up a storm on his stick.

“Hey, Code,” he smiled as paddled toward me, “howzit goin’?” Then we sat on our boards riding the swell as we chatted.


“Hey, bud, do you think it would be OK if I slept over again this Friday?”

“I’ll check with my folks but I’m sure they’ll say yeah.”

“I don’t have a stacka friends cos I surf such a lot. I’m glad we’re getting along,” he beamed. And then he added, “Hey, Cody, do you know that you ended up hugging me in your sleep last Friday night?”

Whoa! I kinda got worried about that unexpected remark cos I thought maybe he’d say he didn’t like it. But no.

“That was pretty cool,” he continued, “cos most guys hate getting close, but I dig it.”

That was all the encouragement I needed to get into the convo – hehehe. “You jack off?”

“Fuck, yeah! All the time!”

“Ever jacked off with another guy?”

“Yep… once.”

“Didya jack each other?”

“Nope, but my buddy wanted to.”

“So why didn’t you?”

“Not sure. I guess it just didn’t seem right at the time.”

“You remember Paul? My bud that went to England? We used to jack each other off all the time, and it was cool.”

Steve’s eyes nearly fell outta his head. “YOU?” he asked as if I didn’t look the type. “Jack off another dude? Fuck off! You’re lying.”

We both got pretty heavily into the convo between rides. It was cool cos he didn’t seem to look at me or treat me any differently. And as we talked more, I was pretty confident that I was gonna get my fist around his boner on Friday, and that was gonna be way fucking cool!

Hey, G! I got mail from Paul. He’s screwing that bird [chick] he met at the hotel big time. Says her blowjobs aren’t anywhere near as good as the ones he’s gotten from me, though, so he’s gonna buy himself a paira blow-up Cody lips – hehehe. He says Mark [his younger bro] is also screwing some bird he met. Reckons he’s still shooting blanks, though.

Anyway, I updated the pics for this week on my page last night. Then I just read and listened to music – the Backstreet Boys. Their music is pretty neat.

I’d sent G a Brewer Twins pic, and he raved when he got it. “That color pic is one of the best I’ve seen of them. They were about 17 when that whole series of pics was taken. There’s one on my black and white page on my site, too.”

G told me that the Brewer site had changed, and become commercial. “Hehehe – so they’re charging now, huh? *Cody runs to his money box to see if he’s got any cash to pay for a Brewer blow job.* That would be so wild – but I don’t think they’re so great now that they’re older. Maybe when I’m older I’ll think so, but then they’re gonna be older as well so….

ANYWAY, I GOT STEVE! Yesterday, I went down to the beach. We were surfing and chatting, and he says to me that I must look at his boner. And there through his wetsuit I could see his thick boner as hard as anything.

So he laughs and says, “Here, feel it. It’s like a rock.” So I did, and I ended up with such a boner myself that I wished I coulda jacked right there out on the backline.

Then he said he was gonna jack off as soon as he got home.

“What do you think about when you jack off?”

Steve’s face went bright red before he admitted something that blew me away. “I’ve been thinking about us jacking each other this Friday.”

“Hey, you wanna come to my house after surfing?”

“I can’t. I leave all my chores and homework and stuff for the evening. I always go surfing straight from school.”

Anyway, G, I got another mail from Paul. He says I can put up his pics [on my page] if I want, so long as I don’t use his name. That’s neat! He says he’s been reading the Daniel stories on the net, but it makes him kinda homesick so he stopped reading when Daniel came to Cape Town. He says he’ll probably read it later when he’s settled down cos he remembers reading the Daniel stories with me when he was sleeping over on Fridays.

It was getting to a point where I couldn’t wait to tell G what was happening in my life, even if I had to squeeze in a quick note while I was busy. I’ve just come back from surfing and I just hadta get this off to ya. Steve and me were out back of the surf just sitting on our boards waiting for sets. He was next to me, and he laid back on his surfboard. I could see the huge bulge in his crotch. I paddled right up to him and put my hand on it. I was rubbing it, and he got so fucking rock hard it was awesome!

He just laid there with his eyes closed. Didn’t say a word.

After a while, he was telling me about this dude that he jacked off with. Then he asked me if my girlfriend had ever given me a blowjob. I wanted to say yeah, but I was shit scared that he might say something to her [about our convo].

Anyway, then we got talking about how awesome it must be to be blown. We did eventually get some surfing in, but it was so damn cool to be able to talk to somebody about that kinda stuff. I thought with Paul gone that I was never gonna be able to talk about it. And then there was that day that Gareth spoke to me about cum buddies as well. It is all so damn cool!

Seeya Gary, I’ve got a pile of homework to get done
Your friend

It was amazing – not to mention scary - to think that a few weeks beforehand Paul and I had almost offed ourselves. But now there was so much going on my life – stuff that I would never have expected to happen in a million years – I could hardly keep up with telling G all about it!

Daniel 41 was awesome! That scene on the grass by the pool with Steven fucking him was damn cool. Made me hard as anything. No, that’s a lie. I don’t have a lotta juice left, but I still got a semi, and it was dripping into the toilet paper [stuffed down my briefs] – hehehe. I know what’s coming, and I can’t wait for it. :)


Last night, my girlfriend and me didn’t go to the movies. She wanted to go for pizza and just chat. So we did and it was really cool. Some of the guys from school were there, and their girlfriends, and we just had a huge pizza party – no extra cheese, though – hehehe.

Now listen to this.

I get home and get into bed and there’s a knock at the window. GUESS WHO ????

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I told my folks that I was sleeping over at your place again.”

This was so fucking awesome, I thought. I got a boner right there by the window. My folks were sleeping, so I couldn’t go ask them [if Steve could sleep over]. Anyway, I figured I’d tell them that I met Steve at the pizza restaurant, and he asked if he could sleep over, and that it was OK with his folks. Only prob [with that plan] was that my folks liked to find out if it really was OK, and phone.

Anyway, I let him in the window, and right away he loses his clothes and jumps into my bed. He says he can’t stop thinking about me blowing him and would I do it again.


I told him that I would, but that I wanted him to swallow all my juice first – to prove he’s worthy – hehehe. So he takes my boner in his hand. He wasn’t nervous like he was on Friday. He started working it with his mouth like Paul used to, and his fingers were stroking my nuts while he was doing it. It felt so fucking awesome.

Finally, I felt the rush on its way, and I told him that I was about to cum. He tried so damn hard to swallow it all, but he couldn’t. So I scooped up the stuff he’d made a fucking mess of and put it in my own mouth. Then I leaned over and let it dribble all over his boner before I started doing him.

He was starting to make weird noises again, so I hadta tell him to fucking cool it cos he was gonna get me into a lotta shit [with my folks].

While I was sucking him, I was playing with his abs cos they are so damn neat. He has this deep line running down the middle of his stomach, and his abs are like little smooth stones and rock hard. His bod rocks big time.

Anyway, I felt him arching his back. Then he shot off his load. I kept my tongue working his cockhead, and I knew he was in pain or something cos his cockhead was as tender as anything. But I just kept on [doing it] and guess what? He got hard again, and this time he kept going for a whole stacka time before shooting a second load. Jeez! I never did that with Paul before, so it was way damn cool. Two shakes for the price of one.

Anyway, I told him he’d better sleep on the floor in case my folks came through in the morning. When I saw his face, I told him that he must move onto the floor before my folks wake up. So he fell asleep with his head on my gut. It was way cool. I think he was staring at my cockhead when he nodded off.

My mom wasn’t happy about seeing him [in the morning]. She phoned his folks and, luckily, she didn’t say too much – just that Steve was there, and were they aware of it.

Anyway, his folks and mine want to meet cos his are happy that Steve has met a friend to hang out with – hehehe. Not too much hanging going on.

Anyway, he hadta go home cos his folks had today planned.

I’m going surfing now. All my chores and homework are up to date. :)

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