Cape Town, South Africa
Part 12

[I’m not sure where this mail fits in chronologically. I know that Code had probs with Eudoramail so maybe I got this message a little late. It deals with Steve asking Code to blow him during a sleepover, and it appears that it was the first time for both of them. Sorry about the stuff-up, but sumfin’s better dan nuffin. MrB]

Steve had just gone home after sleeping over to get his stick cos we’d planned on going surfing. My folks were out, so I grabbed the chance to write G.

Steve and I showered together, and soaped each other’s bods. I was as nervous as anything cos I wanted to soap his butt. Anyway, I did and I couldn’t believe it when he told me how cool it felt to have his ass soaped.


He asked me if I would blow him. FUCKING HELL…. It wasn’t that long ago that I thought I was gonna have to beg for this!

So I sat on my heels and got him ALL the way in. He couldn’t control himself, though, cos he was moaning and groaning like he was in pain. Then he grabbed my head and I thought he was gonna push his boner through to my ass. The head of his cock was making me gag. And then it happened.

He shot a bucket down my throat and he started to fuck my face. He was moving like he was getting an electric shock. And then, after he’d fired his last wad, he just collapsed.

"Fuck, Cody,” he said. “I’ve never felt anything like that before. Ever!”


That’s not all. We blew each other’s lights out during the night as well. He didn’t swallow mine but it was cool cos after he blew me he laid on top of me. It felt so fucking neat to have his head on my chest. I was playing with his back and his buns while his fingers were playing with my nipples.

I woke up later and he was still sleeping. So I went down on his boner which was as hard as a rock cos he had a piss boner. When he woke up, I told him he could scream as loud as he wanted cos my folks were out. So I kept sucking him and he fucking screamed like he was being tortured.

"I wanna piss, Cody!” he kept shouting – hehehe.

Anyway, I just kept sucking while I waited ‘til he was almost ready to cum, then I slid my finger all the way into his tight rosebud, and he screamed as he shot a thick, sticky load down my throat.

Then I sat on his chest and told him to close his eyes and open his mouth. He must’ve known what I was gonna do, but he didn’t move. So I jacked off and shot a load of juice all over his face. My aim was up to shit cos I only got a bit in his mouth, but he swallowed it.

G, I dunno what to say cos I feel so damn great that I found Steve. He is totally cool about what’s happening, and he is so damn funny to be around. I think we’re gonna have some really nice times together.

He’s never been hiking, so I told him he must come hiking with me sometime.

I hope your weekend is also cool, G, and that you’re looking after the Cody plant.

G had named a plant in his garden after me cos when it bloomed it had only one large flower – some kinda cactus thing. He’d never seen one before so he said it was one of a kind, and that’s why he called it the Cody plant.

Hiya Gary,

Well, it’s Monday and I’ve gotta get moving to school. We’ve got mid year exams coming up and I’ve got a lotta studying to do. My mid terms didn’t go that well so I’ve got to work a lot harder.

Yesterday was like a summer day here. It was as hot as anything cos of a wind we call the Berg wind. It blows from inland and it’s warm. So we had good surf as well.

I had my wet suit on but Steve just surfed in baggies. Hehehe – if he didn’t have buns the things would just fall off. But it’s neat cos the front of them sorta comes away from his stomach so that you can see those two lines [obliques] and some of his pubes sticking out.

He is quite a rave surfer – does some really radical stuff. I thought I was good cos I got a floater on one wave. But then he goes and does it better on a bigger wave!

He can’t stop talking about me blowing him – and everytime he does he gets a boner in his baggies. It looked so damn wild while he was surfing. He also wanted to know more about what Paul and I did. He’s like a rabbit now – his hand is permanently on his crotch.

He wanted to know if Paul and I ever fucked each other. I told him I tried with Paul once but got hurt. Steve says he could handle that. Hmmm. Not sure. I think his brain cells are turning to semen.

I don’t want Steve to be my friend just cos of sex. Know what I mean? Paul and I had something really special. The sex thing just happened when we felt like it.

Oh – and I got a mail from Paul. He saw what you wrote and he says thanks a stack. He’s enjoying reading Daniel.

I’m hoping to go surfing again today but with exams coming up I’m not sure my mom’s gonna let me. Maybe for an hour or something.

I’ve been writing an adventure story about TJ and me. It’s taken about three weeks to write. I’ve been using Word so it shows me all the mistakes in my English and spelling – hehehe. I’ll send it to ya when it’s done, but it’ll probably have to wait until after exams now.

G was totally excited about my friendship with Steve – thought it was the best thing that could have happened. He was also totally blown away by my mail about the sex we were having - hehehe. I was gonna have to be careful not to give the old dude a heart attack.

Thanks. I know whatya saying about Steve and, yeah, I think it’s damn special that I met him so soon after Paul leaving. It just feels weird that he’s had this sex stuff for the first time. He’s like a fucking rabbit in heat.

“And you’re not?”

Shuddup, G! His waiting at my bedroom window the other night kinda freaked me out a bit. Like he was stalking me. I know he’s not, and that he likes me, but it’s just that I’m not used to it. I’m not like Daniel or anything. Shit! That kinda stuff only happens in stories.

But I jack off thinking about Steve and his bod. I can smell him and feel him. And I can feel my fingers running over his rocky abs, and that line down the middle of his gut – like the Grand Canyon.

Anyway… why I logged on [at school in the comp room]…

I’ve just come from the bathroom. I went for a dump. Thought you might like to know that. :)

I heard the shower going, and it was one of the juniors. He’d obviously been to gym training or something. He’s a skinny little runt, but he didn’t know that I could see him in the wash mirror. And he was jacking off – hehehe. Another Cody arrives at school! He had his one hand leaning on the wall and he was jacking with the other. It was way cool to watch. Gave me a dripping boner so I hadta go back into the toilet cubicle for paper – hehehe.

I left before he shot his load. He woulda been too damn embarrassed if he’d known that I’d been watching.

Hehehehe – buncha sex fiends at school. Not me, though.

G was gonna write me and Steve into the Daniel stories by having us visit Florida during school vac for a trip to Disney World.

Convo between G and me:


“Jeez, I’d better get packing if I’m gonna be in the States in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to it!”

“So is Daniel hehe – and Paul! Hehe”

“I see most of the guys have finished [school], though. I know TJ is finished now for the summer, and Tommy finishes next week. Are Florida schools different?”

“The message I get is that diff schools have diff times. One guy in Cali finishes school in July – others are already on their vacation. I dunno. Very confusing.”

“If you start giving the guys the dates when Daniel and Kyle will be going to Disney World, then you’d better contact Disney World and tell them they’re gonna have a few thousand extra people there – all Daniel’s fans – and that you want a cut of the ticket money – hehehe.”

“I dunno about that. I wonder just how many visitors Daniel has had. It’s been 20,000 hits in two months but, at 300 or 400 a day, that might only mean the same dudes coming in all the time looking for new stories – which means about 500 individuals. I wish I knew!”

G had also asked me about how the interschool swimming comp thing worked. “We have about eight comps against other schools during summer. Six of those are like friendlies. The other two are like annual comps for trophies – these are like the eight top swimming schools in Cape Town that compete. Then we have the provincial [like your state] championships. Then the national champs. At our school we have two comps just for our home team – one is where you compete for your athletics house and one is the school championships. Are you following all this G?”

“No. I knew I should have had Daniel in the high school knitting team instead of swimming. Now I’m gonna haveta figure out the competition thingy. You never mentioned your school comps except for one, and I base Daniel on what you do. This is getting so damn hard.”

“I’ve still got this stupid cold. Anyway, at least I’m at school. Everyone at school’s got it as well. Steve was around yesterday arvie for a few [minutes]. He’s got a helluva ding on his stick. He is soooo pissed! Some little grommet who didn’t know how to turn just rode straight into Steve’s board. I’ve never seen him that mad. It was cool – hehehe.”

“Yeah, hehe. Sometimes it’s cool to see how a guy reacts when he’s mad – like you did with me that time. I loved it! :) I got a whole bunch of pics! I must remember to do that again. And grommet? Wow! That expression goes back to the 60s!”

“Did you smack the kid?”

“Nope. He was too young… but also too cute.”

“I like Steve’s mind.” :)

“So do I. From what you’ve told me, you couldn’t have made a better friend. When you finally tell him about me, let him know that I think he rules. In fact, I’m gonna put him into the Daniel stories when you come to the US.” :)

“Anyway, I’d better get moving.”

[One of the reasons I don’t place a lotta my replies to Cody’s mail here is cos it’s EMBARRASSING! As I said to Steve, I was behaving like a besotted schoolgirl with a huge crush. And I was in my mid fifties! Why was I so besotted? I figured it out today. Cody wasn’t talking about his past. He was talking about the present. He was on a journey of sexual adventure, discovering new things every day. And he was taking me along for the rollercoaster ride, sharing his life with me. It was easy for me to get caught up in the excitement, and to be thoroughly impressed with each new experience – ‘new’ being the operative word. Cody captured the essence of what it was like to be a bi teen growing up, dealing with problems, breaking new ground, testing the waters, reaping the rewards as well as the penalties. As he learned, I learned. When things got a bit tough for him, I was there as his sounding board, talking things through with him. It was always a two-way street with Cody and me. Anyway, it was a journey I’ll never forget, and an experience I’ll always treasure. MrB]

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