Cape Town, South Africa
Part 13

G was letting his imagination run riot in the Daniel stories – trying to keep up with me and Steve – hehehe.

Whoa!! That was HOT!!! I got a boner thinking about Daniel getting laid out on his ass, all sweaty and winded, just waiting for me to make everything right for him – hehehe. And the scene of the double header was way damn cool. I loved it.

I got a mail from Wins [the new Daniel site webmaster] ages ago, and I need to at least say hi. I’ve been so damn busy that I’ve ignored a lotta my friends.

Steve came around last night and we just listened to music and stuff. Normally we don’t go down to the beach area at night cos it can be pretty dangerous. But we figured that with the two of us it would be cool. So we took a walk down there and it was pretty neat. There was no wind or anything but it was way cold.

Steve wanted me to go skinny dipping with him, but I hadta tell him about the damn sharks. Damn, this dude knows nothing. Anyway, we found one of the beach change rooms open and we decided to have some fun.

We stripped down and started exploring each other. You know what the best was? He stuck his tongue in my belly button, and then ran it down to my pubes. He was sniffing so damn hard I thought my boner was gonna disappear up his nose.

Anyway, we ended up as horny as anything so we got into a position for a 69. And then we heard a fucking noise down the line of bathing boxes. It was the beach connies who watch the beach at night for squatters and stuff. This was way bad news cos you’re not supposed to be inside the bathing boxes cos they’re privately owned by folks.

Anyway, we chucked our clothes and stuff up to the rafters and climbed up there like scalded cats up a tree. I’m sure the dude musta heard something. He opened the door and just looked around as we peered down from above. I could hear Steve’s heavy breathing – he was probably scared shitless. I was just hoping that he wasn’t dripping [cum] or anything.

After the dude closed the door, we jumped down and dressed quickly. I was worried that maybe he had the keys and locked us in. Thankfully, he didn’t. Anyway, we scarpered outta there as quick as anything. When we got down to the water’s edge, we could see the dude walking down the lines of boxes. By that stage, we were both breathing hard and giggling like crazy.

Anyway, we were both as horny as anything by then, so we went back to my house. Steve wanted to go under the damn motor bridge but there’s always squatters there. I’m gonna have to give Steve a few lessons about how damn dangerous the beach area can be at night. He’s got no damn idea.

My folks were home so we couldn’t just do anything in my room, so we went to the bathroom and jacked each other in there. And I was so desperate to have my boner in his mouth. Damn!

Anyway, it was still a cool night. I need to take him to Paul’s and my tree so we can juice it again.

I’ve still got a cold but my mom and dad said I could go for a surf cos I’ve stayed outta shit. So Steve is coming in a while and we’re gonna go surfing. I hope I can still remember how. J

Thanks for that Daniel Club membership certificate. I wish that blob of cum was still wet so I could lick it off – hehehe.

Convo between G and me:

“Cee Oh Dee Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yep, Paul is in Manchester. Hehehe – I wonder what he’ll do when I send him the [gay] site addy. He never really went looking for guys when he was here – fact he probably looked for girls like those that he found for me.

“This email from you is a first. You didn’t mention Daniel #44. I’ve been getting the feeling lately that I’m losing it – and that maybe you’re getting bored with it. If the magic is going, let me know. There’s no point in flogging a dead horse.

“I know your head’s in your exams – and so it should be. You don’t get a second chance with those kinda things. If during your exams you need a break from emailing me every day – except weekends or whatever – go for it. Even the best of relationships need a bit of a break to freshen them up. I’ll miss your mail, of course, but I don’t want you to ever think that writing me has to be a chore. Know what I mean?”

Listen, I’m sorry I never mentioned Daniel 44 and, hey, you’re not losing it. It rocks big time. I know Daniel almost as well as if he was my brother. I really enjoyed the latest episode and I’m sorry for not saying so. I know you work your guts out on those stories and all of them are worth it – big time.

"Thanks for saying all that. I needed it. I started writing the stories basically to please you. That was my prime motivation. I’ve answered 500 Daniel emails and watched the hits go from 0 to 20,000 in a little over two months, but it means very little to me compared to your opinion.”

Hey, writing isn’t a chore. Sometimes it’s a hassle cos I just don’t feel like writing but I want to keep in touch even if it’s just to say, “Hi, I’ve wanked and I’m off to school now – hehehe.

“Hehehe – you’re damn lovable. Yeppers, I like hearing all about your life. I feel as though I‘m part of it. I looked at your page last night and the dude – well, pose actually – that grabbed me was the first pic in the ‘topless’ section. I have this hero thingy where I like to look up to dudes. I don’t have to tell you that I look up to you.”

When I read your last note it was like you’re feeling really down right now. I hope you’re feeling better when you get this. I know this is hard but maybe you were expecting too much from Daniel – like the money part – and it’s not working out for ya.

“I had high hopes. I guess I’m disappointed that most peeps really couldn’t give a fuck. They want their jollies for free. So far, I’ve successfully done two things – created a ‘product’ and the demand. Now I’ve gotta figure out how to make it pay. It’s not that I’m greedy. All I wanna do is make a decent living.

“One of the things that pisses me off is that a lot of the commercial sites on the web are making money out of stuff that’s not original. They raid the newsgroups, steal the pics, and sell them. They do absolutely NOTHING original. And here’s me working my guts out for peanuts.”

I hope that something does work out, though, cos I worry that you’re actually making money, and how do you pay the rent and stuff and eat.

“With a helluva lot of difficulty! I haven’t had a job in months!”

I think Daniel has made a lotta dudes so damn happy that they can see they’re not ‘strange’ or ‘freaks’ or anything – and that they’re actually all pretty normal.

“Perhaps not normal, but certainly natural. Everything created by Nature is natural, including gays. Normal means average. I heard three boys in the street the other day laughing about some ‘fag’ at school. Well, they’re not gonna push Daniel around. Norman found that out hehehe. Daniel is a lot of peeps’ hero cos he does his own thing, stands up for himself, and LEADS the way for others to follow.”

I read the guestbook entries in Daniel Stories and I can see that a lotta the dudes love Daniel to bits and would love to get their mouths around him somehow.

“It’s much more than that. Only two of the emailers talk about sex. All the others just wanna be his friend. They’re a lot like you – they talk about their buds or sport or wanking or whatever.”

Anyway, I’ve gotta move. The paper this morning was OK. English essays. I wrote about the sea and snorkeling and all the fun of diving with friends. I left out the juicy bits though – hehehe.

“Hehehe. If only your teachers knew that they were dealing with one of the hottest dudes on the planet. There’s a lot of Daniel in you, so when peeps look up to him they’re also looking up to you.”

PS: Sorry I don’t have another nude pic of me to make you feel better.

“Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the THOUGHT of that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve just inspired me to get stuck into Daniel #45. :)

We were writing our history paper that day. It woulda been cool if we’d been studying Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. It musta been so cool being a teen in those times; especially in Greece. You could walk around naked, and they used to wrestle naked. And they had the best bods ever.

But apart from the pressure of exams, I also had to try to convince my folks to let Steve sleep over again. He told me that if they didn’t let him, then he was gonna sleep outside my window – hehehe. Yeah, right! I could imagine my dad waking up and seeing that!

At least I was allowed to go surfing Friday afternoon that week. There was no swim training cos of exams. And I’m allowed out tonight and tomorrow night. I can go surfing tomorrow morning, but tomorrow arvie I’ve gotta study – and Sunday I’ve gotta study – biology. I think I’m gonna start studying tonight, though. If Steve’s allowed to sleep over, I’ll get him to spread his buns while I probe his crack – hehehehe.

I haven’t had a mail from Paul for a while now. That pisses me off. Actually, to tell the truth, I get kinda jealous when I don’t hear from him. It’s a really weird feeling but Im shit scared of losing him as a friend to some toffee nosed English twit or bitch or whatever.

Four days later, June 1998 [Early winter]: Hiya Gary,

Well, the rain is coming down again but not too hard. It’s warm, which is weird. Probably cos of the cloud cover.

Thanks for the surfer pic. When I saw the file name I thought that you had found that other surfer pic that I dig so much.

Steve stopped by on his way back from surfing yesterday. “You missed one of the best days ever out there, Code!” He looked so damn hot standing there with that damn hair of his hanging all over. Anyway, he just wanted to say hi, and tell me what I was missing.

He said that he was trying to organize a trip to Jeffrey’s Bay during our school hols, and would I be able to go. So I chatted to the folks and they said it would be OK, but that I’d have to try to earn the money somehow. It shouldn’t cost that much cos we’ll all chip in for petrol [gas]. I said that we could [hitch] hike up there but my folks freaked just cos I said it. There was a 16 year old guy killed by a guy who picked him up last year, so all the parents go nutty when you say you’re gonna hike.

I remember Paul telling me about the time he hiked around to Long Beach one time. This young dude stopped and picked him up. Paul said this guy wasn’t even in third gear yet, and he already had his hand on Paul’s leg. Paul told him to take his fucking hand away or he’d tell the cops. And guess what? The dude still took him all the way to Long Beach. But that sorta thing happens all the time. I had a guy check me out once when he gave me a lift. And I knew what he wanted but he didn’t try anything.

Anyway, I’ve gone totally off the track here. I’ve got some money saved from work I’ve done [around the hood], so if I can get some more work in after exams, I reckon I should be able to get enough [for the trip to JBay]. My folks want to meet the dude who’s gonna drive us up, though. I think I know who it is - if it’s the same guy I’m thinking of.

[Cody and Steve did eventually go to JBay. They hitched all the way there and back. I’m not sure if that was the same trip Cody was telling me about above, but Steve remembers it well and has PROMISED to write the story for me. Right, Steve? :-P Cody actually did write an account of that trip but lost it when the diskette became corrupted. :( MrB].

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