Cape Town, South Africa
Part 19

Hiya Gary,

I’m gonna paste a note to the end of this that I’ve been writing offline cos I didn’t want to be logged on too long. Just got your note about Daniel. I know it’s hard for ya and I’m not gonna say anything right now about if it’s right or wrong. I just needta think about it.

When I was a little Cody my mom sang a song to me and it had the words: “A friend is a dream your heart makes.” That was Daniel to me; a true friend made in the heart of a good frienda mine [you].

Hiya Gary,

I’ve just had the most awesome weekend with Steve.

You’re right about my picture on the net. So what I’ve done is gotten hold of some anime manga pics that I’m gonna use [instead of my own image]. Those anime boys are really damn cute even if they are just comic characters.

Cos I was thinking that if Steve goes to the Daniel site and then links to my site he’s gonna see my pic right away, and then he’s gonna hate me cos I’ve been lying to him.

On Friday night I went to his house to sleep over. His folks are pretty neat and they are fucking rich! That’s why he can go to an American school.

Anyway, we played comp games in his room. He has this awesome Sony Playstation system. And guess what [else] he’s got? Just fucking guess! He’s got an original poster from Endless Summer, the first surf flick. AND it’s autographed by John Whitmore – TO HIM! John was the Safrican dude that showed the two surfers around the country. The guys here treat him like a god. They call him “Oom” which is Afrikaans for ‘uncle’. Steve’s dad organized it for him. Damn, it is so cool.

Anyway, I went to shower – ON MY OWN, GARY. Steve was busy on the Sony trying to beat my score. He did. :(

Anyway, he gave me this towel-wrap thingy to wear, and it makes ya feel like a Roman god. And then he went to shower and put one on as well. I coulda died and gone to heaven cos he looked like a fucking hunk with his wet blonde hair and his tanned muscled bod and this white thing. We both had boners, and this white thing was like pushing out like a tent.

Anyway, we played games until late, late, late. Steve went to check that his folks were asleep, and then came back [to his room] and stood behind me while I was playing [on the Sony]. I could feel his boner up against my back, and then he started to rub my shoulders, and I could feel my precum run onto my nuts. He is incredible. He moved his hands down over my chest and played with my nipples.

I was trying to concentrate on the [Sony] game but my breathing was giving everything away. I could feel his wet patch against my back.

I turned around and looked up at my blonde-god friend, and then I put my arms around his buns, and I started to kiss and lick his stomach, and put my tongue into his belly button.

I took his towel-wrap off. His bod is like solid muscle covered with silk. I slowly moved down so that my tongue could move up and down his boner. Then Steve stood on his toes so that I could get to his nuts. His breathing was really loud, and he was moaning.

I was starting to stroke my own boner now cos I was going crazy as well. Then he lifted me up, and pulled my wrap off and made me lie on the bed. He started to lick between my legs, and between my nuts and my ring. His hands were going crazy on me, and I could feel him screwing his boner against my leg.


He grabbed my hand and moved my finger to his ring and I started to push it in. He was going ballistic. Then he asked me if I would screw him. I wasn’t sure what to do. So he lifted himself up and positioned his ring above my boner, and slowly started to move onto it. It musta been sore as hell cos I could see [the painful look on] his face.

Then he moved further down so that my cockhead was just inside his crack. It was like trying to put your dick into a keyhole, it was so damn tight, and I could feel his ass muscles tighten around it. It actually started to get a bit hectic, so I lifted him off.

Anyway, I made him lie on his back and I musta spent ages running my tongue all over and exploring every single part of his bod. I snuggled my face into his hair, and licked his ear. He was giggling and it was totally cool. Then I stopped, and quickly went to the bathroom to wash my dick. It was clean but it just felt wicked cos it was in his ass.

When I got back he was stroking his dick, and then we did a 69. I must tellya that we shot our loads in seconds.

We went to sleep, and I had my face in his hair, and we were holding each other’s semis and still stroking.

We managed to wake up early, and went surfing the whole day. I asked him what it was like to have my boner inside him.

"It was a bit painful but it felt awesome. I want you to do me sometime, Cody."

"We’ll know if the time is right to do that."

We went to the movies on Saturday to see Antz – a cool animated movie about ants.

Sunday we surfed again cos we got a ride to Long Beach.

We both spoke a lot about Friday night, and about how it was for each other.

I think I’m hopelessly in love with my friend – and it’s not just cos of the sex.

I think it’s his smile. :)

Hey! I gotta get moving. This is a long note, and I’ve been typing it offline. Now I need to paste it into the note and send it to ya.

After I’d hit ‘send’, I wondered what G would think about what happened between me and Steve. Hehehe. He’d probably go totally ballistic and be totally flabbergasted. And that was more than half the fun of telling G all about my life. He was the best possible audience cos I could tell him just about anything – even about trying to off myself. Nothing seemed to faze the old dude or threaten our friendship.

Hiya Gary,

I’m gonna get into Paul’s Speedos now – the ones he gave me - cos we’ve got swim prac. They’re a little tighter now, though, but they’re my good luck ones.

I hadta writeya this quickly. You coulda said ‘fuck it’ [about your answering Daniel’s mail] and just written some bullshit to the people [but you didn’t]. By the way, Rich has written a cool note to me after he got yours. But you wrote what you did cos you care for people so damn much, and especially the young guys, and what might happen if you continue [answering] the Daniel mail.

Danny [the only Daniel fan to be upset] will be OK, I’m sure – cos you’re being honest with him. Just give him time.

You’re a cool dude, MrB. Just don’t stop being Gary.

Have a good night’s sleep my old fossil friend. You deserve it and a lot more.


Next time I wrote G, later that day in the school comp lab, I was totally pissed off about having a stacka homework to do.

The wind is blowing like crazy again – but it’s HOT. I’m feeling totally stuffed. I swam for two hours this morning. Got into the pool at 6:30 and out just after 8:30. My math’s master got a nappy [diaper] cos I was late for my class. One of the guys at the backa the class blew a raspberry so we’ve all got fucking pages of math to do now. This dude is always getting us all into crap but he is a total rave. In biology class last year he asked the teacher if he’d seen an elephant with white ears - all serious.

The teacher said no – SO – this dude pulls the insides of his pockets out and then unzips his shorts, and hangs his cock out. We all cracked. The teacher went totally red, but he laughed as well, cos this dude is hung like a horse and it looked like a damn elephant trunk.

So there won’t be any surfing for me today. This math is gonna take me all damn day, and then there’ll be other work as well. I won’t give the fuck [teacher] the satisfaction of not doing it so he can criticize us for not being able to handle it. All the guys will do the work. I’m gonna chat to the swim coach, though, and tell him to speak to the idiot. If Darren was still at school, he woulda sorted the thing out for me. I actually miss Darren a lot. Miss his damn bod in the shower. He’s at college now. I still see him but miss him at school.

No surfing yesterday. Steve stayed for a while. We were listening to some music but we both had homework to do. We did jack each other off, though. Can’t help it. I enjoy his and he enjoys mine. The one thing that I never get enough of is when I’m jacking him, and just when he’s about to shoot his load, his whole back arches and all his muscles contract. NOW THAT is totally wicked.

Anyway, I’d better get going to my next class else I’ll have enough homework to last me a week.

I wrote G again the next day. I was beginning to write the day of the week in the subject line cos it was easy. Wednesday.

It’s a great day but the wind is blowing again. There was a helicopter crash in the middle of Cape Town this morning. It was on the news. It crashed on top of a building in town. That is hectic.

No surf at all, ‘cept at Long Beach but it’s too much of a beetle to get there cos of the time there and back.

Steve came around yesterday and we were HOME ALONE! :) It was pretty neat cos we just listened to music [in my room] and he was laying on my bed. His t was pulled up and I just got totally damn horny.

Anyway, I lifted his t up further and then played with his chest, and ran my fingers down  his stomach. He was giggling like crazy – didn’t stop him from getting a boner, though. Anyway, I laid next to him so he could get to mine and then I slowly undid his boardshorts. (YES - SLOWLY!) And his cock jumped up and said EAT ME. Hey, was I gonna say no?

It was neat, though, cos it wasn’t so hectic. We took everything super slow and just sorta played with each other. He lifted his hips so that I could get my fingers into his ass crack again. He really likes that. Anyway, I stopped as soon as he started groaning too loud, and then asked him if he wanted a sarmie (that’s a sandwich). Hehehe – he looked at me like I was mad and then chased me [into the kitchen]. Fuck! He tackled me on the floor, and then we started to wrestle. He managed to pin me down, and leaned over me with his cock in my face.

Anyway, by then he was dripping like a tap (dunno if you guys call it a faucet). He shot his load as soon as I took his cockhead in my mouth.

"Do you want to fuck me, Cody?”


He looked kinda disappointed, so I forced him off me, and then we wrestled some more. I got him on his stomach with his arms pinned behind him. If I wanted to screw him I coulda done it then. But I just allowed my boner to rest along his crack, and then screwed his crack [without actually penetrating]. It felt so damn neat. I shot a load right across his back and then rubbed it in. I thought he would get mad about that, but he didn’t.

Anyway, we laid like that for a while, and cleaned each other, and then went into the pool.

It was a really neat arvie. The rest of it was crap, though, cos I had a pile of math to do along with my other homework.

Swimming this morning was OK, but I just didn’t seem to have any energy, and it felt like I was swimming in syrup.

There were a couple of juniors watching me so I just carried on. No way am I gonna give up when there’s guys watching.

I’m feeling totally damn wasted, though. Too much sex, I bet.

Anyway, back to the books.

Cya Gary
Your friend


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