Cape Town, South Africa
Part 20

“G’day Captain,

“Just a quickie to say that I’ve been going through the later episodes [of Daniel] today and I came across some of your emails to Daniel – like the one where you talked to him about his being scared before the fight with Nick, and the one after. Mate, they are classic emails. You rock something serious! And then I went through the ones where Kyle and Steve arrive in Florida. Jeez! If Steve reads those he’s gonna flip! Hehehe. Well, Cody, it was amazing to read those and relive those days. They were so damn awesome! It makes me wonder if I can top them when I get back to writing.

“Thanks for being such a totally kewl dewd.” :)

G often referred to me and him being a team. Actually, Daniel was part of the team as well. It was incredible just how important G and Daniel were to me, and me to them. I’d think about them almost all the time, and sometimes even dream about them.

Hiya Gary,

Well, I had the most rad dream last night, and I’ve been dying to get in here [the comp lab] and letya know. I woke up with such a massive boner, and I totally had the most amazing jack session before I got outta bed.

I was sleeping. Now, I always sleep on my back but for some reason I was on my stomach. I felt these fingers on my back, and I was gonna turn around, but Daniel said, “Hey, Codeman, it’s me, Daniel. Don’t turn around yet, OK?” I can feel it right now while I’m writing this, it was so damn real.

I felt him lie down on me, and I could feel his chest up against by back, and his abs across my buns. He put his hands under me and was rubbing my stomach until one hand moved to my boner and started to gently stroke it.

He slowly slid down, and I could feel him spread my legs apart, and then his tongue started to explore my ass crack. I remember feeling this wicked wet sensation [against my skin]. His tongue found my hole and it was like it grew and went inside me, while his one hand was rubbing the inside of my legs and up to my nuts – and they were hard as well.

I could hear his breathing. He moved up and his tongue went into my ear, and he said, “Hey, I’m gonna be gentle with you.”

I felt his legs move my legs apart before his hands lifted my hips a bit. I could feel this huge mother cockhead enter me, and it wasn’t painful. It felt so fucking great! But it was a giant – and thick – and I could feel it slowly go in – like a train coming in to a station. It was slick, and I could feel the silky muscle as he started to gently fuck me. I could feel his nuts slapping against mine. All the time he was whispering to me but I can’t remember everything he said. I remember his breathing going faster and louder, and then he pulled his boner out and turned me over. He sat on my chest, and then I saw his face. It was Paul. His body was different, though – sleek and totally muscular. He lifted my head and then aimed his boner at it. And I remember seeing his cockhead explode in this massive shower of boy juice all over my face and my neck.

I woke up then with this massive boner and almost cried when I realized it was a dream. But I can still feel him inside me.

Never saw Steve yesterday. He had some school thing on. At least he phoned last night and we spoke for a while. Anyway, I trained for two hours after school and then had a stacka homework. I watched the news on TV and saw the helicopter crash. Four guys died. It was hectic and sad. The video was taken by a tourist in the hotel opposite.

I needta see Steve today. I’m horny as anything.

G was still getting email from guys who thought they were writing Daniel but were actually writing G. He had something to say about me and Paul almost offing ourselves as well.

“G’day Captain,

“I got an email today from a German fan of Daniel and he was totally cool. He said it didn’t matter about my being Daniel cos our communication had drawn him outa his shell, and he’d made heaps of friends since ‘knowing’ Daniel.

“That got me to thinking about you and Paul in his dad’s car and how close you came to snuffing it. Daniel played a part in your survival. Now, if that doesn’t mean that you and I were destined to meet and become firm friends, then I’m fucking Santa Claus.

“It also made me think about how you saved my life. I was convinced that I’d come to the end of my road before I met you. You’ve given me a new lease of life and a purpose. I owe you big time, Cody. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, no shit.

“Another guy who rules, Jimothy, is also cool. I’m glad cos he’s a great guy and very funny.”

Nothing much happened that weekend, so there wasn’t a lot to tell G. Well, it’s Monday again and the wind is still blowing. Steve couldn’t sleep over this weekend cos on Saturday night he had to go out with his folks to some family thingy. So I phoned Ross and the two of us went to the movies with a coupla girls. Ross is strange cos it’s like we’re the best of enemies. We’re good friends until we’re swimming against each other. Anyway, he made me damn horny at the movies cos his girlfriend was stroking him and I got so fucking hard! The girl I was with was pretty damn shy so I couldn’t even try the popcorn box trick with her.

Anyway, I jacked off good when I got home. I was fantasizing about Ross and me. Awesome.

Steve and I went to the beach yesterday and got wet. There was no surf so we just hung around. It was pretty warm even with the wind that was blowing.

Saw Ross this morning [at swim prac] and he told he he’d gotten off with his girlfriend before he took her home. Lucky bitch.

But, as I soon discovered, Ross wasn’t the only one of my buds with a girlfriend, and it was pissing me off big time. So much so, I hadn’t written G for about two weeks. And I hadn’t read any of his mail, either.

Hiya Gary,

Hey, don’t panic – I’m not dead yet.

You’ll never fucking guess it – Steve’s got a girlfriend and he’s fucking her every damn day. Yeah, well, I guess now he thinks he’s fucking normal. He’s not surfing or even coming to the beach since he met her. He came around to my house weekend before last to tell me that he’s met this hot babe. And to tell you the truth, she is pretty damn hot. She’s also a blonde, with great tits and a bod that’s totally outasight.

Anyway, I tackled him and wrestled him to the floor – like we’ve done before like a hundred fucking times. As soon as my hand grabbed his cock, which was hard anyway, he fisted me. It ended up being a real damn fight. I didn’t think he would ever fight like that. He really wanted to hurt me cos he was just hitting wild. I tried to hold him, but he totally lost it.

I’ve tried to phone him but he never answers the phone. And his mom says he doesn’t wanna talk to me.

So I’ve been fucking miserable and not in the mood for anything. My school work has gone to shit and I missed all my swim pracs last week, so the coach has dropped me for the next swim meet.

On Sunday, I went up the mountain to Paul’s and my [special] place and I just sat there and cried. I felt so damn miserable. I keep hoping that Steve will phone me – just to say that we can be friends at least. I haven’t been surfing or anything. I know my folks are a little worried [about me] but I can’t help it. And I can’t tell them how I feel.

Ross [the swim coach] crapped all over me and told me that if I don’t come back to swimming this week I’m gonna be outta the team for the rest of summer, and then he’ll beat my head in for letting the guys down. I told him I’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t feel up to it, though. I feel totally dead and empty at the moment.

Last night I went around to Steve’s house and thought about knocking on the door, and trying to speak to him. But then I thought what happens if he just tells me to piss off?

I sit and wonder what he thinks when he thinks about what the two of us have done together. Does he all of a sudden think that I’m totally weird? Fuck! He’s the one who cried when he told me that he was gay. So what’s he doing? Screwing this bird [chick] to prove what? I also get fucking jealous cos my ex wouldn’t let me do it. And I get jealous thinking about this fucking girl touching him.

Hey, I’ll try and write sometime. Just give me some time. It’ll be OK. I just need time to forget him.

I haven’t read any mail yet. I’ll try and get through it sometime. I still think of ya.

PS: Sorry for always laying my shit on ya.

So what was G gonna do now? Pull some fucking rabbit outta some hat? I hated telling him about my probs and feeling lower than shark shit, but who else could I tell? Anyway, there was nothing he could do about the Steve situation ‘cept listen to me. At least that was something.

But G had his own way of solving my probs, or making them easier to deal with. He would churn out a story to give me something to laugh about – like B Meets the Captain. I wrote him again a week later.

The story is totally damn hot! How canya end it just like that? Damn! Without me even getting myself sorted out? Shit! Hehehehe. It’s a totally rad story. I like it a stack.

Had a pretty quiet weekend. There wasn’t much surf ‘cept for Sunday morning. For the rest of the day, I just helped my folks around the house.

Darren came around on Sunday arvie, and we swam in the pool. He’s still like a god to me. Damn, I wish he was gay. We were wrestling and he didn’t even seem to blink when I touched his crotch by mistake. And he musta felt my boner when he lifted me up and threw me in the water. We had a cool time.

He stayed for supper, and then the two of us went and walked the dog on the beach. He wanted to know what was bugging me. It’s weird, but I just burst into tears and told him that I didn’t know – that I just felt so damn lonely.

He wanted to know why, and I told him that I’d been thinking of Paul a lot, as well as Darren and the other senior guys who’d left school. I think he bought the story. I never mentioned Steve to him at all, but he asked about him. I just said that he was a surfing friend.

Darren told me to pull myself together and to get back into swimming like I used to. We had a really cool chat. I’ve always liked Darren, not just cos he’s got the hottest bod and the coolest looks in the world. He’s always been like an older brother to me, always protecting me and getting me favors at school, like watching sports on the TV with the seniors. School’s not the same without him there. My folks have always liked him. They’ve known him since he was tiny. My dad always goes on at him about how he distracts all the girls and makes him blush.

I never saw Steve once during the weekend, so I guess he musta gone to Long Beach or something. I still think about him all the time – ‘cept yesterday. When you’ve got somebody like Darren around you, you don’t think about other things. One day I’m gonna tell him that I jacked him off in his sleeping bag – hehehehe. Nope. Won’t ever do that cos I like him too much.

Yesterday was pretty much a normal school day. Today I’m here [in the comp lab] early cos I’ve got swimming, and I needta concentrate on getting my times back.

Hey, Gary. Thanks for the story. That is cool.

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